Monday 15 September 2014
Jason begs Tyrone and Fiz to sort out their situation amicably rather than involving lawyers. Tyrone is tempted until Todd puts in his two-penneth and antagonises Tyrone again. Jason's furious with Todd. Desperate to make amends with his family, Todd sneaks into the garage.
When Andrea tells Neil she has started divorce proceedings, Neil threatens to take his own life. Worried he might do something stupid, Lloyd uses Andrea's keys and lets himself into the house to check on Neil.

Peter returns to prison where Jim tells him to watch his back, because of his antics he can no longer supply alcohol and he's made a lot of enemies. Meanwhile, Steve visits Jim in prison and thanks him for saving Peter's life. Jim's thrilled to see his son.

Maddie promises to help a distraught Simon rescue Eccles before Tracy gets her put down. Kylie lies to the doctor in order to get another prescription for Max's medication.

Monday 15 September 2014
  When Tyrone discovers the garage unlocked and a car with all its doors open, lights flashing and music blaring out he's bemused, especially when a quick search shows nothing is missing. Todd calls in, suggesting Tony's behind the break-in and is clearly trying to give him a message. Tyrone confronts Tony. Will Todd's scam backfire?

When Lloyd spots the wine glasses and candles laid out, he realises Neil was trying to dupe Andrea into coming round by pretending he might take his own life. Disgusted, he warns Neil to stay away. But Neil's not going down without a fight and the police soon come knocking on Lloyd's door.

Jim is thrilled when Steve agrees to visit again with Amy despite his mum's reservations.

With Simon's help, Maddie and Sophie steal Eccles and hide her at no.4.

Wednesday 17 September 2014
Jim makes it clear to Peter he doesn't want Steve to find out he supplied the booze that almost killed him. Peter is dismissive but when Peter and Clelland find their cell trashed, Peter realises Jim was behind it. Clelland warns Peter not to antagonise Jim.

Tony tries again to put an end to the rift with Tyrone and Fiz and offers them 5000 to drop the case. Eileen and Eva also beg them to reconsider, explaining none of the mess is Jason's fault yet he stands to lose everything. As Todd watches on, knowing he's an outcast, will Tyrone agree?

A worried Ken and Deirdre search for Eccles who remains hidden.

Neil continues to taunt Andrea and Lloyd. Will she tell the police it's Neil who has been harassing them? Gail helps Michael set up an online profile in order to try and track down his father.

Friday 19 September 2014
When Tracy lets slip that Steve is bringing Amy in to see Jim, Peter gets rattled and Tracy demands to know why. Tracy is shocked when Peter explains Jim was his booze supplier and blackmailed him into persuading Steve to visit. Peter urges Tracy to tell Steve the truth, claiming he doesn't care what Jim does to him.

Michael is upset to learn his father died some years ago and he arranges to meet an Aunt to find out more. When the Aunt reveals Michael's dad died in his fifties from a hereditary heart condition, Michael is shocked.

When Tim can't stop sneezing, Maddie and Sophie realise he's allergic to Eccles who is holed up in the bedroom.

Maddie starts in packing at Underworld and impresses with her efficiency (she's paying off her debt to Carla for her not going to the police over Maddie taking her car). Dev and Julie head out for a drink together, leaving an upset Mary to babysit again.

Friday 19 September 2014
  Tracy begs Steve to keep quiet about Jim's alcohol racket, worried Peter will pay the price, but Steve vows to confront his dad. Explaining how desperate he was to see Steve, Jim defends himself, saying he had no idea how ill Peter is. Will Steve accept Jim's story or will he turn his back on his dad for good? Meanwhile, is Peter in danger of a beating when Jim storms into his cell?

Michael fears he's destined to die young like his father and admits to Gail that he's been experiencing heart palpitations and dizzy spells. Gail insists he needs to see a doctor.

When Maddie and Sophie take Eccles out for a secret walk, they're busted by Ken who spots them in the ginnel. Simon is forced to explain they were keeping her safe from Tracy, who still insists on having her put down. Ken appeals to Amy. Will she admit she lied about Eccles biting her?

Mary feels threatened by Julie muscling in on her cosy set-up with the Alahans.


Coronation Street fans already know that Rob Donovan murdered Tina McIntyre.
But will his fiancée Tracy Barlow find out before she exchanges her own 'till death do us part' vows with the killer?
Security was tight on Monday as the Corrie cast gathered to film one of the year's most tension-fraught weddings.

The scenes, shot at Capesthorne Hall in Cheshire, show the bridal party arriving in a horse drawn carriage

Tracy, played by Kate Ford, can be seen wearing her wedding gown as she rides to meet her murderous groom, alongside her daughter Amy and step-father Ken, played by Bill Roache.
However, there was no sign of her brother Peter Barlow, who is currently languishing in a jail cell, falsely accused of murdering Tina McIntyre.

