Monday 2 February 2015
With Callum sniffing around, David books an appointment with a solicitor to establish his legal rights over Max. He is relieved to hear he has a strong case, having provided Max with a loving and stable home for several years. Back on the street, Callum tracks down Katy and Max in the cafe and insists on buying them a milkshake. David is furious to find Max with Callum and drags him home. Eva warns Callum to stay away, telling him that although it's his name on Max's birth certificate, David is his real Dad.
Roy agrees to look after Joseph while Chesney visits Sinead in hospital. But he lies to Sinead, telling her Katy's looking after Joseph rather than mentioning Roy.

Maddie and Simon kick their football against the Kabin window and Norris becomes increasingly annoyed. Spotting Simon's football, Norris heads towards it brandishing his paper-knife, an evil glint in his eye! Meanwhile, Sophie reveals she's splashed out on a weekend at a posh country hotel for Maddie's 18th.

When Anna's not looking, Faye forges her own absence letter to the school. The Bistro staff prepare for the grand opening of the newly refurbished restaurant. Gavin/Andy's startled when his ex-girlfriend appears delivering plants.

Monday 2 February 2015
Having followed David and Max home, Katy demands to know what's going on and why the irrational dislike of Callum. David explains that Callum was Kylie's drug dealer. When Callum then approaches Katy and invites her out for a drink Katy refuses, telling him she doesn't hang out with drug dealers. Callum's furious and calling at No.8 he tells David he intends to see more of Max and he'll be hearing from his solicitor. David is horrified.

Chesney confesses to Sinead how Roy's been minding Joseph but he didn't want to upset her. Sinead's annoyed that he lied to her.

When Simon shows Maddie his punctured football, Maddie angrily confronts Norris, suspecting that he's responsible. Intent on revenge, Maddie waits until Norris disappears into the back of the shop and then taps away on his tablet computer.

It's the opening night of the Bistro. Leanne confronts "Gavin" wanting to know his history with Tara and why she called him Andy. "Gavin" spins her a story but Leanne is suspicious and worried for Steph.  Faye tells Craig she bunked off school as some of the girls have been picking on her, calling her fat. Craig offers to be her bodyguard.

Wednesday 4 February 2015
  Roy instructs Tyrone to sell the Woody as he has no use for it. Tyrone and Carla are concerned, reminding him it was Hayley's pride and joy. After a heart to heart with Chesney, Sinead summons Roy to her bedside and tells him she forgives him for his attack on Gary and that he must live his life as Hayley wanted him to. Having given the Woody a once over, Tyrone returns the car to Roy. On reflection, Roy tells him, he'll keep the Woody as it's what Hayley would have wanted and he now feels ready to scatter her ashes.

Steve sits despondently watching repeats on telly.  Liz and Michelle do their best to cajole him into action. Steve attends his second session with the therapist and tells him how his family, although trying to help, are making matters worse by suffocating him.

Eva confesses to David she let slip to Callum that it's his name on Max's birth certificate. David is dejected, fearing he could lose Max. Meanwhile, when Callum assures Katy he's no longer a drug dealer, she agrees to meet him for a drink. But how will she react to the news that he's Max's dad?

Faye tells Craig she's bunking off school again as she can't stand the girls taunting her over her weight. Craig feels for Faye and insists he'll spend the day with her. When Norris receives a bulk delivery of Chicken Fancier magazine, he's furious. Is this Maddie's work? Over lunch in the Bistro, Michael hands Gail and "Gavin" a copy of his will, worried he might not survive his operation.

Friday 6 February 2015
Callum gets a call from Macca warning him that the police are looking for him. Finding the door open, Callum lets himself into No.8.  Shocked, David demands he gets out but Callum gets him in an arm-lock and tells him he's not going anywhere.

In an attempt to get Steve away from the telly, Liz hides the remote and suggests he does an hour behind the bar. Steve heads into the pub but when he goes to serve Eileen, he suddenly finds himself unable to cope and turns on his heel. Meanwhile, Michelle and Liz row over Steve.  Liz has a go at Michelle for seeing Hamish. Michelle claims she only went out with Hamish as he made her feel wanted. Steve overhears their exchange.

Clutching Hayley's ashes, Roy leads Tyrone and Chesney to the boating lake, explaining it's the place where he and Hayley had their first ever kiss.

