Monday 19 December 2016

Gary enters, oblivious to the tension and a desperately embarrassed Bethany. Under pressure, Bethany is forced to admit she was planning to make a move on Gary. Faye is appalled. Handing Faye the hip flask full of vodka, Bethany attempts to buy her silence. Bethany and Faye join Gary for dinner in the hotel bar. Faye enjoys winding Bethany up and tells Gary how Bethany's fallen for a bloke twice her age. Gary is shocked and berates Faye who storms off (and gets drunk) whilst Bethany squirms. Alone with Bethany, Gary quizzes her about her crush, wanting to know who the older bloke is.
Andy needs money as he desperately tries to avoid the police learning about his attack on Phelan. Noting the extra tablets Steph has accidentally ordered for the Bistro, Andy comes up with a plan. Hating himself, Andy checks there's no one about before letting himself into the Bistro and stealing the box of tablet computers.

When Maria admits Liamis fed up with being stuck in the flat with her, Kirk offers to run him to the school disco and Maria is grateful. Finding Maria alone in the Rovers, Adam joins her as Aidan watches jealously. A drunken Maria later begs Aidan to stay the night with her, telling him she doesn't want to be alone.

When Leanne enthuses about Peter and how he's turned his life around, Nick bristles. Shona retrieves David's wallet from a bin and studies the photo of Kylie. When Michelle unwittingly plays Norris' video, asking for help finding Mary's son, Rita, Audrey, and Erica listen open mouthed. Mary runs from the pub mortified. Norris explains he was only trying to help.

Wednesday 21 December 2016
Kirk calls at the salon flat and is unimpressed to find Maria hungover and Adam in a state of undress after spending the night. Maria snuggles down to watch TV with Liam but in her hungover state she falls asleep. Meanwhile, Liam heads to the kitchen where he switches on a gas ring. Kirk returns to the flat and immediately notices the smell of gas. He quickly orders Liam out and then follows, carrying a groggy Maria. In the Rovers, Kirk tears a strip off Adam, blaming him for plying Maria with drink. When Adam makes a disparaging remark about Maria, Aidan loses it and punches Adam in the face. As Maria arrives at the pub, she spots Aidan clutching his hand. Beth explains he was defending her honour. Touched, Maria takes Aidan back to her flat. Aidan gazes into Maria's eyes and admits he's fallen in love with her.

Gary presents a hungover Faye with a list of jobs to do by way of punishment for her behaviour. When Bethany tries to apologise to Gary, he gives her short shrift. Faye thanks Bethany for taking the blame over the vodka. Luke finds Bethany clearly upset on Maxine's bench. Realising that Bethany's missing, Sarah starts to panic and Gary heads out to find her. After a fruitless search for Bethany, Sarah tells Gary she's phoning the police.

Nick hands Simon two tickets for the County match. Simon is thrilled, but when he announces he's going to invite Peter, how will Nick react?

Having discovered the burglary, Robert suspends Steph, pointing out there's no sign of a break-in and it was her job to lock up. An upset Steph tells Andy she's thinking of handing in her notice as she can't be trusted. Andy is consumed with guilt.

Friday 23 December 2016
When Eva wonders why Aidan was so late home, he lies, making out he spent the night in the factory catching up on paperwork. Aidan, Beth, Craig, Eva, Jenny, Kate, Michelle and Steve gather at Maria's flat, determined to celebrate Christmas with her before her court appearance. When Eva finds out how Aidan punched Adam out of allegiance to Maria, she's proud of him and Aidan feels terrible. Extracating himself from the party, Aidan heads to the factory where he texts Maria to join him. Promising Maria that he's going to finish with Eva, Aidan and Maria kiss passionately, unaware of Johnny watching them.

The Barlows gather at No.1 for an early Christmas. When Peter furtively removes a present from under the tree and stuffs it in a drawer, Nick is intrigued. Simon's underwhelmed with his present from Peter, a console game he's already played. But when Nick presents him with a drone, Simon is ecstatic. Leanne rails at Nick for trying to upstage Peter. Peter slips out of No.1 and surreptitiously books a hotel room, who is his mystery woman?

The police question Sarah about Bethany's disappearance. When Gary reveals that Bethany's become involved with an older man, Sarah is horrified. Norris reveals he saw Bethany on Maxine's bench and Luke had his arm round her. Appalled, Gary confronts Luke and accuses him of grooming Bethany. Luke furiously denies it whilst Faye listens with alarm.