Ken's presence, meanwhile, suggests that he manages to forgive Tracy for refusing to postpone the wedding after a alcohol binge left Peter fighting for his life in jail.
But does Ken realise that his son-in-law-to-be is actually the killer?

Rob battered Tina (Michelle Keegan) to death with a metal pipe back in May because she was threatening to reveal the scams he was running.

He then allowed Peter to take the fall after discovering he'd been having an affair with Tina behind his sister Carla Barlow's (Alison King) back.

But convinced of Peter's innocence, Ken is on a one-man mission to uncover the identity of the real murderer - although Rob still isn't on his radar.

‘Nobody suspects Rob, and Ken has no reason to think he was the killer, that is why Rob is able to get away with it for so long,' Bill Roache said.  ‘What motive would he have? He has also played a very clever game sticking to his guns about Peter being the killer.’

On the edge of despair: Peter almost drank himself to death in jail after being falsely accused of murdering his mistress Tina McIntyre

Source:  Daily Mail

Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) is to be left "heartbroken" after discovering that partner Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) is the killer of Tina McIntyre.

An increasingly desperate Rob has been trying to cover his tracks ever since he bludgeoned the Rovers barmaid back in May. But despite his nearest and dearest having so far failed to suspect him of the crime, it looks like Rob won't be able to keep his guilty secret from Tracy for much longer.

"Tracy has recently come to recognise how others see her - as a slightly deluded monster! But she's changed and she believes Rob has helped her to become a better person," producer Stuart Blackburn told Inside Soap. "For Tracy, this man's love matters more than anything else - so when his lies come spilling out, she will be absolutely heartbroken. But don't forget that it's in Tracy's DNA to put herself first at all costs."

Actor Marc Baylis revealed back in June that he was leaving Coronation Street, but promised plenty of surprises before he exits: "Once you are told that you are going to murder someone in a soap, you know that your time is limited. I do know when I am leaving, but there are so many twists and turns in the storyline that I don’t want to reveal that just yet," said the actor.

Source: Radio Times
Is Eccles Going to be Killed Off?

The Coronation Street scriptwriters really seem to have it in for border terrier Eccles.

Blanche's former pet - who is now cared for by both Ken and Deirdre - was recently seen in need of veterinary attention after being knocked down. And now the poor pooch is to have another brush with danger after Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) insists that he be put down.

Eccles's life will be seen hanging in the balance after a lying Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) claims that she's been bitten by the dog. Mum Tracy will demand that the pet dog be put down, leaving young Simon (Alex Bain) distraught and Deirdre left with little option but to comply with her daughter's wishes.

But help will come from Maddie (Amy Kelly) who promises to help Simon by rescuing Eccles. With Sophie (Brooke Vincent) lending assistance, Maddie steals the dog and hides him at No 4. But later in the week, Ken (William Roache) spots Maddie and Sophie taking Eccles out for a secret walk.

With the girls busted, Simon is forced to explain that they were keeping her safe from Tracy, who still insists on having her put down. As Ken appeals to Amy to tell the truth, will she admit that she lied about Eccles having  bitten her? Or is Eccles set to join Schmeichel and Mavis's budgie on the list of Corrie's fallen pets?

Source:  Radio Times
Knowing the current storyline they are both involved in, and the fact that they are both leaving the show this year, we thought we could safely assume that when Chris Gascoyne and Marc Baylis made their Coronation Street exits, at least one of them would be permanent – But it seems we might have been wrong!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) is currently at deaths door having engaged in a lethal drinking binge whist serving time for the murder of Tina McIntyre.

Meanwhile the real killer, Rob Donovan (Marc Baylis) is still walking the cobbled streets of Weatherfield, so far his crime unexposed!

Like we said both actors are due to leave the show at the end of the year, which led us to the conclusion that we will see one life sentence in prison, and possibly one death offered as exits.

But now Corrie head honcho, Stuart Blackburn, has revealed that he would like to see both actors return – Does this mean two open doors and no cells or coffins?

Well it certainly looks that way as the executive producer is quoted by Inside Soap as saying of the departures:

“With both of them, I hope it is a case of ‘Goodbye… but we will see you again soon!'”

Blackburn went on to reveal that it is “incredibly hard” to let either actor, or character go, especially one “with the surname Barlow” whilst admitting that Rob has “grown and grown as a character in the last year.”

So how could the storyline conclude with both actors able to return in the future? I am afraid we will have to wait and see, as Blackburn wasn’t giving away any hints.

One thing he wasn’t so secretive about, however, is how Rob’s fiancée Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) will react when she finds out that her future husband has been letting her brother serve time for a murder that he has committed, on which he commented:

“Tracy has recently come to recognise how others see her – as a slightly deluded monster! But she has changed, and she believes Rob has helped her to become a better person.

“For Tracy, this man’s love matters more than anything else – so when his lies come spilling out, she will be absolutely heartbroken. But, don’t forget that it is in Tracy’s DNA to put herself first at all costs.”

