Monday 14 April 2014

Dressed to kill, Tina turns up at the Rovers in a bid to win Peter back. An impressed Luke tries to flirt with Tina but Steph tells him to stop wasting his time. Quietly whispering to Peter that she has the flat to herself hoping Peter will not be able to resist temptation.

A clearly troubled Anna is worried sick when Owen and Gary arrive in the cafe after being given their marching orders by Phelan. When Phelan later calls round at No.6 with an announcement for the family, Anna is rooted to the spot afraid he is about to reveal their sordid deal.

Jenna's unimpressed when Andrea tells her she won't give up on Lloyd and Lloyd is grateful when Steve tells him his relationship with Andrea is purely platonic and Andrea loves him.

Aware of Tyrone's concerns that Kirsty might try and snatch Ruby, Maria then worries that Marcus might try and snatch Liam. Taking the week off, she barricades herself into the salon flat with Liam. Kevin is shocked when he finds a desperate Sophie and Maddie raiding the fridge at No.13.

Monday 14 April 2014

Tina and Peter make their way to the bedroom while a frustrated Carla calls his phone again and again (he's supposed to be watching a film with her and Simon). When Peter finally sees all the missed calls, he leaves a hurt Tina. Wracked with guilt, he drowns his sorrows in the factory.

Anna's relieved when Phelan tells them he released Owen and Gary because Anna had a word with Valerie. He tosses the CCTV footage to Gary, pointing out they won't see a penny of their £80k. Owen thanks Anna for talking to Valerie but will a sickened Anna be able to cope with the reality of what she's done?

Tyrone and Fiz drag Maria out for a drink but as Maria and Tyrone reminisce about old times, Maria can't help but feel a longing for the relationship they once had.

Sally's furious when Kevin tells Maddie and Sophie they can move in with him. Lloyd and Andrea bury the hatchet and declare their love for each other.

Wednesday 16 April 2014

  Carla is furious that Peter has been drinking. Under pressure, Peter makes out it's because of the stress he's under to be a perfect husband and father. Carla's unimpressed and gives Peter an ultimatum telling him if he drinks again they won't be having a baby...

Maria's irritated as she listens to Fiz and Tyrone, clearly the happy couple. Seeing Todd, she follows him out of the pub and launches a tirade of abuse at him but when Todd retaliates with a hurtful comment about Marcus, Maria can take no more and throws her mobile at him. Tyrone comforts Maria but is she wishing they're more than just friends?

Anna fights back the tears as Izzy thanks Anna for sorting out the family's problems and as Owen reaches out to touch Anna, she flinches.

Steve's pleased when Lloyd and Andrea arrive in the Rovers loved up. Kevin lays down the law to Maddie.

Friday 18 April 2014

Audrey sends Maria home after she's rude to customers. She loses her temper with Eileen and Todd when they threaten to report her to the police for assault. Seeing her distress, Tyrone steps in and guides her home where Maria pours her heart out to him. telling him he was her first love, she leans in for a kiss.

Peter feels humiliated when Carla tells him he needs a stint in rehab and Steve is coming round to babysit him. He begs Steve to let him have a drink but Steve refuses. Peter tells Carla he doesn't need a chaperone but Carla ignores him and takes out her phone.

Rita's shocked to learn that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. She goes to visit him and tells him he has some explaining to do.

A worried Fiz asks Kevin to keep an eye on Tyrone. Gail starts self-defence classes at the gym. Deirdre's concerned when Tracy tells Rob she reckons they should talk to Tony about his offer of cheap gear for the shop.

Friday 18 April 2014

  A mortified Maria apologises to Tyrone, assuring him she wasn't thinking straight. She later pushes a present for Ruby through Tyrone's letterbox and sends him a text from her new pay-as-you-go phone. When a horrified Tyrone reads the text from an unknown number, he instantly thinks it's from Kirsty and he and Fiz barricade themselves in. When Maria turns up, he shows her the text. Will she confess it's from her or will she use his fear as an excuse to comfort him?

