Monday 20 April 2015

David borrows Nick's car and tells Andy he's got a plan. David pulls up outside a seedy pub and orders Andy to go in and buy some drugs. Andy's horrified but David makes it plain he'll do as he's told or he'll reveal Andy's true identity to Michael and report him to the police. Andy returns to the car with a small bag of drugs and David speeds away. While Michael puts the finishing touches to Gavin's birthday tea, David pulls up outside the Dog & Gun and, spotting Callum's car, orders Andy to plant the drugs in Callum's glove box. Inside Callum's car, Andy fumbles with the drugs, unaware that Callum is heading back to his car.  David watches, horrified.

After spending the night together, Sean and Billy are loved up. Billy sets off on his parish visits while Sean regales Julie with the story of the homophobic landlord. Sean is later horrified to discover Julie has called the Gazette about his homophobic encounter and sends the reporter packing. But when Billy arrives in the pub explaining the sick child he was visiting died, Sean forgets his anger as he comforts Billy.

When Jack's child minder falls ill, Jenny insists she'll go and collect Jack. Spotting a slight rash on Jack's neck, and completely overreacting, she rushes him to the medical centre.

Bethany is appalled when Sarah enrols her at Weatherfield High School. While Roy and Sharif work on their allotment, they meet Cathy on the adjacent plot.

Monday 20 April 2015
Callum is stunned to find Andy in his car and frogmarches him into the pub, demanding answers. Andy makes out he was trying to steal his car and the drugs just fell out of his pocket. Callum's having none of it and menacingly threatens Andy, until David bursts in, admitting that he ordered Andy to plant drugs with the intention of then reporting Callum to the police. An angry Callum vows to teach him a lesson but David does a runner. Andy arrives at his birthday party, explaining to Gail and Steph that David's in trouble. David runs down a darkened street and is suddenly pounced upon by Gemma, Callum and Macca who drag him towards the car!

Sean comforts Billy who confesses to Sean that he's falling in love with him.

Having been given the all clear by the doctor, Jenny takes Jack home and asks him not to mention it to Kevin. Clocking them, Tyrone wonders why Jack was at the doctor's.  Kevin's bemused.

Roy and Sharif find some common ground with Cathy as they work alongside each other at the allotment

Wednesday 22 April 2015
Scared to death and trapped in the boot of Callum's car, David shouts for help. Andy explains to a horrified Nick and Gail how David tried to plant drugs on Callum.  Insisting David needs teaching a lesson, what has Callum got in store for David?  Meanwhile, back at the Platts, Steph and Andy row when Andy suggests he moves away and starts afresh on his own.  Deeply hurt, Steph tells him they're finished before confiding in Luke how Andy's been leading a double life and masquerading as Michael's son Gavin.

Jenny lies to Kevin but when Jack lets slip that Jenny took him to see the doctor, Kevin demands to know what's going on and why she lied to him.  Jenny admits she spotted a rash on Jack's neck but realises she overreacted. Kevin says he needs to be able to trust Jenny if their relationship is to work.  Sophie warns her dad that Jenny's behaviour is strange.

On Sean's advice, Eileen tells Todd she's going to stop messaging Jeff in Dubai as it isn't fair on Adrian. Todd's secretly annoyed.

At the allotments, Roy and Cathy enjoy a cup of tea together. Cathy asks Roy about Hayley and tells Roy how her own husband died of cancer 6 months ago.

Friday 24 April 2015

Gail prepares for her wedding. She's upset when Audrey phones to say she's poorly and won't be able to make the service. Gail hopes nothing else will go wrong but we see Luke march across the street and punch Andy, ordering him to stay away from Steph. At the registry office, Michael waits nervously with Nick and Andy. Gail arrives looking a million dollars but when Andy, sporting a black eye, is forced to admit that Luke too knows about his double life Gail despairs. Suddenly consumed with guilt will Gail feel able to say I do to Michael?

Kevin's grateful when Jenny offers to look after Jack for the day while he and Tyrone attend a meeting. Sophie makes it clear she disapproves. When a woman compliments Jenny on Jack's manners, Jenny thanks her, making out that Jack is her son.

In the hospital, urged on by Sam, Sinead walks a few steps with the aid of crutches.  Witnessing their bond, Chesney feels a pang of jealousy. But when the doctor tells Sinead she's ready to return home, it's Chesney that Sinead hugs with elation.

Sharif suggests to Roy that they could each have their own allotment if they could persuade Cathy to give hers up.

Friday 24 April 2015

The wedding service grinds to a halt; Michael is devastated. Can Gail overcome her nerves and marry the man she loves or has guilt finally got the better of her and will she confess all to Michael? Meanwhile, Sarah slips out of the wedding to meet Callum in the Rovers. Bethany gets drunk and causes a scene in the pub. Andy admits to Steph how he thought about leaving but couldn't as he loves her too much.

When Jenny hears that Jack's child minder is going to be out of action for weeks as she's broken her leg, she secretly phones her employer and quits her job.

As Sinead prepares to leave hospital, it's clear she's nervous and Sam offers his moral support.

Cathy is deeply hurt to think Sharif and Roy were plotting how to take her allotment from her. Roy orders Sharif to apologise to Cathy or consider their allotment partnership dissolved.  Maria makes a shock decision after hearing about Luke's violent behaviour towards Andy.


Coronation Street favourite Katy Cavanagh has announced her decision to quit the hit ITV soap, The Sun newspaper reports.

The actress, who plays unlucky-in-love Julie Carp in Corrie, broke the news via a statement published in the paper in which she explained her decision to “take a break from the cobbles” in a bid to “pursue other projects and opportunities.”

Cavanagh will stay on our ITV screens until late spring, but has categorically NOT ruled out a returnto the show at a later date, with the publication quoting her as saying:

“I’ve loved every minute in the world of Julie. I am not ruling out a return to the Street in the future. However, I am looking forward to a new challenge and a pair of flat shoes.”

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer, Stuart Blackburn, expressed his hope that Cavanagh might return too, commenting:

“Julie has become a warm, wonderful and eccentric character able to raise a laugh and a tear in the same scene.

“Everyone at Corrie wishes Katy all the very best and hopefully, the cobbles haven’t seen the last of her.”

At this point, not much is known about Julie’s Corrie exit, although bosses at the show have revealed that it will be centred around her love life, the perils of which have dominated her storylines since arriving on the Street seven years ago.