Source: Unreality TV
As we have previously reported, Coronation Street newcomer, Michael Rodwell, is set to be given some family in the show, marking his stay as more permanent.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Michael (Les Dennis) is the would-be burglar who broke into Gayle McIntyre’s house causing her to become a temporary recluse.

After some victim / criminal therapy Michael and Gayle (Helen Worth) formed a firm friendship which, despite her son’s best attempts to scupper it, developed into a cute little romance.

Now Michael’s son, Gavin, is set to make his Weatherfield debut – And show exec producer, Stuart Blackburn, has been revealing a little of what we can expect from the father son reunion.

Blackburn who we reported earlier today is hoping for show returns from both departing actors Chris Gascoyne and Marc Bayliss, has revealed to Digital Spy that he believes Gavin, who is to be played by former Mr Selfridge and Hollyoaks actor Oliver Farnworth, will “fit in very well!”

The producer went on to say how the arrival will cause a bit of tension at first as Gavin, true to Michael’s “biggest fear”, is “damaged” and “hating” of his father for not being around, adding:

“At first, it seems that way, but Gavin is an incredibly forgiving guy. He is very funny too and a bit of a charmer!”

But Gavin is not the only new character getting some family – Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine) is to welcome his cousin, Howie.

Howie, who was described as a “cheeky chap” in his 40s who will have a visible disability back in May by casting directors on the hunt to find an actor to play him, will be a source of “more fun for the Webster family” according to Blackburn, who added:

“In the past, Tim’s relationship with Howie has been incredibly fragile. They never see eye to eye, and Howie loves winding up Tim.”

Blackburn went on to add that the process of casting an actor to play Howie was in “the final audition” stage and that we can expect to see him “on screen early next year!”

Source:  Unreality TV (Except for the photo of Oliver Farnworth, as they had a picture of Sean Ward on their page, who is coming in to play Callum, Kylie's ex-boyfriend instead)
Kylie Platt is set to see her drug habit put her son in danger in Coronation Street.
Actress Paula Lane was pictured filming dramatic scenes for an upcoming episode of the ITV1 soap in Manchester on Monday.
Her character can be seen picking up her son, Max, from primary school and struggling to keep her secret after her drug dealer turns up unannounced.

The 28-year-old actress can be seen dressed in a yellow vest with a neon pink crop top underneath.

She completed the look with black skinny jeans and white trainers while carrying an animal print handbag.
As she makes her way to the school gates, Kylie is horrified to see her drug dealer sat in his white car outside the school.

She is then forced into a conversation with Maria and struggles to stay calm as she anxiously tries to ensure Maria does not come into contact with her dealer.
Things take a turn for the worse when Kylie then sees her son Max speaking to the dodgy character in the car.
Paula - who is pregnant with her first child - can be seen rushing to the child actor and pulling him close as she speaks angrily with the drug dealer in the car.
This is yet another low for David's spouse, after she confessed to taking her son Max's mental health medication just weeks ago.

Actress Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, has previously explained that her character had been struggling for some time with her little boy's erratic behaviour.
'Max has been embarrassing her in front of other people on the Street, so she feels like the whole of Weatherfield’s talking about it,' she told What's On TV.
'Her confidence is at a real low because she thinks people blame her for Max’s behaviour. This has all been affecting her own health too as she’s tired all the time.'
Fans are not yet sure where Coronation Street writers plan to take this story, but it’s not looking good for Kylie as Paula is leaving the show at the end of the year to go on maternity leave.

Source:  Daily Mail
We knew it – As soon as we heard that there was someone from the Armstrong family’s past joining the cast of Coronation Street, we thought it would be Owen’s ex!

We also predicted that the absent mother of Izzy (Cherylee Houston) and Katy (Georgia May Foote) may set the scene for Katy’s exit next year, and it looks like we might have been right about that too!

As we have previously reported, Georgia May Foote, the actress who plays single teenage mum, Katy, recently revealed that, following news that her character is due to leave the show, she would be filming her final scenes early next year.

But before that happens it would seem that her long-lost mother is set to turn up on the cobbles of Weatherfield.

This news has been confirmed by show exec producer, Stuart Blackburn, who has been revealing all about the new addition to the Armstrong / Windass clan in a recent interview with Inside Soap!

And, according to the ITV soap’s head honcho, the arrival of the new character, whose name has yet to be revealed, will bring some secrets with them.

Discussing the backstory behind the ex-wife of Owen (Ian Puleston-Davies) Blackburn revealed to the publication how viewers will learn that Owen’s original explanation to his ex leaving in the first place, that she was ” too young and couldn’t cope with Izzy’s disability” is actually not as close to the truth as the builder has lead people to believe and that the new character will be harbouring deep and “genuine regrets” about the past with the “biggest one being leaving Owen!”

Blackburn also revealed that the arrival will be a “real challenge for Anna and the Armstrongs and it will give Katy some big choices to make” as well as adding that the casting process for this new role will begin within the next few weeks.