Rob tells Tracy, Liz, and Steve that he thinks Peter has another woman on the go. At Carla's request, Tina babysits Peter where she tells him she loves him but Peter insists she's better off without him. As Carla and Peter leave for rehab, has Peter's guilt finally tipped him over the edge?

Rita's unsympathetic when Dennis tells her how it all went wrong with Gloria and he ended up sleeping on the streets but she later allows him to stay on her sofa, making it clear it's only temporary.

Tracy and Rob strike a deal with Tony and agree to sell his knock-off goods in their shop. Mary tells Gail she's also signed up for the self-defence course.


Antony Cotton has revealed that his character Sean Tully may be getting a new love interest.

The actor hinted that romance is on the way for Sean as he made an appearance on ITV's Lorraine today (March 12).

When show host Lorraine Kelly suggested that Sean needs to find a new man, Cotton replied: "Well, funny you should say that. In our world, things change at the drop of a sixpence. You think one thing's going to happen, the writers think of something else and it goes in a different direction.

"But there is a chance that something may be happening along those lines in the future. It will be somebody completely… actually, I can't say any more otherwise I'll just talk!"

He continued: "It might change, it might not happen in the way we might think it happens at the moment. But I'm very excited, and this July marks the beginning of my tenth year in Corrie."

Source:  Digital Spy

Michelle Keegan has revealed that her Corrie character Tina McIntyre will be killed off in the new year.

Asked on tonight's Jonathan Ross Show (10.30pm, ITV) about whether the door was being left open once she quits the ITV soap, Keegan revealed: “She’s getting killed. At first she wasn’t and then they came up with a really good storyline that involves a lot of characters on the street and it’s going to be a big storyline next year. So, in a way, it’s an honour and I’m very excited for it.”

The 26-year-old announced back in April that she would be leaving Coronation Street in spring 2014, with the show's producer Stuart Blackburn also saying that plans were already being made "for what will be a powerful and gripping story".

When asked by Ross whether her exit was "going to be something bad like a murder", Keegan replied, "Yes, I think the viewers might know". But when quizzed about the possible perpetrator, the actress remained tight-lipped: "I'm not giving anything away," she said.

The character of Tina McIntyre has been at the centre of many high-profile plotlines since her debut in January 2008, the most recent being her decision to be a surroagte for Gary Windass and Izzy Armstrong's baby. One of this winter's key stories will see Tina embark on an illicit affair with Peter Barlow as he prepares to marry factory boss Carla Connor.

Back in October, reports emerged that Tina would be killed off as part of a major whodunnit, but a spokesperson for the show said at the time that "many ideas" were under discussion. Keegan's revelation on the ITV chat show is the first confirmation that Tina will now face a terminal exit.

Speaking to earlier in the year, the actress admitted that she would like to try her hand at period drama post-Corrie, confessing that she craves a role in ITV hit Downton Abbey:

"Oh my God, I’d be there! That’s my favourite. I love Downton Abbey. Big fan. I’ve always wanted to do a period drama. I’ve always been obsessed with history and it was always one of the subjects that I loved in school. When I was younger, I used to go camping so I could visit castles because I was amazed at how people used to live.

"So yes, I do love period dramas: The Tudors, that kind of thing. I’m also enjoying Mr Selfridge with Kate Kelly. I’d also like do something really gritty, like the kind of dramas Suranne Jones does. So, who knows? Maybe one day."

Source Radio Times
Coronation Street’s Chris Gascoyne quits: Peter Barlow to leave the cobbles with a bang

Peter Barlow to bow out in major Corrie plot. Peter Barlow is leaving Weatherfield next year

Coronation Street are losing another cast regular as Chris Gascoyne, who plays ex-bookie Peter Barlow on the cobbles, is leaving the soap next year.

And although Corrie bosses are planning one of the ‘biggest storylines of the next 12 months’ for his exit, they won’t be killing him off.

Gascoyne’s exit next October will come after Barlow’s steamy affair with Rovers Return barmaid Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan), who is also leaving the ITV soap next year.

Chris was apparently ‘knackered’ by the long working hours the soap requires and is looking forward to spending more time at home.