Currently, Julie is in a relationship with Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) after a real love story blossomed between them after a series of false starts and mixed signals, but from the sounds of it, the bubble they had blissfully fallen into before Christmas is about to burst.

Cavanagh made her debut as Julie Carp, the half-sister of Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), back in 2008 after meeting first love Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) on holiday in Cyprus.

During her time on the show, Julie has been at the heart of some of the soa’s biggest dramas, including the epic 2010 tram crash and subsequent live episode, as well as the minibus crash last month which saw her heroically ripping up her ball gown to tend her friends injuries.

We are pretty sure with such experience, and the love of a nation behind her, Katy Cavanagh will have no trouble following her dreams, and we wish her all the luck in the world and hope to see her again really soon!

Source: Unreality TV
Could there finally be joy on the horizon for long-suffering Steve McDonald now he’s set to marry Michelle Connor come Springtime – but will it all go smoothly?

And we all know that Steve has a long battle ahead of him before he can become the model groom and really enjoy his day. I spoke to actress Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, about the upcoming journey which will culminate in what is billed as a ‘classic Coronation Street wedding celebration.’

‘I’m delighted to become Mrs McDonald!’ the star enthused during a chat with ‘I’ve been Michelle Connor for so long but people seem to want Michelle and Steve to be together.

‘The bus crash was a turning point for them. There’s still a journey to go on but it’s the start of Michelle and Steve loving each other again.’

In the wake of the bus crash and Steve’s ill-advised escape from the scene of the wreckage, residents of the Street were divided over their approach to Steve, with several turning on him.

Kym explained: ‘Michelle was very protective when people on the Street start blaming him for what happened to Sinead. She really took control of the situation and acts like a bit of a mother hen.

‘There’s a lot of people who don’t understand but Steve does have a nice support network and will start attending therapy.’

As Michelle proves to be Steve’s rock, their partnership is very much back on. And producer Stuart Blackburn revealed his plans for their wedding scenes which are due to air later this year.

‘It’s going to be a big community event; a good old fashioned street party and everyone’s going to chip in: Carla in her dungarees, Roy and Dev with food…a real celebration!’ he revealed exclusively.

‘It will also be the point where we stop talking so much about Steve’s depression. We don’t need to bang on about it- it’s just there. It won’t stop Steve being funny or living a joyful life.’

After a traumatic 2014 and hellish start to the new year, it’s good to see that Steve will slowly start to regain some pleasure in life as he and Michelle face to the future. And, let’s face it, he’ll need to be ready to stand up for Liz when she makes the inevitable discovery that Tracy and Tony are secretly seeing eachother. And you thought the bus crash was explosive…

Source:  Metro
Amy Kelly quits Coronation Street: Actress who plays Maddie Heath leaving behind lesbian storyline

Actress Amy Kelly has quit Coronation Street.

The 19-year-old had a meeting with soap bosses late last year to announce she wanted to leave her role as Maddie Heath - a formerly homeless teen who is dating Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) - and is expected to depart Weatherfield in the summer.

Amy told The Sun newspaper: "I'm young and adventurous and I want to gain more experience and explore and improve my craft.

"Acting is my passion and I'm excited to see where it takes me."

Bosses are currently coming up with Amy's exit storyline but she isn't expected to be killed off as she is so popular backstage, and show chief Stuart Blackburn previously admitted he wanted to keep her in the soap for as long as possible.

He said last year: "The joy with Amy is that she has no idea how good she is.

"Short of her wanting to go, the character of Maddie will be here as long as I'm here."

The news comes just six months after Amy was handed a contract extension after impressing in her early scenes as troubled teen Maddie.

A source previously said: "The bosses are really pleased with Amy. They were delighted to get such high figures for the kiss [between Maddie and Sophie].

''It was after that they decided they wanted to extend her contract."

Source:  Mirror
Widowed Corrie café boss Roy Cropper will find happiness again – after striking up a friendship with a fun-loving newcomer.

Much-loved Roy had one of the ITV soap’s most tragic storylines last year when terminally-ill wife Hayley died in his arms of a lethal cocktail of drugs.

But soap bosses are keen to showcase actor David Neilson’s comic talent. So Street fans will see a smile back on Roy’s face when he meets young widow Cathy Matthews, played by Melanie Hill.

A senior insider said Neilson, 65, and Hill were both “brilliant” comedy actors who would be the perfect foil for each other.

The source said: “Roy is a wonderful character who has been through the mill – we think it’s time for him to move on and find happiness again.

“His life will change for the better. His allotment and Cathy will become a great source of joy to him and to viewers. She will help him get over the grief.

“The pair will strike up a friendship – there will be lots of laughs along the way. There will be romance but it won’t be for a while.”

The source added: “There was a feeling that we have a great comedy actor moping around being unhappy. He needed a spark to get back to form. Cathy will be that spark.

“Roy and Cathy will lead the way in the comedy stakes – but there will be plenty of other humorous plots and funny lines sprinkled throughout.”

Sunderland-born Melanie, 53, made her name as Aveline in Scouse comedy Bread. In Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, her character Hazel was involved in a long romance with Barry, played by Timothy Spall. She was most recently on screen in Waterloo Road.

Roy’s new storyline comes as part of a wider move to “lighten up” the Street in a bid to win back viewers from EastEnders. Writers plan to offer northern humour as an antidote to its southern rival’s gritty misery.

But it won’t be all laughs on the show – there will also be storylines featuring teenage pregnancy and depression.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re very excited at what we have in store for viewers in the coming months. It’s a typical Corrie combination of romance, drama, villainy and comedy.”

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street bosses are planning to tackle the issue of child-parent domestic violence in a new storyline for Leanne Tilsley.

Leanne, played by Jane Danson, will find herself on the receiving end of attacks from her stepson Simon Barlow in a dark plot due to unfold over the summer months.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn announced the news on ITV's This Morning today (March 10), explaining that it will be one of many big stories to air in the summer.

He said: "This summer is going to see Coronation Street at its classic best. It's going to be a mixture of romance, of comedy and of drama - and out of that drama, Leanne Battersby is going to find herself at the centre of a domestic abuse story.

"But this is a story with a twist. The perpetrator is Leanne's 12-year-old stepson Simon."

Leanne has been Simon's sole guardian since the schoolboy's troubled father Peter Barlow left Weatherfield at the end of last year.

No further details of the upcoming storyline have been revealed, but fans may wonder whether Simon's unstable family background could start to have an adverse effect on his behaviour in the months to come.

