Monday 23 February 2015
After a sleepless night, Jason feels terrible and wishes he'd trusted Eva and Tony. Todd feigns concern while Jason apologises to Tony for jumping to the wrong conclusion, telling him if it's any consolation, he's lost everything. In a last ditch attempt to save his relationship, Jason shows Eva the surprise tickets for New York which he'd booked. Pointing out that the flight leaves this evening, Jason implores her to forgive him. With bags packed, Jason's on tenterhooks at No.11. as Eva arrives.
Tony surprises Liz with some concert tickets but she's not in the mood with Steve so poorly. Fed up, Tony's only too happy to 'to go over the accounts' with Tracy. Leaving Todd in the shop, a scantily clad Tracy shows Tony into No.1. But when they're interrupted by Ken and Amy, Tony's forced to hide outside while Tracy stuffs his clothes down the back of a chair. When Eccles scratches at the toilet door, Ken wonders what she's found.

Lloyd arrives back from Spain and Andrea is thrilled to see him, however their mood is ruined when Chesney lays into Lloyd for allowing Steve to drive a cab again (Steve has just got into his taxi for the first time since the accident). With little choice, Andrea explains to Lloyd how Steve crashed the minibus, Sinead may never walk again and Steve's been diagnosed with depression.

Maria's pleased to see Luke and Liam getting on so well.

Monday 23 February 2015
Reiterating that they're finished, Eva tells Jason that she won't be going to New York as she's going to stay with Gloria in France instead. Jason is gutted. Todd drags Jason into town and plies him with alcohol, insisting he must forget about Eva. But when Eva admits to Leanne how much she loves Jason, Leanne persuades her to call him, hoping for a reconciliation. Todd picks up Jason's phone and kills the call. Will Jason remains oblivious or can he save his relationship before Eva leaves for France?

Will Tony make his getaway or is he about to be rumbled by Eccles? Meanwhile, when Tracy drops hints about the new man in her life to Liz, Tony's furious and quietly lays down some ground rules. Tracy lays down a few of her own and demands that he take her for a weekend away!

Steve arrives back from his taxi shift in an upbeat mood. Lloyd is taken aback to see Steve so cheery. Steve tries to engage Lloyd in matey banter but Lloyd snaps and confronts Steve over the fact that he almost killed their business and put Sinead in a wheelchair. Steve feels terrible, admitting to Michelle his good mood was only a facade and inside he feels hollow.

Luke gets his feet under the table at Maria's when he offers his DIY services. Kevin entertains Jenny with dinner at home. But how will Sophie react when she walks in on their romantic meal?

Wednesday 25 February 2015
  Tony sets off with Tracy to buy a job lot of stolen electrical goods. He promises Liz he'll be home in time to take her out. Tony and Tracy meet up with an old mate of Tony's. Tracy plays hard ball but they eventually strike a deal. However, as Tony and Tracy prepare to leave with their van load of knock off goods, a police car pulls up beside them.

After a chat with Sally, Sophie gives Kevin her blessing, telling him he can go out with Jenny if he likes, she just doesn't want to see him get hurt. Kevin is pleased at her change of heart. Having ascertained that Rita is away, Jenny agrees to accompany Kevin to the Rovers. But Rita returns home early and insists Norris, Emily and Mary join her for a birthday drink. When Rita approaches the bar, how will she react as Jenny wishes her a happy birthday?

Still clearly awkward with each other, Lloyd tells Steve he doesn't want any bad blood between them.

Jason mopes in front of the telly while Eileen fusses round him. Todd's quietly jealous, his hatred of Eileen growing. Liz worries that they're short-staffed at the Rovers. When Eileen offers her services, admitting she could do with some extra cash, Liz takes her on. Handing Luke the key to her flat, Maria leaves him to crack on with the tiling.

Friday 27 February 2015
Tracy turns on the charm while the police officer checks Tony's driving licence. Will he let them go or is their dodgy stock about to be discovered? Meanwhile, dressed up to the nines, Liz waits impatiently for Tony. Back on the street, he legs it to the pub, leaving Tracy to unload the van.

Jenny explains to Rita how she found Kevin on an internet dating site. Rita tells Norris, Emily and Mary how Jenny tried to wangle 30,000 pounds out of her but she sent her away with 1,000 pounds and a flea in her ear and hasn't heard from her since. Rita calls at No.13 and confronts Jenny, demanding to know why she's returned after all these years.

Alone at No.5, Craig and Faye watch a DVD about giving birth. Faye's terrified.

Maria heads out to meet a friend leaving Luke to re-tile the kitchen. Clearly out of his depth, Luke persuades Owen to tile Maria's kitchen and makes him promise it'll remain their secret. But when Maria arrives home early will Luke get caught out? Eileen struggles behind the bar.

Friday 27 February 2015
Under Liz's stony gaze, Tony admits that the box contains stolen goods. Angrily demanding he get shut of it, Liz reminds Tony not to bring his dodgy business into her pub. Tony carries the stock over to Barlow's Buys and tears a strip off Tracy for dropping him in it with Liz. while Tony attempts a charm offensive on Liz, Tracy calls in the pub for a drink. Liz lays down some ground rules, telling her in future she's not welcome in the back room and must stay on the public side of the bar.

Jenny promises Kevin she never ripped Rita off, she just asked her for a hand-out and Rita refused. Then Jenny then makes it clear she'd like to stay the night.

Clearly jealous of Linda, Anna gets dressed up to the nines for a drink with Owen. When Owen demurs that Linda isn't all bad, Anna's left crushed.

How will Maria react when she arrives home to find Owen tiling her kitchen and Luke nowhere in sight? Will Steph be able to make her see that he was only trying to impress her? Eileen proves a lousy barmaid.


The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street
Corrie sexpot Georgia May Foote is to leave Weatherfield for the bright lights of Hollywood, reports the Sunday People.

The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street.

Her management team believe gorgeous Georgia’s smouldering looks will be a hit with executives in Los Angeles.

She is unknown across the Atlantic but ­reckons that could work to her advantage – just like it did for another sultry English brunette 20 years ago: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Darling Buds of May star Catherine, 44, quit Britain in the 90s and landed a part in the US series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which was her springboard to Hollywood stardom.

Last night a source said: “Georgia has got the English good looks that American producers love and the fact that she is young and ­unknown is an advantage.

“She will probably be offered roles in one or two pilots and then the game is to try and pick the one that will be a winner and made into a series.

“If she gets it right she could be on the road to international fame and fortune.

“If she gets it wrong, well, there is always panto!”

Georgia, from Bury, Lancs, will be written out of the Street at the end of the year with the promise of a dramatic exit.

But producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed she WON’T be killed off, leaving the door open for a return.