A Coronation Street spokesman confirmed his exit last night, saying: ‘Chris has signed a new one year contract, which takes him to autumn 2014, and he is involved in some of the biggest storylines of the next 12 months. It is too early to comment beyond that.’

A source added to The Sun: ‘Chris has had a great run on Corrie but is knackered from the demands the long hours have put on him and his family.

Gascoyne plays a recovering alcoholic in the soap ‘He wants some time away from the show to spend with his family and to try other roles. He has talked about taking at least two years away from the show.

‘His departure will be a big blow as Peter Barlow is a major character and one of the show’s few alpha males.’

Gascoyne joined Corrie in 2000 as the son of Ken Barlow and stepson of Deirdre Barlow. He left three years later, returned briefly in 2007 and then came back full-time in October 2008.

His exit follows the news that Keegan, Sue Johnston, Chris Fountain and Michelle Collins are also leaving the soap.

Source:  Metro
Coronation Street couple Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan may meet their match when show returnee Tony Stewart gets involved with their business.

Tony, who is now played by Terence Maynard, recently arrived back in Weatherfield hoping to build bridges with his estranged son Jason (Ryan Thomas).

Upcoming episodes will see Tony brought into Tracy and Rob's ongoing storylines as they try to take their Barlows' Buys store to the next level.

Show producer Stuart Blackburn explained: "There's a desire to make the shop work. It's taken its time as new businesses do and they get a little bit impatient. We've got Jason's dad Tony entering the scene, who is in Weatherfield for genuine reasons. He wants to renew his relationship with his son and somehow turn back the clock, but he's a man with an edge.

"He's the sort of guy where if you really need something, he can find you it. He's going to get involved with Rob and Tracy and they may have bitten off more than they can chew with him."

Viewers will also start to see just how much Tracy and Rob mean to each other as their plots progress.

Blackburn said: "There's good stuff coming up. They do love each other. We're pursuing that properly. Amidst all the madness that is their life, Rob does love Tracy. It's taken him by surprise. Rob loves Tracy and she loves him. They're going to be massively embroiled in the Peter/Carla/Tina story."

Coronation Street is planning a big year for the Barlows in general as members of the family are likely to be prime suspects for Tina's death later this year. Chris Gascoyne's intention to take a break from the role of Peter at the end of his current contract has also now been officially confirmed.

On Peter and Tina's affair story, Blackburn said: "I absolutely adore it. Some people are going, 'Oh, Peter's age!' but I just think it works on screen. We all know Michelle Keegan is leaving in the middle of the year. People say affairs are bad - well, Peter and Tina are going to regret this one for sure. The consequences of it will take us right through until Christmas."

Source:  Digital Spy

'Coronation Street' writers are secretly working on a Canadian version of the long-running ITV soap.

'Coronation Street' is set for a Canadian remake.

Writers on the long-running ITV soap are secretly writing a version of the show exclusively for Canada, which could be on screens in a matter of months.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "This is a secret project a group of our top writers have been working on for more than a year. They have already created the core cast of characters and have already written the early episodes."

The Canadian 'Corrie' could be set in the famous city of Toronto.

The British soap is screened in over 60 countries around the world, including Canada, where it airs nightly on CBC.

Germany was the first foreign nation to remake the show for its own audience as 'Lindenstrasse' ('Lime Street') launched in the country in 1985.

ITV Studios, which produces 'Corrie', is behind the Canadian version and they are also hoping to launch a version of the show in Australia, which is known for its popular soaps such as 'Neighbours' and 'Home and Away'.

The soap source added: "There's no reason why there couldn't be different takes on 'Coronation Street' around the world. Think of the incredible depth of storylines and characters that could be drawn on."

Source:  The List - originally The Sun
Oh dear, I do hope the picture was The Sun's idea and not the writers who are penning this project!  I have great misgivings about this.  If they use Corrie writers, what are they going to know about Canadians?  If they use Canadians, it will end up like Riverdale.  Has it been commissioned by the CBC to give them more Canadian content, so they can stop buying the British version of Corrie? 