Billy's thrilled when he receives an email telling him he's got the job at the Rehab Centre. To appease Steph, Andy goes to the doctor's about his headaches. Whilst the doctor is distracted, he steals some painkillers from her emergency bag. Having retrieved Michelle's new TV from the allotment, Craig helps Tim unload it, but the box splits and the TV hits the cobbles.

Friday 23 December 2016

Aidan admits to Johnny he's in love with Maria. Johnny warns him that Maria's a nightmare compared to Eva who worships the ground he walks on. Maria returns home to find Eva has worked her socks off preparing dinner for everybody. Masking her guilt, Maria thanks her. A tearful Maria explains to Liam that she might be going away for a while but she loves him very much. When Eva confides in Aidan how worried she is about Maria, will Aidan be able to bring himself to tell her his guilty secret and break her heart. Meanwhile, Maria heads to court...will she be spending Christmas behind bars?

As the Barlows settle down to a board game, a sheepish Nick returns and apologises to Peter for his earlier behaviour. Leanne is pleased but as she and Peter reminisce about their shared love of Bros, Nick feels left out. While nobody's around, Nick pulls out the present which Peter stuffed in a drawer. He's gutted to see it's a Bros tape labelled "to the love of my life". Is Peter planning to make a move on Leanne?

Luke and Gary square up to each other but then spot Bethany heading for No.8. When a baffled Bethany assures Gary she's been with a mate and not Luke, Gary apologises to Luke for the misunderstanding. Sarah tears a strip off Bethany for causing so much worry and demands to know who the older man is. Wishing the ground would swallow her up, will Bethany reveal that the older man is Gary? Alone and deeply troubled, Bethany swallows more diet pills.

Billy writes Christmas cards to his old parishioners. Todd wonders if he regrets his decision to leave the church. Having bought a replacement TV, Tim and Craig carry it inside. Assuming it to be her Christmas present, Sally's thrilled, but how will Steve react when Tim is forced to come clean? Andy stares at the stolen painkillers, disgusted with what he's become.

Sunday 25 December 2016 one hour
Nick and Leanne exchange gifts but they're taken aback when Toyah pulls up in her car and announces Christmas is off. With dinner in Liverpool cancelled, Ken insists that Nick, Leanne and Simon join them at No.1. Nick does his best to paint on a smile while Peter's delighted to have Christmas with his son. Toyah admits to Leanne that her marriage is over and she's been having an affair. Meanwhile, when Nick spots Peter heading out, he's immediately suspicious. Realising the Bros tape is missing from the drawer, Nick confronts Peter, convinced he's after Leanne. Nick punches Peter and the two men are soon brawling in the street. Nick grabs the Bros tape from Peter's pocket and thrusts it at Leanne ordering her to open it. Leanne's horrified as she reads the message.

Gary, Anna and Faye join the Platts as they open presents. Bethany's thrilled with her smart watch, but she's snappy towards Gary and Sarah is embarrassed by her behaviour. Bethany assures Faye she no longer fancies Gary. However, when Sarah reads a text on Bethany's phone from Faye telling her she's glad she's over her crush on Gary, Sarah is stunned while Bethany is mortified. Sarah explains to a shocked Gary that Bethany's been carrying a torch for him. They realise with horror that she's gone missing. After swallowing a ruck of diet pills, Bethany collapses in the ginnel. Watching events unfold Nathan (Shona's ex) finds Bethany and picks her up.

Aware that Billy's missing Christmas at the church, Todd insists he should attend the service with the new vicar. Having enjoyed the service, will it rekindle Billy's passion for his calling? Meanwhile, as Billy's about to leave he comes across Shona drinking wine in the vestry. Shona admits she's fallen out with Nathan, her ex, and she's homeless. Billy insists she comes back to No.11 with him. Unbeknown to them, Nathan watches on. What trouble is Billy bringing to the street?

Norris makes peace with Mary and insists she joins himself, Roy and Brian for Christmas dinner in the cafe. But as they sit down to eat, they're interrupted by the arrival of a young man who introduces himself as Mary's son, Jude. Having unwrapped the globe, Michelle's underwhelmed. When Sally boasts about her new TV, Tim is forced to admit it was meant for Michelle whilst the globe was intended for her. Andy mixes the stolen painkillers with gin and orange making a lethal cocktail. Aidan is unimpressed when Eva presents him with a kitten.