13-year-old Alex Bain, who plays Simon, previously won the Best Young Performance prize at the British Soap Awards in 2011.

Source:  Digital Spy

The broadcast will celebrate the 60th birthday of ITV and the soap's producer has opened up about future plans

Coronation Street is set for another live episode in September - but don't expect a repeat of the dramatic scenes following the tram crash disaster.

Show boss Stuart Blackburn has discussed potential details for the upcoming broadcast - which will mark the 60th birthday of ITV - and admitted he wants to take a more storyline-driven approach compared to the stunt four years ago.

According to Digital Spy, he said: "Bear in mind that I'm the guy who told Michelle Keegan that we wouldn't be killing her off, but right now I'm thinking that a big spectacular would be the wrong way to go as it'll feel like we're copying the tram crash, so we're looking to focus on real storytelling.

"There are still a few weeks until we do the long term planning which will cover that, so who knows? If someone comes up with something brilliant that completely goes against that, then we'll run with it!"

The live episode was announced last year, and Stuart previously described the "honour" of being in charge of the special broadcast.

He said at the time: "It's an honour to be at the helm as Coronation Street goes live once more.

"We've a reputation to uphold after the success of the tram crash and I'm going to enjoy working with the storyliners and writers as we plot stories for our live episode in 2015.

"We'll be doing all we can to eclipse what's gone before."

Source:  Mirror

Corrie star Brooke Vincent has teased a big new storyline for her alter ego Sophie Webster which has got us all intrigued.
The Websters have had a quieter time on screen recently, particularly Sophie who has barely been seen apart from a few scenes in the corner shop. But all that is set to change as a big new storyline kicks off in coming months.

The announcement comes as the exit of Brooke’s co-star Amy Kelly, who plays Maddie, gets ever closer. So is the shock new storyline set to clash with the departure of Maddie?

There are a number of avenues which Corrie could be taking with the new plot. But which of the following is set to strike Sophie and bring her back to the forefront of the action?

Tragic end for Maddie?

She survived the bus crash and was even a bit of a hero but the announcement of an imminent exit inevitably means that a soap character could be at risk of death.

If Maddie was to be the victim of an accident with tragic consequences it would be interesting to see how Sophie would cope and whether it would cause her to lose faith in her religion.

The return of Sian?

We all kind of feel that Sophie’s true love was Sian and many fans were left gutted when their relationship came to an end.

But Sian’s return could make Sophie realise where her heart truly lies and the breakdown of her current relationship would lead to a distraught Maddie leaving the Street.

But perhaps she may exact some revenge first.

Clash with Jenny?

Kevin has been warned off his relationship with Jenny Bradley and she certainly has form for betraying those closest to her.

Producer Stuart Blackburn teased that Kevin would regret becoming involved with Jenny so is Sophie about to discover a secret of Jenny’s that could be heartbreaking for Kevin.

If Sophie finds out what scheming Jenny is up to, this could be the part of a dramatic, and exciting, feud between the two women.

But whose side will Kevin take?

Could Sophie face her biggest challenge to date by falling ill in a dramatic new storyline?

We know Maddie can deal badly with a trauma but how would Sophie cope if her girlfriend left her in her hour of need?

It would be an interesting, if tearjerking, story to explore. Is Sophie really strong enough to face such a tough challenge alone?


Sophie could be heading for the ultimate heartbreak as she learns that Maddie has been unfaithful to her. There is no way the relationship would survive such a revelation.

Or, perhaps in a shock twist, Sophie sees her head turned by a new love. Could even someone on the Street suddenly realise they hold feelings for the youngest Webster?

And, if so, who?

Brooke said to Yahoo News: ‘I’ve got a big storyline coming up, so that’s exciting. When you go to work to say one line, it’s a bit boring. So it’s good and I am excited.’

Source:  Metro

Corrie boss Kieran Roberts has released details about the dramatic new storyline in the pipeline for Leanne in Simon, in which the long suffering youngster will become violent towards his stepmum.

The sinister new storyline will kick off in coming months after Simon suffers another significant trauma in his life which sends him off the rails.

And the controversial plot will see Leanne take the brunt of his violent behaviour, which could leave her living in fear of her own step child.

Speaking to Digital Spy about the dark new twist on the Street, executive producer Kieran Roberts explained: ‘It’s a really interesting story. It’s come from character, as Simon is a child who has obviously been through a very difficult few years with the death of his mother, his dad’s alcoholism and then being passed around by the adults in his life.
He’s seen a lot of difficult things and he’s got some more difficult things to go through this year in the next few months.’

He continued, revealing more details on the storyline ahead: ‘I can’t give much away, but there is at least one other major trauma that Simon is going to have to go through.

‘I think it’s fair to say that he’s going to come through all of this a little bit damaged. We’re going to explore how that impacts on his relationship with Leanne, and we’re going to touch on this issue of domestic violence from a child against a parent.’

Source:  Metro

"When I was told about this storyline I felt it was a brilliant way to say goodbye to Kal," reveals the actor who plays Gym owner Kal Nazir

Jimi Mistry to exit Coronation Street as part of ''fantastic'' twist, it has been announced.

Gym owner Kal Nazir is to bid farewell to Weatherfield in a dramatic storyline later in 2015.

Jimi said: "When I was told about this storyline I felt it was a brilliant way to say goodbye to Kal and I am really looking forward to filming my departure scenes.

"I want to thank Stuart and the team for giving me the opportunity to be part of such a fantastic show. This is the longest I have ever been in one job and I have enjoyed it immensely."

Producer Stuart Blackburn added: "Kal’s departure will be a big part of the fantastic spring and summer of drama on Coronation Street.

"We discussed the plot idea with Jimi and we all feel it is a great storyline which will have huge ramifications for the Nazirs and Leanne going forward.

“Jimi is a talented actor and an asset to the show and we will be sorry to see him go, but this is a fantastic exit storyline there are still many twists and turns for the character in the coming months.”

Source:  Mirror

Now, we know that the plan in Coronation Street at the moment is to make Michael Rodwell keep believing that Andy is his son Gavin, and that he must never find out that the real Gavin is actually dead and that everyone has been lying to him for weeks, if not months.

So of course we are all just sat waiting for this massive secret, which has the capacity to kill Michael (Les Dennis) let us not forget, to explode on our screens.

After all, have you ever known a secret stay that way in Weatherfield?

But just what sort of impact will it have on Michael when he does find out that Gavin is really Andy (Oliver Farnworth), and that his fiancée Gail (Helen Worth) knew and has been keeping the truth from him?

