Monday 30 November 2015
An upbeat Sarah arrives at No.8 bearing gifts from Italy. David's unconvinced by her apparent breeziness. David accuses Sarah of putting on an act and tests her by suggesting she goes into the annexe. Her facade crumbling, Sarah flees. David's fears are confirmed. David is intrigued to witness a flirtatious Aidan and Sarah setting up a date. Kylie orders him to leave Sarah alone but when he watches her flustered attempts to avoid talking to Billy, David urges her to go back to Milan before she cracks up. Sarah angrily snaps that she won't let David dictate her life before letting rip to Kylie, issuing her with a stark warning about David...

Michelle's had enough of Aidan living at the pub and offers him the Streetcars flat. Aidan refuses, claiming it's a dump. So when Johnny complains about the B&B he and Kate are staying in, Michelle offers to show him round the flat. But as Michelle gives Johnny and Kate a tour, Aidan arrives, having had a change of heart. Kate backs Johnny as he argues with Aidan over who gets the flat. Arriving, Carla is forced to referee a game of 'rock, paper, scissors' between Aidan and Johnny.

Finding Michael asleep at the switch, Eileen is annoyed and takes him to task for wasting all his energy running errands for Dee.

Caitlin turns up on the street to surprise Craig. He invites her back to No.5 but as they move in for a kiss, they're interrupted by the arrival of Faye. Sally is saddened when Sophie announces she has no interest in celebrating Christmas without Maddie.

Wednesday 2 December 2015 (one hour)
David confides in Kylie that he's worried about Sarah's date with Aidan and fears she might blurt something out. Sarah leaves the Salon looking a million dollars. David hurries after her and warns her not to drink too much and not to mention Callum. Dressed to kill, Sarah arrives in the Rovers for her date. Aidan is bowled over but when he realises Sarah's horribly drunk he calls an abrupt end to the evening. David finds Sarah clearly upset and pouring her heart out to Billy. After a row with David, Sarah heads unsteadily towards Victoria Court but is knocked down by Tim's van. Gail, Nick, David and Kylie rush to the hospital. As they wait to discover the extent of Sarah's injuries, Sarah is stunned when the doctor tells her she's pregnant!

Realising Nick is short-staffed, Carla insists she'll waitress for the evening. Sally's bemused to find Carla serving her and enjoys giving her a hard time. Clearly loved up, Carla later proposes to Nick but she's interrupted when Michelle bursts in and breaks the news that Sarah's been run over. Will Nick give Carla an answer to her question?

Michael is mortified as he reveals to Eileen how Dee has nominated him for the Weatherfield Good Samaritan Award. Unaware of his discomfort, Eileen's thrilled.

Grabbing Craig's phone, Beth invites Caitlin over for dinner. Craig cooks a lovely meal for Beth, Kirk and Caitlin. Beth embarrasses him when she shows Caitlin his baby photos. Later, Craig berates Beth for humiliating him but when he receives a text from Caitlin will he be forced to climb down?

Friday 4 December 2015
After a sleepless night, Sarah asks the nurse not to tell anyone about her pregnancy. Audrey, Gail and Bethany discuss Sarah's accident and how she was rowing with David before she tripped. Kylie is suspicious. In the hospital, Billy tells Gail he's been worried about Sarah. Sarah assures Gail she wasn't trying to take her own life and was run over by accident. Unable to contain her doubts, Kylie confronts David, accusing him of pushing Sarah in front of the van to stop her from blabbing! Meanwhile the sonographer shows Sarah her baby for the first time and the enormity of her situation hits home.

When Carla announces that she and Nick are engaged, Johnny and Aidan are thrilled for her. However, when they break the news of their engagement to Gail, will she be as pleased?

Eileen and Sophie shower Michael with praise for his Good Samaritan nomination but Michael squirms with embarrassment. When Nick congratulates Michael on his nomination and tells him the Awards Ceremony will be taking place in the Bistro, he feels even worse.

Telling Craig that her Dad is away, Caitlin suggests he comes round. Nervously, Craig agrees, confiding in Faye that he's worried about having sex with Caitlin. When Sally hears Kate is having lunch in the bistro, she drags Sophie there and suggests that she and Kate should have a night out together.

Friday 4 December 2015
Carla confides in Michelle that she's worried Nick might be having second thoughts about marrying her. Michelle reckons she's worrying over nothing. In front of both families, Nick produces an engagement ring and, getting down on one knee, places it on Carla's finger. After a pep talk from Audrey, Gail apologises to Carla and welcomes her to the family. Under pressure from Bethany, Johnny and Aidan, Nick and Carla agree to throw a proper engagement party.