A jittery Michael is led into the operating theatre as Gail waits nervously for news. Maddie continues to wreak revenge on Norris and steals the newspaper poster from outside the Kabin. Norris is bemused and confides in Mary that he's worried about his memory as he keeps making silly mistakes. When Maddie finds out from Mary that Norris is worried about his own sanity, she feels terrible. Audrey spots Faye skiving in town.

Friday 6 February 2015
Callum tells David the police are onto him and he wants David to provide him with an alibi. David is furious but Callum makes it clear that if he doesn't comply, he'll reveal to Max that he's his real Dad. While Katy waits for Callum in the Bistro, the police call at No.8. Will David back up Callum's story and lie to the police? Callum later finds Katy and, making out his mobile was dead, promises to spoil her rotten. Steph warns Katy that Callum is bad news.

Liz reckons that what Steve needs is tough love but Michelle thinks they should go easy on him. Tony does his best to act as mediator and the two women make up, realising they both want the best for Steve. Meanwhile, Eileen finds Steve at Streetcars, clearly in a world of his own. Convinced he's nothing but a burden, Steve tells Michelle she'd be better off without him.

Roy bids an emotional farewell to Hayley as he scatters her ashes into the boating lake. He later tells Tyrone and Chesney he'd like to resume his driving lessons in the Woody as it's what Hayley would have wanted.

After Faye is spotted in town, Anna confronts her about bunking off school. Faye insists she was on a field trip. When Norris admits that he was responsible for puncturing Simon's football, will Maddie agree to call it quits? Gail returns from the hospital with news of Michael's operation. Steph reminds "Gavin" that now it's time to tell Michael the truth.


The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street
Corrie sexpot Georgia May Foote is to leave Weatherfield for the bright lights of Hollywood, reports the Sunday People.

The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street.

Her management team believe gorgeous Georgia’s smouldering looks will be a hit with executives in Los Angeles.

She is unknown across the Atlantic but ­reckons that could work to her advantage – just like it did for another sultry English brunette 20 years ago: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Darling Buds of May star Catherine, 44, quit Britain in the 90s and landed a part in the US series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which was her springboard to Hollywood stardom.

Last night a source said: “Georgia has got the English good looks that American producers love and the fact that she is young and ­unknown is an advantage.

“She will probably be offered roles in one or two pilots and then the game is to try and pick the one that will be a winner and made into a series.

“If she gets it right she could be on the road to international fame and fortune.

“If she gets it wrong, well, there is always panto!”

Georgia, from Bury, Lancs, will be written out of the Street at the end of the year with the promise of a dramatic exit.

But producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed she WON’T be killed off, leaving the door open for a return.

Georgia, who joined the show four years ago, plays single teen mum Katy.

Fans have seen her cheat on long-term fella Chesney Brown (Sam Aston, 21) with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras, 27).

Corrie boss Blackburn said: “Katy will not be killed off. We wish Georgia every success with her future career. ”

Her agent Dawn Green said: “She is an aspiring actress. Like all actresses they want to go to Hollywood.

"But realistically she can’t until she is available and that will be January or February.

“It’s all very exciting. The world is her oyster.”

Source:  Daily Mirror

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed that there will be a teenage pregnancy storyline.

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach), who is 12-years-old, will fall pregnant later this year.

Blackburn said: “It's going to be horrible for all of her family.

“The first response for parents in a situation like that would naturally be, 'Where have we gone wrong?', so that'll be the case for Anna, Owen and Tim.

“They'll wonder how to deal with it and how to support a young girl who's in that position.

“Anna and Owen will be  close again by this stage, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll have the right answers.”

Faye will be the youngest Corrie character to have a baby.

Previously Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O’Brien) gave birth at the age of 13.

Stuart told Digital Spy: “Teen pregnancies don't result in long-term welfare checks and a really easy life - it's a nightmare at that age so it's going to affect her physically and emotionally. It'll also affect her education.

“Faye is already a character who always worries that she's different, so this will only add to her fears of feeling like an outsider.

"It's a biggie and it's one of those stories where we've got a massive responsibility to get it right. Things are better than they were 20 years ago, but it's still a reality for tens of thousands of people out there."

Source:  STV

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed that Jenny Bradley will be returning to the show.

Actress Sally Ann Matthews is reprising her role after more than two decades away from the soap, and will return to screens this winter.

It was recently reported that Matthews was in talks to return, but Blackburn confirmed the news at a Coronation Street press event recently.

Matthews appeared in the soap as Jenny from 1986 until 1991, and made a brief appearance again in 1993.