Les Dennis, the actor who plays Michael, has been discussing the possible outcome of such a reveal in a recent interview with Digital Spy, who quotes him as saying:

“I haven’t seen the scripts yet but the talk is that it will be dramatic.”

“If you found out that somebody had been pretending to be your son and your wife had kept it from you, and that you didn’t have the chance to go and see your own son, I think you’d be pretty livid.

“I can imagine that this mild-mannered man we know as Michael Rodwell could be the one that turns.”

On how such a betrayal will affect Michael’s relationship with Gail, Dennis mused that the situation would put it “under a lot of pressure” whilst adding that “it gives it another aspect to play!”

However, Dennis insists that Michael is “devoted” to Gail as well as hinting at the time scale we are looking at for this secret to be unearthed:

“At the moment, Michael is devoted to Gail and the revelation is still a long way off because they do keep the secret for a long time, but I think when the revelation comes out, then it is going to really explode. It will be a big storyline.”

Finally Dennis went on to reveal that another wedding is on the cards for Michael and Gail, and that it has already been filmed without as much drama as the last one, adding:

“I can say that Michael and Gail do get married – that does happen. But there is still a lot to come afterwards and it is all Andy’s fault.”

Source:  Unreality TV

It has been revealed that Brian Packham will be returning to Coronation Street.

The Daily Star reports that the character, played by Peter Gunn, will arrive back on the cobbles leaving his former flame Julie Carp gobsmacked.

His return is set to coincide with her exit (earlier this year Katy Cavanagh who plays Julie announced that she was leaving the soap) which could suggest a happy ending for the couple.

Brian and Julie were an item but split after they disagreed on the issue of starting a family. She is now in a relationship with Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin).

That relationship is set to fall apart paving the way for Julie’s exit. While the details of Brian’s comeback are being kept under wraps, we have a feeling she won’t be leaving Weatherfield alone.

There's no shortage of drama on the cobbles of Coronation Street.
And that trend continues when Anna Windass teaches her teenage daughter, Faye, a lesson in responsible parenting, next month.
The matriarch figure makes a very public example of her adolescent child, who is grappling with life as a young, single mum.

In scenes to broadcast over the next few weeks, Faye Windass - played by Ellie Leach - is shocked when her mum (Debbie Rush) turns up at her school with her baby.
As all her classmates look, Anna - who's frustrated with her daughter's lacking sense of responsibility - storms off.
The dramatic exchange, which plays out in full view of everyone including her pal Craig, leaves a reluctant Faye holding the baby - literally and metaphorically.

The new scenes are just the latest in the controversial storyline, which saw Faye become the show's youngest-ever mother.
Previously, that was a title held by Sarah-Louise Platt, played by Tina O'Brien, after discovering she was pregnant at the age of 13 in 2000.
But that changes, next week, when Faye starts contractions in the empty corner shop flat and, having kept the pregnancy a secret from her family, finally shares the shocking truth.

Speaking about the story arc with Digital Spy, actress Debbie Rush said the show handles it sensitively - yet also entertainingly.
'I say it all the time, we have brilliant writers,' she said. 'I think they approach things with great care, so I knew it was going to be done in a really positive way. The way we're doing it positively is showing that it's not a walk in the park.
'What we really have to get across to the public is that it's really, really tough. Certainly from the episodes I've been reading, we are showing that it's tough and it's not glamorised at all. It's going to be a really big fallout for all the family concerned and I'm sure that's what genuinely happens in the real world.'

However, the storyline is certainly reflective of the real world.
In April 2014 it was reported a 12-year-old girl and a 13-year-old boy were believed to have become Britain's youngest parents after she give birth to a 7lb 4oz baby girl.
At 12 years and three months, she was five months younger than the previous youngest UK mother.

Source:  Daily Mail
Coronation Street star Paula Lane has returned to filming March 25.

The actress, who plays Kylie Platt on the ITV soap, has been on maternity leave since November.

Lane revealed her return on Twitter this morning, confirming that Kylie will soon be back on the cobbles.

Show bosses also released the first picture showing Lane back at the soap's studios in Trafford.

Lane and her husband Tom Shaw welcomed the arrival of a baby boy on New Year's Eve.

Kylie's Coronation Street exit scenes aired on Christmas Day, as her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) kicked her out of the Platt house after learning that her ex-boyfriend Callum Logan (Sean Ward) had become her drug dealer.

David later regretted his rash actions, but he was unable to get back into contact with Kylie as she fell completely off the radar.

When Kylie does return to Weatherfield, she will be shocked to discover that David and Callum have become locked in a bitter custody dispute over her son Max. Another surprise will be that Callum is dating David's sister Sarah (Tina O'Brien).

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn said in January: "[Kylie is] going to come back right in the middle of the custody battle and she'll come back realising that because of her using drugs, because of her disappearing act, she might be losing Max forever.

"So there's big stuff for her. She's going to have to get her act together, she really is."

Source:  Digital Spy
Carla Connor isn’t known for picking men wisely in Coronation Street, and she is about to prove this yet again, in spectacular style.

The love life of Carla Connor (Alison King) has been a complicated one, as every man she has ever laid eyes on has ended up involved in a grizzly death one way or another.

First of all there was Paul Connor, who was employing the services of local high-end prostitute Leanne Battersby (Jane Danson) who ended up killing himself after smashing his car, with Leanne in the boot, when the truth about their business agreement threatened to come to light.

After this Carla moved on to Paul’s brother, Liam, whose marriage to local crimper Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) didn’t stop them planning to run away together.

What did stop them, however, was Carla’s new husband, Tony Gordon, who found out about the affair and had Liam killed, before being blown to death in an explosion he caused in Carla’s factory.

Next there was Frank Foster, who was killed by his own mother after he raped Carla, who was initially suspected of his murder too.

After this Carla hooked up with Leanne’s husband, Peter, who she ended up marrying after their affair was exposed, only for him to do the dirty on her with local barmaid, Tina McIntyre, who he then went to prison for murdering before it was revealed that it was Carla’s brother Rob who had in fact killed her.

Recently Carla has been on a bit of a break from Weatherfield, and men we had thought, but when she returns next month fans can expect to see that twinkle back in her eye.

And wouldn’t you know it the man in question, Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) happens to be another of Leanne’s ex-husbands!

The situation is set to arise when, after returning from America, Nick and Carla get close over a few drinks after he agrees to fix her laptop for her.