David rages at Kylie for thinking he would try and kill his own sister. Kylie realises she's gone too far and apologises to David for doubting him. Meanwhile, Sarah stares at the scan photo of her baby, her mind in turmoil.

Adamant he's not ready for sex, Craig cancels his date with Caitlin telling her he's sick. But when Caitlin calls at No.5 she's upset to realise Craig lied to her. Craig admits he's not ready to take their relationship to the next level.

Michael confesses to Gail that the reason he's helping Dee is that he burgled her house and can't possibly accept a Good Samaritan award as he feels such a fraud. Arriving home drunk, Michael throws his invite in the bin, announcing to a baffled Eileen that he won't be attending. Sophie, Kate, Sean and Billy head out for a night on the town. Sally clocks a spark between Sophie and Kate and is pleased everything's going to plan. Tim warns her that Kate has a fiance and she's playing with fire.


Coronation Street: Alison King will be on our screens as Carla Connor until May

Alison's break from her role as Underworld boss Carla Connor won't be happening until spring next year

Great news for Coronation Street fans. We’ll be seeing Underworld boss Carla Connor on the Corrie cobbles for a while longer yet before she takes a break.

Corrie bosses have confirmed that Alison King, who plays Weatherfield favourite Carla, will be on our screens until May next year.

It was announced earlier this year that the popular actress would be taking a sabbatical for creative reasons from her role of troubled Underworld owner Carla – and she will eventually be returning to the soap.

The actress, 42, has been playing the feisty Underworld boss for nine years and wants to take a break to pursue other projects.

A Corrie spokeswoman said previously: “Alison King has indicated to producers that she would like to take a sabbatical from the show for creative reasons at some point in 2016.

“She wishes to try her hand at other projects before returning to the part of Carla Connor, a role she has enjoyed playing for nine years.”

Source:  Manchester Evening News
Les Dennis is taking a break from Coronation Street early next year.

The actor, who plays Michael Rodwell in Corrie, is taking a break from soap to star on stage in a new show at Liverpool's Royal Court.

Les has been given a sabbatical from the Street to appear alongside Drew Schofield in Alan Bleasdale’s Down the Dock Road next spring.

Les told the Liverpool Echo: “I’m delighted that ITV Coronation Street have allowed me a short sabbatical to step away from the cobbles to pursue one of my all time dreams.”

Royal Court chief executive Kevin Fearon said: “Alan Bleasdale has been such an important writer for Liverpool that we are always looking to produce one of his plays. Les Dennis came to me with the idea and when I asked Andrew Schofield he jumped at the chance to be in it. This is a great show and we can’t wait to get started.”

Down the Dock Road is at the Royal Court from March 11 to April 9. Tickets on sale here.

Source:  Coronation St Blog
Coronation Street boss reveals Rob Donovan comeback plot - "He's going to be the puppet master, playing with people's lives"

"He's got a real nasty, malicious edge to him. He's also going to be delivering news that will change somebody's life," adds producer Stuart Blackburn

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed details of Marc Baylis's upcoming return as killer Rob Donovan.

"It's going to start with a stray newspaper article about Underworld, and wicked Rob catching sight of something that intrigues him. He has been in prison for a year now, and the man is very bored. He's going to be the puppet master, playing with people's lives from within his cell, setting different people against each other," said the show boss.

Rob hasn't been seen on screen since November 2014, when he was finally caught by the police for the crime of murdering Tina McIntyre.

But it seems that his time behind bars hasn't led to Rob becoming a reformed character. "He's got a real nasty, malicious edge to him. He's also going to be delivering news that will change somebody's life," Blackburn added to Inside Soap.

Marc Baylis's return to Coronation Street was announced last month, with the promise that Rob would be holding the key to an important Connor family secret.

"I can’t wait to play Rob again and see what he has up his sleeve" Baylis said. "One thing is certain - prison won’t stop Rob from affecting lives on the street."

Source:  Radio Times

Though it seems hardly anytime at all since we last dragged the Christmas decorations out of the loft, it’s nearly time to get our baubles out again, because it’s only a matter of mere weeks before a fat bloke in a red suit takes all the credit for our hard work and expense…

So that of course means that soapland will be gearing up to have their festivities in November, given that filming takes place roughly six-weeks in advance of transmission.

And over on the cobbles of Coronation Street, there is as ever set to be a mix of sorrow, joy, love and hate, and that’s just in Emily Bishop’s front room as she and Norris wage war over the remote while battling for the last mince pie.

But elsewhere on the street, the Platt family are facing the first Christmas they’ve ever had with a corpse in the garage, and by then, said garage will be a fully fledged granny flat for Gail…

However, Gail is of course blissfully unaware that the remains of Callum Logan are lurking under her divan, but Kylie, David and Sarah are all only too aware of it, and by the time the first flakes of snow fall on the cobbles, Kylie will be reaching breaking point.

