Monday 2 May 2016

Michelle busies herself planning Carla's wedding. Steve moans that they've spent little time together since his return. He confides in Liz that Michelle seems to be avoiding him and Liz has to mask her concern. In the cab office, Tim advises Steve that he should channel his inner caveman and show Michelle what she's been missing. Liz confronts Michelle and demands to know if the reason she's avoiding Steve is because of Will.

Nick attends his appointment with the consultant and admits he's scared he might lash out at Carla like he did with Leanne. The consultant recommends an MRI scan but points out that, given his brain injury, it's impossible to give an exact diagnosis. Nick leaves, upset. Gail presents Carla with a photo album to welcome her to the family and Carla is touched. She tells Nick she's never been happier and he forces himself to hide his anxiety.

Sophie heads out of the cafe and bumps into Kate and Caz coming in. Caz yelps, making out Sophie caught her injured ankle. Sophie's incensed and confides in Kevin she never touched Caz's ankle and she reckons Caz is playing on her injury in an attempt to hang on to Kate.

In a bid to take his mind off Tony's death, Phelan persuades Jason to accompany him to the County match.

Monday 2 May 2016

Michelle admits to Liz that she kissed Will but then came to her senses and has been feeling guilty ever since. Liz assures Michelle she's the best thing that's ever happened to Steve and she mustn't let a stupid kiss ruin their marriage. Tim gives Steve caveman lessons. Unimpressed, Sally tells Tim to stop embarrassing himself. Steve suggests to Michelle they have a quiet night in together but Michelle doesn't appear to be very keen.

At Carla's insistence, she and Nick try on their wedding rings. Nick is overcome with emotion. In the Rovers, Gail fusses over Carla and explains how she didn't initially welcome her to the family because she thought she was a murderess but now she's changed her opinion. David drags Nick into the Rovers back yard to ask what the consultant said. Will Nick tell him the truth? Having returned home, Nick attempts to make a cup of tea but when he accidentally pours boiling water on his hand, he loses his temper and hurls the mug at the wall. Carla's horrified.

While Yasmeen chivvies Sharif in the kitchen, Zeedan and Alya set up the barbecue in the garden. Alya admits she has invited Rana along. Mary, Cathy and Rana arrive for the barbecue. Having discovered that Rana is a nurse, Mary quizzes her about her many ailments. As the heavens open, a despondent Yasmeen ushers her guests inside while a smug Sally waves to her from the comfort of her conservatory. Yasmeen fumes.

Sophie questions Caz about her accident. Caz is evasive leaving Sophie even more suspicious and she voices her suspicions about Caz's accident to a defensive Kate.

Wednesday 4 May 2016

Having had her first good night's sleep since Harry was born, Sarah arrives for breakfast with a spring in her step. Nick apologises to Carla for his outburst, putting it down to stress. Leaving Nick to look after Harry, Kylie and David lead Sarah to the Salon insisting she could do with a bit of pampering. While Harry screams, Nick realises he's out of his depth. Sarah and Kylie arrive home to find Harry very distressed and Nick unable to cope. When Sarah suggests to Nick she could move in with him, Nick refuses. As Harry cries in his cot, Sarah sits alone, frightened.

Having overheard Caz on the phone to her support officer, Kate demands to know why she's being so secretive over her accident. Caz is defensive and the pair row before kissing and making up. Sophie is disappointed at seeing them so loved up.

When Jason agrees to take a look at Gail's leaky tap, Phelan is annoyed, pointing out he should be concentrating on bigger jobs if they're to make any money. Jason fixes Gail's tap and asks Sarah to pass him some tools. But as Sarah enters the annexe, she breaks down and Jason wonders what's wrong.

Billy is appalled to find Lee begging money. He makes out he's a troublemaker from the homeless shelter. When Sean books a surprise holiday in Ibiza, Billy's not keen but covers, telling Sean it might be difficult to get the time off work. Sharif is appalled when, at Yasmeen's request, Phelan measures up the back garden for an orangery.

Friday 6 May 2016

Todd and Jason pack up the last of Tony's things in the flat. Phelan is quick to suggest they sell it but Jason insists he wants nothing to do with stolen goods and it can go to charity. Jason sets off to the solicitor's and with him out of the way, Phelan phones a mate and flogs him Tony's gear for 3k. Todd secretly films the deal on his phone but Phelan catches sight of him. Triumphant, Todd returns home and shows Eileen and Billy the footage of Phelan selling the gear behind Jason's back. Eileen is gutted so how will clever Phelan wriggle out of this one?

On Amy's advice, Steve leaves a note for Michelle telling her to treat herself to a new dress as he's planning on cooking her a romantic meal. Carla takes Michelle shopping and orders her to forget about the stupid kiss and concentrate on her marriage.

Seeing Sarah looking stressed, Kylie wonders if she's okay. Sarah snaps at her telling her she's sick of the constant interrogation. Worried, Sarah takes Harry to the medical centre where Rana assures her she's got a lovely healthy baby and there's nothing to worry about.

Having taken a call from the travel agent, Sean is upset that Billy failed to pay his half of the deposit. Sean confronts Billy over the cancelled holiday. Billy is apologetic but explains that he can't go away as there's a parishioner who needs his help. Hurt and angry, Sean storms off telling Billy he'd rather be on his own. When Sophie drops off some van keys with Kate, Caz watches jealously from across the street. Fed up with being given the cold shoulder, Rana barges her way into the Bistro kitchen, marches up to Zeedan and boldly kisses him.

Friday 6 May 2016

With Amy's help, Steve puts the finishing touches to his romantic dinner table. Amy finds Michelle in the Rovers back yard and, telling her how much Steve loves her, leads her inside for her romantic dinner. Over dinner, Michelle admits to Steve how much she missed him while he was in Spain and how hurt she was that he seemed to have no interest in coming home. Steve assures her she's everything to him and they kiss. Discussions are had about Liz planning to go to Spain since she can't deal with the bad atmosphere in the run up to Tony's funeral and the way Jason has been with her.