Jenny's stand-out storylines from her time in Weatherfield include being fostered by Rita Tanner and blaming her for her father Alan's death.

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street favourite Tina O'Brien returning to the cobbles as Sarah-Louise Platt

The 31-year-old actress is 'delighted' to reprise her role as Gail McIntyre's daughter in the spring of 2015

Tina O’Brien has revealed she is returning to Coronation Street - eight years after quitting the ITV soap.

The actress, who plays Sarah-Louise Platt, will start filming in the New Year along with her screen daughter Bethany, who is now 13 – the same age as Sarah-Lou was when she fell pregnant.

Tina - now 31 and a mum-of-two after giving birth just two weeks ago - joined the show as a teenager and the gymslip mum storyline sparked huge headlines in 2000.

The last time viewers saw Sarah-Lou was in 2007, when she left for Milan with Bethany after scuppering her brother David’s chance of landing a job by planting drugs on him.

Her return plot is being kept under wraps but insiders revealed Bethany was now every bit as much of a handful as Sarah Lou was at her age.

While mum Gail McIntyre, played by Helen Worth, will be thrilled to have her daughter and granddaughter back in the fold, Sarah-Lou is likely to clash with David’s girlfriend Kylie, who is currently trying to keep her genuine drug habit under wraps.

But announcing her comeback today, ITV said Bethany was now something of a “wild child” while Sarah-Louise would “cause more problems” for her long-suffering mother.

It will also bring strife for the Grimshaws because of her history with both Jason and Todd.

The decision to bring back the character has come from producer Stuart Blackburn, who last week said the soap was “on fire” thanks to the ongoing plot over who killed Tina McIntyre.

But O’Brien’s return might mean some awkward moments for her ex-partner Ryan Thomas, who plays her on-screen ex-husband Jason Grimshaw. In real life the couple had a daughter, Scarlett, in 2008 but split the following year after six years together.

Tina – a regular in FHM’s most sexy lists - gave birth to a son earlier this month, her first child with partner Adam Crofts, a fitness trainer.

When she quit the cobbles in 2007, Tina said “the time has come to see what else is out there for me as an actress”.

Her next role was in Waterloo Road as Bex Fisher, she later had parts in The Accused and Doctors before appearing in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing – lasting until week five.

In 2011 she insisted that leaving Corrie had been the right decision, but earlier this year she admitted she would “jump at the chance” to reprise the role.

Today Tina said: “I am delighted to be returning. Sarah has a lot of history and unfinished business on the street and I’m looking forward to finding out what she’s been up to and why she’s returned home.”

A Corrie source said that in the storyline she would be forced to return to Weatherfield in order to escape from a problem in Milan.

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street newcomer Sean Ward is to become a permanent fixture on the cobbles after landing a one-year contract, Digital Spy can exclusively reveal.

The actor has impressed show bosses with his portrayal of bad boy Callum Logan, who has been appearing on screen since early October.

Callum was originally only brought into the show to facilitate the temporary departure of his old flame Kylie Platt, but Corrie's team have now decided to make him a regular character.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn revealed the news to Digital Spy at the RTS North West Awards on Saturday evening (November 15).

Blackburn explained: "On Sean's first day of shooting, I got texts about him from five of the actors and four of the crew, which has never happened before. They were saying, 'This kid is brilliant'. He's going to be staying for a lot longer."

Discussing his new one-year deal, Ward added: "I'm very excited. I only found out myself a week ago. There's a lot that we can do with Callum, so I was praying that the writers could see that!"

Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, has now gone on maternity leave as she is expecting her first child. She will remain on screen until Christmas, when Kylie's recent mistakes are expected to catch up with her in dramatic fashion.

Source:  Digital Spy

Former ‘EastEnders’ actress Jacqueline Leonard is doing a soap switch-a-roo, and will arrive on ‘Coronation Street’ in February.

Jacqueline’s arrival in the ITV series looks set to cause serious trouble for the Armstrong-Windass family (because, y’know, they haven’t even had enough drama lately), as she’ll be playing Katy and Izzy Armstrong’s estranged mum, Linda.

Katy and Izzy haven’t seen their mum in years after she left them when they were kids - or so they’ve been led to believe.

In fact, Linda's arrival on the cobbles will throw up some questions for her daughters, and it turns out their dad, Owen, may have been a bit economical with the truth, when he told them what happened to their mother.