The magazine took the opportunity to quiz Blackburn over which “classic character” would be making a comeback next year, but he wasn’t giving much away!

As we have previously reported, Blackburn told Digital Spy last month how this popular character would be coming back early in the New Year, which led many to the conclusion that this character would in fact be Janice Battersby, played by Vicky Entwistle, a claim that the show has since denied.

But who it will actually end up being is still anyone’s guess, but Blackburn did confirm that there may well be more than one returning character, but all he would say definitively on the matter was:

“Let me just say that we have a couple of returning favourites on the cards.

“The great thing about the show is that it has a 54-year history and so many departed characters still have strong connections to the families on screen.”

The producer also teased the possibility of a new romance for hopeless romantic, and slightly eccentric Mary Taylor, who fans will see left a little heartbroken over Dev Alahan’s upcoming romance with Julie, on which Blackburn said that it doesn’t quite happen how we may imagine, as Mary doesn’t love Dev in that way – it’s more about Dev and the kids making her feel as though she is wanted. For Mary, it’s vital that she feels needed by someone, and as though she is important.

Source: Unreality TV
"Steve is generally perceived as the joker of the show. But I wanted to get to the heart of Steve and find out what's behind the character," says show boss Stuart Blackburn

Steve McDonald is to be hit by depression in what show boss Stuart Blackburn has described as "a huge storyline" for the Coronation Street stalwart.

The upcoming plot will follow a medical scare for Steve (Simon Gregson) which will see him fretting that he has skin cancer after doing internet research following the discovery of a mole on his arm.

Now, producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed that Steve's anxiety is part of a larger plotline that will see him face problems with his mental health.

In an interview with Inside Soap, Blackburn said: "There's a huge storyline coming up that will show Steve battling depression. That's going to be very interested and unexpected because Steve is generally perceived as the joker of the show. But I wanted to get to the heart of Steve and find out what's behind the character.

"Depression in men is a subject that isn't often talked about and there's still the attitude that it can be tackled with a quick 'Cheer up, mate! Have a pint!'"

Depression is the most common form of mental illness, with it affecting one in 12 of the world’s population, and one in four people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives.

Source:  Radio Times
Coronation Street’s Paula Lane has been filming her final scenes as Kylie Platt before she goes on maternity leave.

The actress is six months pregnant and will be leaving the show at Christmas.

Kylie has taken some of Max’s ADHD to help her with the stress of juggling work and the kids.

Lane told TV Times: “Kylie has been an addict, so the medication feeds her demons.

“There is going to be a big shift. She has had some really bad times on the Street and this is the darkest place she has ever found herself in."

Paula explained that she was hiding her pregnancy bump with patterns and big handbags.

Discussing the heavy schedule: “I'm lucky as they have been great here. I am tired and they said ‘You must let us know if it is too much’ and I am like ‘No, you are not taking this off me!’

“To be pregnant and doing something like this gives me a kick. I feel like I have gone on this journey with my little pal."

She added: “I did feel a bit sick in the first trimester, but pregnancy is odd.

“When people know and can be sympathetic, your symptoms start, but when people don’t know, something kicks in.

“Nobody guessed I was expecting and I've been able to share my experience with Jennie McAlpine who is four weeks ahead of me and Cath Tyldesley who is following."

Asked if she was worried about revealing her pregnancy, Paula said: “I was really terrified of telling Stuart Blackburn that I was pregnant.

“I couldn't bring myself to say it at first and I think he thought I wanted to leave.

“He said: 'It’s great, we'll sort it out' and this light bulb went ding! It is going to be a traumatic exit for Kylie. It has to be."

Lane is hoping to return to the show in March as she doesn’t want too much time off.

She said: “I have a very good support network so I will be making arrangements that will allow me to come back and get my feet back on the Street.

“This is my third big Christmas episode and as long as I am not in hospital hanging onto the wall, I'll be watching it."

Source:  STV
Coronation Street newcomer Qasim Akhtar has revealed Kal Nazir's son Zeedan is on a "mission" to break up his relationship with Leanne Tilsley.

The 23-year-old actor has just joined the ITV soap as the teenage son of personal trainer Kal (Jimi Mistry) and Qasim told Inside Soap Zeedan is not happy his dad has found love again with Leanne (Jane Danson).

He said: "I think if Kal were to say to Leanne that they couldn't be together any more, Zeedan would feel that his mission was accomplished."

Kal and Leanne have finally found happiness after long denying their feelings for one another. Leanne as been trapped in a difficult marriage to Nick Tilsley and Kal has been grieving for the loss of his wife, Zeedan's mum.

But Qasim revealed: "There are a lot of reasons Zeedan is against Kal seeing Leanne, but mostly he doesn't want anyone to replace his mother."

He added: "He's being a bit selfish, but there are reasons why he's behaving in that way. I think there's so much more for me to learn about Zeedan's character."

Source:  Yahoo News
CORONATION Street experienced some real-life drama on Tuesday September 9th when the production crew were forced to pause filming.