Georgia, who joined the show four years ago, plays single teen mum Katy.

Fans have seen her cheat on long-term fella Chesney Brown (Sam Aston, 21) with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras, 27).

Corrie boss Blackburn said: “Katy will not be killed off. We wish Georgia every success with her future career. ”

Her agent Dawn Green said: “She is an aspiring actress. Like all actresses they want to go to Hollywood.

"But realistically she can’t until she is available and that will be January or February.

“It’s all very exciting. The world is her oyster.”

Source:  Daily Mirror

Coronation Street favourite Tina O'Brien returning to the cobbles as Sarah-Louise Platt

The 31-year-old actress is 'delighted' to reprise her role as Gail McIntyre's daughter in the spring of 2015

Tina O’Brien has revealed she is returning to Coronation Street - eight years after quitting the ITV soap.

The actress, who plays Sarah-Louise Platt, will start filming in the New Year along with her screen daughter Bethany, who is now 13 – the same age as Sarah-Lou was when she fell pregnant.

Tina - now 31 and a mum-of-two after giving birth just two weeks ago - joined the show as a teenager and the gymslip mum storyline sparked huge headlines in 2000.

The last time viewers saw Sarah-Lou was in 2007, when she left for Milan with Bethany after scuppering her brother David’s chance of landing a job by planting drugs on him.

Her return plot is being kept under wraps but insiders revealed Bethany was now every bit as much of a handful as Sarah Lou was at her age.

While mum Gail McIntyre, played by Helen Worth, will be thrilled to have her daughter and granddaughter back in the fold, Sarah-Lou is likely to clash with David’s girlfriend Kylie, who is currently trying to keep her genuine drug habit under wraps.

But announcing her comeback today, ITV said Bethany was now something of a “wild child” while Sarah-Louise would “cause more problems” for her long-suffering mother.

It will also bring strife for the Grimshaws because of her history with both Jason and Todd.

The decision to bring back the character has come from producer Stuart Blackburn, who last week said the soap was “on fire” thanks to the ongoing plot over who killed Tina McIntyre.

But O’Brien’s return might mean some awkward moments for her ex-partner Ryan Thomas, who plays her on-screen ex-husband Jason Grimshaw. In real life the couple had a daughter, Scarlett, in 2008 but split the following year after six years together.

Tina – a regular in FHM’s most sexy lists - gave birth to a son earlier this month, her first child with partner Adam Crofts, a fitness trainer.

When she quit the cobbles in 2007, Tina said “the time has come to see what else is out there for me as an actress”.

Her next role was in Waterloo Road as Bex Fisher, she later had parts in The Accused and Doctors before appearing in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing – lasting until week five.

In 2011 she insisted that leaving Corrie had been the right decision, but earlier this year she admitted she would “jump at the chance” to reprise the role.

Today Tina said: “I am delighted to be returning. Sarah has a lot of history and unfinished business on the street and I’m looking forward to finding out what she’s been up to and why she’s returned home.”

A Corrie source said that in the storyline she would be forced to return to Weatherfield in order to escape from a problem in Milan.

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street newcomer Sean Ward is to become a permanent fixture on the cobbles after landing a one-year contract, Digital Spy can exclusively reveal.

The actor has impressed show bosses with his portrayal of bad boy Callum Logan, who has been appearing on screen since early October.

Callum was originally only brought into the show to facilitate the temporary departure of his old flame Kylie Platt, but Corrie's team have now decided to make him a regular character.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn revealed the news to Digital Spy at the RTS North West Awards on Saturday evening (November 15).

Blackburn explained: "On Sean's first day of shooting, I got texts about him from five of the actors and four of the crew, which has never happened before. They were saying, 'This kid is brilliant'. He's going to be staying for a lot longer."

Discussing his new one-year deal, Ward added: "I'm very excited. I only found out myself a week ago. There's a lot that we can do with Callum, so I was praying that the writers could see that!"

Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, has now gone on maternity leave as she is expecting her first child. She will remain on screen until Christmas, when Kylie's recent mistakes are expected to catch up with her in dramatic fashion.

Source:  Digital Spy

Bosses confirm hot headed builder Owen Armstrong is next to leave the show, but how will he go?

It has been confirmed by the Coronation Street bosses that builder Owen Armstrong played by Ian Pulston- Davies will be leaving the show earlier next year after appearing in the show for nearly five dramatic years.

Corrie boss Stuart Blackburn has guaranteed that there is plenty of drama in the works before Owen’s departure but the question is how will he leave the cobbles of Coronation Street.

Will it be in the back of a cab like may others or is there a bloody end in store for the hot headed builder?

We have come up with our list of how Owen life on the street could come to an end.

Anna Slutty Windass
Could it happen again?
Was Sally Webster right when she said ‘Anna Slutty Windass’? Could those one on one evening reading lessons with Tim turn into something more?
Poor Owen forgave Anna once already but could maybe this possible second affair could be the straw that broke the camels back causing Owen to leave Coronation Street.

But if it isn’t his cheating wife that causes Armstrong to leave could it be the dramatic teen pregnancy of his 12 year old daughter.

As revealed previously young Faye will find herself in a sticky situation as she falls pregnant at the very young as of 12, Owen is expected to find out and share in the dramatic story line but could that really be his ticket out of the show?

Handling with the pressure of having a very young pregnant teen Owen might find himself suggesting a one way ticket trip into town.
But the question really is could Owen really leave his family in their hour of need?

Return of the ex

With the news that Owen’s ex will be making a come back, played by actress Jacqueline Leonard, this could be his fresh start with the mother of daughters Izzy and Katy.

As the Windass household try and deal with the young Faye’s pregnacy bombshell Owen may see a way out, starting new life with his old flame leaving Anna to possible fall back in the arms of hers.

You’ve been framed

Corrie loves nothing more then to set up a character to a crime they didn’t commit as we recently saw with poor Peter Barlow but could Owen get caught up in the same mess?

Currently working a few odd jobs to help the family stay a float Owen could find himself in a bit of hot water when it comes to crafty Tony.

Covering up dodgy jobs in the past Tony has no problem bending the rules in his favour if it earns him a quick bit of cash but could it be Owen that gets left cleaning up the mess? even possibly finding himself sharing a cell with good old Jim McDonald.


Could enjoying a typical builders breakfast in Roy's cause this character to make a quick exit?
If there wasn’t enough stress in his life with the financial struggles the family are going through not to mention the teen pregnancy Owen's heart just cant take much more.

Could the dramatic ending be a sudden heart attack as the family continue to deal with the the nightmare they are going through.

