Monday 8 February 2015

Simon leaves for school and tells Leanne that he doesn't want her to watch his football match. But, refusing to be put off, Leanne heads to the game with Ken and Zeedan in tow. Leanne is surprised to see Tom there (the guy who she got talking to last night) but Simon's furious to see her chatting up the manager. At half time, Simon lays into Leanne for embarrassing him by flirting with Tom and bringing Ken and Zeedan with her. As the football match hots up, Simon tackles another player, bringing him down and causing him to writhe in pain as Leanne watches in horror.

Kevin's pleased when Jason and Phelan assure him they should finish the Arches today. Anna overhears Phelan on the phone unsuccessfully touting for more work. Phelan then sneaks into the Arches and sabotages the fuse box. When Jason switches on the lights there's a loud bang. Phelan tells Kevin they can sort it but it'll mean another week's work. Kevin is grateful, while Anna tells Kevin she reckons Phelan tampered with it himself as she knows he's short of work.

Eva heads into work early with some food for Marta. Marta complains that she's cold and Eva promises to try and find her a coat. In the factory, Sean shows off his new coat. However, Sean is later furious to discover his coat missing. As the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta suddenly emerges from behind some boxes wearing Sean's coat and makes a dash for it. Everyone watches open mouthed.

With Audrey recuperating at home, David is run off his feet at the salon. Clearly stressed, David realises with horror that he's put the wrong dye on Beth's hair.

Monday 8 February 2015

Simon assures Leanne it was an accident and he didn't mean to break Kyle's leg. As Kyle is stretchered from the pitch, Leanne is deeply worried. Simon remains adamant that Kyle's injuries were an accident. When Leanne looks disbelievingly, Simon lashes out, hitting Ken's car with his bag. But Simon later confesses to Zeedan that he hurt Kyle on purpose and he was glad to see him suffer. Zeedan shares the awful news with Leanne. Concerned that Simon is totally out of control, Leanne decides the time has come to take drastic action.

Kevin defends Phelan, convinced he would never try and rip him off. Anna heads home, furious at Kevin for taking Phelan's side yet again. Gary warns Anna that by keeping the truth about Phelan from Kevin, she's pushing him away.

Eva, Sean and Sinead fuss round Izzy. She confirms that her hip was hurt as Marta barged past. Having discovered a makeshift bed, Jenny tells them that the homeless girl was obviously sleeping in the factory. In the Rovers, the factory staff discuss the plight of the homeless girl, realising that she must also be the thief. Eva admits to Aidan that she knew Marta was in the factory but she was worried for her safety as she was on the run from some people who kept her as a slave. Aidan is shocked. Meanwhile, finding Jenny alone, Johnny buys her a drink and assures her that the factory girls will come round eventually. Jenny's glad of his company.

Dressed up and sporting her new hair do, Beth has dinner with Kirk. But halfway through the meal, her skin becomes itchy and blotchy and, blaming the Bistro food, Beth insists Kirk takes her to hospital. Kate confides in Caz how Johnny admitted to an affair that led to her mother's death and that Carla is her half-sister. Caz wishes she'd been there for her but Kate assures her she's fine and that Sophie was a tower of strength.

Wednesday 10 February 2015
Simon is contrite as he hands Eva a birthday card. Leanne can barely look at him. Eva urges Leanne to think carefully before reporting him to the police. Tom calls at the Bistro and informs Leanne that Kyle's leg injury is very serious and he may never play football again. Devastated, Leanne reaches a decision. With heavy heart, Leanne reports Simon to the police, listing all the occasions on which he's abused her and explaining about the latest incident involving Kyle.

Anna calls in the garage and apologises to Kevin for her recent tantrums and suggests they wipe the slate clean. Kevin agrees and at his suggestion they join Tim and Sally for dinner. Sally bores Anna to death about her council campaign. Anna loses her temper and thrusting some cash at Kevin, stalks out of the Bistro.

When Erica clocks Izzy struggling to carry some rolls of fabric, she offers to help, but, aware Izzy won't accept charity, she suggests in return Izzy teaches her to sew. Izzy agrees on condition it remains their secret.