Bruno Langley – who plays Todd Grimshaw in the ITV soap – was filming scenes in Manchester City Centre last night when a cast-member needed 999 treatment.

Bruno was preparing to be attacked by a gang of thugs when one of the actors passed out and fell face first onto the pavement.

The soap star hit the road unconscious smashing his nose and forcing a 999 call.

The crew rushed to his side and a dedicated first aider administered treatment while they waited for an ambulance.

The injured actor suffered facial injuries and was carted off to the nearest hospital.

After a short break, the Director picked an Extra to replace the original thug and they wrapped up the scenes.

Source:  OK

Coronation Street star Tisha Merry has said that the viewers will soon see her character Steph Britton in a new light.

Viewers were originally introduced to Steph as Katy Armstrong's friend, but she was later promoted to regular character status. She was joined in Weatherfield by her brother Luke (Dean Fagan) earlier this year.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Merry said: "Steph has involved herself a lot in other people's business so it would be nice to see more of her family life. I would love for her mom and dad to come in, and for them to have some kind of dark past.

"But from what I have been told, the audience will soon see Steph in a new different light."

Dean Fagan as Luke Britton in Coronation Street

Fagan has also backed plans for his character Luke to be Maria Connor's latest love interest, adding that the pair would work well together

He said: "There is going to be something happening on screen soon with Luke and Maria.

"I know Maria has been through a lot recently, and I like that Luke is the kind of guy who would treat her right.

"He is a good lad. I am not sure exactly how it is going to pan out yet, but I think Luke and Maria would actually work really well together."

Source:   Digital Spy
The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street
Corrie sexpot Georgia May Foote is to leave Weatherfield for the bright lights of Hollywood, reports the Sunday People.

The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street.

Her management team believe gorgeous Georgia’s smouldering looks will be a hit with executives in Los Angeles.

She is unknown across the Atlantic but ­reckons that could work to her advantage – just like it did for another sultry English brunette 20 years ago: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Darling Buds of May star Catherine, 44, quit Britain in the 90s and landed a part in the US series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which was her springboard to Hollywood stardom.

Last night a source said: “Georgia has got the English good looks that American producers love and the fact that she is young and ­unknown is an advantage.

“She will probably be offered roles in one or two pilots and then the game is to try and pick the one that will be a winner and made into a series.

“If she gets it right she could be on the road to international fame and fortune.

“If she gets it wrong, well, there is always panto!”

Georgia, from Bury, Lancs, will be written out of the Street at the end of the year with the promise of a dramatic exit.

But producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed she WON’T be killed off, leaving the door open for a return.

Georgia, who joined the show four years ago, plays single teen mum Katy.

Fans have seen her cheat on long-term fella Chesney Brown (Sam Aston, 21) with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras, 27).

Corrie boss Blackburn said: “Katy will not be killed off. We wish Georgia every success with her future career. ”

Her agent Dawn Green said: “She is an aspiring actress. Like all actresses they want to go to Hollywood.

"But realistically she can’t until she is available and that will be January or February.

“It’s all very exciting. The world is her oyster.”

Source:  Daily Mirror

I feel so sorry for this guy.  He has probably waited his whole career to land a role in Coronation Street, and was so nervous he passed out!  Missed his chance, and was replaced.  I bet he was totally gutted.
Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has promised that viewers will witness "a real tragedy that's going to affect a dozen or so of our characters” in the New Year.

“It is going to be spectacular and a little bit heartbreaking,” says Stuart.

“Last year, we had David and the car crash and of course that was a stunt, but it genuinely felt like it had come from story,.

“It wasn't us suddenly deciding that we needed to do something spectacular to get the viewers. It’s the same with what we’re planning because it’ll come from a relatively long-running story,” OK! magazine reports, quoting Stuart.

And that’s not all…

Stuart is also planning to bring back another of the soap's most popular characters early next year. As part of the tragedy?

The Mirror reports that Stuart has revealed Weatherfield will be rocked by a blast from the past when a classic character returns next year, but is remaining tight-lipped on who the person in question is.

Stuart has already brought back Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard), Jim McDonald (Charles Lawson), Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) - and, any minute now, Cilla Battersby (Wendi Peters).

“I love Jim’s story [prison top dog, giving booze to alcoholic Peter Barlow] and Charlie Lawson has played an absolute blinder on that one.

“Even prior to all of that happening, we did start making plans for the return of another popular character, so there is another one on the way. I won't say who yet as it's still to be signed, sealed and delivered, but we do have plans and the character will be back on screen early next year.”

Names in the frame include Kevin Kennedy as Curly Watts, Julie Goodyear as Bet Gilroy, Nick Cochrane as Andy McDonald and Bruce Jones as Les Battersby.

But we so want it to be Katherine Kelly as Becky McDonald. Her little sister, Kylie (Paula Lane), really needs her right now.