All we know is that all of these story lines have previously happened to our loved character before they leave the cobble streets behind we suspect that what ever happens the street will be left shocked and heartbroken as another character says their farewell to Coronation street.

Source:  Evoke i.e.
Gail McIntyre to marry for a SIXTH time in 2015

Gail is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to a newspaper report

Coronation Street’s Gail McIntyre is set to get married for a SIXTH time next year.

Unlucky-in-love Gail, played by 63-year-old Helen Worth, is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to the Daily Star.

Gail says yes to Michael - played by Les Dennis, 61 - after he pops the question, but the couple are left pondering whether they can make the marriage work.

Weatherfield’s Gail first met former burglar Michael in March this year when she caught him in her living room after he had broken in.

The soap character has previously been married to mechanic Brian Tilsley (twice), Martin Platt (who cheated on her), murderer Richard Hillman (who tried to kill her and her kids by driving into a river) and Joe McIntyre (who took his own life).

Source:  Mirror
Update:  Paula gave birth to a son on New Years Eve.  Mother and baby are doing well.
Here it is:  The expected storyline to write Catherine Tildesley out for her maternity leave:

Coronation Street's Todd Grimshaw will launch a twisted plan later this month as he tries to make his brother Jason believe that his girlfriend Eva Price is cheating on him.

Todd (Bruno Langley) seizes an opportunity to cause trouble when he notices that Eva is spending lots of time with Jason's father Tony Stewart.

The unlikely pair's connection is completely innocent as Tony (Terence Maynard) is merely helping Eva to find a flat for her and Jason.

Tony and Eva decide to keep their plan to themselves for the time being, but it seems that their secrecy is playing straight into Todd's hands as he starts trying to sabotage Jason's relationship.

Pretending to be a supportive brother, Todd begins to carefully plant seeds in Jason's mind that neither Eva or Tony can be trusted.

A Coronation Street insider told Digital Spy: "Todd may appear to be back on better terms with his family, but deep down he still blames them for the fact that he was scarred for life in a mugging last year.

"When Todd turns his vengeful intentions to Jason, he manages to drop just enough hints to send his brother's paranoia into overdrive."

The storyline is expected to lead up to a temporary departure for Eva as Catherine Tyldesley, who plays her, is currently on maternity leave. The 31-year-old is expecting her first child and will return to filming in the summer.

Source:  Digital Spy

Sarah Platt's return to Coronation Street will be sparked when her teenage daughter Bethany makes an unexpected appearance in Weatherfield.

Show bosses announced last October that Tina O'Brien had signed up to reprise her role as Sarah, who was last seen on the cobbles in 2007.

Sarah's return storyline will begin in the spring when Bethany, who is now a "wild child", heads back to the UK after seven years in Italy.

Having grown tired of her life in Milan with Sarah, Bethany rebels by fleeing back to Weatherfield.

Making an immediate impression, Bethany arrives at the Rovers Return and convinces Andy - aka Fake Gavin - to buy her a drink.

Andy is fooled by Bethany as she looks much older than her 14 years, but her true identity is revealed to all once the Platts come face-to-face with her.

As well as leading to Sarah's own return, Bethany's unexpected reappearance will immediately mark her out as one to watch.

A Coronation Street insider told Digital Spy: "It's a strong return for Bethany and a real taste of what's to come! She seems much older than her years and is sure to be a handful."

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn added: "Bethany and Sarah Lou's scenes are looking great in the scripts. It's proper laugh out loud stuff, some of that, and we all know what Sarah Lou and David are like together!"

Source: Digital Spy

Coronation Street's Roy Cropper and Sharif Nazir battle it out in allotment road race... as soap boss admits 'nobody is safe from the axe'

From Tina's death to Tracey's ill-fated wedding, there's been some serious drama in Coronation Street of late.
But that makes way for lighter entertainment when Roy Cropper and Sharif Nazir battle it out  for a cut-price allotment.

The two men, joined by Weatherfield's Tyrone and aided by Hayley's Morris Minor, embark on a provincial road race to secure the plot of land in a forthcoming storyline.

Widowed Roy, played by David Neilson - with Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall) - find out about an allotment that is going for cheap, only to find that Sharif Nazir (payed by Marc Anwar) has designs on it too.

Roy and Tyrone jump into Hayley's old car, whileSharif jumps into his Mercedes, and they race to see the woman who is renting the allotment.
Roy and Tyrone beat Sharif by using a shortcut much to Sharif's annoyance.

The tongue-in-cheek storyline comes as Coronation Street' boss Stuart Blackburn insists 'no one is safe' from the axe.

The soap showrunner - who was dubbed the Grim Reaper for killing off a string of top names during his time at Emmerdale - admits he considered ending the lives of a number of characters in next week's bus crash to explore cause and effect in Weatherfield.
He said: 'No one was safe. When you sit around a writers' table the truth is all of them [the characters] are fair game.
'That's not about being gratuitous, it's about having a cause and effect.'

Source:  Daily Mail

Speaking at a Corrie press event, producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Owen's story will be heartbreaking.

“The minute Linda steps back, Anna realises how much he loved her back then, which goes against what he's told her.

"Izzy has grown up thinking, 'The reason my daddy is crying is because I am disabled and mummy can't cope', but that's not the truth.

"Everyone will see Owen in a very different light - his reactions to Faye's pregnancy will cause a lot of problems.

“Once Anna realises that Faye is pregnant, she won't have time to deal with this petulant, selfish man - it will be all Faye, Faye, Faye."

Katy, played by Georgian May Foote, is also to be written out of the soap this year.

Blackburn added: "Katy will become involved with Callum, but of course that won't end well and her exit will tie in with what happens between Owen and Linda and Linda leaving again."

Source:  STV

Coronation Street café owner Roy Cropper will fall out with Sharif Nazir in an upcoming storyline.

David Neilson and Marc Anwar, who play the characters, were spotted filming an argument while working on location in Manchester this week.

Future episodes will see the pair forced to share an allotment, but it's far from a happy partnership when they can't agree on how to use the patch.

The argument continues

Roy and Sharif end up splitting the plot in two, but it looks as though their comedic bickering could still last for a while.

Despite the early tensions, Roy's hobby will ultimately mark a turning point for him as he starts to move on from his difficult year.

In a recent interview with Inside Soap, Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn confirmed that Roy will meet a troubled new character while working on the allotment - giving him something new to focus on after a year of grief for his wife Hayley.

Roy and Sharif's row attracts attention

Blackburn commented: "Roy meets a widowed lady over on the next allotment. She's not going to be a love interest, but someone who Roy will feel obliged to help guide through the world.

"We know how nervous Roy is around people he doesn't know, so the fact that he's able to come out of his shell and offer real, redemptive support to a complete stranger is a sign that the Roy we all know and love is back."