Monday 26 December 2016
Loved up after his night in the hotel, Peter's aware that today's the day he must break the news of his relationship to the street. Meanwhile Toyah calls at Nick's flat but she's taken aback to find her husband Toby there. Suggesting they need to talk, Leanne makes herself scarce. Toby begs Toyah to give their marriage another chance and try for a baby again, but Toyah's adamant it's over between them. With Toby gone Leanne reveals she's been struck with a terrible headache, Toyah calls the hospital.

Bethany wakes up to find herself in hospital. Sarah explains how she collapsed in the ginnel after swallowing a load of diet pills. Having returned home, Bethany confesses to Sarah how she fell in love with Gary and is totally ashamed. Sarah's heart breaks for her troubled daughter.

Jude shows Mary a photo of himself as a baby and assures her he had a happy childhood. Mary's deeply moved. Having summoned Norris, Mary plucks up the courage to tell Jude about his father but will she be able to bring herself to reveal the truth? When Jude suggests that she should move to South Africa and live with he and his wife, Mary is stunned.

Kevin helps Anna, Gary and Faye to move their things into No.13. Eileen approaches and suggests they bury the hatchet.

Monday 26th December

Back on the street Peter kisses his mystery woman in the ginnel, unaware that Simon's drone is hovering above and a shocked Simon is watching them on his phone...

Putting her own feelings aside, Sarah tells Gary they are finished as she has to put Bethany first. Meanwhile, Bethany discovers a guy called Nathan, who works at a tanning salon nearby, saved her life. Having tracked him down, Bethany thanks Nathan who puts his number into her phone, insisting she can call him any time.

Kevin's worried when he hears that Sophie's had to have her appendix out in Miami and has run up an enormous medical bill.

Billy assures Todd that he loves him as much as ever but he also has to follow his heart and return to the church.


Coronation Street producer Kate Oates has dropped a juicy new hint about Rosie Webster's return storyline, promising that she'll cause trouble for her younger sister Sophie.

Last week, it was announced that Helen Flanagan has been lured back for a guest stint in the role of Rosie, which will see her return to the cobbles for a specific storyline.

Sophie will soon be heading off from Weatherfield to enjoy an extended trip in Miami with Rosie.

This story serves a sneaky double purpose, giving Brooke Vincent time off to do theatre and ultimately bringing Rosie back home in the New Year.

Speaking at Coronation Street press event this week, Kate confirmed that she's been "toying" with the idea of bringing back Rosie since taking over as producer.

"Rosie is just such a colourful character," Kate explained.

"I thought it'd great for Sophie as well. I wanted to see Sophie maybe led up the garden path a bit and see her in a bit of trouble.

"I think that Rosie will cause Sophie a lot of headaches."

Corrie has announced a number of other exciting comebacks recently. Peter Barlow is back on screen next week, while Toyah Battersby is heading back home this Christmas.

Asked how she decided who to bring back, Kate replied: "It's people that you miss - people who feel so Corrie and still have those connections. You feel that they can come in with instant stories, which will be exciting. It's people who just feel very true to the show.

"They're all people who can have fresh storylines in the show and who will feel true to Corrie's past, without harking back to the past.

"That's the important thing. That's the fine line that you want to tread with a show like Corrie. You want to be true to its roots and to the viewers' love of the show, but also look forward. I think everyone that we're bringing back has that capability."

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has revealed that villainous Pat Phelan will get even more evil over the coming months.

Viewers have already seen Phelan start to con the Corrie residents out of their cash for flats that he has no intention of building, but might the plotline take an even more sinister turn?

Asked about whether Pat's unscrupulous dealings mean that the character has a shelf life, Oates commented:

"There is often a shelf life with villainy but it depends on the journey we take him on. We may see moments of vulnerability, we may see him get quite a lot darker.  I think you can be quite surprised when you look back at certain soap history and how long certain villains can live. It depends what you learn within the show, I think."

Quizzed as to when the current plotline will reach its conclusion, Oates replied: “I couldn't possibly tell you that without spoiling any stories. But you'll enjoy the journey, I'm sure.”

The producer's words come following actor Connor McIntyre's recent interview with in which he revealed that Phelan's feelings for Eileen could prove to be undoing. Said the Corrie star:

"In the strictest definition, Pat is a psychopath. He's myopic and, when it comes down to it, every situation is just about Pat. But it might soon turn into being about Pat and Eileen.  She could start knocking his hard edges off. There's a warming and a softening towards her."