We know Kylie’s ex - Max’s birth father - Callum is going to appear soon… And we have a feeling that’s going to mean that Kylie, Max, Lily and David will need help from someone tough enough to deal with the ex-jailbird - and that would be Becky.

Source:  What's On TV
Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has been talking about actress Wendi Peters's comeback to the ITV soap, revealing that Cilla Battersby-Brown will be in dire need of her family's help when she returns to Weatherfield in October.

"Cilla is Cilla - what I don't want to do is change her DNA. At times she'll be as feckless and as gobby as she always was, but things have very much changed for her. She's in a place now where she really needs the support of her family, but she also knows that she's been a complete disaster as a mother," said the show's boss.

The news follows a tweet earlier this week from the official Corrie account that pictured Cilla reunited with screen offspring Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) and Chesney (Sam Aston). Also shown are Fiz's partner Tyrone (Alan Halsall) and Ches's partner Sinead (Katie McGlynn).

Wendi Peters is to return for a six-week stint in order to help facilitate Jennie McAlpine's temporary departure while she goes on maternity leave. Speaking back in June when her signing was announced, Peters said: "I'm really thrilled to have the opportunity to revisit Cilla and the cobbles for a short while and to see what she has been up to for the last seven years."

Now, producer Stuart Blackburn - in an interview with Digital Spy - has revealed that Cilla will be seen owning up to her deficiencies as a parent: "Cilla is scared of asking for the help she needs, because she's got enough self-awareness to know how much she's cocked up as a mum - especially with Chesney. There will be fun because it's Cilla, but it's a story with a bit of heart to it. And yes, there will be scenes with Beth!"

Source:  Radio Times

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed that factory worker and barman Sean Tully (Antony Cotton) is to find romance in the coming months. Speaking about the upcoming plotline, Blackburn said: "It will kick off later in the year around Christmas time, and it is going to be a love story. It's a really serious love story, as Sean is absolutely going to fall for this person."

The announcement comes following Cotton's revelation that he has received abuse from gay men about his Corrie character. Speaking at Manchester Pride's fringe festival, the 39-year-old said: "I get a lot of stick from people who say, and these are people who are 21 years old, 'You've put the gay cause back 21 years'. Or they say 'you're a disgrace to this village'. You'd be surprised how many kids say that to me."

Defending character, who was been a stalwart on the ITV soap since 2003, Cotton added: "Sean has never had to explain who he was, he never had to come out, he was just accepted into the community of Weatherfield from the start. So for every one of those people who say to me that Sean's a stereotype, and that he doesn't have a political storyline, actually the fact he's never had to explain himself makes him the most political gay character in soap."

Unlucky in love Sean has recently been seen having an unrequited crush on Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley). And show boss Blackburn has revealed - in an interview with Digital Spy - that it won't be plain sailing for Sean when it comes to his latest quest for love: "The only problem is who he falls in love with and what that means for the relationship - can it ever prosper?"

Source:  Radio Times

Coronation Street fans already know that Rob Donovan was Tina McIntyre’s murderer, but his brother-in-law Peter Barlow is the one facing a life sentence.
And during filming on Thursday, the cast including Marc Baylis and Chris Gascoyne gathered to shoot the final scenes of Tina’s murder trial, and find out whether Peter was found innocent or guilty.
An old Victorian swimming baths had been turned into Wetherfield Crown Court, where Corrie stars Alison King, Kate Ford and Rita Sullivan looked in high spirits in between the tense scenes.

Alison and Kate - who play Carla Barlow and Tracy Barlow - smiled as they walked onto the set together, though they would certainly be looking far more serious once they hear Peter’s verdict.
Carla’s brother Rob had allowed Peter to take the fall for Tina’s murder back in May after discovering his brother-in-law had been having an affair with the young brunette.
He killed Tina (Michelle Keegan) because she was threatening to reveal the scams he was running back in May, but with Peter’s dad Ken back on the scene, Rob might find himself under suspicion and forced to kill again.

Ken (Bill Roache) organises a new lawyer for his son and also sets up a campaign to help get him out of jail, and judging by the smart look of Peter on Thursday, his dad may well have succeeded in getting him off.
Also on set were Michelle Connor (played by Kym Marsh), Steve McDonald (played by Simon Gregson), David Platt (played by Jack Shepherd), Steph Britton (played by Tisha Merry) and Roy Cropper (played by David Neilson).

While the murder storyline has focused on the Barlows, the Corrie Christmas plot will centre on the Platt family.

Show producer, Stuart Blackburn said: “It’s going to be massive and life-changing for the Platts as there’ll be a revelation that knocks David for six and will change everything for him. That’s when we’ll see Kylie’s ex Callum really make an impact.

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Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed that there will be a teenage pregnancy storyline.

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach), who is 12-years-old, will fall pregnant later this year.

Blackburn said: “It's going to be horrible for all of her family.

“The first response for parents in a situation like that would naturally be, 'Where have we gone wrong?', so that'll be the case for Anna, Owen and Tim.