Still sporting an itchy rash, Beth tells Nick he owes her a free meal. As Todd proudly shows off his first bouquet, Tracy is scathing. Todd blames her mood on Robert's fling with Carla. When Tracy suggests to Robert they could have an afternoon lie down, Robert is not interested. Tracy is hurt while Todd is amused.

Friday 12 February 2015
Weighed down by guilt, Leanne agrees to let Simon have the day off school. Simon is delighted, unaware of her turmoil. Having chosen a DVD, Simon snuggles up to Leanne on the sofa but they're interrupted by the police knocking at the door. Simon cries out as the police take him away for questioning. Hearing the commotion, Ken dashes across. Leanne can barely watch, hating herself for reporting her own son. Breaking down, she admits to Zeedan how she reported Simon to the police, not just for injuring Kyle but for the abuse he's subjected her to!

Beth shows David her awful rash and tells him Nick can expect a visit from Environmental Health. David's horrified, realising he's responsible for her rash. When he admits the truth to Audrey, she insists he goes to the Bistro and confess to Nick. Beth's furious when David reveals that her rash was caused by hair dye and is nothing to do with the Bistro food. She turns on Kylie but they're stopped in their tracks when the Environmental Health Officer arrives.

Izzy confides in Erica that since dislocating her hip, she's been in terrible pain and her painkillers aren't working. Erica offers to get her some cannabis but Izzy's not keen.

Ken pours out his heart to Audrey telling her all about their problems with Simon. Citing family issues, Ken tells Sally he'll have to step down as her campaign manager. When Norris and Mary argue over which of them would make the better campaign manager, who will Sally hire?

Friday 12 February 2015
Under the police officers' gaze, Simon admits that sometimes he sees red and can't stop himself from lashing out. Ken puts his arm round him. Zeedan comforts Leanne as she waits at the station. Simon remains adamant that the incident involving Kyle was a genuine accident but when it's obvious neither the police nor Ken believe him, he loses his temper and thumps the desk. Having been released pending an investigation, Simon refuses to speak to Leanne and asks Ken if he can stay with him. Leanne feels terrible. As Leanne, Eva and Zeedan discuss the Simon situation, Tom calls round and explaining that one of the parents recorded the match, shows them the footage of Simon's tackle.

Beth and Kylie continue to hurl abuse at each other. Nick despairs. In an attempt to diffuse the situation, Audrey offers Beth a year's free haircuts.

Izzy calls in at the shop and, explaining that her pain is even worse, tells Erica she'd like to take up her offer of some cannabis. Izzy and Erica meet furtively in the Rovers backyard and Erica hands over a small package of cannabis.

Clearly at loggerheads, Norris and Mary tell Sally that she'll have to choose between them. After some deliberation, Sally announces who will be her campaign manager.


CORONATION STREET could see three familiar faces make a dramatic return to the cobbles, as the show's new boss, Kate Oates, plans to shake up the famous street. 

According to reports, incoming producer Kate Oates - who is taking over the reins from Stuart Blackburn in January - is keen to bring back some of the soaps much-loved characters.

Clearly keen to spice up the Salford-based show, Kate is hoping to bring back a list of Corrie favourites, including Helen Flanagan, Keith Duffy and Georgia Taylor.

The trio - who played Rosie Webster, Ciaran McCarthy, and Toyah Battersby - are said to be the top three names on Kate's ever-growing wish list.

Speaking of how thrilled Kate - who previously produced Emmerdale - was at joining the long-running soap, a source told The Sun:

"Kate was going on about how excited she was to join the cast and crew in January and saying she couldn’t wait to get her teeth into the show.

"She loved the idea of bringing Toyah back and said there would be endless opportunities for the character to be exploited after being away for so long.

"The same went for Rosie. She said again there would be loads of terrific storylines."

The insider added: "All three are well loved characters and getting any of them back would be hugely popular with Corrie fans."

The three characters each made a huge impact on the soap - which recently celebrated it's 45th anniversary - so it's no wonder Kate is keen to bring them back.