Phelan arrives home to be confronted by Eileen with the damning video footage. Feigning surprise, Phelan makes out that he found all the receipts for the gear and, realising it was all legit, sold it on Jason's behalf. Eileen watches open-mouthed as Phelan hands over 2k in cash. Masking his growing suspicion, Todd apologises to Phelan for jumping to the wrong conclusion. Jason is stunned to discover how much Tony has left him. Phelan's interest is piqued and Todd notices. He confides in Billy that he reckons Phelan is after Jason's money. After one drink too many, Jason makes an awkward pass at Eva. When Eva turns him down Jason focuses his attention on Gemma instead. Gemma's thrilled and readily follows him home.

Jittery, Sarah tells Kylie she reckons Harry can sense his dead father's presence in the house and she needs to move away. Kylie does her best to calm her down.

Rana assures Zeedan she only flirted with other men to make him jealous. Flattered, Zeedan softens towards her. Caz corners Sophie in the pub and implores her not to take Kate from her. Sophie is taken aback.


Callum Logan’s body WILL be discovered in coming months it has finally been confirmed – just in time for Kylie Platt to make her departure from the Street.

Viewers have been wondering when the murder secret might come to light, with Callum currently festering under the Platt household after Kylie dispatched him last September.

Currently only killer Kylie, her husband David and his sister Sarah know that Callum is even dead – but all that is set to change when the past comes back to haunt them.

While it is inevitable that the twist will play some kind of part in Kylie’s temporary hiatus from the show as Paula Lane heads off on maternity, producer Stuart Blackburn has hinted that all may not be as it seems with the gruesome discovery.

He said: ‘That particular secret will come to light at the end of spring or in early summer. But the discovery may not directly impact the characters you think it will.’
Hmmm, cryptic.

So who will come across Callum’s corpse – and who might take the blame for his murder?

It’s going to be an interesting few months on the cobbles…

Source:  Metro
CORONATION STREET is about to see another love story unfold in Weatherfield as Johnny Connor is set to woo Jenny Bradley, confirmed actor Richard Hawley today.

The 56-year-old appeared on Good Morning Britain when he revealed his character Johnny - who made his  debut on The Cobbles in October last year - will embark on blossoming new romance with Jenny.

"I was surprised because I thought we might see something between Johnny and Liz [McDonald]," he told Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard. "I thought we'd be good friends and perhaps something would grow but maybe a relationship is too soon for Liz.

"It's interesting what is going to happen between Johnny and Jenny. He is a sucker for vulnerability and she's getting a hard time at the factory from all the workers at the moment.

"He has a very vulnerable side too. So in a way, I think they are both good for each other. They both want a fresh start and I think this will mark a new dawn for them."

Source:  Express
She's not only going on maternity leave after all!

Paula Lane has quit Coronation Street.

The actress - who plays Kylie Platt in the ITV soap - will depart the show after six years playing the troubled former drug addict.

Corrie bosses have revealed that Kylie will be at the centre of a 'huge top secret storyline' which will be on screen this summer.

29-year-old Paula's final episodes will be filmed before she is due to leave the show on maternity leave.

Paula revealed the news on Twitter, writing: "So it's official, I can now confirm I'm leaving Coronation Street this summer after a wonderful 5 years.

"It's time to fly the nest..."

Paula's co-stars quickly took to Twitter to show their support and wish her well for the future.

Jane Danson, who plays Leanne Battersby, tweeted to say: "Me and Leanne will miss you heaps. Lots of love, happiness and success for the future Hun xx."

Actress Brooke Vincent, who plays Sophie Webster, added: "I'm definitely going to miss you. Our beautiful yummy mummy."

Jenny Bradley actress, Sally Ann Matthews said: "To wonderful new adventures."

In a statement, Paula said: "This has not been an easy decision for me to make.

"I have enjoyed every moment of my time on Coronation Street and learnt so much in the process.

"I have an amazing on-screen family who have become friends for life, so this decision was not taken lightly.

"But sometimes you just have to follow your heart and I am excited about what the future has to offer both personally and professionally."

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: "Paula is one of the most talented and dedicated actors I know and in Kylie she has created an unforgettable Corrie character.

"I for one will miss both the character and the actor and on behalf of all at Coronation Street wish Paula all the love and luck in the world and I'm certain that Paula's future will be full of continued success."

Viewers know that Kylie was the one who killed evil drug dealer Callum Logan in the soap's most recent live episode, after he attacked Sarah Louise Platt.

Show bosses revealed that the writers are hard at work weaving Paula's exit into the larger storyline, which will bring the saga of dead Callum to an end.

He current resides entombed in a sewerage pipe beneath Kylie's mother-in-law Gail's granny flat.

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street fans will see a darker side to Kate Connor's fiancée Caz in an upcoming storyline.

Caz (Rhea Bailey) made her first appearance in Weatherfield last year when she took a break from her duties in the army to surprise her partner Kate on her birthday.

While Caz's controlling side has been hinted at already in previous episodes, it is set to step up a gear as she becomes increasingly possessive over Kate.

A Coronation Street insider confirmed to Digital Spy that viewers will see the story take a dark turn as Caz becomes obsessed with the idea that something is going on between Kate and Sophie Webster.

Elsewhere, actress Faye Brooks has admitted that although she was nervous before her first on-screen kiss with Bailey, it ended up being "easier than kissing a guy".

Speaking to The Sun, she said: "It was the first time I'd ever kissed a girl. Both Rhea and I were nervous and we had to talk to each other a lot.