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street has announced a replacement actress for the role of Bethany Platt after a previous actress was dropped over false age claims.

Newcomer Lucy Fallon, 19, began filming on the ITV soap earlier this week.

Fallon plays Gail McIntyre's 14-year-old granddaughter. Her first scenes are expected to air in late March.

Katie Redford was originally cast in the role, but was dropped by producers after it emerged she was 25, rather than 19, as claimed at the audition.

Producers only became aware of the discrepancy after Redford's real age was divulged online and became a point of discussion on social media.

Katie Redford was dropped after it emerged she was 11 years older than her on-screen character
Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat at the time, Redford's agent defended the actress, saying it "wasn't [Katie's] idea to audition as a 19-year-old".

"People in the industry do it regularly and she sort of went along with what we said," Joanne McLintock said.

"I'm feeling really stressed and so sorry for Katie. It's her first real job and she's a star in the making."

The character of Bethany was last seen in 2007 when she moved to Italy with her mother, Sarah Louise.

The storyline will see her return to Weatherfield from Milan, following a huge fall-out with her mum, who was just 13 when she gave birth to her in 2000.

Starring in her first TV role, Fallon admitted "walking onto the set was surreal and nerve-wracking".

But she added that everyone had been "really welcoming". "I am thrilled to have been given this great opportunity," said the Blackpool-born actress.

The teenager's reappearance paves the way for the return of Tina O'Brien, 31, who plays Sarah Louise. O'Brien returns to the soap a week after her daughter's appearance.

Source:  BBC News
Lucy Fallon
Katie Redford
Coronation Street boss Stuart Blackburn has revealed that Steve McDonald’s overspending at Christmas could result in him having to sell the Rovers Return.

“What Michelle will realise is that in the months when he was silently dealing with his depression, he wasn’t just spending more money than he had, he wasn’t paying the VAT bills and he wasn’t paying the taxes,” says the show’s producer. “It pretty much looks like they could lose the Rovers. They haven’t got the money.”

And it appears that a conniving Tracy Barlow could end up as landlady if a beleaguered Steve doesn’t come up with the cash. “Tracy, unfortunately realises this and, as she continues her seduction of Tony, she not only sets her sights on him, but on the pub as well,” continues Blackburn in an interview on the show's website.

Corrie viewers have recently seen Steve reveal to Michelle that he’s suffering with depression, an admission that has resulted in him beginning counselling sessions. But despite the financial woes set to afflict Steve and Michelle, the pair will see some happiness when they celebrate their nuptials later this year.

“We are heading in early summer to a wonderful, very Corrie, street wedding,” Blackburn added.

Source:  Radio Times

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed that Jenny Bradley (Sally Ann Matthews) will have skeletons in the cupboard when she returns to Weatherfield this spring.

It has already been confirmed that Jenny - who has not been seen on Coronation Street for over 20 years - will be a new love interest for Kevin (Michael Le Vell). But it seems that the Corrie mechanic should be on his guard.
"Jenny Bradley will very quickly get involved with Kevin. Now, we know that Jenny has got a history on the Street. She left under a cloud and she really hurt Rita. She's changed a lot and had a life off the Street, but there are bigger secrets that she's got," says Blackburn in an interview on the soap's website. "And, as the weeks progress, Sophie is the first to suspect that all is not what it seems."

Scenes to be shown in the coming weeks will see Kevin turn to internet dating to find a girlfriend. But he's shocked when he arranges to meet a mystery woman and discovers that it's none other than Jenny, daughter of infamous Corrie villain Alan Bradley.

She in turn admits that she has started internet dating after a nasty divorce and was intrigued to find Kevin online - and confesses she had a bit of a crush on him when they were younger! The pair start dating but how will Jenny’s foster mum Rita (Barbara Knox) react when she finds out about the relationship?

The pair have not spoken since 1993 when Jenny returned briefly to the Street and it became clear that she was after Rita's money to set up a business. Furious Rita wrote her a cheque for £1000 and sent her packing. So what will the atmosphere be like two decades later? And what will be the repercussions of Jenny's big secret for Kevin?

Source:  Radio Times

Coronation Street’s storylines this spring will be “literally explosive”, show producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed.

Stuart took some time out of his busy schedule to round up some of the juiciest plots, which include a massive street wedding, a teenage pregnancy, a seriously ill character, and plenty of backstabbing and plan hatching, as you’d expect.

“There’s some very, very big stuff, literally explosive stuff as these stories come to a head,” the show boss explained.

Steve and Michelle will work together as he battles depression, but while things seem to be getting back on track, they’ll struggle when it become clear they could lose the Rovers Return due to Steve’s lack of financial control over the last few months.

With an impending street wedding coming up, will they live happily ever after?

And will Tracy set her sights on the pub – and Tony?

The clock is ticking for Michael, as his health worsens. And worryingly, as the ‘real’ Gavin is tracked down, it becomes quite clear he has nothing but contempt and hatred for his dad. Oh dear...

Things are no happier in the Platt household for David, who continues to be terrified that Callum is about to take Max away from him.

And when Sarah Lou and Bethany make their grand return, happiness is soon overshadowed – when Sarah takes a shine to Callum!

The Tim, Sally, Kevin love triangle continues to amuse, particularly when Jenny Bradley – who left under a cloud after leaving Rita devastated years ago – walks back onto the cobbles and quickly hooks up with Kevin!

And Owen will be left shaken and stirred when his estranged wife returns, and soon creates major problems for him and his family. Has Owen been fully truthful with his kids all these years?

Add into that the fact Faye is pregnant and is trying to keep it a secret, and we’ve got a thrilling few months coming up on Corrie.

Source:  STV

A beleaguered Gail (Helen Worth) is to find herself targeted by the real Gavin Rodwell (Mark Holgate, below) when he shows up in Weatherfield this spring.

Gail is set to discover that the man currently posing as Gavin Rodwell - whose real name is actually Andy - is an impostor, but she will keep the news from partner Michael (Les Dennis) for fear of the news affecting his already fragile health.

Later on, though, the arrival of Michael's actual biological son looks set to cause further problems for a stressed Gail. "The clock is potentially ticking for Michael with his heart condition and he and Gail want to get married as quickly as possible," says Corrie producer Stuart Blackburn. "Unfortunately, this will coincide with the arrival of the real Gavin."

As to what the real Gavin's feelings are towards his son, Blackburn adds in an interview with the soap's official website: "Gavin's got nothing but loathing for his father - and Gail finds herself being blackmailed."

Source:  Radio Times

Sarah-Louise Platt’s return to ‘Coronation Street’ this spring is set to be steeped in controversy for her family, after she falls for her brother’s nemesis.