Source:  Radio Times

CORONATION Street fans will see Nick Tilsey continue his struggle to deal with paranoia over the Christmas period.

Soap boss Kate Oates gave a hint of the drama to come over the winter months and revealed that Nick would in fact be one of the main focuses on the show.

Kate told Digital Spy: “It’s really tricky to tell you too much about Christmas.You know that Toyah’s coming back.

“But we’ll also be building some real paranoia’s for Nick – and I think we should wonder if Nick has a point!”

“Nick has a real history with paranoia, especially in recent history since he was so badly burned by Carla only back in May.”

She added: “His relationship with Leanne has come really quickly off the back of that. He has committed to raising Steve McDonald’s child really quickly too. And I wonder if he’s quite as secure as he makes out.”

The Corrie producer continued: “Peter comes back and his long-standing rivalry with Nick is so deep and so rich.

“Without wanting to re-tread old ground with it, I do think there’s a fresh take on it. So I’ll be playing that out quite slowly up until Christmas, and I’d really like the audience to go with us on that journey and see where we take it.”

Source:  The Sun
Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has revealed that she wants to incorporate more shocks and surprises into the show's episodes.

The soap has already kept quiet about two big secrets in recent weeks, including the bombshell revelation that Beth Sutherland is a bigamist and Cathy Matthews' shock discovery about Alex Warner's true paternity. However, some fans questioned why Kylie Platt's death was announced in advance rather than staying as a surprise.

Kate was previously an expert at keeping viewers guessing while in charge of fellow ITV soap Emmerdale - even tricking fans into thinking that bad boy Ross Barton had been killed off last year.

Speaking exclusively to Digital Spy about possible curveballs ahead in Corrie, Kate admitted: "I would love to keep more secrets, but it's actually harder to keep secrets at Corrie than it was at Emmerdale.

"At Emmerdale, I was able to keep the secret that Ross hadn't really died. Obviously I didn't do that on my own, I had a big team keeping the secret with me.

"But I wonder if I could do that here. There always seems to be a sneaky paparazzi somewhere - and sometimes that does affect our strategies. We sometimes reveal more because there'll be someone there revealing it for us anyway."

However, promising that the show would be giving it a try, she added: "It is challenging but I'd like to keep more secrets. I like that kind of drama. I think what we're trying to do is reveal just enough to keep people interested, but also have some big twists and turns when stories really start to heat up.

"It's a difficult line to walk, but I'd like to keep more secrets. Hopefully I'll be lucky and be able to do that."

Corrie is airing an explosive set of episodes next week which do contain some unspoiled surprises, including the outcome of David Platt's revenge against Clayton Hibbs, a mystery stunt and some high drama for the Barlow family.

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street: Peter Barlow’s got a new woman!
Actor Chris Gascoyne teases exciting romance storyline

Hey girls, hold on to your undies, because super sexy Peter Barlow returns to the cobbles of Coronation Street next week and it looks like he’s going to have a rather romantic time of it.

Speaking just days before he returns to our screens, actor Chris Gascoyne revealed that Peter is going to get involved with a certain someone we all know. But the handsome actor isn’t giving anything away!

“There is a particular lady – or there could be a particular lady, but I don’t think I can [say] without giving it away,’ he told Digital Spy.’ And it would be a shame. It’s very good, as well! It’s good!” What a spoilsport, eh?

Oooh, so who could this lucky lady actually be, we wonder? Could it be Michelle? Maria? Rita? Who knows? But we can’t wait to find out who he gets his lush lips around.

But does this mean his new love interest will mean complications for his troubled relationship with on screen ex Leanne? We’d love to see them back together, as Chris and actress Jane Danson work so well together.

“I love working with Jane. It’s dead easy,’ Chris said. “It’s dead good fun and we have a nice chemistry. We’ve played these characters for a long time together opposite each other and we just slip straight back into it.

“Leanne’s always something special to him – and I think he always has his eye half on Leanne.”

Speaking about his return after two years away from the show, Chris says he is glad to be back with the cast and crew and is excited about what new producer Kate Oates has in store for his character – ‘She has great vision.’ – and says that he is looking forward to seeing how Peter and the new Barlow family develop within the show.