"It was the first day I had ever met Rhea too. We read the scripts together first but that was nothing compared to having to actually kiss her.

"We wanted to make it believable, real and loving. I was really glad that Rhea was open to whatever I had to say and I was all ears to her ideas.

"In some ways it was easier than kissing a guy. I loved how open she was. I've kissed loads of guys on stage and this was very different. We got a really positive reaction from viewers."

Source:  Digital Spy
t's a Coronation Street wedding, so of course things are going to end in catastrophic disaster, naturally. So although Carla and Nick are set to tie the knot, we'll bet you a very large sum of money that her affair with Robert Preston might pop up. Hands placed over eyes accordingly.

Carla Connor (Alison King) cheated on Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) over the Christmas period when she had an ill-advised one-night stand with Robert (Tristan Gemmill), and to make matters all that bit worse, her arch-nemesis Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) knows all about it. Whoops.

As it stands, Tracy hasn't snitched to Nick about Carla's infidelity, but that's only because she's having a great deal of fun with the concept of blackmail. Shock horror. But no secret stays under wraps on the cobbles, so we couldn't think of a better time for Carla's night of passion to rise to the surface than on her wedding day (preferably during the vows), right?

As Tracy's blackmailing demands get even greedier, King revealed to Soaplife that it could only be a matter of time before her character Carla snapped.

"The wedding is going to be quite understated - it is her fourth time so it is more low key.I am thrilled it is going to be at the Bistro so we don't have to be on location for days!

"But whilst the wedding might be understated and low key, the drama definitely won't be!"

She added: "There is this one big secret and if Tracy blows it then it could be the end of this life that Carla wants with Nick.

"If Carla had told Nick straight away then maybe she would not be in this position now and they could have moved on from it, but as time goes on it gets more difficult to come clean which means that Tracy holds all the cards and she knows that," she continued.

The next few weeks will have Corrie viewers quivering in their seats, Digestive biscuits thrown into the air and all sorts, as Carla struggles with her emotions when Tracy divulges her plans to tell Nick about her infidelity. Put a sock in it, Tracy.

Though King is not leaving Coronation Street for a few months, the actress spoke of her being ready to take the next step away from the soap. "[I am] calm, a bit sick, excited… For me it is about saying goodbye to some amazing people who I Iove working with, both cast and crew," she said.

"I am ready to say farewell to Carla but I will miss everybody here," she added.

Source:  International Business Times
He was named soap’s best newcomer last year and he is getting a lot of love from fans, so it would stand to reason that Coronation Street would want to keep a hold of Shayne Ward.
The X Factor star turned actor made his debut as Aidan Connor last year and has been involved in storylines such as discovering dad Johnny’s family secret, embarking on a romance with Eva Price and rescuing slave Marta from the sinister O’Driscolls.

According to The Mirror, we are going to see a lot more of Aidan as Shayne has reportedly signed up to stay until at least July 2017. A source said: ‘Ever since he joined the cast, Shayne has impressed bosses with his ­professional attitude. They can see he is a massive asset to ­Coronation Street and that he has a large fan base.
‘He’s also great fun to be around and always singing in-between filming. So they are glad he’s so enthusiastic about staying on.’

Spokespersons for Coronation Street declined to confirm or deny as the show never comments on the contracts of its stars.
But Shayne has previously made it clear that he wants to stick around on the soap and is enjoying the experience and we reckon that Corrie chiefs would be mad NOT to keep him in the programme.

Like Kym Marsh, Shayne has been a successful transition from music to the acting world and continues to create songs alongside his role as Aidan too.

Source:  Metro

Coronation Street stalwart Bev Callard has reportedly been signed off from the soap for two months due to continued struggles with her mental health.
The actress, 59, who plays Liz McDonald, was deeply affected by the death of close friend Anne Kilbride, 60, last year and is said to still be 'traumatised' by the loss.
Ten days ago, Corrie bosses allegedly told Callard to take time away from the show after the star was taken ill.

The episode comes after medication she was taking for her much-publicised battle with depression was suddenly discontinued.

A source told MailOnline: 'Bev has taken some time off after one of the medications she takes for her depression was discontinued without warning causing her to have some problems.
'She is taking some time off whilst her doctors look for a suitable alternative.'
The Sun reported that the star had been taking different medication for the issue for the last two years.
And an insider told the publication: 'It affected her mental health and affected her at work. It was a surprise to people that she was suddenly quite ill again.

'Everyone loves Bev and hopes she’ll bounce back from this.'
MailOnline has contacted a representative for Bev and is awaiting comment. Meanwhile, a representative for Coronation Street said the show doesn't comment on private health matters.
Callard has spoken openly about her mental health issues in the past including during a revealing interview on Piers Morgan's Life Stories in 2014.
She recently wrote on Twitter: 'Been battling the demons of depression! One of the meds I'm on, has been stopped by pharmaceutical company, apparently it doesn't make money
'I'm getting there!!!! Thanks so much for all your good wishes xxxx (sic)'
In response to a fan recalling the 'good old days' when medicine was about 'making people better ... not money', she replied: 'Too true'.
As a result of the issue, the actress was reportedly sent home from work earlier this month and her medical team are said to be searching for an alternative to the medication.

Callard is also said to still be devastated at the loss of her best friend Anne Kirkbride, who played Deirdre Barlow in the soap and died from cancer aged 60.
A source revealed: 'She’s still traumatised at losing her bezzie. It’s just over a year since Annie died and she misses her like crazy.'
She wasn't able to film scenes at the funeral of Liz's lover Tony Stewart - played by Terence Maynard - yesterday, and the actress was also unable to attend the real-life funeral of 'Corrie' creator Tony Warren earlier this month.
She tweeted: 'Sadly I can't be there today, but without the Wonderful Tony Warren none of us would be here today. Such a fantastic person, much missed xx (sic)'
Last year, the star admitted she struggled to watch her on-screen son Steve McDonald - played by Simon Gregson - battle depression, as she suffered a mental breakdown sparked by the illness herself in 2008.