Soon the pair can see a spark of attraction there and start dating in secret – But nothing stays secret in Corrie for long, does it?

So we are pretty sure that when news of this new romance breaks out there will be a few unhappy people – Namely Leanne (who we would tell to go and get with one of Carla’s exes for revenge, but she can’t as they are all mostly dead), and Nick’s new friend with benefits, Erica Holroyd (Claire King).

But despite that we can see why these two power-characters would be well suited, as can the show as The Sun newspaper quotes a source insider as revealing:

“Not everyone will be thrilled for them but they find they’ve got a lot in common, not least their exes.”

Source:  Unreality TV
While we couldn’t be more delighted by the announcement that Samia Ghadie and Sylvain Longchambon are expecting a child together, the news is less positive for Maria Connor.

Coronation Street bosses are now working on a way to write out the luckless salon stylist over coming months and, if Maria’s past track record of plots is anything to go by, then it may not be a happy ending.

Maria has just entered a relationship with heartthrob mechanic Luke but with Samia due to take a hiatus from the show, this is bound to end in tears before long.

But how will the character bow out from the show?

Whispers suggest that teen tearaway Bethany Platt could be involved. After all, the troublesome lass is already getting her feet comfortable at the salon, which could well end up pushing Maria out.

With Kylie Platt’s return also imminent, there is unlikely to be much room left at Audrey’s.

After disastrous relationships with Jason, Tony and Marcus, we predict also that things will turn sour for Luke. Could one of the couple be tempted to stray ending in heartache? Or maybe Maria will become pregnant herself.

One thing is for sure though: with the dramatic exits of Eva and Kylie, whose alter egos also required maternity leave, Corrie have a habit of penning big plots for it’s mums-to-be.

And we reckon it’ll be no different for Maria.

Stay tuned!

Source:  Metro
It seemed as though things were finally looking up for luckless Coronation Street character Steve McDonald after his longterm girlfriend Michelle Connor proposed to him.
However as the cast came together recently to film scenes for Steve's stag do in Salford the main man was noticeably missing.
Unable to attend the day on set due to illness, McDonald played by Simon Gregson ended up missing out on his knees up while his co-stars were left to celebrate on his behalf.

Proving that the show must go on, Alan Halsall, Craig Charles, Ryan Thomas, Mikey North and Antony Cotton all threw on their party clothes as they made an appearance on location.

Pulling array of faces, the lads appeared to be extremely unimpressed as they stood on the street opposite the pub.
Sure to make viewers laugh when the episode eventually airs, the guys apparently find themselves marking Steve's upcoming wedding at a gay bar.

In a recent episode of the longrunning ITV soap, viewers saw Steve's girlfriend Michelle (Kym Marsh) get down on one knee and propose to him in an effort to win him back.
While attending a charity event at the cobbles' watering hole The Rovers Return Inn, Connor asked for McDonald's hand in marriage after he called off their initial engagement.
Declaring her love for the businessman, the party planner proved she is devoted to him after he questioned her intentions when she asked for a long engagement.
However with six weddings already under his belt only time will tell if the seventh attempt at marital bliss will in fact be Steve's happily ever after.

The Streetcars' owner's first wedding took place back in 1985 when he exchanged vows with Vicky Arden but their union ended just two years later after she discovered he'd cheated.
Wife number two was Karen Phillips who Steve wed in 2001 for a bet and despite falling in love they divorced before deciding to walk up the aisle again just three years later.
Unfortunately, the pair weren't successful second time round either and Steve went on to find love again with Becky Granger who proved too drunk to make it up the aisle in 2009
Nevertheless an understanding McDonald gave his bride-to-be a second chance but the pair parted ways not too long afterwards, and he then wed a sixth time to Tracy Barlow after she fell pregnant.

Source:  Daily Mail
Salford pub being transformed into a Liverpool gay bar
There had been rumours about him joining the soap, but now photos have appeared online believed to show Shayne Ward leaving a Coronation Street audition. 

The 30-year-old former X Factor winner was snapped coming out of the ITV studios in Manchester yesterday and our interest is well and truly piqued.

Looking casual in a pair of jeans, black t-shirt, leather jacket and with a checked shirt tied around his waist, Shayne’s expression didn’t give anything away about how his meeting may have gone.

‘The bosses think Shayne would be perfect for the show. They’ve made moves to try and get him on board and have made it clear they are open to discussions,’ a source reportedly told the Daily Star earlier this month.

Adding: ‘He’s made it clear he’s definitely interested.’

Shayne – who releases new album Closer on April 13 – hasn’t been shy about his ambitions to join the show either, telling his 264,000 Twitter followers on more than a few occasions how he’d be keen to hit the Cobbles.

Source:  Metro
Meet Coronation Street’s youngest new cast members – triplets Erin, Eilah and Elsie.

The girls all play 13-year-old Faye Windass’ baby girl Miley, taking it in turns in front of the camera.

The triplets were cast after the hit soap put out a call to casting agents and put up posters in hospital maternity units in the region asking for identical twin girls to play the newborn.

Their proud dad Martyn Halliwell said: “My cousin, who is a theatre actor, suggested that we should get in touch with an agent.

“He said, ‘There is a high demand for twins, let alone triplets'.

“We sent some photos over and within two hours we heard back to say they had a client who was interested.

“On the Monday we were at Coronation Street.”

Martyn, a 29-year-old sales manager, and the triplets’ mum Laura Slinger, a 26-year-old beautician from Padiham near Burnley, are delighted at how well the girls, born on October 27, have taken to being on the famous soap.

And the family has received a warm welcome from all the cast and crew, particularly from Ellie Leach who plays teen mum Faye in the controversial storyline, and mum Anna played by Debbie Rush.

Martyn said: “Everybody is shocked at how good they are.

“One of the triplets cries on cue so when they need a crying baby we take Elsie down for filming and when they need a calm baby we take Erin.

“Everybody comes over and wants to look at the girls and they make a fuss of them, especially Debbie and Ellie.

“Ellie has been fantastic with the girls.”

The triplets, who have a six-year-old big brother Maddox, were born 10 weeks early at Liverpool Women’s Hospital.

Erin arrived first at 5pm weighing 2lb2ozs, followed by Eilah at 5.01pm weighing in at 3lb1oz and Elsie a minute later weighing 2lbs.

Martyn added: “Hopefully they will stay on the show if they are enjoying it.

“I have grown up watching Coronation Street and so has Laura.