Tina McIntyre and Peter Barlow’s illicit affair is set to be short-lived as David and Kylie Platt rumble them.

The two kicked off a steamy union before Christmas, even snogging on the day of his wedding to Carla Connor.

But with Michelle Keegan, who plays Tina, leaving the soap in an explosive murder plot in May, things are starting to get tricky for the Rovers barmaid.

Nobody knows about their raunchy romps apart from Tina’s boss Liz McDonald. But when the pair head off on a romantic weekend break, Tina’s ex David and his wife Kylie end up checking into the same hotel.

But whether David (Jack P. Shepherd) and Kylie (Paula Lane) decide to tell Carla what they witnessed is not yet known.

Tina, who bows out of the soap in May, will have to film her grisly murder scenes four times as Coronation Street bosses attempt to keep the real identity of her murderer a secret.

‘Bosses are keen for Tina’s murder to be the soap’s next big dramatic storyline following the suicide of Hayley Cropper,’ a source told The Sun. ‘But they are insistent that who kills her must remain a secret and so they’ve hatched a plan to film Tina being murdered four times by four different characters. Michelle will have to go through Tina’s death on four occasions, which will be emotional for her.’

The four suspects haven’t yet been decided by soap bosses but her secret lover Peter is likely to be top of the list. Or it could be Rob Donovan – Carla’s brother – who Tina snogged behind his girlfriend Tracey Barlow’s back. And then there’s Tracey and Carla who have plenty of reason to hate Tina as well.

Source:  Metro

Poor Tyrone’s world is turned upside down when he finds out the violent mum of his child is free. And to make matters worse, the Weatherfield mechanic starts getting sinister text messages from her.

Tyrone, played by Alan Halsall, 31, is so scared he decides to turn his house into Fort Knox.

Fans will see him beg local builder Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies, 55) to boost security.

He tells him: “I need some work doing urgently – new locks, bolts on the front and back door and a good burglar alarm.

“I’ve had a call – Kirsty’s been released.

“No conditions, no warnings, she can just turn up at any time, which is why I need this doing urgently.”

Tyrone’s fears are realised when he’s bombarded with text messages signed off with the letter K. He is convinced they are coming from Kirsty (Natalie Gumede, 29).

He tells Fiz: “She’s texting again. She said: ‘Thinking of you.’”

Fiz instantly hits back: “Right, well we need to phone the police. What happens if these texts turn into ‘I want my daughter, I’m coming to get you’?”

But Tyrone shows he is still scared of Kirsty when he replies: “We can’t, what if she finds out? She’ll be furious. She was a cop, she’s probably still got contacts.”

Fans will see Fiz (Jennie McAlpine, 30) get so angry she calls the mobile number and screams: “Listen here you twisted cow, I don’t know what mind games you think you’re playing but this has got to stop.”

But a show insider teased: “It’s true Kirsty has been released.

“But is she the one sending the texts, or is it someone else who’s a little closer to home?

Source:  Daily Star
Michael Le Vell drives out of Coronation Street in flash new Mercedes after 'mutual agreement' to take break from show

Actor left his Manchester home for showdown talks in a red VW.

'Although it was a tough meeting, Michael had something to smile about now he is driving around in a new car'
Michael Le Vell drove out of Coronation Street for the foreseeable future in a flash new car earlier today.

The actor, 49, attended a meeting with soap bosses after he admitted taking cocaine in the Sunday Mirror and will now seek “professional help” in a break from the show.

He left his Manchester home in a red VW for the showdown talks but returned home in a flash new Mercedes.

A spokesman at the show said they understood the new car was his and a show source added: “Although it was a tough meeting, Michael had something to smile about now he is driving around in a new car. He is hoping this break from the soap will lead to a fresh start.

“Michael has had a tough time and wants his life back on track.

“A lot of the actors here lease nice cars so I think Michael may have done the same.”

Le Vell left his Manchester home in a red VW for the showdown talks but returned home in a flash new Mercedes.
Le Vell plays car mechanic Kevin Webster on the soap.

In a statement, ITV said he would now be off the show and bosses will have to write around his sudden exit.