“They'll wonder how to deal with it and how to support a young girl who's in that position.

“Anna and Owen will be  close again by this stage, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll have the right answers.”

Faye will be the youngest Corrie character to have a baby.

Previously Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O’Brien) gave birth at the age of 13.

Stuart told Digital Spy: “Teen pregnancies don't result in long-term welfare checks and a really easy life - it's a nightmare at that age so it's going to affect her physically and emotionally. It'll also affect her education.

“Faye is already a character who always worries that she's different, so this will only add to her fears of feeling like an outsider.

"It's a biggie and it's one of those stories where we've got a massive responsibility to get it right. Things are better than they were 20 years ago, but it's still a reality for tens of thousands of people out there."

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Coronation Street boss Stuart Blackburn shares story gossip :

Are you aware that Tim has become popular with the fans? Is there more coming up for him?

"Definitely - Tim's relationship with Sally is a breath of fresh air and Joe Duttine is just brilliant. Obviously Tim will be right at the heart of the Faye storyline, but beyond that we've also got more fun and frolics for him and Sally.

"There's also quite a demanding surprise on the way for Tim. We'll learn something new about him which takes him out of the comedy for a little bit."

Will you continue to play with the possibility of a Webster reunion when Kevin returns?
"No, I don't think we will. Kevin will always regret what he did in the past and there'll always be a 'What if?' when it comes to Sally. His love for Sally won't go away, but I think it's time for him to move on and he will do that.

"Kevin has figured out now that Tim and Sally are for real. If there is going to be any type of affair, it's more likely to be Tim and Kevin heading off for a pint behind Sally's back!"

Is Max's ADHD story building up towards Kylie's temporary exit?
"Yes it is. It is a short-term exit and Kylie will be back, but the decisions she makes over the next few months are all going to be the wrong ones! As we head towards Christmas, it's really going to come to a head.

"The arrival of Max's dad Callum will also be a real blast from the past for Kylie. He's been mentioned on screen a lot and it's time for that past to come and visit us!"

Are you pleased with the reaction to Gail and Michael's story?

"I'm absolutely delighted. I don't think Les will mind me saying that when his name was first put into the hat for the role by our head of casting, I was nervous. I wondered whether it would look like stunt casting and whether it'd just be Les Dennis we were seeing rather than a character, but now it feels like he's been in Corrie forever. His arrival has really enlivened and enriched the Platt household and Gail."

Antony Cotton recently sparked some speculation by promising a big story for Sean. Can you give us any further hints?

"That will kick off later in the year around Christmas time, and it is going to be a love story. It's a really serious love story, as Sean is absolutely going to fall for this person. The only problem is who he falls in love with and what that means for the relationship - can it ever prosper?"

Fans were surprised at the news that Georgia May Foote's character Katy will be leaving the show. Why was that choice made and what can we expect from her exit?
"What we're going to start playing with Katy is a story that's hopefully quite truthful. She's in a family that's gone bankrupt and lost everything, so it's a story about her and the ambitions she has for her future and Joseph's. There's a recognition that she's been ambling around the fringes of life.

"We're going to give Katy some real ambition and tell a story of how difficult it is for a single mother to have that ambition and try to forge a career. She's not being insulting, but she doesn't want to be in the position that Anna and Owen are in. Katy realises that just doing a bit of part time work isn't really securing Joseph's future, but if she does go ahead on this ambition and has to rely on Sinead and Chesney to take on more of the childcare, what does that mean for her relationship with her son?

"On top of that, what starts this story is the return of a character from Katy, Owen and Izzy's past - although it's a new face for us rather than a past Coronation Street character.

"Georgia's exit from the show was storyline-led, as the writers came up with this story a while ago and we're just starting to play it out now. I really respect Georgia and can categorically say that she won't be killed off. Who knows what could happen in the future?"

What can you tell us about Cilla's return? We're keen to see her have some scenes with Beth!
"Cilla is Cilla - what I don't want to do is change her DNA. At times she'll be as feckless and as gobby as she always was, but things have very much changed for her. She's in a place now where she really needs the support of her family, but she also knows that she's been a complete disaster as a mother.

"Cilla is scared of asking for the help she needs, because she's got enough self-awareness to know how much she's cocked up as a mum - especially with Chesney. There will be fun because it's Cilla, but it's a story with a bit of heart to it. And yes, there will be scenes with Beth!"

Todd has returned to the street with a very different outlook on life. Will you delve into the reasons for that?
"At some point yes, but we're not there yet. Todd's feud with Jason will rumble on into the New Year, but it's perhaps then that we'll learn how rubbish life in London was for Todd, what really happened down there and what embittered him so much. We're not yet there but we're beginning the journey to us hopefully understanding a bit more."