“They have made us at home and comfortable and everybody is one big family.”

The triplets will make their first appearance on Good Friday when a shocked Faye goes into premature labour in the empty flat above Dev’s corner shop.

Source:  Manchester Evening News
Sarah Harding will be the latest former pop star to join the cast in Coronation Street.

The ITV soap has seen the likes of Kym Marsh from Hear'Say and Boyzone's Keith Duffy take on roles in the past and now ex Girls Aloud singer Sarah will prove her skills on the cobbles.

She will make a guest appearance in four episodes which will air in the summer and although the full details of her storylines are being kept a secret, she will play a "feisty character" who is going to make life difficult for Tracy Barlow.

The 33-year-old star said: "I am extremely excited to be joining Coronation Street. As a fan of the show it is a huge honour for me to join the cast. I can’t wait to get started!!"

Producer Stuart Blackburn added: "Sarah is proving to be a gifted and exciting actor and I'm absolutely delighted to have her on board, the viewers are in for a treat as her character will be right at the heart of a massive new story for the Barlows."

Although some fans of the show thought it might have been an April Fools joke today, Sarah, who has also been working on solo material since Girls Aloud broke up, confirmed the news on Twitter and even posted a pic of her on the street.

She posted: "Yes it true I'm joining Corrie!!! As u all know I've been a huge fan for yrs now so can't wait to strut my stuff on those famous cobbles!!," along with a number of emojis.

Former wild child Sarah, who was once named Caner of the Year by a national newspaper, seems to be the perfect person to stir things up on the street, despite leaving her hard-partying days behind.

Sarah is no stranger to acting and appeared in the likes of Bad Day, the BBC television film Freefall, Run for your Wife and St Trinians 2: The legend of Fritton's Gold.

We think she might end up being in more than four episodes if she proves to be a hit with viewers.

Source:  Mirror
‘Coronation Street’ fans can expect to see more of Les Dennis’s character Michael Rodwell, as the actor is believed to have been offered a new contract.

Les was initially supposed to spend just a fews months in Weatherfield, however, according to reports, his popularity with viewers means bosses have scrambled to sign him up for longer.

A source tells The Sun: “It’s always a good sign when people are offered a new contract — it shows the bosses like the way they are performing and want to tie them down to build up the character.”

“He can’t wait to get stuck into the plotlines which will be some of the soap’s best of the year.

“He loves playing Michael and has become good friends with lots of the cast and crew.”

Since arriving in Weatherfield, Michael has become a new man, and his days as a bumbling burglar are long gone.

Michael is still in a relationship with Gail, and she even proposed to him earlier this year.

However, things haven’t exactly gone smoothly for him and shortly after the pair got engaged, Michael was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with a serious health problem.

Source:  Huffington Post
Sarah Harding is causing a big headache for Coronation Street chiefs... because they can’t decide on a name for her character.

The former Girls Aloud star has been lined-up to make four appearances in the hit ITV soap.

Her guest stint will be screened over the summer - but Corrie sources admit they can’t choose a name for her “feisty character.”

A Street insider said: “We’re delighted to land Sarah - her character has real potential.

“She will prove a real trouble-making fly-in-the-ointment - especially for Tracy Barlow.

"The only trouble at the moment is coming up with just the right name for her character.

“Writers are currently using two different names as a working title for the character.

“Producers haven’t yet decided which one is best for Sarah - it is important they get it right.”

Although 33-year-old Sarah has been lined-up to appear in just four episodes, sources hinted she could become a regular - if fans warm to her character.

“Bosses have high hopes for her character and they believe she could become a permanent character - after all Kym Marsh originally came in for just a handful of episodes.”

Sarah whose acting credits include Bad Day and St Trinians 2, will start filming in May.

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Sarah is proving to be a gifted and exciting actor and I’m absolutely delighted to have her on board, the viewers are in for a treat as her character will be right at the heart of a massive new story for the Barlows.”

Sarah, who spent time in rehab to overcome her battle with booze and depression, said: “I am extremely excited to be joining Coronation Street .

“As a fan of the show it is a huge honour for me to join the cast. I can’t wait to get started!”

What should Sarah Harding's Corrie character be called?

The Mirror is running a poll to see which name the viewers pick for her.  Your choices are Cheryl, Nadine, Nicola or Kimberley.   At the time of writing, Kimberley is out ahead.  If you would like to vote on it, go to the link below:

Source:  The Mirror
Steve McDonald’s upcoming Corrie wedding has been ruined by gale – not of the Platt/McIntyre variety, the windy sort.

Steve has weathered all kinds of storms, but the latest to hit Weatherfield is just one too many.

Gale-force winds have wrecked the set for Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor’s wedding meaning scenes have had to be axed as the set has to be rebuilt.

In an exclusive interview an insider revealed to The Sun: ‘The weather has caused chaos. Steve (Simon Gregson) and Michelle (Kym Marsh) are supposed to tie the knot in May.’

Filming will now be massively behind schedule as the scenes will be reshot.

Describing the incident the insider explained that 60 mile an hour winds ravaged the set, tearing off an aerial and throwing sideways rain at the actors dressed in summer clothes. Health and safety concerns meant filming had to be shut down.

‘It couldn’t have come at a worse time. It may mean a lot of overtime is needed.’

Indeed the timing is bad as Simon Gregson has just returned from sick leave which has also meant other scenes, including his stag do, were axed.

Source:  Metro
Tracy Barlow's ex-husband is to return to Coronation Street with a surprise bonus.

ITV bosses are on the hunt for a hunky actor to play Tracy's long-lost ex-husband Robert Preston, who is also going to be Sarah Harding's on-screen love interest.

The 33-year-old former Girls Aloud star was recently confirmed as the newest member of the cast and show bosses are currently on the lookout for an attractive male aged around 35 to play Tracy Barlow's long-lost ex-husband and Sarah's current on-screen partner Robert Preston.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "Robert is going to be a really good character and shake things up for Tracy.

"When we last saw him he was a carpet fitter but these days he's a chef.

"The love triangle will be gripping and viewers will be waiting for the penny to drop as he tries to juggle two very strong women."

Sarah - whose character is still to be named - is only scheduled to appear in four episodes of the popular soap opera, but show bosses have already said there's scope to extend her role.

Robert Preston was previously played by Julian Kay

Speaking last week after her casting was confirmed, Sarah said: "I am extremely excited to be joining Coronation Street.

"As a fan it's a huge honour for me to join.