A spokesman said: “Coronation Street and Michael Le Vell have mutually agreed that he will take a break from the programme while he seeks professional help for personal issues.”

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street character Lloyd Mullaney is expected to suffer a suspected heart attack in an upcoming episode.

Lloyd Mullaney (Craig Charles) clutches his chest as he finishes a 5k fun run

Actor Craig Charles was pictured clutching his chest and collapsing on the ground as he filmed scenes for the ITV soap.

The cab driver takes part in a charity fun run, which is dedicated to the memory of late Weatherfield resident Hayley Cropper, but struggles to finish after suffering from chest pain.

Lloyd then collapses against a tree, much to the dismay of his daughter Jenna (Krissi Bohn) who runs over to help him.

Charles can be seen falling on to a blue crash mat in the set of images, which suggest that his character could be left seriously ill following the incident.

Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle Connor, and Simon Gregson, who stars as Steve McDonald, were also present during the filming of the scenes.

Source:  Digital Spy

The FUSCHIA's bright: Coronation Street's Catherine Tyldesley continues to wow in hot-pink outfit as ITV cast turn out for fun-run storyline

When Coronation Street bosses decided to incorporate a fun-run storyline into the show, they clearly intended to do it properly.
The cast of the ITV show turned out in a variety of eyebrow-raising costumes to film outdoor scenes for the long-running drama on Wednesday.
And Catherine Tyldesley clearly adopted plenty of method acting for it.

The blonde actress was seen limbering up with dramatic leg-stretches before embarking on demanding scenes which saw her run across Manchester.
But, given that she wore a luminous hot-pink outfit, the physical exertion is probably nothing compared to the endurance put on her cast-members.
Dressed as her Coronation Street character Eva Price, the actress was hard to miss in her fluorescent number as she filmed scenes for the soap's 5K challenge with her co-stars.

With pigtails in her hair, the 30-year-old was clearly amused by her girly get-up, telling her Twitter followers: 'This possibly Eva's most hilarious outfit to date #noshame'.
Her colleagues didn't always fare much better. Actor Simon Gregson, who plays Steve MacDonald in the show, had to wear a very unflattering khaki green, skin-tight tracksuit. But at least he was a good sport.
Peter Barlow, played by Chris Gascoyne, shunned the festivities altogether in favour of a cigarette break in the street. The much-maligned character is currently in the centre of a explosive storyline which ITV bosses say will only intensify.

Showing off her trim figure, Catherine looked to be having a great time when she was spotted petting a number of adorable pooches on set.
With a bright sweatband around her head, the blonde beauty giggled away in her tight-fitting leotard, leggings and black leg warmers.
The star appeared to be channeling a Fame-inspired look, which also included a gold waist belt and and a tiny pair of shorts.

She finished off her look with small hooped earrings, a matching T-Shirt around her waist and of course a hardy pair of trainers.
At one point her character appeared to be giving Julie Carp, played by Katy Cavanagh, a shoulder massage ahead of the race, however she didn't appear to be enjoying it.
Katy, 40, was equally as brightly dressed in a pink tracksuit and pale blue T-Shirt, featuring a cute ice-cream motif.

Catherine covered up in a black and orange quilted coat in between scenes, despite the sunny weather in Manchester.
Kym Marsh however looked much less crazily dressed when she arrived on location, clutching a hot drink in her hand.
The 37-year-old had opted for leather-effect leggings and a matching wraparound coat, before finishing off with wedged trainers.

Catherine told her Twitter followers: 'Morning all! Amazing day again here! Don't mind filming outside today!'
Also filming on the day was Jimmi Harkishin, who was spotted chilling out with Patti Clare, who had clearly followed Catherine's lead, sporting pink leg warmers and a fluffy blue coat.
Helen Worth and Ben Price were also taking part in the scene, however didn't appear to be involved in the run itself.

Source:  Daily Mail

Methinks the Daily Mail reporter was only looking at Catherine Tyldesley, because as the pictures show, all the cast took part in the run.
Tracy Barlow and Rob Barlow plan to marry and Deirdre isn't happy about it

Cobbles killer Tracy and armed robber Rob will makes plans to marry but Deirdre isn't too happy about it

Wedding bells could soon be heard on Coronation Street as Tracy Barlow and Rob Donovan make plans to tie the knot.