‘Corrie’ producer Stuart Blackburn says: “Linda's arrival will have a devastating affect on how Owen's family see him and he'll have the fight of his life to hold on to everyone and everything he holds dear.

"The sins of the father really will visit Owen's children."

The actress has also said: “I love the Northern wit and humour along with the drama and tension that the wonderful scripts of ‘Coronation Street’ encapsulate. So excited to start!”

It was recently announced that Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays temperamental builder Owen Armstrong, would be leaving the soap next year, though viewers were assured there'd be plenty of drama before his departure.

Before taking on the role of Linda, Jacqueline was known for playing Lorraine Wicks in ‘EastEnders’ in the 1990s.

Source:  Huffington Post

Bosses confirm hot headed builder Owen Armstrong is next to leave the show, but how will he go?

It has been confirmed by the Coronation Street bosses that builder Owen Armstrong played by Ian Pulston- Davies will be leaving the show earlier next year after appearing in the show for nearly five dramatic years.

Corrie boss Stuart Blackburn has guaranteed that there is plenty of drama in the works before Owen’s departure but the question is how will he leave the cobbles of Coronation Street.

Will it be in the back of a cab like may others or is there a bloody end in store for the hot headed builder?

We have come up with our list of how Owen life on the street could come to an end.

Anna Slutty Windass
Could it happen again?
Was Sally Webster right when she said ‘Anna Slutty Windass’? Could those one on one evening reading lessons with Tim turn into something more?
Poor Owen forgave Anna once already but could maybe this possible second affair could be the straw that broke the camels back causing Owen to leave Coronation Street.

But if it isn’t his cheating wife that causes Armstrong to leave could it be the dramatic teen pregnancy of his 12 year old daughter.

As revealed previously young Faye will find herself in a sticky situation as she falls pregnant at the very young as of 12, Owen is expected to find out and share in the dramatic story line but could that really be his ticket out of the show?

Handling with the pressure of having a very young pregnant teen Owen might find himself suggesting a one way ticket trip into town.
But the question really is could Owen really leave his family in their hour of need?

Return of the ex

With the news that Owen’s ex will be making a come back, played by actress Jacqueline Leonard, this could be his fresh start with the mother of daughters Izzy and Katy.

As the Windass household try and deal with the young Faye’s pregnacy bombshell Owen may see a way out, starting new life with his old flame leaving Anna to possible fall back in the arms of hers.

You’ve been framed

Corrie loves nothing more then to set up a character to a crime they didn’t commit as we recently saw with poor Peter Barlow but could Owen get caught up in the same mess?

Currently working a few odd jobs to help the family stay a float Owen could find himself in a bit of hot water when it comes to crafty Tony.

Covering up dodgy jobs in the past Tony has no problem bending the rules in his favour if it earns him a quick bit of cash but could it be Owen that gets left cleaning up the mess? even possibly finding himself sharing a cell with good old Jim McDonald.


Could enjoying a typical builders breakfast in Roy's cause this character to make a quick exit?
If there wasn’t enough stress in his life with the financial struggles the family are going through not to mention the teen pregnancy Owen's heart just cant take much more.

Could the dramatic ending be a sudden heart attack as the family continue to deal with the the nightmare they are going through.

All we know is that all of these story lines have previously happened to our loved character before they leave the cobble streets behind we suspect that what ever happens the street will be left shocked and heartbroken as another character says their farewell to Coronation street.

Source:  Evoke i.e.
Gail McIntyre to marry for a SIXTH time in 2015

Gail is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to a newspaper report

Coronation Street’s Gail McIntyre is set to get married for a SIXTH time next year.

Unlucky-in-love Gail, played by 63-year-old Helen Worth, is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to the Daily Star.

Gail says yes to Michael - played by Les Dennis, 61 - after he pops the question, but the couple are left pondering whether they can make the marriage work.

Weatherfield’s Gail first met former burglar Michael in March this year when she caught him in her living room after he had broken in.

The soap character has previously been married to mechanic Brian Tilsley (twice), Martin Platt (who cheated on her), murderer Richard Hillman (who tried to kill her and her kids by driving into a river) and Joe McIntyre (who took his own life).

Source:  Mirror
Grieving Roy Cropper scatters his beloved Hayley's ashes

The widower, played by David Neilson, previously attempted to say goodbye in Blackpool but couldn't go through with it

Roy Cropper is to once again attempt to scatter his wife Hayley's ashes.