"I can't wait to get started!"

Source:  Mirror
Julian Kay as Robert Preston, along with Dawn Acton as Tracy
Todd Grimshaw uncovers Tracy Barlow's affair with Tony Stewart.

Todd (Bruno Langley) has been suspicious over the pair's connection for a while, but his theory is finally confirmed when he spots them sharing a secret kiss at Barlow's Buys.

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, recently teased: "Tracy's not worried about Todd knowing. I think she's more bothered when he begins to use the fact that he knows about the affair to wangle a pay rise, so she ends up having to buy his silence.

"I don't think Tracy is bothered about Liz eventually finding out, but she knows she has to bide her time if she's to get what she wants."

Source:  Digital Spy

David Platt and Callum Logan’s custody battle for young Max is set to explode with the return of Kylie Platt in coming weeks.

Paula Lane has been back on set for a number of weeks after giving birth to a baby boy at the end of last year and she looks set to get her teeth into some more meaty storylines for her troublesome alter ego.

And worryingly, Kylie still seems to be caught in the shady world which caused her marriage to break down as she meets up with Gemma Winters.

Gemma is a friend of Callum’s who helped lead Kylie back down the road to drug addiction but Kylie will have no choice but to reappear as Callum and David’s war reaches it’s peak.

With mediation on the road to failure, the fight for Max heads for court and Kylie will have a big struggle on her hands to hold on to her son.

But that won’t be the only drama she will become embroiled in. She is set to clash with David’s sister Sarah Lou who is romantically involved with Callum and will no doubt have a part to play in the reveal of the fake Gavin secret.

As Coronation Street heads to a dramatic September live episode, the Platts will be involved in some huge plotlines. And Kylie, as always, will be right in the middle of it all.

We wouldn’t have it any other way – welcome back, chuck!

Source:  Metro
Corrie bosses are to give Deirdre Barlow a fitting Street send-off after consulting the late Anne Kirkbride’s family.

Deirdre will be written out of the soap this summer in what a source claims is a storyline fit for a Coronation Street legend.

Scriptwriters have been working on ways to do it since Anne, 60, lost her battle with cancer in January.

Now they have finally come up with a “dignified” storyline to explain her departure and also pay tribute to her 42 years on the ITV soap.

Sources says her husband David Beckett and their family have approved the plot.

Cast members will film the episodes surrounding her exit from the Street in the next few weeks.

A show insider said: “Trying to come up with a fitting departure for Deirdre has not been easy.

"Everyone was still feeling emotional after Anne’s death. We were keen not to rush it.

“It is never easy coming up with plausible ways of writing out a much-loved character after their real-life death.

“Scriptwriters have held many meetings trying to come up with suitable ideas, and Anne’s family have been kept in the loop.

“We have to be sensitive to their feelings and also account for Deirdre being a much-loved Street character.

"Her exit will be treated with dignity and will be fit for a legend.”

In the current storyline Deirdre is visiting a friend in the South.

Anne kept the seriousness of her illness hidden from the cast when she took a break last September.

Deirdre joined the soap in 1972 and was involved in a love triangle with husband Ken and Mike Baldwin.

She also sparked a “Free The Weatherfield One” campaign in 1998 after being wrongly jailed.

A Street spokesman said: “We have finalised details for a plot explaining ­Deirdre’s departure, which will be screened in the summer.”

Source:  Mirror
Sean Ward says the "end is in sight" for his Coronation Street character badboy Callum Logan.

The 26-year-old actor admits the bad boy has a natural "lifespan" like all good soap villains but even if his time in Weatherfield is coming to an end his story is set to get "a lot more intense" first.

In an appearance on This Morning, Sean said: "I obviously know, as a villain, there's some sort of a lifespan for him. So I know there might be an end in sight for Callum, but either way I think it's going to get a hell of a lot more intense way before that happens."

Callum's departure will be hastened by the return to the Corrie cobbles of Paula Lane - who portrays David's wife Kylie Platt.

Discussing Callum's future, he added: "Paula is coming back - I think she's back on at the beginning of the summer."

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street will welcome former Waterloo Road star Melanie Hill to the cast next week as she takes on the role of newcomer Cathy Matthews,

Roy Cropper (David Neilson) will meet Cathy at the local allotments, where he and Sharif Nazir discover that she owns the adjacent plot.

When they start to confide in each other, Cathy tells Roy that she is getting over the death of her husband and the pair find themselves bonding over their grief.

Here, Melanie Hill talks about her new role and hints that Cathy is harbouring a big secret.

Kathy has been brought in as a romantic interest for Roy. What can you tell us about that?
"Basically they meet on the allotment that Roy has got and Cathy's husband, who has just passed away, had the allotment next to it. Cathy is being introduced as a friend for Roy and it is all going to be very gently done because obviously Hayley was such a popular character and so is Roy. At this stage, they are just going to have Cathy come in gradually as a friend for him.

"The common ground that they have got is that they have both lost their partners and they strike up this friendship because they are both quite lonely. They end up confiding in each other and talk about things that Roy wouldn't normally talk about to with anyone else on the street. They just form a friendship."

How would you describe Cathy as a character?
"She is basically just consumed with the loss of her husband. It has affected her in such a way that she is now very anxious and very nervous. He took care of everything in their lives like looking after the bills and obviously the allotment. She has never had to take care of anything before and now she is on her own so she is struggling with that massively. She talks for England but she is very nervous. She trusts Roy because she doesn't have many friends. Also, there is more to her than meets the eye. In future episodes we find out that she is carrying this big secret which she doesn't want Roy to find out so that is going to be very interesting, but that is further down the line."

What is her first meeting like with Roy?
"It is at the allotment and it is all very gradual. At first, she is actually a bit annoyed with him when they meet. They are throwing rubbish into her allotment so it starts off on a bad foot. But they soon get talking and they discuss their partners passing away."

Does Cathy have children?
"We are not really bringing that into it yet. We are leaving it open at the minute. She is basically just trying to survive after the death of her husband."

Is it quite daunting knowing that Roy was previously part of such a popular double act with Hayley?
"It is, very. Obviously I would never try and replace Hayley or come anywhere near that. At the moment, I am just working with him as a friend. But who knows what will happen in the future?"

Do you think viewers will warm to Cathy? Or will they resent her because of her closeness with Roy?
"I think they might have a problem with it because obviously this comes back to Hayley being such a massive character. I think the people on the Street are going to have a problem with it as well because obviously they are protecting Roy."