The cobbles murderer will decide to marry Rob even after he was caught kissing Tina McIntyre behind her back, but there's one person who isn't happy about it.

In the scenes to be aired next month, Tracy's mum Deirdre will attempt to stop Rob from marrying Tracy in the typical Corrie comedy way.

“I didn’t have you down as the marrying kind, Rob," the Daily Star reports her as saying. "Are you sure about her?  I love our Tracy to bits but she could start a fight in an empty room and she’s hard work. I see our Tracy as being like asparagus – it’s an acquired taste," she adds.

But unfortunately for Deirdre, Rob is not for turning, telling her that he loves Tracy and wants to marry her and take on her daughter Amy.

Rob and Tina's passionate clinch haven't dented Tracy's marital plans .  Schemer Tracy will then tell her mum that a wedding would really brighten her mood, saying: “I think a wedding would really cheer you up, you’ve been down in the dumps since Dad went to Canada. I’m not a happy, clappy God-botherer mum.  I don’t want a church wedding.”

The couple’s wedding plans come as they get their romance back on track after Rob was caught sharing a kiss with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan, 25).

The newspaper also quotes insiders as saying it's unlikely Tracy will make it down the aisle, though after her last serious relationship ended with her bashing him over the head with a blunt object, maybe Rob will have a lucky escape?

Source:  Mirror
Michelle Keegan 'Can't Wait' To Leave 'Chavvy Style' Of Coronation Street Character BehindThe star doesn't think much of her Corrie character's fashion sense

Whilst Michelle Keegan has admitted that she's "daunted" by the prospect of leaving her character and Coronation Street behind, the actress is happy to be leaving one thing behind...Tina McIntyre's style!

Labeling her character's style as "chavvy", Michelle who has played the character of Tina since 2008 told Hello! Online:

"I can't wait! She hasn't got the best style in the world has she? She's a bit chavvy and dresses down a lot. Every time I see a new outfit, I just think 'I don't care – it's not me, it's Tina, bless her!' and put it on."

And whilst Michelle can't wait to leave Tina's attire, the actress has admitted that she has yet to find out the identity of her character's murderer.

She went on to say: "I read the script for my final scenes but I don't know who the murderer is. I don't think they will tell me until the last minute, it's out of a few people. I keep asking people what the answer is but nobody will tell me!"

Source:  Entertainmentwise

I am so glad to see this picture alongside this article.  It tells me they too think that top of Tina's is absolutely horrible, and she wears it far too often!  :-)

Auto-Trail will provide a brand new motorhome to one of the country's most popular TV soaps.

The top of the range Frontier Scout will feature on Coronation Street as character Mary Taylor's new motorhome.

It is the second time Cheshire dealer Spinney Motorhomes has provided the soap with a motorhome after first supplying a model in 2011.

Spinney Motorhomes are the largest independent motorhome retailer in the North West, with an extensive range of over 100 new and used motorhomes and caravans on site.

Geoff from GTR Group, who bought the motorhome on behalf of the soap, said: "After initially dealing and being pleased with Spinney's Service Centre, I found no job was too big or too small.

"In my job I sometimes require a very quick turnaround as the vehicle can be used around the clock in any part of the country.

"This spurred me on to consult the sales department for my next motorhome, who I found to be more than reasonable, which has led me to many more dealings with Spinney.

"On the whole, this a company that is competitive and truly values their customers' needs and requirements."

Mary's new motorhome will be on screen in April.

Source:  Caravan Times

Now the question has to be, why is Mary getting a new motorhome?  Will she have an accident, or will it possibly be stolen, and she gets a new one from the insurance?  Another question is, how does she afford the insurance on it?  She doesn't have much of a job does she?  Occasionally looking after the twins, or helping out in the Kabin.  The insurance on something like that has to be pretty high.
FURIOUS Tyrone Dobbs will call in police when he discovers Maria Connor is his mystery stalker.