Coronation Street viewers have watched as the cafe owner tries to come to terms with his wife's passing from cancer in January.

However Roy is still left to say one to say one final goodbye to the love of his life.

These pictures show the widower, played by David Neilson, filming the emotional scenes on location in Manchester.

He is joined by Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) as he pays his respects to his Hayley.

Earlier this year, Roy attempted to scatter the ashes in Blackpool but was ultimately unable to do so.

He made it out deep into the sea before changing his mind and returning to land.

However as the pictures show, on this occasion he is successful, demonstrating signs that he is beginning to heal from his loss.

Source:  Mirror
Update:  Paula gave birth to a son on New Years Eve.  Mother and baby are doing well.
CRAIG Tinker is set to become a confidant to Faye Windass in Coronation Street.

Beth Tinker”s son tries to comfort the school-girl when she reveals that she”s getting bullied at school for her weight.

Faye Windass is going to discover she is pregnant at the age of 12

When he suggests that she could be pregnant, Faye decides to take a test.

But she is completely stunned when it turns out to be positive.

She confides in Craig that she slept with a boy at a party she attended last year and must be a few months along.

Her baby will be due around Easter time.

Craig will become a confidant to the school-girl

The story line will take place in the next few weeks.

Faye will be the youngest Coronation Street character to get pregnant at the age of 12.

Previously Sarah-Louis Platt gave birth to daughter Bethany at the age of 13.

Bosses are currently keeping tight-lipped about how Faye”s parents will react to the news.

Source:  Ebuzznew
10 new Coronation Street storylines revealed for 2015

Faye Windass's baby, the return of Sarah-Louise Platt, a new love interest for Kevin Webster - we reveal ten big storylines coming up in Corrie this year

It’s set to be another dramatic year on Coronation Street, and we’ve had a sneak preview of some of the big storylines coming to the Manchester soap in the year ahead.

Producer Stuart Blackburn has revealed a host of major dramas that are being planned on the soap in 2015 to have viewers on the edge of their seats.

1. Mini-bus crash horror
The mini-bus crash will be the first explosive storyline of the year for Corrie, with scenes airing next week. But the fall-out from the crash - with some characters facing life-changing injuries - will grip viewers for months ahead. It’s the biggest stunt Corrie bosses have attemped in five years, since the tram crash hit Weatherfield in 2010.

2. Faye Windass discovers she’s pregnant
One of Corrie’s most controversial storylines - with 12-year-old Faye Windass soon to discover that she’s pregnant in storylines set to air in February. Faye reveals she’s being bullied for putting on weight and can’t understand why. It turns out she’s actually six months pregnant. The baby is due “around Easter time” on the soap.

3. The return of Sarah-Louise Platt
Actress Tina O’Brien has made her long-awaited return to Coronation Street as Sarah-Louise Platt, and the scenes she’s filming now will air in the spring.

She returns to Weatherfield from Milan after eight years away with Bethany - the daughter she famously gave birth to as a teenager in Corrie’s first “gymslip mum” storyline. Bethany, now 15, is set to be something of a handful, so we can expect plenty of intriguing stuff with their arrival back at the Platt household

4. The illicit affair of Tony Stewart and Tracy Barlow
These two are playing with fire with their illicit relationship - with Tony cheating on Liz McDonald with troublemaker Tracy. We can expect more from this tumultuous flirtation. Goodness knows what’s going to happen if Liz finds out...

5. Jenny Bradley returns - as Kevin Webster’s new love interest
Jenny, daughter of infamous Corrie villain Alan Bradley, is making a return to Weatherfield after 21 years. Jenny, played by actress Sally Ann Matthews, will arrive back on the cobbles as a love interest for Kevin Webster (Michael Le Vell).

The couple meet online when Kevin turns to internet dating to try and find a girlfriend. He’s shocked when he arranges to meet a mystery woman and discovers it is none other than Jenny.

6. Tracy Barlow and Carla Connor dispute rumbles on
Expect to see a glimmer of Tracy’s good girl in the mini-bus crash, but needless to say Tracy is not going to let her good deed go unrewarded. Producer Stuart has hinted that something sinister is brewing between these two in months to come - with Tracy still blaming Carla for Rob Donovan’s demise.

7. Katy and Izzy Armstrong’s mum Linda arrives to ruffle feathers in the Windass household
The Armstrong-Windass household is about to get more strife on its doorstep when Katy and Izzy’s mum Linda turns up out of the blue.