Source:  Daily Mail

They're one of Coronation Street's unluckiest couples.
And it seems that Tyrone Dobbs' (Alan Halsall) and Fiz Stape's (Jennie McAlpine) bad luck is set to continue after a well-deserved night out is ruined by a hair-raising drive in a pick-up truck.
The pair, who have had a gruelling year supporting Fiz's daughter Hope through a cancer battle, are seen all dolled up and ready to enjoy their evening out.

But things take a turn for the worse when Tyrone's new shoes get jammed under the pedals on the pick-up truck, sending him careering off for him to potentially hit a long queue of traffic.
He manages to break in just the nick of time - but it's sure to put a dampener on the couple's evening.

The two actors were spotted filming on location in Manchester getting into Kevin Webster's (Michael Le Vell) pick-up truck to celebrate the night-out.
And while the night starts well, with Fiz smiling at her fiance, their happiness quickly turns to horror after realising Tyrone is losing control of the car.

Fiz looks startled and bites her nails during the scene, while Tyrone tries to take control.
Alan was suited and booted in smart grey attire for filming while Jennie wore a plunging red dress, covered up by a huge red coat to keep her warm during the night shoot.
The Street's hair and make-up team did a great job styling her up for the scenes, with her trademark red curls pulled in half-up half-down style, and her make-up set off by a smokey eye.

Alan, who has recently split up with wife Lucy-Jo Hudson, looked to be putting his heartbreak behind him as he was pictured in high spirits during the shoot.

Tyrone and Fiz have been one of the Street's favourite couples since they got together in 2012 after a harrowing domestic violence plot which involved the mechanic being abused by his partner, Kirsty Soames.

And while the duo have enjoyed some happiness - they became engaged in last Christmas Day's episode - their time together has been blighted by Hope's illness and by Tyrone's mounting debts.

Source:  Daily Mail


There’s a bit of an elephant in the room at the Platt household – or should that be a body under the floor? As Callum continues to reside under Gail’s annexe, David, Kylie and Sarah have started to relax a little bit. But a series of events will lead to the discovery of the corpse and as the fact that Callum is dead sends shockwaves through the Street, the bombshell is a catalyst for drama that will change several lives forever – and result in Kylie’s departure from the Street.

In other Platt related news, Sarah continues to struggle in the wake of Harry’s birth. As she heads closer to the edge, a special event sees her lose control in spectacular fashion. But as her state of mind causes concern, just how worried should her loved ones be? And she isn’t the only member of the clan who is experiencing mental health difficulties…

Tracy has a massive hold over Carla and all of her jumping through hoops may have been for nothing when the truth about her tryst with Robert is finally exposed. With Carla’s wedding day to Nick tipped to end in disaster, we know that Alison King will leave the soap this Spring. But will she go with Nick – or will she leave a broken woman?

Jason is also due to head out of the show and a tragic turn of events could be what drives him out as news reaches him that his dad Tony has died. The news will rock Jason’s world, and leave him feeling vulnerable and angry. And as he focuses his rage on the wrong people, will his actions land him in serious trouble? Or will he cut his losses and leave before he causes some damage?

As Michelle finds herself tempted by first love Will, he makes it very clear that he is open to cheating on his fiancee Saskia. And while Michelle initially resists, Steve’s continued absence makes her feel more and more neglected. But when Steve does arrive back in coming weeks, will he arrive home to find his marriage in tatters?

Source:  Metro

Ryan Thomas is leaving the cobbles so is this the start of an emotional roller coaster for his character Jason Grimshaw?

The first pictures of Tony Stewart's funeral see Coronation Street stars involved in emotional scenes.

Love rat Tony, played by Terence Maynard, left Weatherfield in shame at the end of 2015 when he tried to win back the heart of Liz McDonald, after cheating on her with Tracy Barlow.

After meeting his off-screen demise, Tony's funeral sees friends and family gather to pay their respects.

The likes of Eva Price, played by Catherine Tyldesley, and Tony's son Jason Grimshaw are visibly emotional in the scenes.

But will this new be too much for son Jason (Ryan Thomas)?

Meanwhile, blonde beauty Catherine Tyldesley, is pictured in a black lace dress and is seen walking along with her co-stars including Bruno Langley, who plays Jason's half-brother Todd Grimshaw.

How will Eva and Todd react to news of Tony's death?

The funeral scenes also see Jason, Todd, Eva, Sean (Antony Cotton),Phelan (Connor McIntyre) and Daniel the vicar, played by Daniel brocklebank, all follow Tony's hearse.

The scenes were filmed at a church in Cheshire and are thought to appear on ITV screens next month.

Source:  Mirror
R.I.P. Tony
Sparks fly between Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor as they enjoy romantic trip to Blackpool in Coronation Street

Her return to the cobbles was far from well-received with the residents of Coronation Street.
But it looks as though things are finally looking up for Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) as she embarks on a romance with Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) after sparks fly during a getaway to Blackpool.
The duo look to get on like a house on fire as they feast on ice creams and enjoy a romantic walk along the pier, laughing incessantly as they go. 

The location will seemingly be of important significance given that Blackpool was where Jenny's father Alan Bradley was killed back in 1989, though it looks set to hold happier memories for the character this time around.

Alan, played by Mark Eden, met his end after he was hit by a tram while chasing Jenny's foster mother Rita in the seaside town, the same Rita who once again welcomed Jenny into her home earlier this year.
It looked to be a chilly day on set for the actors as they wrapped up in their winter coats as the cameras rolled.