The Weatherfield mechanic is left scared stiff when he starts getting sinister text messages from his violent ex partner Kirsty Soames.

But what Tyrone (Alan Halsall, 31) doesn’t know is that it’s really his friend Maria who is sending the texts.

The troubled hairdresser starts bombarding him with messages after he knocks her back when she makes a move on him.

It’s part of a lengthy storyline for Maria that will see her have a breakdown as she struggles to cope after finding her boyfriend, midwife Marcus Dent, with another man.

Tyrone and his girlfriend Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine, 30) will discover the truth when he rings the number of his stalker and realises the messages have been sent from Maria’s new phone.

Determined to get his own back, he will then call the police.

He storms at Maria: “All this time it’s been you!

"What have I ever done to you?

"You’re twisted.”

Later her brother, Kirk Sutherland, (Andrew Whyment, 33) admits she is in trouble with the police.

He explains: “I’ve tried to get Tyrone to drop the charges but he won’t listen.

“Maria’s not answering the door or her phone, I’m worried about her.”

Samia Ghadie, 31, who plays Maria, says the texts were just a “twisted” way of Maria getting some love and attention.

She said: “More than anything, I think Maria wants to be loved.

“She sees Tyrone and Fiz together and it’s just a reminder of what she doesn’t have, what she’s lost.

“Maria wants him to need her and because Tyrone doesn’t think he can lean on Fiz he turns to Maria for support.

"Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and because of that she finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty.”

Source:  Daily Star
He's been gone for two months after doing a flit with flighty Gloria Price, but Dennis Tanner (Philip Lowrie) is to return to Coronation Street next week looking rather the worse for wear.

In scenes to be shown on Good Friday, Rita (Barbara Knox) will discover that Dennis is in hospital after being beaten up. But she doesn't exactly provide a sympathetic ear for her errant husband.

After Dennis tells her how it all went wrong with Gloria and that he ended up sleeping on the streets, Rita allows him to stay on her sofa. But she's quick to make it clear that this is just a temporary deal. After all the heartache he's caused her, it seems Rita is now going to throw Dennis to the wolves...

Source:  Radio Times
Coronation Street's Peter Barlow heads off to rehab next week under the strict instruction of his wife Carla.

When Carla (Alison King) finds out that Peter is drinking again, she immediately insists that he needs to clean up his act for the sake of their unborn baby.

Viewers know that the stress of Peter's recent affair with Tina McIntyre (Michelle Keegan) has driven him back to the bottle, but Carla still has no idea this is the case and tries her best to support her wayward husband.

Here, Chris Gascoyne - who plays Peter - previews the latest trouble in store for his character.

How would you describe the current situation between Peter and Tina?
"Peter was overcome with relief when Tina's pregnancy test came back negative and I think he used that opportunity to finish things with Tina. He feels as though he might have gotten away with it, until Tina starts pursuing him again."

Does Peter worry that Tina hasn't really got the message?
"At first Peter thinks it's going to be quite simple. She's a lot younger than him and I think Peter arrogantly believes he'll be able to brush her off quite easily by saying she can do so much better than him.

"When Tina texts him telling him she loves him, he realizes it's going to be more difficult than he thought. That's another reason for him turning back to the bottle. It's a defense mechanism for Peter - as soon as he thinks he's in danger of things going wrong, he returns to his old demons."

Does Tina realize how bad Peter's state of mind is?
"I don't think so. She doesn't know that Carla's pregnant, so she has no idea that he's having to deal with that too. Tina's not going to let him go easily, and she doesn't realize that the more she tries to win him back, the further she's pushing him into a dark hole. I don't think Tina realizes how bad it is until Carla asks her for her help when she discovers he's fallen off the wagon."

Does this make Tina back off?
"No, quite the opposite. Tina thinks she can help Peter and tells him she wants to be there for him and help him, but it just makes him worse. It makes him realize that she's really not going anywhere, and that she is a threat to his relationship with Carla. It's not as simple and as carefree as he first thought it was when he went into it."