Source:  Entertainment Daily
If you thought you had enough Corrie to chew on every week, think again. The show is soon to be shown six tmes a week, which means the world of Weatherfield is about to get bigger.

According to reports, producers are about to introduce a brand new street that will join Viaduct, Rosamund, Victoria and Coronation Street on the set at Trafford Wharf Studios in Greater Manchester.

It is believed that the new street will include a supermarket, some new houses and a police station – so perhaps we can expect some exciting new families and some hot coppers on the beat!

A show insider told one paper that going to six episodes a week means there has to be an expansion to ensure the show stays fresh and has good storylines, adding that “the street will open up a whole range of new possibilities for the writers to work with.

“It’s inevitable that a whole new street of homes will bring new families and drama with it.”

Source:  Entertainment Daily
CORONATION Street’s pregnancy storyline is going to get even more dramatic as Kym Marsh has been pictured clutching her baby bump in agony while filming Christmas scenes for the ITV soap.

Her massive baby bump reveals Michelle doesn’t go through with a secret abortion after learning her baby might have muscular dystrophy.

Dressed in a bright orange top, Kym writhes in agony as she clutches her bump as her ex Robert Preston watches on in horror.

Michelle became upset and keeled over after she and Robert delivered some pizza to two dodgy customers who refused to pay.

However, the two lads get the shock of their lives when Michelle goes faint and sits on the ground before perching on the bench outside their house.

Robert clutches her hands and tries to reassure as she calms down.

But all is not as it seems as a Corrie insider told The Sun Online: “Michelle pretends to be ill to get the money they’re owed.”

These pictures prove that Michelle decides to keep the baby after she and husband Steve were told their unborn baby might have the muscle wasting disease.

Viewers have seen Michelle become increasingly more concerned for her unborn child since Steve found out he could have the disease.

But in scenes to be shown on Friday's episode of the ITV soap, Michelle's stepdaughter Amy will be left stunned when she discovers Michelle's plans.

Having borrowed Michelle's iPad, Amy sees her search history and realises her step-mum has been searching out abortion clinics.

Source:  The Sun

FESTIVE DRAMA Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: Kevin Webster rescues Johnny Connor from van breakdown
Super mechanic Kevin saves his former love rival in a feat of Christmas cheer

Pictures show Kevin saving Johnny from a long taxi journey home as he turns up after Johnny’s Underworld bus breaks down.

The pair are previous love rivals with Johnny’s girlfriend Jenny Bradley previously having been seeing Kevin – until she kidnapped his son and dangled him over a balcony that is.

Source:  The Sun
Mary Taylor's big secret about her new man in Weatherfield to be revealed:

The character of Mary Taylor is mostly seen hovering around the cobbled streets of Weatherfield sticking her nose in other people's business, with her trusty sidekick Norris.

However, in upcoming scenes from Coronation Street, it seems as though for once it is Mary who has a big secret to keep, but surely the other residents will find eventually?

In pictures of the cast of Corrie filming it looks as though Mary, played by Patti Clare, with the help of Norris, played by Malcom Hebden, is trying to track down someone from her past.

Her investigation sees her end up on the doorstep of two gorgeous men who appear to be twins. Could they be her long lost sons, or maybe even nephews?

There's been no confirmation or identification on who the mystery men are so they could technically just be clients of the flower shop, sons of an old friend or two guys she fooled around with in Ibiza.

This will be the first big storyline for Mary since the time she slept in the same bed as Dev earlier this year after a drunken night in a health spa.

The drama kicked off after Dev booked a spa weekend for himself and his love interest, Erica Holroyd, but she had to cancel at the last minute upon finding out her mum had been rushed to hospital.

Rather than accompanying her on the emergency dash, Dev bizarrely decided it would be rude to waste the mini break and so invited Mary to go along with him.

After a mix up that saw them sharing a room, and hitting the mini-bar, the pair ended up in bed together and woke up the following morning horrified at their actions.

Source:  The Mirror

Apparently, the story is that Mary is enlisting the help of Norris, Dev and Erica to find her long lost son.  (Hmm, not long since they did that one with Hayley!)  Anyway, she gets excited when she finds the handsome gentleman answering the door, thinking it could be him, but suddenly his twin appears, and Mary knows she only gave birth to one child.