So sayeth the Daily Mirror who also report that two Rovers are about to return, as both Jenny Bradley and Rob Donovan once again put in appearances…
But while Rita will apparently greet Jenny “with open arms,” we can’t imagine Kevin Webster is likely to be overjoyed to see her again.

However, across the road, Ken and Audrey’s romance will be blossoming, but as it’s Ken’s first Christmas without Deirdre, will he call time on the relationship before it’s really begun?

There’s also set to be yuletide romance for Aidan Connor and gorgeous barmaid Eva Price, but Alya Nazir can’t get over the guilt of her one-night stand with Jason earlier this year, but will she make a Christmas confession?

Elsewhere, and Tracy Barlow is going to unnerved when, as mentioned above, her former fiancé Rob pops back up into her life. But why, and how?

However, the main focus of much of the drama on the cobbles this winter is going to be on little Hope, who’s battling cancer…

And as the future looks far from certain for the little girl, her mum Fiz and stepdad Tyrone want to make sure that if this is Hope’s last Christmas, it’s the best it can be, and so they arrange a trip to Lapland.

Best bulk-buy tissues now…

Source:  Unreality TV
Coronation Street spoiler: Sarah Platt 'PREGNANT' with dead ex Callum Logan’s baby

SARAH-LOUISE PLATT is reportedly set to discover she is expecting Callum Logan's baby just weeks after he was murdered, it has emerged.

In a shock twist that will leave the Platt family in turmoil, the barmaid - portrayed by Tina O’Brien - faces the very difficult decision on whether to keep the evil drug dealer's child.

Sarah has been struggling to cope after witnessing sister-in-law Kylie kill her former boyfriend Callum (Sean Ward) with a spanner before hiding his body.
The storyline, set to air on ITV around Christmas, will no doubt remind the troubled family they can never escape Callum.

"It is a great twist by Corrie bosses. Sarah will be left with a heartbreaking dilemma about whether or not to keep evil Callum’s baby," an insider told the Mirror Online.

The barmaid's discovery comes just weeks after the drug dealer was murdered

"The decision threatens to tear the Platt family apart as they are already struggling to cope with keeping Callum’s death a secret and now have this bombshell."

The source added: "Could she learn to love a baby that is Callum’s or will she decide she has no choice but to terminate the pregnancy?"

Tina, 32, first reprised her role in the soap earlier this year, and saw Sarah quickly begin dating Callum against David's (Jack P. Shepherd) advice.

Next week's episodes will see David go on the warpath, threatening to send Sarah down for Callum’s death.

"Sarah is David’s sister, but if push came to shove, he’d definitely dob Sarah in rather than Kylie," actor Jack, 27, told Radio Times.

Source:  Express

More details of Jenny Bradley’s eagerly awaited return to Corrie have been teased by the soap’s producer Stuart Blackburn, who has confirmed the character will return just as manipulative as before.

Fans last watched as Jenny was removed from Weatherfield in the back of a police car after kidnapping little Jack.

And it seems that despite being sorry for her actions, it won’t take Jenny too long to return to her old ways.

Speaking to The Sun’s TV Soap supplement, Stuart said: "When Rita comes across Jenny, she is very broken and full of guilt.

"Rita still looks on her as a daughter and, despite the protestations from everyone around her, she gives her a roof over her head.

"There's a period of healing for Jenny, but bit by bit, as we reboot and rebuild, the Jenny of old, who was manipulative and ambitious, is going to return..."

Earlier in the year Stuart said he was “delighted” to bring the character of Jenny Bradley, played by Sally Ann Matthews, back, after her twisted antics proved a hit with viewers, who couldn't wait to see what she'd get up to next.

Source:  STV.TV
Carla Connor’s world will be turned upside down at the end of the year by a life-changing event – and it will all come about as a result of Rob Donovan’s reappearance.
It was recently announced that Marc Baylis will reprise the role of jailed Rob – and he is set to deliver a shocking revelation that will rock the Connors to their very core.
As a secret comes out, Carla will be left reeling and the dramatic scenes are expected to air in December.
Speaking to Inside Soap, actress Alison King said: ‘The Connors have an interesting December on the cards. Carla has this new family around her but it’s going to lead to a life-changing event for her and the others. All of that is a consequence of her brother messing with all of the Connors’ lives.’

It remains to be seen what the bombshell is that will have such a huge impact – but it’s fair to say that Rob’s return won’t be a quiet one. And it is likely to affect his ex Tracy as well.
Alison King is expected to leave our screens as Carla next May as she takes an extended break.

Source:  Metro

Coronation Street favourite Ryan Thomas has spoken out for the first time after it was announced that he was leaving the soap.