Over the past few months, a long-running feud has been brewing between David Platt and Callum Logan, the drug-dealing father of his wife’s son, Max, who has only recently come back on the scene.

With Kylie Platt currently AWOL, David is raising Max himself, though things are being made difficult for him, by the fact that Callum always seems to be around.

Unfortunately for David, things won’t be getting easier, as when his sister returns to the cobbles in the near future, she’ll find herself under Callum’s charms.

‘Corrie’ executive producer Stuart Blackburn has said: “Very quickly, Callum takes a real liking to Sarah. And it’s a liking that’s returned. So there’ll be huge problems for David.

“David’s got his own massive problems. Callum has taken a real liking to Max. And Max is his biological son. He’s got almost as many rights to Max as David does.”

Of course, Sarah isn’t coming back to Weatherfield alone, with her teenage daughter Bethany also returning to ‘Corrie’.

It was recently unveiled that Lucy Fallon would be playing the role of Bethany, after Katie Redford was sacked from the role after 'Corrie' bosses learned she'd knocked six years off her age.

Bethany will be stirring up trouble from the get-go, after tricking one ‘Corrie’ resident into buying her a drink in the Rovers Return, despite the fact she’s only 14 years old.

Source: Huffington Post

Coronation Street favourite Katy Cavanagh has announced her decision to quit the hit ITV soap, The Sun newspaper reports.

The actress, who plays unlucky-in-love Julie Carp in Corrie, broke the news via a statement published in the paper in which she explained her decision to “take a break from the cobbles” in a bid to “pursue other projects and opportunities.”

Cavanagh will stay on our ITV screens until late spring, but has categorically NOT ruled out a returnto the show at a later date, with the publication quoting her as saying:

“I’ve loved every minute in the world of Julie. I am not ruling out a return to the Street in the future. However, I am looking forward to a new challenge and a pair of flat shoes.”

Meanwhile, the show’s executive producer, Stuart Blackburn, expressed his hope that Cavanagh might return too, commenting:

“Julie has become a warm, wonderful and eccentric character able to raise a laugh and a tear in the same scene.

“Everyone at Corrie wishes Katy all the very best and hopefully, the cobbles haven’t seen the last of her.”

At this point, not much is known about Julie’s Corrie exit, although bosses at the show have revealed that it will be centred around her love life, the perils of which have dominated her storylines since arriving on the Street seven years ago.

Currently, Julie is in a relationship with Dev Alahan (Jimmi Harkishin) after a real love story blossomed between them after a series of false starts and mixed signals, but from the sounds of it, the bubble they had blissfully fallen into before Christmas is about to burst.

Cavanagh made her debut as Julie Carp, the half-sister of Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver), back in 2008 after meeting first love Kirk Sutherland (Andy Whyment) on holiday in Cyprus.

During her time on the show, Julie has been at the heart of some of the soa’s biggest dramas, including the epic 2010 tram crash and subsequent live episode, as well as the minibus crash last month which saw her heroically ripping up her ball gown to tend her friends injuries.

We are pretty sure with such experience, and the love of a nation behind her, Katy Cavanagh will have no trouble following her dreams, and we wish her all the luck in the world and hope to see her again really soon!

Source: Unreality TV
Could there finally be joy on the horizon for long-suffering Steve McDonald now he’s set to marry Michelle Connor come Springtime – but will it all go smoothly?

And we all know that Steve has a long battle ahead of him before he can become the model groom and really enjoy his day. I spoke to actress Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, about the upcoming journey which will culminate in what is billed as a ‘classic Coronation Street wedding celebration.’

‘I’m delighted to become Mrs McDonald!’ the star enthused during a chat with ‘I’ve been Michelle Connor for so long but people seem to want Michelle and Steve to be together.

‘The bus crash was a turning point for them. There’s still a journey to go on but it’s the start of Michelle and Steve loving each other again.’

In the wake of the bus crash and Steve’s ill-advised escape from the scene of the wreckage, residents of the Street were divided over their approach to Steve, with several turning on him.

Kym explained: ‘Michelle was very protective when people on the Street start blaming him for what happened to Sinead. She really took control of the situation and acts like a bit of a mother hen.

‘There’s a lot of people who don’t understand but Steve does have a nice support network and will start attending therapy.’

As Michelle proves to be Steve’s rock, their partnership is very much back on. And producer Stuart Blackburn revealed his plans for their wedding scenes which are due to air later this year.

‘It’s going to be a big community event; a good old fashioned street party and everyone’s going to chip in: Carla in her dungarees, Roy and Dev with food…a real celebration!’ he revealed exclusively.

‘It will also be the point where we stop talking so much about Steve’s depression. We don’t need to bang on about it- it’s just there. It won’t stop Steve being funny or living a joyful life.’

After a traumatic 2014 and hellish start to the new year, it’s good to see that Steve will slowly start to regain some pleasure in life as he and Michelle face to the future. And, let’s face it, he’ll need to be ready to stand up for Liz when she makes the inevitable discovery that Tracy and Tony are secretly seeing eachother. And you thought the bus crash was explosive…

Source:  Metro
Would the REAL Gavin Rodwell please stand up? Soap imposter attends his OWN funeral with tearful Gail Platt in Coronation Street

He’s been cultivating a new life after stealing the identity of another man, but would-be Gavin Rodwell’s world of make-believe takes a macabre turn in a forthcoming episode of Coronation Street.
The restaurant worker, played by Oliver Farnworth, has been living a double life since arriving on the cobbles after taking the identity of Michael Rodwell’s long lost son.
But he will be faced with a conundrum after the real Gavin dies, with Michael, who has a heart condition, seemingly unaware that the person he believes to be his son is in fact an imposter.

Bringing up the rear, Michael's tearful fiancée Gail Platt is seen with the fake Gavin, himself evidently stunned by the latest development, and with it the implications that come with telling Michael, played by Les Dennis, the truth.

Speaking to the Radio Times about the storyline, Oliver said: 'My character is actually called Andy and he's a friend of the real Gavin Rodwell, who he shares a flat with.

'The real Gavin is off travelling and Andrew has intercepted this letter that Michael posted through the door.
'The tall and short of it is is that Andrew made a rash decision to pretend to be Gavin and before he knew it the situation had spiralled out of control. It had run away with itself and now Andrew is in far too deep.'

Gavin has previously confided in love interest Steph Britton, but the actor who plays him admits going one step further and telling Michael is harder than one might believe.

He told Inside Soap: ‘With Michael's heart condition, any surprises like this might send him over the edge. So it's going to be really difficult for Andy and Steph - who's now implicated in this - to break the news to him.' 