Why doesn't Peter just tell Tina to back off?
"Peter's conscious that if he upsets her by being harsh and to the point, she'll turn nasty and end up telling Carla. He's trying to tread carefully around her and end it with her as calmly as possible - he almost wants to get her to a position where she's agreeing with him that it's best they end it."

How does Carla react when she finds out that Peter has been drinking?
"She's absolutely furious. He's been lying to her and she realizes it when he comes in stinking of whisky, and it's made worse that he stood her and Simon up.

"Carla's upset that he's fallen off the wagon when he knows she's pregnant. She tells him that he's risking his life by drinking and that he has an unborn child to think of now, as well as her and Simon. She's even more annoyed when Peter tries to tell her it's because of the stress he's under to be the perfect husband and father. Carla doesn't buy it."

Carla warns that if Peter drinks again, she won't have the baby. Does that worry him?
"She's sick of hearing his excuses and him feeling sorry for himself and this is the final straw. Carla had to battle a lot of demons when she found out she was pregnant and she needs Peter more than ever, but now he's drinking again she's scared he can't be there for her.

"When she finally plucked up the courage to tell him she was pregnant, Peter vowed he'd be there for her 100%. When she gives him this ultimatum, he feels more trapped than ever. He's completely stunned by what she says."

How does Peter feel when Carla tells him that he has to go to rehab?
"Carla doesn't even really give him a choice. She more or less tells him he has to go and I think he knows better than to argue with her about it. He's no energy to think about anything else at that point other than where his next drink is going to come from."

Why does Carla phone Tina?
"Carla is struggling to keep everything afloat at the factory and look after Peter as well. She doesn't want to leave Peter on his own because she's scared and worried that he won't be able to keep away from the bottle.

"Peter's humiliated when she asks Steve to come round and sit with him - he feels like he's being babysat. Obviously Carla has no idea about Peter and Tina, and doesn't think twice about calling her to ask for her help as well."

Was it always inevitable that he'd fall off the wagon?
"Peter's an addict, he has a drink problem - so yes, I do think it was always inevitable given what trouble he was going to land himself in with Tina and Carla. At the moment he can't find a way out of the hole he's found himself in and the only thing he feels he can turn is to drink.

"It's all going to come crashing down - it's never going to end well for Tina, and Peter at some point is going to have to face the consequences of his actions."

Source:  Digital Spy
Coronation Street's David Platt will be first to discover that Maria Connor is secretly terrorising Tyrone Dobbs.

Yesterday (April 7), it was revealed that Maria will leave Tyrone (Alan Halsall) in turmoil when she sends him a number of text messages pretending to be his violent ex-fiancée Kirsty Soames, who has been released from prison.

Maria comes up with the scheme as her feelings for Tyrone have been reawakened and she wants to feel closer to the mechanic by comforting him throughout the ordeal.

Although Maria is delighted when her plan begins to pay off, it's not long before she is caught out when her work colleague David (Jack P Shepherd) realizes what she is up to.

Samia Ghadie, who plays Maria, explained: "Maria's really embarrassed and clearly upset when David confronts her. He realizes that she's in love with Tyrone, but urges her to tell him the truth before it's too late.

"Maria actually begins to listen to him, but when Tyrone again turns to her for comfort, she just can't help herself and sends another text."

She continued: "Maria doesn't want Tyrone to know that she's been pretending to be Kirsty and for now she will continue to send the texts. It seems to be bringing her and Tyrone closer together and it's putting a strain on Fiz and Tyrone's relationship. Maria knows she's in the wrong but she just can't help herself."

Maria's erratic behavior comes in the aftermath of her split from Marcus Dent, which has pushed her over the edge.

Ghadie continued: "Maria is clearly in a bad way mentally. She's not herself right now and is really struggling to cope with Marcus's betrayal. In a way you have to feel sorry for her because she's so desperate to just be loved."

Asked whether Maria could find a new man, the actress replied: "Maria is so fragile right now. I think it would be best if she took some time out to just be herself and be single. She probably thinks that having a man in her life would solve all her worries, but this is Weatherfield and not many people live happily ever after."

Source:  Digital Spy