Ryan, who has played builder Jason Grimshaw for 15 years, confirmed to the M.E.N. that he will be waving goodbye to Weatherfield.

He didn't wish to discuss his future plans after Coronation Street. But, despite reports last week that he’ll be heading to Hollywood after Corrie, Ryan said he won’t be bound for Tinseltown in pursuit of a movie career just yet.

TV bosses revealed last week that his final scenes will be aired in summer next year and he will soon be at the centre of a massive storyline.

He told the Mirror: “It has been a great privilege to be in Coronation Street – the cast and crew are among the best in the business. To be a part of it for so long has been an amazing experience.

“The decision to leave was extremely difficult. I’m just excited now to see what exit storyline the writers give Jason.”

Source:  Manchester Evening News

Coronation Street bad boy David Platt will battle with his guilt over Callum Logan's death in some tense Christmas scenes.

Jack P Shepherd, who plays David, has been spotted filming on location this week for a storyline which will air over the festive period.

David is currently keeping quiet over Callum's fate after the villain was murdered by his wife Kylie in the ITV soap's explosive live episode last month.

The schemer has coped best with the grisly cover-up so far, but he's given food for thought this Christmas when he crosses paths with Callum's mum Marion once again.

When Marion's purse is stolen at the Christmas market in Manchester, David is also at the scene and does the right thing by coming to her aid.

The unlikely duo put their differences aside by sitting down for a coffee together, but with Marion clearly in a bad way following her son's disappearance, will David be pushed into a confession?

Callum's body has been concealed underneath the garage at the Platt house after oblivious builders Jason Grimshaw and Gary Windass poured concrete over it last month.

David has tried his best to hold his family together ever since, but it's proving ever more difficult as his sister Sarah can't cope with the trauma of what happened.

Source:  Digital Spy

Simon Barlow will lash out at Amy at Christmas
Storyline follows months of abuse towards Leanne.

Things won't be merry in the Barlow household this Christmas on Coronation Street.

The Mirror has reported that Simon Barlow, played by Alex Bain, will turn violent towards Amy (Elle Mulvaney).

Viewers have seen Simon spend months abusing Leanne (Jane Danson), and Corrie's new plot will see him attack his young cousin.

The storyline will feature the two being left alone at their grandad Ken's house, and Amy will tell her mum Tracy about the incident.

Back in September, Danson admitted that she had some doubts over the domestic violence storyline.

"But the way it's been done is quite clever," she added. "He's a child who's been through so much with his dad, with the alcoholism, and he's lost so many people in his life. She's been the one constant, so she'll never give up on him."

Source:  Digital Spy
Coronation Street actress Brooke Vincent - who plays Sophie Webster - is to take a break from the ITV soap next year.

The 23-year-old star, who has been a Corrie mainstay since 2004, will have an eight-week leave of absence to play a pregnant mum on stage at the Lowry in Salford.

A source said to the Mirror: "She is just waiting for confirmed dates but the Corrie bosses have been very ­accommodating. There is never an issue so long as they are given enough ­notice so they don’t have to re-write scripts.

"It will be Brooke’s first experience of live theatre and bosses are very keen for her to have that."

The actress is contracted until next summer but is believed to have no intention of ending her time in Weatherfield after that date.

Speaking recently to about plans for Sophie, Vincent revealed that the character is set to become a no-nonsense businesswoman after recently quitting her job at Dev's shop and taking on a key role in dad Kevin's expanding empire:

"We'll see her working in the garage rather than getting another girlfriend and something else going wrong. I would like for her to have another girlfriend in the future, but I think it's good that we're seeing a different side to her as she advances her career.

"She’s going to be ordering the parts at the new garage - I’m going to be a bossy businesswoman."

As for whether she'll be a ruthless operator, Vincent added: "Yes - you should see me in the green room already. I can't wait."

Source:  Radio Times
It was an explosive storyline which had viewers hooked during the run-up to Coronation Street’s special live episode.
And following the thrilling climax, which saw Callum Logan get murdered, Sarah-Louise Platt will soon discover that she's pregnant with the drug dealer’s baby and contemplates having an abortion.
Actress Tina O'Brien, who plays mother-of-one Sarah, filmed new scenes for the ITV soap with co-star Paula Lane (Kylie Platt) at a local Manchester hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

Corrie viewers last month saw Kylie kill her ex Callum (played by Sean Ward) before burying him under the famous cobbles.

She bashed him over the head with a wrench as he tried to strangle Sarah, leaving him for dead on the Platt’s living room floor, with a pool of dark blood forming around his head.
While Sarah panicked and tried to call for an ambulance, Kylie was adamant they shouldn’t get the police involved, instead phoning David to help them dispose of the body and cover up the murder.