Owen had led everyone to believe that Linda had deserted him and his daughters, but when Linda, played by ex-EastEnders actress Jacqueline Leonard, turns up, it seems there’s another side to the story.

8. Steve McDonald and Michelle Connor get married
One of the happier storylines to look forward to, producer Stuart has revealed that Steve and Michelle WILL be getting back together, which all forms part of Steve’s gradual recovery from his nightmare battle with depression. Their wedding is set to take place in the summer, but as with all Corrie weddings, things are unlikely to run all that smoothly.

9. Michael Rodwell and Gail McIntyre’s wedding plans
There’s another wedding being planned in Weatherfield - after Gail agrees to marry her latest fella Michael, played by Les Dennis. But the rumbling storyline about Michael’s son Gavin (with a fake Gavin and real Gavin) set to put a spanner in the works for those wedding plans.

10. Live episode in September
Corrie will once again go live in September for one special episode - to celebrate ITV’s 60th anniversary. It will be filmed live from the soap’s new production base at Trafford Park, although no word as yet on what storylines will be involved for the extra special night.

Source:  Manchester Evening News

Here is Unreality TV's take from the same press conference:

Coronation Street bosses have yet another year of high drama in store for viewers in 2015, and among the biggest of the planned storylines will be young Faye Windass becoming pregnant, just as another former teen mum, Sarah-Louise Platt, returns to the cobbles with her daughter, Bethany.

Other plots ahead in the coming months will see David Platt going head-to-head with drug dealer Callum – his wife Kylie’s ex – for custody of young Max, and yet another stab at marital bliss for Gail McIntyre and her soon to be fiancé, Michael Rodwell.

We’re also set to see the arrival of Owen Armstrong’s ex-wife, and the return of Rita Tanner’s foster daughter, Jenny Bradley.

And as if that wasn’t all enough drama, Tracy Barlow is set to make life a misery for her lover – and Liz McDonald’s boyfriend – Tony in the coming months.

All of the above was teased during a press event this week that focussed primarily on the upcoming minibus crash, which will see several of the Street’s residents left seriously injured and even fighting for their lives…

You can click here to read all about that and to see all of the latest Coronation Street spoilers.

But as to the storylines that will dominate the rest of the year’s Corrie action, and it was Executive Producer Stuart Blackburn who gave the assembled press some hints about what’s to come.

Of what’s ahead for the Windass and Armstrong families, Blackburn revealed that actress Jacqueline Leonard will play the role of Owen’s former wife Linda, and we’ll see her arrival on the cobbles in February. But as she has had no contact with her daughters Izzy and Katy since they were small children, it’s unlikely she’ll receive a warm welcome…

Particularly as the beleaguered Windass family will be coping with the shocking news that young Faye is pregnant.

Blackburn said, “Faye’s pregnancy is about to be revealed, and we then have the arrival of Linda, Owen’s first wife.

“Her return is going to be devastating. The two girls [Izzy and Katy] have been brought up believing that their mother left them because she couldn’t cope with Izzy’s disability.

“What we’re going to learn is that Owen has been rather disingenuous…”

Next, Blackburn teased what’s set to happen when Callum fights for custody of his son Max, who is of course currently being taken care of by David, who’s become a single parent to the little boy and his daughter Lilly now that his wife Kylie has left the street.

Stuart said, “Callum is Max’s father and he is on the birth certificate. David isn’t Max’s dad and he isn’t on the birth certificate, so he has very few rights.

“We’re going to see a massive custody battle prior to the return of Kylie.”

That storyline will run hand-in-hand with the return of David’s sister Sarah, of which Blackburn remarked, “It’s looking great in the scripts. We all know what Sarah and David are like together…”

Up next was what mischief Tracy is set to cause, and Blackburn said, “Tony is going to wish he never got involved with Tracy.”

Meanwhile, Blackburn also revealed that, as mentioned above, Jenny Bradley is headed back to Coronation Street, and it seems she’s going to form some kind of relationship with Kevin Webster.

He said, “Kevin finds a new friend in Jenny, but he’s going to wish he’d never met her as the story unfolds.”

And finally, of what’s ahead for Gail and her fiancé Michael, while they’re busy making their wedding plans, they’re going to learn that the man they thought was Michael’s son Gavin is in fact an imposter who’s called Andy…

But how will Michael react? And will he get to meet his real son?