Toyah moved onto the cobbles as part of the legendary Battersby family and she had her fair share of drama before she uprooted to London in 2003.

Ciaran McCarthy had two short, but sweet, stints on the street and fast became known as the local lothario. However the hunky barman left in 2010 for a job on a cruise ship.

Rosie Webster was the tearaway teenage daughter of Kevin and Sally, but in 2012 she headed off to London in search of fame and fortune.

Source:  Express

Oh dear, obviously Laura Withers, who wrote this article doesn't know her Corrie.  If she did, she would know it will be celebrating its 55th anniversary on December 9, 2015, not the 45th.
Actor and children's TV legend Derek Griffiths is to join the cast of Coronation Street next year.

The 69-year-old will play retired mechanic Freddie, a pensioner who strikes up "an unlikely friendship" with Kylie Platt.

The actor was one the the hosts of Play School and Play Away during the 1960s, '70s and '80s.

His motorbike-loving character will ride onto the Weatherfield cobbles in March.

ITV said Freddie "finds new friends and a surrogate community" on Coronation Street following the death of his wife, a client of Kylie's at the beauty salon.

Griffiths said: "I remember being a young boy and watching Violet Carson [who played Ena Sharples] on Coronation Street. She was a brilliant character that people loved to hate, and later when I became an actor and played the villain in panto many times those are qualities I would bring to the role.

"When I came for my audition one of the first things I saw was a huge photo of Violet Carson on the wall. I am very much looking forward to walking in those hallowed footsteps."

Griffiths' acting work includes two years with the Royal Shakespeare Company, West End productions Miss Saigon and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, and he has recently finished filming Silent Witness.
He was also the voice of SuperTed.

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn said: "I was utterly delighted when Derek accepted this role and I can not wait to work with him and see him on the cobbles, it really will be a happy new year!"

Source:  BBC
Derek Griffiths appeared with Johnny Ball and Sarah Long
Coronation Street star Oliver Farnworth has been granted a seven-week break from the soap.

The actor is following in the footsteps of his on-screen fake dad Les Dennis by taking time off for a new theatre project.

Farnworth, who plays Andy Carver in Corrie, will join Dennis in a production of Alan Bleasdale's Down The Dock Road at Liverpool's Royal Court theatre.

The show runs from March 11 to April 9 and a Coronation Street spokesperson told Digital Spy that Farnworth will be away from filming for seven weeks.

Dennis, meanwhile, will be off for six weeks.

Source:  Digital Spy
ITV has landed one of its biggest product-placement deals after agreeing to feature an Interflora store in Coronation Street for one year.

Interflora is thought to have paid nearly £1 million for the partnership, which will see the character Tracy Barlow run the new florist from 13 January.

The Leeds division of Carat brokered the deal for Interflora, whose branding will appear in the shop and on bouquets.

ITV said no brand has had "such prominence" in the soap before and "it demonstrates how seamlessly an iconic brand like Interflora can naturally sit side by side with our content".

ITV has aired 4,000 hours of product placement since its use on TV was approved by Ofcom in 2011.

Paul Richards, an analyst at Numis, said product placement "hasn’t made a significant difference" in terms of bringing in new revenue for ITV because advertisers may have been using money from their existing TV budget.

Source:  Campaign Live
Coronation Street: Carla Connor actress Alison King QUITS soap for good

SHE'S starred as Carla Connor since 2006, but Coronation Street actress Alison King has confirmed she's quit the soap for good.

Alison King has quit Coronation Street
It had been previously rumoured that the brunette beauty was set to take another sabbatical from the hit ITV show, but Alison has slammed the speculation by stating she's leaving the long-running soap opera for the indefinite future.

Alison confirmed she had handed in her notice in an interview with the Radio Times.

She said: "It's been put out there that I'm taking a sabbatical, but I'm not."

Alison continued: "They've very graciously left the doors open for me to come back if I want to. And I haven't ruled that out. But this is a new chapter for me."

In May last year ITV confirmed Alison had taken a break, with a statement claiming she was "taking a sabbatical for creative reasons".