They eventually buried him in the Platt's back room with plans to move him later on, however, the plan backfired after builders covered the hole with concrete.
Meanwhile, Sarah recently went down to Weatherfield's police station to reveal everything but Kylie managed to stop her and dragged her away.
‘It’s is a great twist by Corrie bosses. Sarah will be left with a heartbreaking dilemma about whether or not to keep evil Callum's baby,’ an ITV source said, reports The Mirror newspaper.

'The decision threatens to tear the Platt family apart as they are already struggling to cope with keeping Callum's death a secret and now have this bombshell.'
The insider added: ‘Callum was horrible to Sarah and would have killed her if he had the chance. Now she has his baby inside her.’
Tina, 32, reprised her role as the former teenage tearaway earlier this year, her character soon became romantically involved with Callum against her brother's advice.

Source:  Daily Mail
Coronation Street? will revisit the possible romantic spark between Kevin Webster and Anna Windass this Christmas.

Fans noticed a chemistry between the pair when they both attended Sally and Tim's wedding at the Bistro a few weeks ago.

The two singletons will be thrown back into each other's orbits over the festive period when they both end up at the same Christmas dinner.

Sally and Tim will decide to invite Kevin, Sophie, Anna and Faye over to their first Christmas as a married couple, but viewers will have to tune in to find out whether Kevin and Anna start to be brought together during the feel-good festivities.

Kevin (Michael Le Vell) has been single since his girlfriend Jenny Bradley suffered a breakdown in the summer, while Anna has also been on her own since Owen Armstrong left the Street.

The plot will be one of many airing on Coronation Street at Christmas. Show bosses have already teased that Tyrone Dobbs and Fiz Stape will be ones to watch as they aim to give unwell Hope her best ever Christmas.

The Platt family will also be heavily involved as they try to put their traumatic year behind them, while Tracy Barlow is expected to be at the centre of the action too with a big storyline linked in with the return of Rob Donovan.

Source:  Digital Spy
For weeks now Coronation Street fans have been speculating over whether bad boy Callum Logan is really dead, and now we have the confirmed answer for you…

The day after Kyle Platt (Paula Lane) hit Callum over the head with a wrench and her husband David (Jack P Shepherd) and his sister Sarah (Tina O’Brien) helped cover it up, Callum popping back up did seem like a strong possibility.

Then of course there were the eagle eyed among you who pointed out that after the murder Callum could still be seen breathing, and the fact that pictures have since emerged of Sean Ward, the actor who plays him on set posted by ITV did make the possibility that he would be jumping out of a cupboard at any time shouting “gotcha” seem likely.

But seriously, after the best part of a month, if Callum had survived the blunt force trauma to his head and managed to claw his way out of the concrete grave he is currently buried in, after weeks of no food, water or oxygen, Coronation Street would have taken the storyline a tad too far…

As for the breathing corpse – It was a live episode for goodness sake; the only way to have made it look like actor Sean Ward wasn’t breathing after that highly charged fight scene with Sarah would have been to have actually killed him, which we are sure you will agree would have been definitely taking it too far.

So yes, we are very sorry to tell you that Callum Logan is most definitely dead, but you don’t have to take our word for it, here is what Sean Ward, the actor who played him, had to say about the matter on social networking site, Twitter:

“Just to clear up the hype CALLUM is dead x”

And just to absolutely clarify this point, Senior Coronation Street Publicity manager Alison Sinclair tweeted:

“I can confirm he most certainly is! @seanjward however is alive and well and welcome to the corrie cobbles any time!”

Sorry folks, no miraculous resurrection to be seen here!

Source:  Unreality TV
For a soap fan, Christmas is about way more than presents, turkey and excessive intakes of mulled wine and Baileys – it’s a time when we can look forward to some really big storylines in our favourite soaps.

With just a handful weeks to go (sorry!), those big festive plots are well and truly on our radar and we can drop the first hints of what’s coming your way in Coronation Street.
With romance in the air for many, you could be fooled into thinking it will be all happiness and joy. And yet while Corrie is usually the most uplifting of the soaps around Yuletide, don’t expect an easy time for everyone.

In fact, you may even find yourself feeling sorry for Tracy Barlow…

The nightmare continues for the Platts

It’s the secret that has dominated the lives of Sarah, David and Kylie since September but could the death of Callum completely ruin yet another Platt Christmas? Kylie has a bad track record of Christmas Days and this year, as her torment continues, things could be gloomy once more.
While viewers can expect Kylie and David to build bridges and prove to us all on Christmas Day that they still very much love each other, it’s also worth remembering that secrets can’t stay buried forever in soap. So how long will their reunion last? And how will Sarah be coping over the festive season? Might vicar Billy have a Christmas chat with her and discover more than he bargained for?