Source:  Unreality TV
Here it is:  The expected storyline to write Catherine Tildesley out for her maternity leave:

Coronation Street's Todd Grimshaw will launch a twisted plan later this month as he tries to make his brother Jason believe that his girlfriend Eva Price is cheating on him.

Todd (Bruno Langley) seizes an opportunity to cause trouble when he notices that Eva is spending lots of time with Jason's father Tony Stewart.

The unlikely pair's connection is completely innocent as Tony (Terence Maynard) is merely helping Eva to find a flat for her and Jason.

Tony and Eva decide to keep their plan to themselves for the time being, but it seems that their secrecy is playing straight into Todd's hands as he starts trying to sabotage Jason's relationship.

Pretending to be a supportive brother, Todd begins to carefully plant seeds in Jason's mind that neither Eva or Tony can be trusted.

A Coronation Street insider told Digital Spy: "Todd may appear to be back on better terms with his family, but deep down he still blames them for the fact that he was scarred for life in a mugging last year.

"When Todd turns his vengeful intentions to Jason, he manages to drop just enough hints to send his brother's paranoia into overdrive."

The storyline is expected to lead up to a temporary departure for Eva as Catherine Tyldesley, who plays her, is currently on maternity leave. The 31-year-old is expecting her first child and will return to filming in the summer.

Source:  Digital Spy

Sarah Platt's return to Coronation Street will be sparked when her teenage daughter Bethany makes an unexpected appearance in Weatherfield.

Show bosses announced last October that Tina O'Brien had signed up to reprise her role as Sarah, who was last seen on the cobbles in 2007.

Sarah's return storyline will begin in the spring when Bethany, who is now a "wild child", heads back to the UK after seven years in Italy.

Having grown tired of her life in Milan with Sarah, Bethany rebels by fleeing back to Weatherfield.

Making an immediate impression, Bethany arrives at the Rovers Return and convinces Andy - aka Fake Gavin - to buy her a drink.

Andy is fooled by Bethany as she looks much older than her 14 years, but her true identity is revealed to all once the Platts come face-to-face with her.

As well as leading to Sarah's own return, Bethany's unexpected reappearance will immediately mark her out as one to watch.

A Coronation Street insider told Digital Spy: "It's a strong return for Bethany and a real taste of what's to come! She seems much older than her years and is sure to be a handful."

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn added: "Bethany and Sarah Lou's scenes are looking great in the scripts. It's proper laugh out loud stuff, some of that, and we all know what Sarah Lou and David are like together!"

Source: Digital Spy

Coronation Street's Roy Cropper and Sharif Nazir battle it out in allotment road race... as soap boss admits 'nobody is safe from the axe'

From Tina's death to Tracey's ill-fated wedding, there's been some serious drama in Coronation Street of late.
But that makes way for lighter entertainment when Roy Cropper and Sharif Nazir battle it out  for a cut-price allotment.

The two men, joined by Weatherfield's Tyrone and aided by Hayley's Morris Minor, embark on a provincial road race to secure the plot of land in a forthcoming storyline.

Widowed Roy, played by David Neilson - with Tyrone Dobbs (played by Alan Halsall) - find out about an allotment that is going for cheap, only to find that Sharif Nazir (payed by Marc Anwar) has designs on it too.

Roy and Tyrone jump into Hayley's old car, whileSharif jumps into his Mercedes, and they race to see the woman who is renting the allotment.
Roy and Tyrone beat Sharif by using a shortcut much to Sharif's annoyance.

The tongue-in-cheek storyline comes as Coronation Street' boss Stuart Blackburn insists 'no one is safe' from the axe.

The soap showrunner - who was dubbed the Grim Reaper for killing off a string of top names during his time at Emmerdale - admits he considered ending the lives of a number of characters in next week's bus crash to explore cause and effect in Weatherfield.
He said: 'No one was safe. When you sit around a writers' table the truth is all of them [the characters] are fair game.
'That's not about being gratuitous, it's about having a cause and effect.'

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Speaking at a Corrie press event, producer Stuart Blackburn said: “Owen's story will be heartbreaking.

“The minute Linda steps back, Anna realises how much he loved her back then, which goes against what he's told her.

"Izzy has grown up thinking, 'The reason my daddy is crying is because I am disabled and mummy can't cope', but that's not the truth.

"Everyone will see Owen in a very different light - his reactions to Faye's pregnancy will cause a lot of problems.

“Once Anna realises that Faye is pregnant, she won't have time to deal with this petulant, selfish man - it will be all Faye, Faye, Faye."