During her time on the Salford-based show the 42-year-old has been embroiled in some of the soap's most memorable storylines.

Carla - who has battled alcoholism and gambling addictions on-and-off since moving to Coronation Street - has endured two marriage breakdowns.

Source:  Express
Citizen Khan actress Bhavna Limbachia joins Coronation Street as Zeedan's new love interest Rana

The actress will make her debut on the cobbles next month - and is sure to make a lasting impression

Rana is heading for the Coronation Street cobbles

Citizen Khan actress Bhavna Limbachia has joined the cast of Coronation Street.

The actress will play fiery Rana, an old friend of Alya's, who sets Zeedan's heart racing when she arrives in Weatherfield.

Corrie bosses have promised sparks will fly when she makes her debut on the cobbles next month.

Producer Stuart Blackburn said: "Rana is sharp, funny, utterly gorgeous and not a little manipulative.

Sparks will fly when new girl Rana bursts onto Coronation Street.  "She's a girl who likes to get her own way and when she sets her sights on something, or someone ...well, Zeedan better have his wits about him!"

Rana will land herself a job at the medical centre and while many of the street's residents have got their eyes on Rana it seems she’s got her sights firmly set on Alya’s brother Zeedan.

Bhavna is best known for playing Alia Khan in the BBC sitcom Citizen Khan. She has also featured in police drama Cuffs.

She will first appear on screens on Friday, February 19 and as these first on set pictures show - she's sure to make an impression.

Talking about her new role Bhavna said: "I'm absolutely thrilled to be joining the show. Being a proud Northerner - it's a dream come true!"

Source:  Mirror
This is actually a spoiler for Emmerdale, but it involves an ex-Coronation Street member of cast, so decided to tell you about it here, so we don't spoil it for Emmerdale fans.

Viewers are finally going to meet Tess’ husband, Pierce, when he makes his debut in Emmerdale. And, while at first he is oblivious to his wife’s infidelity with the bumbling vet, his arrival is likely to be the catalyst for the dirty secret being exposed.

Pierce will be played by Jonathan Wrather, whom Coronation Street fans will recognise as con-man Joe Carter who tried to fleece Mike Baldwin between 2002 and 2003. He also had an affair with Karen McDonald.

Wrather has also had roles in Casualty, Holby City, Waterloo Road and The Bill, among other things.

Appearing in Emmerdale from mid-February under dramatic circumstances, Wrather said: ‘I am thrilled to be joining Emmerdale. It’s a great opportunity to be offered the chance to create a new character in one of TV’s most popular shows and I’m very excited to be working with such an outstanding cast and team.’

Brace yourself Padster…it all could be about to bite you on the behind.

Source:  Metro
She's caused no end of problems for her mother and the rest of the Platt family.
But Coronation Street's own pint-sized diva, Bethany Platt, looks set to have rough time as she finds herself mercilessly bullied at school by a girl gang in new behind the scene shots.
Shooting on location at a local school in Manchester, on Tuesday, Lucy Fallon and a group of extras began to film Bethany's latest dramatic storyline - which sees the teen attacked in the playground.

In the up-coming storyline, the cobbles hell-raising teen will find herself on the receiving end of some malicious and violent behaviour, as a gang of girls brutally terrorize her at school.

Bethany - who returned to Weatherfield form Italy with mum Sarah in 2015 - has so far yet to settle into a quiet routine, as she has been keen to stir up strife and trouble at every opportunity.
But it seems she is set to take a turn as the victim, as the outspoken character is seen attracting the wrong sort of attention from some of her class mates.

In the latest teaser shots, Lucy Fallon's character can be seen sat outside in the school playground, wrapped up against the cold in her parka jacket.
Apparently keen to do some extra homework, Bethany is swotting up on her Biology homework, but appears keen to move when she spots a gang of girls coming her way.
Unfortunately for the mouthy member of the Platt clan, the girls have already spotted her and promptly surround her.