Source:  Daily Mail
Amy Kelly quits Coronation Street: Actress who plays Maddie Heath leaving behind lesbian storyline

Actress Amy Kelly has quit Coronation Street.

The 19-year-old had a meeting with soap bosses late last year to announce she wanted to leave her role as Maddie Heath - a formerly homeless teen who is dating Sophie Webster (Brooke Vincent) - and is expected to depart Weatherfield in the summer.

Amy told The Sun newspaper: "I'm young and adventurous and I want to gain more experience and explore and improve my craft.

"Acting is my passion and I'm excited to see where it takes me."

Bosses are currently coming up with Amy's exit storyline but she isn't expected to be killed off as she is so popular backstage, and show chief Stuart Blackburn previously admitted he wanted to keep her in the soap for as long as possible.

He said last year: "The joy with Amy is that she has no idea how good she is.

"Short of her wanting to go, the character of Maddie will be here as long as I'm here."

The news comes just six months after Amy was handed a contract extension after impressing in her early scenes as troubled teen Maddie.

A source previously said: "The bosses are really pleased with Amy. They were delighted to get such high figures for the kiss [between Maddie and Sophie].

''It was after that they decided they wanted to extend her contract."

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street: First glimpse at newly cast Bethany Platt

Actress Lucy Fallon has been pictured filming some of her first scenes for Coronation Street in Manchester. The 19-year-old, who has been cast as Gail Platt's granddaughter Bethany Platt, looks set to make a dramatic debut on the cobbles in March.

In new scenes filmed for the soap, Bethany can be seen getting up to mischief while her on-screen mother Sarah-Louise - played by Tina O'Brien - is distracted. The tearaway teen appears to steal from a local shop before being caught by her mum and forced to face the consequences.

It is the first time fans will have seen Lucy in action since she was cast to play the rebellious teenager in January.

The character was initially meant to be portrayed by actress Katie Redford, but following confusion around her age, Katie, 25, was dropped and the role recast.

Lucy started filming scenes with her new on-screen family members Gail and David, played by Helen Worth and Jack P Shepherd, soon after landing her big break.

"Walking onto the set was surreal and nerve wracking, but everyone has been really welcoming and I am thrilled to have been given this great opportunity," said the actress when her role was announced.

Lucy's first episode will air in March and see her character Bethany, 14, make an unexpected arrival on the cobbles, following a huge argument with her mum Sarah in Milan.

The week after, Sarah will be seen flying over to the UK to try and convince Bethany to return with her to Italy, if it means dragging her "kicking and screaming". The pair end up staying on the Street in Weatherfield when things don't go exactly to plan.

ITV bosses warned Corrie fans that Bethany will be causing problems for the Platt clan, while Gail in particular will struggle to cope with her family's secrets and lies.

In January producers had to announce their decision to let the original actress Katie go, after fans discovered photos of her old CV that clearly stated she was turning 26. A snapshot of her résumé did the rounds online, listing her date of birth as 2 March 1989.

Source:  Hello
Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote has revealed that show newcomer Linda Armstrong will ultimately win the support of her daughters over the next few weeks.

Linda, who is the mother of Foote's character Katy Armstrong, shocked her estranged family by making an unexpected appearance in Weatherfield in Monday night's double bill.

While Linda didn't get a warm welcome from the Armstrongs and Windasses, future episodes will see Katy become curious to find out exactly why her mom walked out when she was a baby.

Once it becomes clear that Owen has been lying to his daughters about the reasons for Linda's departure, the situation changes drastically as he finds himself in the firing line.

Appearing on ITV's This Morning with on-screen mom Jacqueline Leonard today (February 11), Foote commented: "Katy really wants to hear Linda's side of it. Obviously she's never met her, she's never had the opportunity. She's not got memories of her.

"We do have a chat. Izzy then finds out the truth and it just literally flips."

The storyline paves the way for Katy's departure from the cobbles as she decides to join Linda out in Portugal.

Discussing the storyline and her own future, Foote added: "She goes off to Portugal - she waves off goodbye. I'm very excited. I'm a bit sad - obviously I'm going to miss loads of people, the crew, the production team, my cast mates and all that, but I'm ready. It's been nearly five years now so it's a long stint to do there and I'm excited."

Foote is celebrating her 24th birthday today and was presented with a cake and a bunch of flowers towards the end of her interview.

She said: "It's got my name on it and everything! Thank you, that's made my day. I'm so lucky!"

Source:  Digital Spy

Correction:  Many of the tabloids are calling Linda 'Armstrong', but in actual fact, her name is Linda Hancock, so she must have remarried sometime in the last twenty years, but possibly not to the fellow she left Owen for, as she has said that was a mistake, and tried to come home after that ended.
The ongoing feud continues with some disastrous and rather messy results

The ongoing Coronation Street allotment feud takes a nasty turn as crafty Zeedan Nazir gets Simon Barlow to do his dirty work.

Zeedan, played by Qasim Akhtar, arrives at the allotment to do some basic weeding and planting on the orders of his father Sharif.

But Zeedan has other ideas and quickly ropes in Simon to do the hard work while his father is away.

These pictures spoilers show Zeedan appearing to happily hand out orders while Simon does all the heavy lifting on his behalf.

But it all goes disastrously wrong when his father Sharif, played by Marc Anwar, returns to find out the vegetables have been planted in the wrong place.

Not only have they picked the wrong location - it's on allotment nemesis Roy Cropper's side.

Needless to say, they have to start all over again.

The drama has switched from the cobbles to the muddy allotment after Sharif and Roy agreed to shared ownership of the site.

We all know how a spot of innocent gardening can produce high tensions, and their rivalry looks unlikely to simmer down any time soon.

Source:  Mirror
Rumour has it that when Sarah Platt (or is she still Grimshaw?) comes back, she will not only be attracted to the dastardly Callum, but will also have a one night stand with her ex-husband, Jason.  Now this might prove a little awkward if true, as Tina O'brien and Ryan Thomas were once partners in real life, and have a daughter together.  The split was painful, but have since managed an amicable arrangement for young Scarlett's sake.  But will it be amicable enough to allow them to act a bit of a romance realistically?  We shall see.  This will of course lay the groundwork for angst between Jason and Eva when Catherine Tildesley returns from her maternity leave.
Fans of Coronation Street will of course know that actress Anne Kirkbride passed away last month after a short illness, so of course, her Corrie character, Deirdre Barlow, must now be written out of the show.

The last time we saw Anne on-screen was as Deirdre left Weatherfield in order to visit friends after finding the strain of her stepson Peter Barlow’s murder trial too much to bear…

But as to how Deirdre will be written out of the show – her former co-star Maggie Jones, who played the role of Deirdre’s mother Blanche, similarly passed away while on temporary leave from the ITV soap in 2009 – it seems that Coronation Street bosses are keen that Anne’s devastated family are involved with detailing the plotline.