Viewers have already noticed a bit of a spark between Kevin and Anna and that is set to be revisited as they find themselves round the same Christmas dinner table. While we are all for the banter of a Windass/Webster feast (which will undoubtedly allow for some classic Corrie comedy), could the night end in romance?
If Kev and Anna do embark on a relationship, the spectre of Jenny Bradley looms large. She’s heading back to the Street and will be taken in by Rita. But can a leopard ever change their spots? Look out, Kev – and Anna…

Hope at Christmas?

Tyrone continues to pull out all of the stops to create the perfect Christmas for Hope as her cancer battle continues. Determined that she will have an amazing day, Tyrone puts himself under enormous pressure both emotionally and financially to pull everything together – if Hope can’t go to Lapland, then Lapland will just have to come to Corrie.
Expect some heartwarming and bittersweet scenes for the struggling family as the wonderful Corrie community pull together to make Hope’s dreams come true…

Rob’s return means nightmare for Tracy

Before the year is out, Rob Donovan is back on the scene and scheming from his prison cell. As he starts sending out visiting orders, he is going to change the lives of more than one Street resident as he drops a Connor secret that will have explosive results.
And someone who he will have a profound effect on will be ex Tracy, who is very much not as over him as she thought. As she finds him back in her life, she is set to face a big challenge…

Audrey or Nessa?

Ken has recently embarked on a relationship with newcomer Nessa but could there still be a chance of romance with Audrey? Our Kenneth was very clearly besotted with Auds but fell under the impression that she didn’t feel the same. We know different though, as Audrey admitted to Rita that she had developed feelings for her long term friend.
As Ken enjoys a romance with Nessa, the path isn’t smooth for them. Will Audrey admit her feelings and throw everything in to chaos? Or perhaps Ken will realise that he isn’t ready for a new woman in his life after all. Don’t forget, it’s his first Christmas since Deirdre died, so it won’t be an easy day at all for Weatherfield’s longest serving resident…

New romance

Romance is tipped to be a big theme of Christmas and we reckon that you should pay particular attention to the likes of Aidan and Eva, Dev and Erica and Mary and Brendan. Can Eva get over her love for Jason and find new happiness with Aidan? Mary is head over heels but will Brendan take advantage? And will something more than friendship develop for unlucky in love pair Dev and Erica?

Keep watching and all will be revealed…

Source:  Metro
The storyline kicks off when Carla's other Rob Donovan, played by Marc Bayliss, makes a return to the soap from behind bars. Twisted Rob - banged up after big sister Carla shopped him to the cops for murdering pretty barmaid Tina McIntyre - reveals the bombshell to Johnny before demanding 10k to keep quiet.

Stunned Johnny, actor Richard Hawley, confides in close friend Liz McDonald and admits to having a one night stand with Carla's mum.

In scenes filmed earlier this month Johnny tells Liz: "It's a relief just to tell someone. She doesn't know, neither do my kids and I don't want it getting back to them because there's no point stirring things up at this stage. I always suspected it but I shoved it to the back of my mind."

Concerned Liz asks: "Why didn't you ask her mum? and Johnny replies: "I told myself it couldn't be, it was just the once and Sharon put herself about a bit, it could have been anyone's. Also, I suppose in a way I didn't want to know, I was married at the time. It's not something I am proud of."

Viewers of the hit ITV soap will then see Johnny go off and attempt to carry out a secret DNA test without Carla, actress Alison King,42, knowing what he's up to.

Everyone will have to wait and see the outcome of the DNA test and whether or not Johnny pays Rob the money he's demanding.

Corrie bosses have already teased that the Connor clan will be ripped apart this Christmas following the arrival of Johnny, daughter Kate and son Aiden. And the storyline will put popular actress Ali, who is taking a break next year, at the heart of all the festive drama.

A Corrie source told the Daily Star Sunday: "Ali King is one of the soap world's most popular actress.

“Carla became a Connor through marriage but it turns out that she's actually always been one”

Corrie source
"She's still got a good few months before she goes off on her break but the twist that Johnny is her dad is huge. She's got some great stuff coming up. The daddy bombshell means that his kids Aiden and Kate are also her half brother and sister. Carla became a Connor through marriage but it turns out that she's actually always been one."

A Corrie spokesperson said: "We do not comment on speculation about future storylines as we don't want to ruin it for our viewers."

Source:  Daily Star
As we reported recently, Coronation Street resident Carla Connor is set to find out that Connor family patriarch Johnny – who arrived on the Street a few weeks ago to take his son Aidan to task over how he bought into Carla’s factory, Underworld – is her biological dad…

However, as The Sun points out today, that revelation will shockingly also reveal that Carla was formerly married to her cousin!