The new soap romance may not come as a total surprise to some, given that Richard revealed that the duo would find love when speaking on ITV1's Good Morning Britain last month.
He told hosts Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard: 'It’s interesting what is going to happen between Johnny and Jenny. He is a sucker for some vulnerability and she’s getting a hard time off the factory workers.
'He’s having a hard time too at the moment.
'Here’s two people who are quite good for each other.'

The relationship will mark the first pleasant story-line Jenny has had since making her comeback to the street in January, months after her attempt to kidnap ex-boyfriend Kevin Webster's young son, Jack.
With the support of Rita, Jenny has been trying to fit back in with her Weatherfield neighbours after landing a cleaning job at the factory run by Johnny and his family.
But it looks like the slate may have officially been wiped clean between Kevin (Michael Le Vell) and Jenny, as he was also seen having fun at the resort with his Jack and pal Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) as the trio snapped selfies and tucked into candyfloss. 

Source:  Daily Mail

If you were thinking that Jack looks older, taller and has a different face in the above photos, you are not wrong!

CORONATION Street have recast Kevin Webster's son Jack.  The young Weatherfield resident has been involved in a number of big storylines including the recent kidnapping drama involving Jenny Bradley.

However, twins Jaxon & Maddox Beswick have now stepped down and Kyran Bowes has taken over.  The young actor will make his debut on the soap on May 11.

The tot is going to be involved in another big storyline when Jenny saves him from an incoming tram in Blackpool.

Source:  OK magazine

This is the dramatic moment when Coronation Street’s Jenny Bradley snatches Jack Webster once again – this time from the jaws of death.

In scenes filmed today, Jenny grabbed Kevin Webster's son in the nick of time as a tram thundered towards him during a day out in Blackpool.

The incident is particularly poignant for Jenny as the character's father, Alan Bradley, was knocked down by a Blackpool tram in 1989.

At the time he was trying to track down Rita, who he had previously attempted to suffocate.

But as he spotted her and shouted “Rita!” he was hit by the tram and killed.

An onlooker at today's filming said: “Jenny ran in front of the tram and pushed Jack out of the way, almost certainly saving his life.

"Afterwards she looked shocked as she sat on the ground and Kevin came to thank her.”

Jenny’s brave actions come a year after she abducted Jack during her short-lived relationship with Kevin.

It emerged she had become obsessed with the young lad, having tragically lost her own son aged four after he drowned in a paddling pool and was later sectioned for treatment.

Now Jenny, played by Sally Ann Matthews, has returned to Weatherfield and with the help of her foster mum Rita (Barbara Knox) has settled back in to life on the cobbles, taking a cleaning job at the Underworld factory.

She will soon embark on a romance with factory owner Johnny Connor, played by Richard Hawley, and the pair were seen looking happy and carefree in scenes filmed earlier this week in which they ate ice-creams.

Richard revealed last month that the pair were going to get together, saying: “It’s interesting what is going to happen between Johnny and Jenny.

"He is a sucker for some vulnerability and she’s getting a hard time off the factory workers.

"He’s having a hard time too at the moment. Here’s two people who are quite good for each other.”

The Blackpool scenes will be screened in May.

Source:  Mirror

If you would like to see more action shots of this scene being filmed, check out the Manchester Evening News
It’s been claimed today that new Coronation Street boss Kate Oates – who was previously Series Producer at Emmerdale – has decided to axe the Street’s iconic Kabin.

According to Coronation Street Blog, Oates decided that it was “unrealistic” that a small corner shop such as The Kabin would still be open, given the competition from big-name chain stores and supermarkets.
A Coronation Street spokesman said, “With many newsagents closing all over the country, it’s unrealistic that The Kabin still exists.

“There has been a mention of a mini Freshco’s opening nearby, and this will have a great affect on The Kabin.”

The show’s rep went on to say that as yet, there has been no decision made as to what will happen to Rita once the shop closes, because of course, she lives in a flat above it…

However, the Corrie source added, “We’ve always regretted not axing the Kabin when we had the chance during the 2010 tram crash.”

But somewhat worryingly – because we’d hate to see either character written out – the spokesman concluded by saying, “We’re also considering what future Norris and Rita have on the show.”

But of course, that said, the show does have to move on and it does have to keep evolving and changing, so it’s always to be expected that characters will come and go. However, The Kabin is so iconic, and Norris and Rita at its helm are so brilliant together, we really don’t want to see that era come to an end.

Source:  Unreality TV

CORONATION STREET favourite Simon Gregson is taking another short leave of absence from the soap while he has surgery on his shoulder, it has been reported.

The actor, who plays Steve McDonald, was playing with his young sons during the Easter break when he is thought to have fallen from a toy scooter and injured himself.

The setback comes just weeks after he returned to the show following a five-month absence.

“This is the last thing he wanted after such a long time away from work," a source told The Sun.

"He was looking forward to getting stuck into his storylines again.

“He’s annoyed he needs surgery. But it’s a sore one and he’s going to rest up before heading back to work."

It is not thought that Simon's problems will affect storylines too much, with the insider adding: "Because it’s a shorter spell away it won’t give bosses such a big headache rewriting scenes. But it’s still bad luck.”

Steve's first scenes back are set to air later this month, with a spokesperson telling the Mirror: "Simon will hopefully be back within a fortnight."

He's been on the programme since 1989, nowadays filming most of his scenes with Kym Marsh - who plays wife Michelle.

Source:  Express
Tony Stewart might have been a useless father for most of Jason Grimshaw's life in Coronation Street , but he's making up for it in death.

The criminal builder - who is set to be revealed as having died in an upcoming episode of the ITV soap - will leave his estranged son £80,000 in his will, with an insider claiming it's a 'good-natured' joke about Jason actor Ryan Thomas's well-publicised money troubles .