Do you think Cathy will be a conflict character or a comedy character?
"I think a bit of both to be honest - that is what I would like to think. She is quite funny in her own way. She makes big faux pas because she is nervous and she says the wrong thing. She is quite ditzy, but there will be conflict coming into the Street, obviously. She is an outsider coming into the heart of it. I am looking forward to seeing what comes. That is why I like the fact you don't know what is going to happen. You are in this show playing the same character, but you still don't know what is round the corner. You are waiting for the scripts with bated breath."

Roy is very unique personality, so does Cathy understand him?
"I don't know if she understands him, but she has bonded with him because he is a gentle soul. She feels safe with him. I don't know about understanding him, but she does get very close to him very quickly because they are both simple people and they start talking quite deeply early on."

Do you think they would be so close if it wasn't for the grief they both share?
"No, they wouldn't. I think at the time, the universe has aligned and they met and formed this friendship. If they had their partners here, they probably wouldn't. Her husband passed away from cancer as well."

Did you have to screen test with David before getting the role? And would you say you had instant chemistry?
"I didn't know David before but I screen tested with him. I would like to think we did have chemistry. He is so lovely and put me at my ease. That was very helpful."

How long is your initial stay for?
"I have signed for a year."

Are they any other characters in on the show that you would love to have some scenes with?
"I am looking forward to working with Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz. She is another favourite of mine and I think there is a lot of potential aggro there as Fiz is going to protect Roy."

Have you ever auditioned for a role in Coronation Street before?
"No I haven't - this is the first time. It is the perfect time for me as I am happy to be in something long running and long may it last. I did Waterloo Road for three and a half years and I like working like that. Very often in this business, you are working for three months and then you move on and you have to make new friends. It is daunting as you get older to be thrown into a situation with all new people. I find it a bit hard so I liked being with the Waterloo Road folks and staying with them everyday. I liked that comfort although I know a lot of actors don't. It appeals to me."

What was it like seeing the Street for the first time?
"It was quite emotional. I really felt like it was where I was meant to be and that sounds quite silly, but I really feel so happy about where I am. I was terrified when I went into Roy's Rolls though - that was really scary. The screen test was also really nerve-wracking because they were filming when I went in. I expected it to be one camera and it wasn't like that. In the scene, I had to open an umbrella so to be on the safe side, I bought an umbrella and I was rehearsing with it. But as I went into the studio, they said "we've got all that" so I didn't need it. They gave me an umbrella that broke during my first take I did, so imagine my nerves. I tried to improvise my hardest but I failed miserably. I had to apologise. I was convinced I had blown it."

You knew Les Dennis before you started, so was this reassuring when you started?
"Yes I know him through mutual friends near where we live so it has been really really good to know him. It is nice to know a friendly face. He has been really helpful and shown me the ropes. David has also been really helpful because a lot of my stuff is with him. Also, Katie McGlynn was in Waterloo Road so it was nice to see her. I spent the day doing scenes with her a couple of days ago so that was lovely."

How similar is Coronation Street to other shows you have done?
"Well I was only a semi regular on Emmerdale and The Bill, so it wasn't the same as Corrie. Once you are regular, you are part of that gang and the team and I never felt as part of it there as I do on this."

With Waterloo Road finishing, do you think it is a shame that there are fewer opportunities for writers and actors in continuing dramas?
"Yes, I was gutted when The Bill went as it had won loads of awards and then they canned it. There is less opportunity for people my age as the average age in these things tends to be quite young. That is why Corrie is good as it keeps the older actors and they are the interesting ones to me anyway. People identify with those characters."

Do you miss Waterloo Road?
"I miss the people, yes. We formed a really tight friendship. When Heather Peace left, there were five of us girls who were so close and we still keep in touch. When you have been on something for three years, you do form really strong bonds. So, I miss them. We do keep in touch but it isn't the same as when you see people everyday because everyone is so busy. That is why I like the idea of staying in one thing because I don't like just meeting people for three months and then saying goodbye. It can be hard."

Coronation Street will air Cathy's first scenes on Monday April 20 on ITV.

Source:  Digital Spy
Huge flames and smoke could be seen coming from the ITV Studios but it was a false alarm as soap filmed special effects for a storyline

Firefighters were scrambled to the Coronation Street set after a mock explosion sparked an alert.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service received a call from a member of the public after a loud bang came from the set at Trafford Quays earlier this evening.

Huge flames could be seen coming from the ITV Studios, as well as smoke.

Firefighters were dispatched to the scene to check out the reports.

However when they got there, they were informed it was part of the filming for the show, a fire service spokeswoman confirmed.

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service tweeted saying: “The Coronation Street set IS NOT on fire!

“People have reported hearing an explosion and seeing flames but it was part of special effects.”

Stephen Ryder, 40, whose flat at MediaCityUK overlooks the set, told the M.E.N: “I thought it was a real explosion at first.

“It was a really loud bang and I got up and could see the flames and smoke.

“It certainly looked real.

“And then a few fire engines turned up. It all seems to have calmed down now.

“It was obviously part of the script. I’ve lived here four and a half years and it’s normally really quiet down there.

“I’ve definitely never seen anything like this before.”

A Coronation Street spokesperson told Mirror Online: "These scenes were for episodes to be screened in May for a fire that happens at the Victoria Court flats.

"We can't reveal much more than that in terms of storyline but the fire service were aware of us filming the scenes as we had spoken to the fire service last week.

"We also had fire and safety marshals on set as well as an independent company."

Source:  Mirror

Victoria Court -   Now who could it be?  Nick?  Carla?   Or could it be in the Victoria Fitness Centre?  Kal maybe????
Obviously the Metro is thinking along the same lines:

Coronation Street is set to be rocked by a shocking fire storyline which looks set to spell the end of departing character Kal Nazir.

Kal has previously been tipped for an explosive exit from the show and this fits the bill quite nicely. Cast and crew have been filming long night shoots in preparation for the big plot.

The fire is tipped to break out in the Victoria Court flats in scenes that will air later on in the Spring.

As the scenes were filmed, locals to the set contacted the fire brigade upon hearing the explosions.

Maddie Heath is also due to leave the Street in the coming weeks and could be another potential victim in the latest stunt to hit Britain’s unluckiest Street.

Kal may not have been the most interesting character but at least he might go out with a bang!

Source: Metro
Unreality TV on the other hand are speculating that Deirdre also could perish in this fire, but personally I am not putting my money on that one.