The twins are played by Sam and Matt Kennard of Grimsby.
Coronation Street boss Kate Oates has teased major drama for the barlow family over Christmas, with secrets and conflicts potentially set to tear Weatherfield’s alpha clan apart over the festive season.
With Ken recovering from a stroke and Peter, Adam and Daniel all hiding things, the cracks start to show and the stage is set for some colossal Christmas drama. But who will manage to keep their secrets hidden – and who is heading for a crisis?
Speaking to, Kate revealed: ‘As we get towards Christmas, there’s a lot of them sorting out the dynamics of their relationships. Peter has come back with a bit of a secret. We see that he’s come back with a bit of an injury, we’ve seen that he’s got no money and we saw that he went to meet somebody in the middle of the night and possibly wasn’t completely honest about who, so there are little clues there. You’ll see in the next episodes that his bond with Leanne is still pretty strong and that he’s still very fond of her.

‘She’s obviously in a very different place now, she’s pregnant and she’s with Nick so maybe she’s in a very different headspace to him. But there’s going to be a story for him which these guys will be involved with. It’s about people trying to work out their relationships with Ken, and him maybe not handling that ever so well. And as we pass through up to Christmas and the beginning of next year, we’ll see cracks forming in the family which could prove quite dangerous. These are the building blocks of stories into winter.’

Source:  Metro
Those Weatherfield residents may want to watch themselves as Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan is set to be around for a while yet.

Phelan has been causing chaos since returning to the Cobbles earlier this year - and things are showing no sign of slowing down just yet.

"Phelan is still here and there are no immediate signs of him going," Connor McIntyre said to Inside Soap's Yearbook.

"I feel very privileged that I'm here at this particular time because it feels like I'm making a contribution - so whatever happens now, I'm part of the Corrie legacy. Just a small part, but a part of Corrie lore nonetheless. I can't tell you how happy that makes me."

We know that Phelan is at the centre of some explosive scenes next week as his feud with Michael Rodwell takes a very worrying turn.

Michael will finally get the proof that the builder has spent the past few months conning the local residents with his so-called property development, but of course Phelan isn't going to go down without a fight.

And Connor has teased that Phelan's antics are going to get even worse. Crikey!

"All I can say is that it's going to get dark," Connor teased. "And if it's at all possible, Pat's going to get a whole lot worse."

Source:  Digital Spy
THE Coronation Street residents always enjoy a festive drink in the Rovers.

But one of the soap’s most loved characters will miss out on this year’s party.

I can reveal Maria Connor is set to spend Christmas behind bars after being handed a one-year sentence.

However, it’s not for the “murder” of Caz Hammond despite Maria, played by Samia Longchambon, currently being on remand in jail after she was framed by Caz, who faked her own death.

Instead, the law has caught up with Maria over her sham marriage earlier this year. She admits she only got hitched to Argentine Pablo Duarte as a favour to help him get a visa so he could be with his British boyfriend.

The storyline will see Samia be involved in less shooting than regular actors – but she will still appear in prison scenes.

A source said: “Maria will be handed a 12-month stretch but she’ll be back on the cobbles in the new year because of good behaviour. The scene is set to shock fans as they know she didn’t murder Caz but won’t see the sham marriage sentence coming.

“It will be one of the most shocking court storylines in the soap’s history and likened to Deirdre Barlow’s wrongful conviction [for fraud in 1998].

Source:  The Sun
NO NOOKIE FOR HIM Sex-mad Tim Metcalfe gets slapped with a SEX BAN by fed up wife Sally on Coronation Street
The Corrie couple are headed for a row – and it's NOT going to be resolved in any make-up sex

The usually very ‘hands-on’ couple are heading for a clash – and this time there won’t be any making up in the bedroom.

Sally decides she wants more from her man when in comes to conversation and that he’s boring to talk to.

So she tries to talk to Tim about other ‘serious’ subjects like climate change and politics – but it’s like getting blood out of a stone from the cabbie.

Her need for conversational stimulation leads her to getting so angry that she makes a huge decision – and whacks a sex ban on him until he can be bothered to swat up.

Viewers of the soap will see the desperate driver trying to coax her into bed in the new year, saying: “Let’s go upstairs and work out our differences in the bedroom like we normally do.”

Sally isn’t giving in so easily to his charms this time and hits him where it hurts.

She says: “I’ve tried the carrot now I’ll have a go at the stick.

“I’m imposing a sex ban, the ban will be lifted when we have a proper, grown-up conversation.”

This gets Tim’s back up and he decides to impose his own relationship rules.

Source:  The Sun