Encircling a nervous looking Bethany, the five girls begin to joke with each other; before squaring up to the cobbles youngster.
However things take a sinister and shocking turn when the bullying becomes physical, and a girl who appears to be the group's ringleader bears down on Bethany.
Grabbing her blonde hair roughly, the Weatherfield bully makes Bethany howl in pain as she forces her to the floor.
And while its not known if this is a one off story or a new on-going plot, Sarah's daughter looks thoroughly shocked and distressed after the menacing.

Source:  Daily Mail
Coronation Street tackles issues of homelessness in new storyline filmed on city's canal. 

Coronation Street is tackling the region’s issue of homelessness in an up-and-coming storyline.

Images taken of filming show the soap’s characters Aidan Connor, Eva Price and Billy Mayhew rescuing a woman living under a canal bridge.

The trio, played by Shayne Ward, Catherine Tyldesley and Daniel Brocklebank, go searching for an illegal worker who escaped the clutches of Richie O’Driscoll in his Cheshire mansion.

Corrie stars filmed the emotional scenes on the ship canal across from Old Trafford - next to Sam Platts pub on Wednesday night.

The storyline comes after a turbulent year for homeless people in Greater Manchester - and in the same week that the city was shaken by homeless man Daniel Smith’s death.

Mr Smith’s body was found in his burned out tent and police are now treating his death as murder.

LHomeless rights activists have taken up residence at Manchester’s historic Stock Exchange - owned by former United stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs - claiming the legal right to occupy the building under squatter’s rights.

The footballing legends told the group they could remain in the building until February.

Coronation Street has always been at the forefront of topical issues - with it currently also tackling the modern crime of revenge porn last year, a number of protests took place on the issue of homelessness with demonstrations in Albert Square, St Ann’s Square, Castlefield, and on London Road.

An ongoing storyline shows bistro waitress Steph Britton become the victim of revenge pornography as her ex-boyfriend leaks naked pictures of her online.

The soap has also featured hard-hitting storylines including teenage pregnancy, men as victims of domestic violence, and transgender issues.

It is expected the scenes filmed this week will be aired in March.

Source:  Manchester Evening News
This is your first look at veteran kids TV star Derek Griffiths in his upcoming role in Coronation Street.

Griffiths, best known for his roles in Play School and Play Away during the 1980s, will play a retired mechanic called Freddie who is set to have a profound effect on the life of Kylie Platt.
When he strikes up a friendship with her following the passing of his wife, who was a beauty client of Kylie’s, Freddie finds himself relying on her warmth and the support of the wider Street community.

Making his first appearance in March, he will end up moving onto the Street where he finds support and friendship, particularly from Kylie, played by Paula Lane.

Speaking of the role, Griffiths said recently: ‘I remember being a young boy and watching Violet Carson on Coronation Street. I am very much looking forward to walking in those hallowed footsteps.’

Paula, who recently announced her second pregnancy, will be due to take maternity leave later during the year. She is currently concealing the secret that she killed Callum Logan, whose body is hidden below Gail’s annexe.

It is too early to confirm whether the Callum story strand or Freddie’s arrival will play a part in her exit storyline.

Source:  Metro
David Brown interviews Michael LeVell (Kevin Webster:

History looks set to repeat itself for Kevin Webster next week when his young son Jack goes missing, only to be found once again in the care of Jenny Bradley.
With Kevin having been the most forgiving member of the neighbourhood following Jenny's return, he's aghast to discover Jack in her arms.

A furious row then erupts with both Kevin and Sophie quick to tear a strip off Jenny who, as viewers will no doubt remember, snatched Jack six months ago.
But when Jack reveals that he actually followed Jenny into the factory, the Websters are forced to reevaluate the situation.

Here, actor Michael Le Vell reveals all about a fraught week for his character, who also faces relationship angst as current girlfriend Anna continues to hide her and Phelan's past…

So, how's Kevin feeling after Jenny returns?

When he first sees Jenny, he's a little bit shocked and stunned and not too happy at Rita for letting her stay. That's only short lived - he takes her to his and has a sit down chat. They realise they have got something in common - the death of their babies - and it becomes a relationship-changing scene. He goes from feeling so strong about her to wanting to give her a chance and he wants everyone to get off her back and give her a chance.

Are people surprised by his reaction?