"They're having a laugh at Ryan's expense but it's all good-natured," a source told The Sun.

"He takes it in his stride, but seeing as he's leaving anyway they're not holding any punches. The writers have had a right laugh with Jason's character.

"This windfall is part of a series of storylines that will lead to his exit on the show later this year. It's going to be explosive."

Source:  Mirror
NICK Tilsley (Ben Price) and Carla Connor's (Alison King) romance could be put in jeopardy in upcoming scenes in Coronation Street.

The Weatherfield resident will admit his concern over his relationship when he confides in brother David Platt that the symptoms from his brain injury have returned.

After losing his temper with Bethany's (Lucy Fallon) bullies, Nick will be seen acting out of character at Harry's christening.
As the day goes on, things go from bad to worse for Gail's (Helen Worth) son when he realises that he forgot his mum's birthday and puts it down to a lapse in his memory.

Later on, Nick will be seen getting annoyed at another small issue, leading David (Jack P Shepherd) to wonder what is making his brother act so differently.

Unable to dismiss his symptoms anymore, Nick confides in David that he thinks he's becoming unwell again and is worried that his behaviour could destroy his relationship with Carla.

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Alun Cochrane is to appear in an episode of Coronation Street.

The stand-up will play a character called Dom, described as a ‘fairly ordinary, friendly, northern  bloke’ who gets caught in the crossfire of a feud.

He is dating a ‘snooty, bitchy and confident’  character called Lindsay, who attends a school reunion at the bistro.

But she has a run-in with regular character Beth Sutherland, played by Lisa George, as she went out with Dom when they were back in Year 9, and they ‘snogged behind the bike sheds’.

Cochrane, the co-host of The Frank Skinner Show on Absolute Radio, will be recording his episode next week, and it will air later this year.

He previously played the regular character Sam in Chris Addison’s Sky Living sitcom Trying Again and appeared in Russell Howard’s Christmas film A Gert Lush Christmas and last Friday’s episode of BBC One comedy  Boomers.

Other comedians to have appeared in Coronation Street recently include Paddy McGuinness, who played wilderness survival expert Dougie Ryan; Justin Moorhouse, who played the landlord of the Flying Horse pub that took on the Rovers Return in  a cricket match; and  Gareth Berliner who was ‘loveable rogue’ Macca.

Norman Wisdom, Peter Kay, Bernard Manning, Keith Lemon and John Shuttleworth creator Graham Fellows have also all appeared in the soap.

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Sarah has struggled with the part she played in Callum’s death last year and turned to Billy without actually telling him that sister-in-law Kylie had accidently killed the evil drug-dealer and buried him under the Platt family home.

But Billy knows enough about Sarah’s relationship with baby Harry’s father and he has been keeping an eye on her ever since.

Actor Daniel Brocklebank said: “From everything that happened with Callum she’s been behaving erratically and because his job puts him within the community he notices people’s behaviour. It’s at the forefront of his mind what’s happened recently.”

Sarah has been determined to get Harry Christened as quickly as possible and when the family gather at the church on the day, Sarah’s behaviour becomes more intense.

Brocklebank said: “It’s prior to the Christening that Billy starts to notice that Sarah’s not coping particularly well after the birth. She wants to get the baby Christened as quickly as possible because she’s afraid that Harry, without being Christened, may inherit some of his father’s traits. At the actual Christening she’s struggling and runs off at one point.

“Billy assumes she’s been raped by Callum and that this baby is the product of that. He puts two and two together and comes up with five.

“She had told him previously that she’d been in an abusive relationship but she didn’t tell him it was with Callum although he guessed that’s who it was.”

Catching up with Sarah, Billy tries his best to make Sarah see that Harry will not be like his father.

“He essentially calms her down,” continued Brocklebank. “Billy’s quick to repeatedly reassure her that the sins of the father are not passed on to the child. He reassures her that Harry is an innocent little baby, an innocent soul. He’s a vicar though, not a therapist. He’s there to be an ear, not necessarily an adviser.”

The actor said he was very excited to see where this particular storyline goes, adding: “It’s great coming so soon after the Marta slavery storyline.

“From an acting perspective it’s interesting because with each script you learn a little bit more about your character and how he deals with things.”

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Coronation Street spoilers: Vicar Billy Mayhew's dark past to be exposed by mysterious newcomer

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy, revealed that he'll be left shocked when the shady Vicar Billy Mayhew has a dark past that will come back to haunt him in Coronation Street .

Actor Daniel Brocklebank has revealed that a 'shady character' from the man of God's past is set to come to Weatherfield and cause all manner of problems for him.

"We're going to start to learn a little bit more about Billy and his past and where's he's from," the actor teased on Good Morning Britain.

"And we have a rather shady character arriving that's going to throw a fly in the ointment."

The newcomer will also begin to drive a wedge between Billy and his boyfriend Sean Tully as the past is exposed.

Daniel, whose character is at the centre of all manner of storylines in the ITV soap, also revealed that Billy will be at the centre of the show's big spring storyline as Sarah Platt begins to crack up over the death of Callum Logan.

Speaking of how Sarah's coping, he said: "She's not great, she's under a lot of pressure. The cracks are beginning to show a little.

"Because of the relationship Billy and Sarah have, Billy is noticing she's starting to unravel a little."

The storyline will play out over the coming months as the show ramps up to the culmination of the storyline that saw Kylie Platt kill drug dealer Callum as he was attacking Sarah.

His body remains under Gail's granny flat after it was accidentally entombed in the old drain.