Katy, played by Georgian May Foote, is also to be written out of the soap this year.

Blackburn added: "Katy will become involved with Callum, but of course that won't end well and her exit will tie in with what happens between Owen and Linda and Linda leaving again."

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She's never been known as one of Weatherfield's good girls.
Instead her life on the cobbles has seen her dabble with drugs, dangerous men and she's even spent some time in prison.
Proving that she can never quite seem to stay out of trouble for long new pictures show Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow getting pulled over by police while transporting stolen goods.

Shooting scenes for an upcoming episode, in the heart-stopping moment Tracy, who is played by Kate Ford, is accompanied by her latest love interest Tony Stewart, portrayed by Terence Maynard.

Sitting in a blue van filled with dodgy stock, Barlow and Stewart look shaken as a police car pulls up behind them before an officer makes his way to the window of the van.

Trying their best not to look suspicious, the pair, who recently began an affair, try to keep cool as the policeman questions them.
Other stills also see Barlow trying to work her charm on the officers as she leans over into their car.

Running the necessary checks: Tony appeared to hand the policeman his driver's licence

Tracy's antics over the Christmas period saw her seduce Tony after learning that her ex-fiancé Rob Donovan has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for Tina McIntyre's murder.
But things between Tracy are set to become rocky as he has his sights firmly set on acquiring her business Barlow's Buys.
However if these new stills are anything to go buy it seems their mission for a quick pay day may come at a cost.

According to Digital Spy Kate Ford revealed that her character is only using Tony for sex and to help her business out of trouble.
The 38-year-old actress said: 'Tracy can kind of see through Tony. She is a big girl and she can look after herself.
'It's more about the money and the fact that she can't cope without him financially. She doesn't think of Tony as her saviour, it's all about the money.'

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Coronation Street café owner Roy Cropper will fall out with Sharif Nazir in an upcoming storyline.

David Neilson and Marc Anwar, who play the characters, were spotted filming an argument while working on location in Manchester this week.

Future episodes will see the pair forced to share an allotment, but it's far from a happy partnership when they can't agree on how to use the patch.

The argument continues

Roy and Sharif end up splitting the plot in two, but it looks as though their comedic bickering could still last for a while.

Despite the early tensions, Roy's hobby will ultimately mark a turning point for him as he starts to move on from his difficult year.

In a recent interview with Inside Soap, Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn confirmed that Roy will meet a troubled new character while working on the allotment - giving him something new to focus on after a year of grief for his wife Hayley.

Roy and Sharif's row attracts attention

Blackburn commented: "Roy meets a widowed lady over on the next allotment. She's not going to be a love interest, but someone who Roy will feel obliged to help guide through the world.

"We know how nervous Roy is around people he doesn't know, so the fact that he's able to come out of his shell and offer real, redemptive support to a complete stranger is a sign that the Roy we all know and love is back."

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Coronation Street has announced a replacement actress for the role of Bethany Platt after a previous actress was dropped over false age claims.

Newcomer Lucy Fallon, 19, began filming on the ITV soap earlier this week.

Fallon plays Gail McIntyre's 14-year-old granddaughter. Her first scenes are expected to air in late March.

Katie Redford was originally cast in the role, but was dropped by producers after it emerged she was 25, rather than 19, as claimed at the audition.

Producers only became aware of the discrepancy after Redford's real age was divulged online and became a point of discussion on social media.

Katie Redford was dropped after it emerged she was 11 years older than her on-screen character
Speaking to BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat at the time, Redford's agent defended the actress, saying it "wasn't [Katie's] idea to audition as a 19-year-old".

"People in the industry do it regularly and she sort of went along with what we said," Joanne McLintock said.

"I'm feeling really stressed and so sorry for Katie. It's her first real job and she's a star in the making."

The character of Bethany was last seen in 2007 when she moved to Italy with her mother, Sarah Louise.

The storyline will see her return to Weatherfield from Milan, following a huge fall-out with her mum, who was just 13 when she gave birth to her in 2000.

Starring in her first TV role, Fallon admitted "walking onto the set was surreal and nerve-wracking".

But she added that everyone had been "really welcoming". "I am thrilled to have been given this great opportunity," said the Blackpool-born actress.

The teenager's reappearance paves the way for the return of Tina O'Brien, 31, who plays Sarah Louise. O'Brien returns to the soap a week after her daughter's appearance.

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Lucy Fallon
Katie Redford