Everyone's surprised - Sophie, Anna, everyone. But he says they should give people a chance and live and let live. He's applying this to Anna and Phelan too, because he doesn’t know the full story there.

So, tell us about Kevin's relationship with Anna - what can we expect to see there?

Well, it's up and down really, mainly because Kevin knows there's something she is not telling him about Phelan. And he knows that there is something much more than just Owen and Gary and losing the business. They've had a few rows and it’s been a bit on and off.
They want to be together, but this is causing them a problem. Someone has come back from Kevn's past who did something terrible and he has been open about it and is prepared to move on, but he knows there is some reason why Anna isn't doing the same with Phelan and this causes issues.

So why does Kevin trust Phelan?

Phelan is very clever - he has manipulated Kevin into trusting him. He's manipulated him into believing he is the knight in shining armour who has saved the day when the electrics go in the new garage - when the truth is that he sabotaged them in order to be able to do that. Kevin is a straightforward guy who takes people on face value - he doesn’t play games and would never dream of manipulating people like that.

How would he feel to know what Phelan did to Anna?

Things would be very different. He would be horrified and we will come to the point where he will start to see another side of Phelan. He will start to see him in a different light.

Later next week, we'll see Jack go missing - how does Kevin react to that?

His first thought is that this is the reason Jenny has come back and he blames her straight away. That's his immediate reaction - even though he has accepted her being there, his first instinct is to blame her.

What happens when he realises Jenny has him?

He just thinks the worst and doesn’t give her any chance to explain. He shouts her down in the street and shows her up.

How tough a job does Jenny have to convince him she’s innocent?

He's not prepared to listen at all. Sally and Sophie are there putting their oar in, so she doesn’t get a chance to explain her side of the story. It's is only when Jack tells him the truth about what happened that he realises he has made a terrible mistake and he apologises.

Where do Kevin and Jenny go from here?

I think they can be friends again - they have got a lot in common and they've known each other for 25 years. If the relationship with him and Anna hadn’t started then who knows what could have happened. He does tell her that he cared a lot about her, that he really loved her and that they had something special. If she had only opened up to him at the time, things could have been very different.

And what kind of future are Kevin and Anna facing?

I hope it works out and I hope Phelan moves onto someone else soon. Once he does, Kevin and Anna can make a go of it. I'm hoping she tells him the truth - she should have done that months ago and he would have dealt with it and been supportive. He won’t blame Anna at all. They have a lot of hurdles to get over, but hopefully they will make it work.

Is it nice to have Sally Ann Matthews back?

Yes it’s great. I love working with Sally Ann - she's a great actress and professional in every way

Does Kevin have a happy new year in store?

Yes he does. He has a new business - I'm working more with Brooke Vincent, which I love. The team in the garage - me, Brooke, Alan Halsall and Dean Fagan - have a great time. It’s lovely coming into work knowing we've got some good scenes.

What would you like to see happening to him?

I’d like to see the new garage take off - they've built me a new set on site, so we'll be seeing a lot of his new business. Hopefully, we still see the friendship with Tim as I love all that humour with the bromance. Plus a relationship with Anna and a friendship with Jenny.

What is brilliant about getting Kevin with Anna is that you're joining the two families together. It makes them one big family and that means you can go in all types of directions. It’s got the making of a great set-up with exciting, interesting and funny storylines.

Source:  Radio Times
She has had a horrendous time over the past year, but things will finally start to look up for Leanne Battersby on Coronation Street.

Leanne (Jane Danson) was left grief-stricken last year when her partner Kal Nazir died in the Victoria Court fire, and she has been subjected to a string of domestic abuse from her step-son Simon ever since.

Despite having had a very turbulent few months, Leanne's luck looks set to change when she has her head turned by a handsome stranger.

A positive week for Leanne will kick off after Simon returns from a successful counselling session.

Simon begs Leanne not to leave him at No.1, telling her he'll never speak to her again if she does

Pleased that the schoolboy finally seems to be making some progress, Leanne agrees to go clubbing with Eva following some encouragement from a supportive Zeedan.