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Corrie's Roy Cropper and Cathy Matthews cosy up together on a bench with the soap stalwart wrapping his arms around his red-head companion

Since arriving on Coronation Street last spring her relationship with soap stalwart Roy Cropper has progressed at a gentle pace.
But Cathy Matthews (Melanie Hill) and fan favourite Roy (David Neilson) appeared to step things up a notch in scenes filmed on Monday.
The good-natured pairing were seen sitting beside each other on a bench in front of a grassy verge within a residential area.

Roy was dressed in his trademark beige coat and cream chinos, which he teamed with black socks and a pair of brown shoes.

He rested his man-bag by his side while he clasped his hands together and looked forward while he spoke to Cathy.
Meanwhile, the café assistant wore a quilted navy jacket with blue jeans and tan slip-on shoes.
The actress looked like she'd been through the wars with bloodied knuckles on her left hand and a marked-up face.

However, she didn't look too concerned about her injuries as she flashed a smile and shared a giggle with Roy while he affectionately hugged her.
As Roy wrapped his arm around his love interest, Cathy returned the gesture in kind, placing one hand on his knee and the other on his arm.
Prior to joining the show last year, Melanie admitted she was nervous about the public's reaction to her performance.

Speaking to the Mirror about landing her part, the 53-year-old confessed she was anxious about fans lashing out at her online for trying to replace Hayley Cropper - played by Julie Hesmondhalgh.
Stressing that she didn't want Corrie fans to see Cathy as Hayley's replacement, Melanie insisted: 'I could never wear her shoes. I'll just wear different shoes.'
The popular transgender character, who was of course the beloved wife of Roy – played by David Neilson, committed suicide on the show last year after being diagnosed with terminal cancer.
Hayley's last episode, which aired in January 2014, attracted an impressive 9.7 million viewers as a teary-eyed nation tuned in to watch her pass away.

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So what's this spoiler about?  I have no idea, neither has the Daily Mail.  They just saw them filming but know no more than that!
You’d have thought that it would have been Carla Connor’s ill advised dalliance with Robert Preston that would have been the death knell for her relationship with Nick Tilsley – but suddenly Narla have a whole new threat to their love to contend with.

The wedding hangs in the balance as Nick decides that if his health were to get any worse then he couldn’t put Carla through being with him and as he awaits test results after an upsetting ordeal, it’s not looking good.

Nick heads out for a run where he accidentally careers into Kylie and he is shaken when he struggles to recognise her. As Kylie is concerned, Nick confides in David that the symptoms from his brain injury are getting worse and he has been booked in for a scan.

David urges his brother to tell Carla but even when she overhears him on the phone, he covers things up, implying that he was just planning a wedding surprise.

But as he privately fears the worst, he explains to David that if his test results the following week come back bad, he would call off the wedding to Carla as it would mean he couldn’t be a proper husband to her.

But what will the brain scan show and will it be the end for Nick and Carla?

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Actor Liam Bairstow has revealed that there could be romance on the horizon for his Coronation Street character, Alex Warner.

"There's been talk about a possible girlfriend in the long term," said the Corrie star.

In the short-term, though, upcoming storylines will see Alex's party-going lifestyle landing him in trouble with his auntie Cathy, after he turns up late for his shift at the cafe.

Speaking about Alex's tendency to hit the bottle, Bairstow added: Alex is trying to impress his friends, so that he can be part of the group. It makes him feel they welcome him being with them.

"Cathy's not happy about it but if anyone can get through to him, it's her. He thinks she’s a bit of a nag at the moment but she’s no worse than his mum Nessa."

Next week's episodes will also see Alex asking to move in with Cathy in order to prevent Nessa from taking him to live in Scotland.

And Bairstow has high hopes that Alex will end up sticking around in Weatherfield. As for who he enjoys working with the most, he said:

"David [Neilson who plays Roy]. I really like him. Shayne Ward as well, I’ve done lots of scenes with him now.

"William Roache is so supportive and always gives me a hug when he sees me. Kym Marsh, Debbie Rush and Beverley Callard have been great too and Melanie Hill who plays Cathy has done some extra rehearsals with me and she’s been really supportive which helps with the relationship between the characters."

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CORONATION STREET'S villain Phelan is set to cause trouble on the cobbles as he plots to con Jason Grimshaw out of his inheritance money.

When Jason receives the devastating news about his father's death, Phelan sees an opportunity to make some money.

Unable to stop thinking about the inheritance, he plans to make himself indispensable to the Grimshaw family.

He then pretends that he is need of somewhere to stay so that he can worm his way into the family and learn more about their plans for the money.

However, Jason's half-brother Todd (Bruno Langley) becomes suspicious of Phelan (Connor McIntyre) after he too moves back into the Grimshaw house and notices his unusual behaviour.

Speaking about the upcoming plot, Ryan Thomas, who plays Jason, told Digital Spy: "Phelan has taken Tony's role - he has become a father figure to Jason and he needs someone like that in his life.

"As far as Jason is concerned, he has got his best interests at heart, trying to look after his business and try to get him more work."

He continued: "Jason has no reason to believe there is anything more of it. He would be the last person to believe Phelan is up to anything."

Ryan added that the only person worried about Phelan is Todd, who is very protective of his family but Jason doesn't want to listen to his concerns.

He said: "Todd is wary of Phelan but Jason doesn't see it. No one has enough evidence, but it takes one to know one and Todd has a real sense that all is not right."

Will Todd be able to convince Jason of Phelan's motives before he loses his inheritance?

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It seems it will be all about Underworld in Coronation Street for the remainder of spring as the ITV soap have teased some sensational storylines.

After a roller coaster reign at Underworld Alison King's Carla is about to set sail, leaving the Connor family's Aidan and Johnny at the helm. But as Carla dreams of her happy ever after will it all be plain sailing for those that remain at the factory?

As you’ll see from the new picture, factory boss Aidan (Shayne Ward) is firmly setting his sights on Eva’s charms. With their relationship now firmly cemented what will Coronation Street’s hottest new couple bring to the business?