When the character of Carla – who’s played by Alison King – first arrived on the cobbles, she was married to Paul Connor, however, he later died…

But of course, Carla also had an affair with Paul’s brother Liam – he too met his end via a tragic accident, but in Liam’s case, it was engineered by wicked killer Tony Gordon, who was married to Carla at the time – so that being the case, the terms ‘Roll your own’ and ‘keep it in the family’ have rarely been more pertinent on the cobbles. But of course, poor Carla had no idea that both Liam and Paul were in fact her cousins.

It’s set to be her brother Rob Donovan – a role played by Marc Baylis – who’s currently serving life for the murder of Tina McIntyre, who will drop the bombshell about Carla’s real father after he first attempts to blackmail Johnny into handing over £10k to keep the bombshell under wraps.

Exactly how and why the truth comes out isn’t yet known, but the Daily Star recently revealed that Johnny will confide in Rovers landlady Liz McDonald about Rob’s blackmail attempt, and when she advises that he needs to get a DNA test done to prove one way or the other if he is Carla’s father, Johnny heeds her advice and carries out the test in secret.

A show insider said, “The daddy bombshell means that [Johnny’s] kids Aiden and Kate are also her half brother and sister.

“Carla became a Connor through marriage, but it turns out that she’s actually always been one.”

It’s believed this storyline will be part of Carla’s exit plot after Alison requested a sabbatical from the show earlier this year…

However, it’s understood that Coronation Street bosses will leave the door very much open for her to return, so she could be back within just a few months.

Of Alison’s temporary departure from the show, the insider said, “She’s still got a good few months before she goes… but the twist that Johnny is her dad is huge.

“She’s got some great stuff coming up.”

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This isn’t much of a welcome home, is it?

Sarah Platt is back from Milan next week, seemingly refreshed from the traumatic state of mind she was left in after the death of Callum Logan. But disaster is around the corner as it emerges that she isn’t as over the covered up crime as she makes out.

David is suspicious of her positive attitude and carefree behaviour when she arrives back, convinced that she is holding back her real feelings.
When she later gets drunk during an awkward date with Aidan, David’s fears are confirmed when she becomes distressed and flees the pub.

David has already put her to the test by challenging her to enter Gail’s annexe which covers Callum’s remains and she reacts naturally badly to that.
When concerned vicar and friend Billy notices that Sarah is upset, he sits down with her for a chat and David approaches, terrified that she will spill some secrets to him.

They clash and Sarah storms off – but unluckily she ends up in the path of Tim’s van.

As she is thrown across the cobbles by the impact, Tim is left horrified by what’s happened and David and Billy rush over.

As Sarah lies motionless on the road, has she taken the secret of Callum’s death to the grave? Or can she be saved?

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Liz Dawn joins Emmerdale for Christmas
Veteran actress Liz Dawn has come out of retirement for a cameo role in Emmerdale. She is set to appear in the Christmas day episode, playing Mrs Winterbottom, a decidedly demanding guest staying at Eric Pollard’s B&B.  Filming has taken place this week and is due to air in Emmerdale’s hour long Christmas day episode.
“There’s only one show I’d come out of retirement for and it’s Emmerdale, particularly as I’ve celebrated my 76th birthday this week (8 November) so I wanted to mark the occasion. I love my character.  What a feisty lady she is!  Giving them all a run for their money in the B&B on Christmas Day. She’s so rude to them which isn’t like me at all. The cast and production team at Emmerdale have been so lovely and really looked after me and I was particularly pleased to be directed by Tony Prescott. I’ve worked with him over many years at Corrie and he’s a lovely man, really good at what he does and very creative.  I’ll be looking forward to seeing my scene on Christmas Day and introducing you all to Mrs Winterbottom.”
Liz Dawn played Vera Duckworth in Coronation Street for over thirty years.

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CORONATION Street viewers are going to be in for a shock over the next few months.

In preparation for Rob Donovan's return to the cobbles, Michelle Connor's uncle Johnny will be seen making the admission that he could be Carla Connor's dad, meaning her late husband Paul Connor, was also her cousin!

We can't believe it either!

It is thought that Johnny will be forced to share his shocking secret when Rob demands £10,000 from him, according to the Daily Star.

In a conversation with Liz, he says: "It's a relief just to tell someone. She doesn't know, neither do my kids and I don't want it getting back to them because there's no point stirring things up at this stage. I always suspected it but I shoved it to the back of my mind."

In a bid to find out the truth, Johnny will try to carry out a DNA test without Carla knowing.

But what will the results say?

The storyline could provide the exit for Carla after actress Alison King announced that she was taking a break from the soap in 2016.

"Ali King is one of the soap world's most popular actress. She's still got a good few months before she goes off on her break but the twist that Johnny is her dad is huge.