Once out, Leanne is approached by a good-looking guy called Tom who chats her up in the bistro and gives her his phone number.

Leanne is flattered by the attention, but could this be the start of happier times for Leanne?

Source:  Digital Spy

If you are wondering where you have seen Tom, the fellow chatting up Leanne, before.  He is Daniel Casey, most recently playing Gavin Troy in Midsomer Murders.
Callum Logan’s body WILL be discovered in coming months it has finally been confirmed – just in time for Kylie Platt to make her departure from the Street.

Viewers have been wondering when the murder secret might come to light, with Callum currently festering under the Platt household after Kylie dispatched him last September.

Currently only killer Kylie, her husband David and his sister Sarah know that Callum is even dead – but all that is set to change when the past comes back to haunt them.

While it is inevitable that the twist will play some kind of part in Kylie’s temporary hiatus from the show as Paula Lane heads off on maternity, producer Stuart Blackburn has hinted that all may not be as it seems with the gruesome discovery.

He said: ‘That particular secret will come to light at the end of spring or in early summer. But the discovery may not directly impact the characters you think it will.’
Hmmm, cryptic.

So who will come across Callum’s corpse – and who might take the blame for his murder?

It’s going to be an interesting few months on the cobbles…

Source:  Metro

A terrified and hungry Polish girl is found cowering in the Underworld factory as Corrie bosses tackle the harrowing issue of child slavery.

Teenager Marta, played by Edyta Budnik, is discovered hiding behind boxes by barmaid Eva (Catherine Tyldeseley) in a hard-hitting storyline starting next week.

It emerges that she is being kept as an unpaid worker by wealthy Weatherfield newcomers Richie and Julia O’Driscoll – who are now the factory’s biggest clients.

Marta tells Eva she fears for the safety of her family in Poland if she attempts to escape. And Eva realises exposing her plight could leave Underworld, and owner Carla Connor (Alison King), ruined.

The gritty plot echoes a string of shocking incidents in the UK in recent years and bosses on the soap consulted experts to ensure the accuracy of their scripts.

A source said: “This is going to be a very difficult subject to tackle but it has been in the news and sadly is not as uncommon as people might think.

“Obviously, Coronation Street tries to tackle difficult subjects and has done storylines about serious illnesses and violence before. But this is the first time slavery has appeared.

"Undoubtedly, it will make for some difficult scenes and perhaps some uncomfortable viewing.

“But it’s important to highlight the reality of the people who are in these terrible situations.

“Tragically, this is happening in the UK right now and making people aware of that can only be a good thing to make sure that it’s stamped out.”

Eva takes Marta under her wing and gives her some food. She is too frightened to give much away about how she was forced into slavery and Eva tries to help by bringing her food and clothes.

But when she discovers that the factory is being kept in business by cash from Marta’s captors, she is left with the tough decision of whether to reveal the abuse.

The child slave drama will be one of the big storylines for Alison King before she quits as Carla later this year.

In December last year, former NHS doctor Emmanuel Edet , 61, and his midwife wife Antan, 58, were jailed for six years for keeping Ofonime Sunday Inuk, 40, captive for 24 years as their unpaid house boy. They brought him to the UK illegally aged 13.

This month, a woman and two men were jailed for keeping a woman captive and forcing her to work in Nottingham. They caged the 24-year-old in a duck pen and beat her with a hockey stick.

Source:  Mirror

Coronation Street villain Pat Phelan will return to his old tricks next week, as he sabotages Kevin Webster's business expansion.

The builder reappeared on our screens last month when he started working as a labourer on the site of Kevin's project at the Arches.

Phelan's return has naturally thrown Anna's life into jeopardy, but the situation has been exacerbated due to the fact that he appears to get on famously with her new partner Kevin.

Early next week, Kevin is pleased when Phelan and Jason assure him they should finish the Arches imminently, but Phelan later throws a spanner in the works when he sneaks into the Arches and sabotages the fuse box.

Unaware of what caused the problem, Kevin is grateful when Phelan tells him that he can sort it but it will mean another week's work.