Aidan’s dad and business partner Johnny Connor (Richard Hawley) also appears to have his eye on a member of staff - Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews). But with her troubled past a liaison with Jenny is bound to bring more drama to the factory.

As Carla’s wedding to Nick (Ben Price) draws closer it’s all smiles. However the smiles mask the hidden pain and secrets that many of the workers are hiding.

Carla’s happily planning her big day and her move to Devon. But with Tracy (Kate Ford) blackmailing Carla, using her knowledge of Carla’s one night stand with Robert (Tristan Gemmill), it’s a fragile happiness that could be shattered at any moment.

Carla’s not the only Connor for whom the wedding bells are ringing. Kate (Faye Brookes) was all set to marry fiancee Caz (Rhea Bailey). However a forbidden kiss with friend Sophie (Brooke Vincent) has left Kate dreaming about what else could be. With Sophie making her feelings clear, Kate will have to choose between a new life with Sophie or her future with fiancee Caz.

Izzy’s (Cherylee Houston) embarked on a dangerous path, using cannabis as a form of pain relief. The health benefits outweigh the risks for Izzy but when the law catches up with her will her future at Underworld be called into question?

Meanwhile, Sean’s (Antony Cotton) life has been heavenly since vicar Billy (Dan Brocklebank) came into his orbit. However when someone from Billy’s past turns up on the street, the secrets Billy tries to hold onto will threaten his relationship with Sean.

Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) is back at work in a bid to make ends meet. With the debts continuing to pile up at home can Fiz and Tyrone (Alan Halsall) pull together or will financial pressures tear them apart?

Elsewhere, Sinead’s (Katie McGlynn) on cloud nine as she lives out her modelling dream at Underworld. With Auntie Beth (Lisa George) at her side her new career seems to be going from strength to strength. But Chesney’s (Sam Aston) growing jealousy streak could dampen her spirits.

With Carla out of the picture Alya sees herself stepping into her shoes - but they’re big shoes to fill.

And newly elected Weatherfield councillor Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) will be taking snobbery to new heights. Will her position alienate her from her fellow machinists and put more pressure on her marriage to happy-go-lucky window cleaner Tim (Joe Duttine)?

Whatever happens there’ll be a lot more going on than just knicker stitching at Underworld this spring.

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Coronation Street character Roy Cropper is set to find happiness again by remarrying – two years after the tragic assisted suicide death of wife Hayley.

Cafe owner Roy has grown close to Cathy Matthews, played by Melanie Hill.

And The Mirror can reveal in a change from tradition Cathy proposes to Roy and he eventually says yes.

A Corrie source said: “Roy had to deal with the death of Hayley and had very tough and emotional storylines for months so writers felt he needed a happier 2016.

“He and Cathy have been getting on brilliantly and so she decides to take things to the next level and gets down on one knee.

“It is a bit of a shock to Roy and some of the others on the Street but viewers will be pleased to see him have some happiness back in his life. He is a much-loved Corrie character and although no date has been set, it looks odds-on that this will be another big soap wedding.”

If he goes down the aisle with Cathy, it will be the third wedding for Roy, played by actor David Neilson.

In 2003, he was forced to marry Tracy Barlow in a bid to adopt her child with Hayley. The marriage to scheming Tracy was eventually annulled.

In 2010, with a change in the law he formally married Hayley in a lavish ceremony.

Read more: Corrie actor Ryan Thomas teases 'nasty' and 'malicious' exit storyline

The pair met in February 1998 and instantly had a connection.

Like him, she was shy and naïve but they had a lot in common. However, after an intimate dinner, Hayley told him that she was a pre-operative transsexual, born male but assuming the identity of a woman.

Roy reacted badly, rejecting Hayley and becoming depressed but after realising he had made a mistake their friendship continued until Hayley left to have a sex change in Amsterdam.

Roy began missing her and tracked her down to the houseboat where she was living. Hayley was touched and decided to return to Weatherfield. They moved in together and Roy soon proposed to Hayley, who had to tearfully decline, due to her legal situation.

He met Jessica Lundy, the temporary curate for St. Paul’s Church, and after some deliberation, she agreed to marry them. The church ceremony was due to take place on 21st April 1999, but was ruined by Les Battersby, who had tipped off the press.

David Neilson has been in Corrie since 1995, with Melanie Hill joining as Cathy in April 2015.

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They are never afraid to air their opinions.
And Kate Connor and Gail Platt prove the lengths they are willing to go to to make their voices heard as they bid farewell to Coronation Street favourite, Carla Connor.
In the episode to be aired next month, the duo are seen to argue over the microphone at Carla's leaving party.

However, the night ends in disaster as Kate (Faye Brookes) is later pictured on the club's floor.

This is an outcome that would have been hard to predict at the start of the episode as the girls set out for a night in Weatherfield in high spirits.
The girls, including Beth Sutherland (Lisa George), Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) and Sally Metcalfe (Sally Dynevor) are all ready for a final blow-out before Carla's (Alison King) departure.
And they even dress-up as the factory owner, in honour of her imminent exit - wearing long dark wigs and chic all-black outfits.

However, as the alcohol begins to flow, things turn bitter between Kate and Gail (Helen Worth), as they both fight to give a farewell speech to Carla.
And both ladies are so stubborn that they begin to wrestle over the microphone.
Carla is seen to look embarrassed as the women fight over her.

However, this doesn't stop them and the row soon turns bitter - with the two women damaging the DJ's valuable equipment, forcing the club manager to intervene. 
And the pictures teasing the upcoming storyline later show Kate on the floor.
But this isn't the only drama to centre around Carla in the near future.
For, as her fiancé Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) struggles with his anger issues, Carla may find herself in the firing line again.

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