A show source told The Sun, “They [the show’s writers] don’t want to do anything that would upset Anne’s family or disrespect the legacy of one of their most popular characters.

“They think it’s best to make a joint decision about the best way to wave goodbye to Deirdre.”

Apparently, we’ll find out exactly how Deirdre has been written out in episodes that will air over the summer…

Source:  Unreality TV
Coronation Street Spoilers: Mark Moraghan cast to play new love interest for who? & Claire King returns as Erica!

There is love in the air for two residents of Coronation Street this spring!

First of all it has been confirmed that former Brookside star, Mark Moraghan, has been cast to play the role of Adrian – a new online love interest for show favourite, Eileen Grimshaw (Sue Cleaver).
Moraghan, who played Greg Shadwick in the hit Channel 4 soap Brookside and whose other previous credits include the roles of Owen Davies in Holby City and Ray Wyatt in Dream Team, has already filmed his first scenes for Corrie last week, but only confirmed his new role yesterday via social networking site, Twitter, by posting this picture along with the following caption:

“Had a great 1st week up North. Thanks to a wonderful cast & crew for making me welcome x”

Eileen will meet Adrian in April when she decides to give online dating a go following a string of failed romances in the past with the likes of Paul Kershaw and Owen Armstrong.

Exact details of Adrian & Eileen’s relationship are being kept closely guarded for now, but according to Digital Spy he will be appearing on the cobbles of Weatherfield for at least a few months.

Elsewhere and there is romance in store for Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) too, as his festive fling Erica Holroyd (Claire King) makes a Rovers Return to the show.

Fans of the hit ITV soap will remember how Erica first appeared on our Corrie screens over the Christmas period and had soon won over Nick as they embarked on a flirtatious fling – But will things get more serious when she comes back?

It certainly looks like it might as from the moment that Erica turns up at the pub to surprise her old pal Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard) she instantly picks up where she left off with Nick.

Erica’s original appearance was meant to be in a guest role capacity but after viewers warmed to her so well the powers that be asked her to come back on a slightly more permanent basis.

Source:  Unreality TV

Monday 2nd March – episode 1

Callum calls in at No.8 with some stylish designer clothes for Max, however, David throws them in Callum’s face and orders him to leave…

But Max holds on to a cap that Callum gave him, and while wearing it, the little boy tries on his wedding suit. However, when David insists he take the cap off, Max throws a tantrum and angrily says he wants the clothes from his “real dad”, which of course leaves David heartbroken.

Meanwhile, Steph’s worried when Andy admits that he’s grown fond of the Platt family and of Michael, and adds that it feels like he belongs. However, there could be trouble ahead because later, when Steph lets herself into Andy’s flat, she finds the real Gavin there!

Back on the street, Faye has a bad cold and fears that her pregnancy secret is about to be discovered as Anna insists on taking her to see the doctor…

Dr Gaddas diagnoses Faye as having a viral infection, but just as Faye heaves a sigh of relief that her secret’s safe, she’s horrified when Anna mentions that Faye is worried about her weight. Faye immediately runs out of the surgery, but what will she say to Anna about why she bolted?

Meanwhile, when Craig spots Anna hugging a clearly distressed Faye, he assumes that Faye had finally told her mum about the pregnancy. Will he inadvertently blow his friend’s secret?

Elsewhere, when Rita hears that Jenny stayed overnight at No.13 she admits to Sophie that she’s worried that Jenny might be after Kevin’s money. However, while keen to prove she has no ulterior motive, for her interest in Kevin, Jenny calls in the Kabin and offers Rita a cheque for £300 towards the money she owes her. How will Rita react?

Also in this episode, Tony apologises to Tracy for not backing her up in front of Liz, and suggests that they meet up later, but Tracy keeps him dangling…

When Liz then calls in to Barlow’s Buys, Tracy takes great pleasure in barring her from the shop. How will Tony react to that drama?

Monday 2nd March – episode 2

A shocked Steph tells Gavin that she’s Andy’s girlfriend, and as Gavin blithely chats about his travels, Steph notices some of Andy’s Bistro payslips, which of course have Gavin’s name on them. She quickly stashes them in her pocket as Gavin explains that he lost his phone while he was abroad, and so hasn’t had any messages from anyone back home for months…

Shaken, Steph makes her excuses and heads back to the street, and when she finds Andy, he’s as shocked as she is to learn that Gavin’s back. He’s panicked over what Gavin will do if he finds out that he stole his identity, and insists that he needs to tell Michael the truth immediately. However, Steph reckons that he needs to spill to Gavin first.

Elsewhere, after hearing that Katy’s meeting Linda in the pub, Owen decides to go along in a bid to impress his daughters. However, Katy’s annoyed when Anna and Owen turn up, and so decides to meet Linda somewhere else. Owen’s left disappointed while Anna’s frustrated with him and scheming…

Meanwhile, Sophie finds a weeping Rita in The Kabin, and as Sophie comforts her, Rita explains that she regrets her confrontation with Jenny.

Also in this episode, Max refuses to take off the cap that Callum gave him, and though Gail tries to explain to Max that David is a proper dad to him, Max retorts that David is horrible!

When Michael then suggests it might be worth letting Max see Callum, David is furious but later admits that Michael may be right.

And finally, Tim and Sally speculate about Faye’s row with Craig but when Tim jokingly refers to Craig as her boyfriend, Faye reacts furiously…

Wednesday 4th March

Steph goes with Andy to his flat, and they panic when Gavin shows them a Bistro payslip and the letter that Michael wrote to him. Gavin’s stunned when Andy confesses that he used his name to get a job  and more so when he adds that Michael believes he’s his son.

Andy then insists that Michael’s a decent man and tells Gavin about his dad’s heart condition, but a bitter Gavin has nothing but animosity towards the father who abandoned him when he was a baby.

Later, Andy’s worried sick that Gavin will blow his cover, so Steph tells him to come clean to Michael right now, before the real Gavin has a chance to. Deciding that she’s right, Andy takes a deep breath as he and Steph find Gail and Michael in the Rovers, however, before he can say anything, Gavin walks in…

Elsewhere, Faye’s dreading the school meeting about a forthcoming trip, but she’s horrified to see Anna and Owen sitting right next to Jackson and his parent…

Alarmed to see him, Faye makes an excuse and flees, leaving Anna and Owen increasingly bemused by her behaviour. However, later, Anna’s unimpressed when Owen invites Linda and Katy to come up to the flat to look at old photos.