Having previously heard Phelan on the phone unsuccessfully touting for more work, Anna immediately smells a rat, telling Kevin that she reckons Phelan tampered with it himself.

Unfortunately, Kevin fails to listen to Anna's concerns and defends Phelan, convinced that his friend would never try to rip him off.

Hurt that Kevin has taken Phelan's side yet again, Anna finds herself discussing her feelings with Gary. However, a concerned Gary advises Anna to just come clean with Kevin before her actions push him away for good. Will she listen?

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Monday, February 8 at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.

Source:  Digital Spy

Distraught mum Leanne is to report Simon to the police next week after he lashes out on the football pitch and breaks the leg of a fellow player.

Leanne is to make the tough decision when Simon admits to Zeedan that he committed the foul on purpose because he got angry.

An anguished Leanne knows only too well that Simon is more than capable of physical violence, having herself endured attacks at the hands of her adoptive son.

"Leanne realises that things have gone too far and if he is starting to lash out at other people. She needs to do something about it," says actress Jane Danson. "It's one thing her having to deal with his anger issues, but she knows that if things are going to start happening at school, then there is a whole world of problems ahead for him unless she nips it in the bud now."

Upcoming scenes will see Leanne tell officers not only about Simon's bad sportsmanship, but also the details of the private hell she's endured these past months.
Adds Danson: "She goes to the police station first by herself and tells them about him attacking her and that she now knows he has broken the leg of another player in his football team. It's the hardest thing she has ever had to do but she feels she has been left with no choice.
"She breaks down when she leaves the police station. And the worst thing is she doesn't have time to tell Simon what she's done before he opens the door to the police officers. He's terrified and can’t believe his mum has done this to him."

At the station, Simon finally admits that he sometimes sees red and can't stop himself from lashing out. But after being released pending an investigation, Simon refuses to speak to Leanne and asks Ken if he can stay with him.

Yet despite the situation looking bleak, Danson has hopes that Leanne's actions will eventually lead to a reconciliation between her and Simon.

"I'd like to hope this is the beginning of the final chapter of this story - it's been such a difficult time for them both and maybe it needed to get to this stage for them to turn it around and get their relationship back on track. It's certainly a shock for them both."

Source:  Radio Times

In shock Coronation Street scenes Izzy Armstrong turns to smoking cannabis after injuring her hip in an accident at Underworld.

Wheelchair user Izzy, played by Cherylee Houston, confides in Erica Holroyd played by Claire King that since dislocating her hip, she’s been in terrible pain and her painkillers aren’t working.

And Erica offers to help by getting her some cannabis. At first Izzy isn’t keen but ends up smoking the drug to relieve the pain.

Corrie will be rocked by the drugs shock, which begins after Izzy is hurt by newcomer Marta, a teenager found hiding in the underwear factory by Eva Price played by Catherine Tyldesley.

Factory worker Sean is furious to discover his new coat is missing. And as the factory girls argue about who could have stolen it, Marta suddenly emerges from behind some boxes wearing the coat and makes a dash for it. And Izzy’s hip is hurt as Marta, who is being kept as an unpaid slave by the Underworld clients Richie and Julia O’Driscoll, barges past.

Show bosses have been working with experts about the subject of cannabis use for pain relief, which has been debated in the UK in the past.

Source:  Manchester Evening News

Coronation Street's Beth Tinker will suffer an embarrassing health incident next week when she develops a rash during a date night at the Bistro.

An excited Beth will head out for dinner with Kirk sporting a new hairdo, but the evening soon takes a turn when her skin becomes itchy and blotchy.

Insisting that Kirk takes her to hospital, Beth is sure that the Bistro food is to blame for her predicament and later tells David that Nick should expect a visit from Environmental Health.

As Beth continues to itch for a fight, a horrified David is forced to reveal that her rash was actually caused by hair dye and is nothing to do with the bistro food.

Furious, Beth is soon taking her anger out on Kylie instead but their fight is stopped in its tracks when the Environmental Health Officer arrives.  Oh dear...

Coronation Street airs these scenes on Wednesday, February 10 and Friday, February 12 on ITV.

Source:  Digital Spy