"She's got some great stuff coming up. The daddy bombshell means that his kids Aidan and Kate are also her half brother and sister. Carla became a Connor through marriage but it turns out that she's actually always been one."

However a spokesperson for the popular ITV soap commented: "We do not comment on speculation about future storylines as we don't want to ruin it for our viewers."

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Is Emily Bishop actress Eileen Derbyshire leaving the cobbles?

The 84-year-old star, who has played Emily since 1961 has reportedly 'asked for a few months off', but will she return?

Actress Eileen Derbyshire - who has played Corrie's Emily Bishop since 1961 - has asked for time off from filming, leaving insiders fearing that she may never return.

The soap's longest-running female character has asked for a break from the show, according to The Sun.

A source allegedly said: "Eileen asked for a few months off from filming and she is due to leave early in the new year.
"She is obviously a big loss to the show, even if it is temporary. And so many other popular cast members are heading for the door.

It is believed writers may explain her absence with a storyline in which she goes travelling in South America with her nephew Spider.

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Coronation Street actor Ben Price has admitted that Nick and Carla are set to break up, despite the fact that they get engaged in next week’s episodes of the ITV soap.
“As an actor, I have to play it like it’ll be fine. Of course it’s doomed – it’s a soap! But if I play it like it’s doomed, then it won’t work,” says Price. “I would like it to be a love story. No matter how bad or broken it gets in the end, I’d like it to be that they do love each other.”

As to how Nick and Carla will eventually break up, Price adds: “Maybe life will get in the way, maybe they’re too broken, who knows?
“Nick’s not the person he was since his brain injury. He’s short tempered, he’s not good with numbers, his family is messed up and he’s not got the immediate family he’s always wanted.
“Maybe life hasn’t turned out the way he thought and he carries that with him.”

Before what seems to be an inevitable parting, Carla will be seen proposing to Nick in next week’s episodes of Corrie. And although Carla’s surprise does initially put Nick on the back foot, Price is pleased that the scriptwriters are – at least for the meanwhile - pursuing the pairing of the two characters.

“I wanted it a while back. Not that I have any say – but I just think that they’re a natural fit. Two business people who’ve done quite well, but who are a bit lonely and broken.

“And I definitely wanted to work with Ali King again because it’s much easier to gravitate to people who you’ve got a long history with.”

And does Nick love Carla and envisage spending the rest of his life with her? “Yeah, he loves her and wants to spend the rest of his life with her, but Carla’s not the easiest person to read at times. And Nick’s not completely goggle-eyed over marriage – he’s been engaged to Maria twice, he’s been there with Leanne and ended up sleeping with Kylie. So he just wants to take it slowly.”

Alison King, who plays Carla, is due to take a break from Coronation Street in May 2016. And her temporary exit is sure to come as a blow to fans who’d like to see the Underworld boss experience some happiness in her life. On the topic of how Corrie devotees have taken to Nick and Carla’s relationship, Ben Price adds:

“From what the kids tell me, they love it, apparently! People I’ve spoken to like the way the characters work together and I’ve heard that ‘Narla’ goes down very well on Twitter.”

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Sarah Platt is to discover that she is pregnant with Callum Logan’s child – but will she end up keeping the baby?

Doctors will give Sarah the news in the wake of a road accident that sees her hit by a van driven by Tim Metcalfe.

And it’s fair to say that the pregnancy bombshell sends Sarah into an even greater spin than the collision.

“She’s absolutely stunned,” says actress Tina O’Brien. “One she’s been checked after being run over, the doctor tells her she’s absolutely fine – and so is her baby! She obviously knows that the baby is Callum’s. Sarah’s devastated and she feels so shocked and foolish. It’s horrendous for her.”

The big drama in the run-up to the Christmas episodes of Coronation Street will then see an anguished Sarah consider a termination as she tries to keep the news from reaching the rest of the Platts.

“She’s completely torn,” continues O’Brien. “Keeping the baby will mean having a reminder of Callum with her every day and having to live with what’s happened even more than she already has to. Sarah would have to lie to her child for its entire life and she wonders whether she would be able to do that.”

However, Sarah’s secret will soon reach the ears of her sister-in-law when Kylie – the one actually responsible for killing Callum – discovers all. But will she blab or keep the matter confidential?

“Yes, Kylie finds out because Sarah is acting really shifty. She’s making secret phone calls to the clinic because she’s unsure about what to do. And that’s how Kylie finds out.

“Weirdly, it’s Kylie who’s been on Sarah’s side more than David. So I think Kylie will prove to be a support network for Sarah.”
One thing’s for sure though: it seems that the Platts won’t be free of Callum’s influence for a good while yet.

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