Also in this episode, Michelle and Liz agree that Eileen just isn’t suited to bar work, and Michelle steels herself to sack Eileen, but loses her nerve when it comes to doing the deed.

And finally, Roy and Sharif compete to get an allotment plot, while back on the street, Callum’s surprised when David agrees that he can see Max. However, when Callum arrives, David tells him that Max is out. What’s David playing at?

Friday 6th March – episode 1

Steph and Andy are frantic as they try to figure out where they’re going to get hold of £5,000 to pay Gavin off.

But later, when they tell Gavin they can’t raise the cash, he coldly tells them that in that case, he’s about to give Michael the shock of his life, which leaves Andy  panic-stricken and fearing that Gavin will gate crash Michael’s stag do and give him a heart attack with his bombshell…

However, when Nick hands Andy the Bistro’s takings and asks him to drop the money in at the bank, he forms a plan. He tells Steph that they could stage a mugging and hand the money over to Gavin, but she’s outraged and refuses to consider it. Will she change her mind though when Andy points out how devastated Michael will be if he finds out the truth?

Elsewhere, Gail’s hen party gets underway at the Rovers, however, Eileen keeps sniping at Gail, much to Michelle’s annoyance.

Meanwhile, Anna and Owen argue over Linda and Anna accuses Owen of favouring his own daughters over Faye. Later, in an attempt to sort things out calmly and without rowing, Owen and Anna agree to a night out, but it’s clear that things are strained between them.

Also in this episode, Gail’s heartbroken for David when Callum arrives to collect an excited Max. Later, David seethes when Max kisses Callum goodnight, knowing that there’s nothing he can do to stop Callum from seeing his son.

And finally, Erica turns up at the Rovers to surprise Liz.

Friday 6th March – episode 2

Steph tries her best to act shocked when Andy arrives at the Bistro and announces that he’s been mugged and that the attackers took the restaurant’s takings.

Later, as a concerned Michael fusses over him, the police quiz Andy about what happened while assuring Nick that they’ll investigate. When they’re left alone, Andy urges a guilt-ridden Steph to keep cool and insists that the drama is nearly over…
However, they’re horrified when Gavin arrives at Michael’s stag do, and things go from bad to worse for Andy when Gavin is unimpressed that he’s only raised half the cash he wanted.

Elsewhere, Gail’s hen night continues, and an increasingly drunk Eileen carries on winding the bride-to-be up, despite getting glares from Liz and Michelle.

But it’s not long before Eileen gets maudlin and bemoans being single. Todd offers to help her set up an online dating profile, but that only serves to upset Eileen ever more. So when Steve and Michelle see her weeping, they wrongly assume that Liz has sacked her and offer words of sympathy…

Meanwhile, Anna’s irritated when Linda, Katy and Callum crash her date with Owen, but Katy’s irked when Anna’s frosty towards Linda. However, things take a turn for the dramatic when Gail loudly informs Katy that her new boyfriend Callum is a drug dealer…

As tensions rise, will things really kick off in the pub?

And finally, while Sharif and Roy are battling it out for the allotment plot, back on the street, Nick’s delighted to see Erica has returned.

Source:  Unreality TV

Coronation Street Spoilers: Waterloo Road’s Melanie Hill cast to play newcomer Cathy

Coronation Street have cast former Waterloo Road actress, Melanie Hill, to play a new character called Cathy Matthews.

Cathy is set to join the street as a new friend for grieving widow Roy Cropper in an upcoming storyline, which will see them meeting as they work on adjacent allotments to each other.

Roy initially starts working on the allotment with Sharif Nazir, but soon gets to know Cathy who he becomes so close to that he starts to confide in her about Hayley after she opens up to him about her own husband’s death.

Hill, who is best known for her role of Maggie Budgen in the hit drama Waterloo Road as well as having also starred in Bread, Playing the Field and Cilla, joins the show in a guest role capacity and is quoted by Digital Spy as saying of her new role:

“I’m chuffed to bits to be joining the cast of my favourite soap. I and my family grew up watching it and to actually be working on it is a dream come true.”

At this point it is unknown how long Hill will be in Corrie, but depending on fans reactions to this new storyline may end up becoming a regular cast member if Cathy and Roy end up romantically involved.

Corrie executive producer, Stuart Blackburn, is quoted by the entertainment site as commenting:

“Recently widowed, Cathy is an engaging yet sometimes chaotic woman. Though her indecision can drive her friends mad, behind the vulnerable front is a woman who truly does have a heart of gold. Gentle, kind and intelligent she has more to offer than she knows and in Roy she’ll find a friend who will ultimately bring out the best in her.”

“We are delighted that Melanie Hill has agreed to join us and take on the role. Familiar I’m sure to our audience, Melanie is an incredible actress who I know will soon propel Cathy to the heart of Coronation Street.”

Fans can expect to see Cathy’s arrival in Coronation Street in late April.

Source:  Unreality TV
Widowed Corrie café boss Roy Cropper will find happiness again – after striking up a friendship with a fun-loving newcomer.

Much-loved Roy had one of the ITV soap’s most tragic storylines last year when terminally-ill wife Hayley died in his arms of a lethal cocktail of drugs.

But soap bosses are keen to showcase actor David Neilson’s comic talent. So Street fans will see a smile back on Roy’s face when he meets young widow Cathy Matthews, played by Melanie Hill.

A senior insider said Neilson, 65, and Hill were both “brilliant” comedy actors who would be the perfect foil for each other.

The source said: “Roy is a wonderful character who has been through the mill – we think it’s time for him to move on and find happiness again.

“His life will change for the better. His allotment and Cathy will become a great source of joy to him and to viewers. She will help him get over the grief.

“The pair will strike up a friendship – there will be lots of laughs along the way. There will be romance but it won’t be for a while.”

The source added: “There was a feeling that we have a great comedy actor moping around being unhappy. He needed a spark to get back to form. Cathy will be that spark.

“Roy and Cathy will lead the way in the comedy stakes – but there will be plenty of other humorous plots and funny lines sprinkled throughout.”

Sunderland-born Melanie, 53, made her name as Aveline in Scouse comedy Bread. In Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, her character Hazel was involved in a long romance with Barry, played by Timothy Spall. She was most recently on screen in Waterloo Road.

Roy’s new storyline comes as part of a wider move to “lighten up” the Street in a bid to win back viewers from EastEnders. Writers plan to offer northern humour as an antidote to its southern rival’s gritty misery.

But it won’t be all laughs on the show – there will also be storylines featuring teenage pregnancy and depression.

A spokeswoman said: “We’re very excited at what we have in store for viewers in the coming months. It’s a typical Corrie combination of romance, drama, villainy and comedy.”

Source:  Mirror