Dennis Tanner was a character with a lot of history on the street, so why was the decision made to write him out?
"Again it was storyline-led. We don't sit there with a red pen, it's just that sometimes writers come up with stories that we want to run with. In this case, we wanted to see the Dennis Tanner of old again. He was always a bit of a liar, a bit of a rogue and a bit of a cheat, so we wanted to see the naughty Dennis.

"Just because you're in your 60s or 70s doesn't mean you have to be sedate or dull. I think we got into a position where we'd lost a little bit of Dennis Tanner, and once we began to bring the rogue back, it had to have consequences. It didn't feel right to tell a story where he was so badly behaved and then everything carried on as normal.

"What I will say is that Dennis's name is chiselled into the windowsill of one of the houses on the street, so he is absolutely part and parcel of Coronation Street's history and we're lucky to have him. The minute someone suggests Dennis returning and a great story which would come from it, who knows what could happen?"

We've seen in the past couple of years that Corrie can keep certain things under wraps, such as trial verdicts and the full details of Tina's murder. Would you like to give the viewers more surprises?
"Absolutely. We try to give as much away to make people excited about the stories, but then I always think about my mother as she hates it if she knows what happens! If she'd known what happened to Tina she would have been really upset!

"We're grateful to the press when they do help us to keep things under wraps, and I hope that we can carry on doing it. There's no point in storytelling if everybody knows exactly what's going to happen."

Last year's car stunt had a big impact on Nick. What's next for him?
"Once we made the decision that Nick would suffer brain damage, to 'fix' him possibly even in a decade would be such an insult to people who have gone through that. The reality for most people who have suffered brain damage is that it affects them for the rest of their lives. For as long as I'm here, that will continue to be a part of Nick's life but it won't necessarily be negative.

"Nick won't bang on about it and carry on stamping his feet - in fact he's going to find some new lust which takes him out of that for a while! He will be forgetful at times and perhaps be rubbish with numbers, but he'll learn to live with it with grace, dignity and good humour."

We've seen more of Maddie's softer side recently - has that been a conscious decision?
"It has been, but it's a difficult one because I don't want to lose what made her Maddie! She's still capable of being incredibly rash and impulsive. If she were ever in a position where she was defending Sophie, she would definitely go completely over the top.

"However, Maddie is also not a stupid girl and she's got a lot to be grateful for. Now she's got something that she never thought she'd have - a home, a family, and someone who loves her. Of course there will be stories in the future where she messes up, but she never was an evil person. She was just overly gobby and she prefers to attack first because of that defensiveness within her character."

Will Steve's depression be explored more?
"That's going to be a massive story. It's going to run through the autumn and build up from there. On Christmas Day and beyond, we'll see a real challenge to Steve and Michelle's relationship. I absolutely know that Simon Gregson and Kym Marsh are very good actors.

"I hope that the great comedy that Steve brings will absolutely be on screen for the next decade and onwards, but I also wanted to explore a story where Steve looked in the mirror on his 40th birthday and started to wonder whether he was really good enough for Michelle. He also blamed himself for Lloyd's heart attack and he feels guilty for his role in what happened to Tina.

"Steve is taking a long, hard look at himself and he's not liking what he sees. It's going to run from there, and there will still be comedy in the lead-up as Steve tries to hide away from the demons in his head. Fundamentally what I wanted to do is tell what will hopefully be a really positive, uplifting love story between Michelle and Steve."

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Coronation Street's Andrea gets stuck on the roof with husband Neil after his protest over her 'romance' with Lloyd

Neil Beckett is to stage a rooftop protest after overhearing a conversation with Lloyd Mullaney talking about hypothetically marrying his wife Andrea Beckett in an upcoming episode of Coronation Street.
Neil, who is played by William Travers, steals a ladder and climbs on top of the Rovers Return pub, where Weatherfield residents start to gather because window cleaner Tim has been left stranded.
Actress Hayley Tammadon was pictured filming the new scenes, which sees her character climb on top of the roof in an attempt to get her husband down.

Dressed in a bright red overcoat, the 37-year-old actress’ look was completed with a deep blue blouse and skintight jeans.
The dramatic scenes will start off with Neil shouting from the top of the pub: ‘I want you to break off your engagement - you're still married to me.

‘No more lies! I heard you in the pub talking about suits and dresses. You must think I was born yesterday.’

According the Daily Star newspaper, a show insider revealed: ‘It's a hilarious scene with Neil screaming on one roof and Tim on another.
‘But while one of them is desperate to get down, the other refuses to move!’
Meanwhile, Tammadon recently revealed that Andrea will be left devastated when Neil refuses to leave her alone, as she tries to move on with her relationship with Lloyd.

‘They are absolutely gutted to be honest,’ the Coronation Street star said, reports Digital Spy.’ They're finally back on their feet as a couple and feel ready to move on with their lives together.
‘When they thought that Neil was moving away to the Philippines it was the news they really needed as they thought they'd finally be able to put the past in the past, so when he strolls into the Rovers it's so unexpected.
‘They are horrified that he's decided to give up the job so he can stay around to pursue Andrea instead.’

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