Monday 12 May 2014
Tina lets slip to Steph that she's having an affair with Peter but makes her promise not to tell anyone. Knowing Carla has her first scan today and desperate for a drink, Peter heads out but is thwarted when Tina insists on accompanying him to a hotel bar. When Tina nips to the loo, Peter's shocked when Rob enters.
A shameful Izzy returns to work and Beth tears a strip off her, calling her a thief, but will Carla be able to forgive her or will she lose her job?

Beth tells Sean and Eva she's off to Latvia tomorrow for her breast enhancement. Maria walks in to the cafe as Todd reaches for Marcus's hand. Seeing no alternative, Owen accepts Tony's paltry offer for the business.

Monday 12 May 2014
  A suspicious Rob leaves the hotel after Peter spins him a story about meeting a client and quickly ushers Tina out of a fire exit. Knowing he's promised to be at Carla's first scan but battling his craving for alcohol, will Peter let Carla down and head to the pub instead?

Tyrone sees red when Todd insults Maria and punches him on the jaw. Fiz is furious and drags Tyrone home but Maria is secretly pleased at Tyrone's protective display.

Owen confides in Anna that he feels he's let his family down and he's going to look for a job.

Beth sets off to Latvia for her breast enhancement. Luke persuades Maria to let him buy her a drink.

Wednesday 14 May 2014
Tina watches as Tony unloads his dodgy gear into Rob and Tracy's shop but when she goes to take a photo on her phone, Tony angrily orders her to stop. Rob becomes suspicious when he later finds Tina and Peter deep in conversation in the Rovers back yard and demands to know what's going on.

Maria's gutted when Fiz and Tyrone tell her about their plans for a holiday and sends Tyrone another text from Kirsty. A terrified Tyrone smashes his phone, unaware that Maria is the real culprit.

Nursing a fat lip, Todd explains to Jason he really likes Marcus and over dinner persuades Marcus to give their relationship a chance.

Gail and Katy eavesdrop when Dev and Sharif discuss the need for a receptionist in the gym.

Friday 16 May 2014
Fiz feels helpless as she watches a worried sick Tyrone and decides to call round at Kirsty's mother's house. Meanwhile, feeling sorry for Maria, Tyrone agrees to meet her for a chat in the park. When Maria confesses to Audrey that she's in love with Tyrone, Audrey grows deeply concerned and decides to have a word with Fiz.

With Peter hungover again, a desperate Carla calls Tracy and asks her to babysit him. When Tracy nips out, Peter sees it as a chance to escape but he's furious when he realises she's locked him in.

Eileen's shocked when Todd and Marcus appear from upstairs and she accuses everyone of treating her house like a hotel. Ignoring Eileen's complaint, Todd excitedly suggests to Marcus he should move in.

Katy and Gail attend their interviews at the gym and, unaware, Dev and Sharif take them both on as part-time receptionists. Owen's disappointed when he fails to get a job in a factory.

Friday 16 May 2014
Fiz is stunned when Audrey tells her that according to Maria, she and Tyrone have fallen in love again and they're spending the afternoon together in the park. Maria tells Tyrone that she's fallen for him but, realising he's horrified, she pretends she's teasing. But as Maria spots Fiz approaching, she purposefully hugs Tyrone.

Carla's shocked when a desperate Peter angrily shouts at her to get out of his way but when she refuses to move, he smashes a vase and breaks down in tears. When Tina later calls round, will she be shocked to see the broken man Peter has become?

When Todd announces to Eileen that Marcus is moving in, Eileen throws every one out saying she's fed up with being taken for granted.

Tony calls at No.11 and announces that he's buying the builder's yard and flat for Jason (Todd's clearly jealous). Owen tells Anna that they may be forced to sell the house.


'Coronation Street' writers are secretly working on a Canadian version of the long-running ITV soap.

'Coronation Street' is set for a Canadian remake.

Writers on the long-running ITV soap are secretly writing a version of the show exclusively for Canada, which could be on screens in a matter of months.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "This is a secret project a group of our top writers have been working on for more than a year. They have already created the core cast of characters and have already written the early episodes."

The Canadian 'Corrie' could be set in the famous city of Toronto.

The British soap is screened in over 60 countries around the world, including Canada, where it airs nightly on CBC.

Germany was the first foreign nation to remake the show for its own audience as 'Lindenstrasse' ('Lime Street') launched in the country in 1985.

ITV Studios, which produces 'Corrie', is behind the Canadian version and they are also hoping to launch a version of the show in Australia, which is known for its popular soaps such as 'Neighbours' and 'Home and Away'.

The soap source added: "There's no reason why there couldn't be different takes on 'Coronation Street' around the world. Think of the incredible depth of storylines and characters that could be drawn on."

Source:  The List - originally The Sun
Oh dear, I do hope the picture was The Sun's idea and not the writers who are penning this project!  I have great misgivings about this.  If they use Corrie writers, what are they going to know about Canadians?  If they use Canadians, it will end up like Riverdale.  Has it been commissioned by the CBC to give them more Canadian content, so they can stop buying the British version of Corrie? 

FURIOUS Tyrone Dobbs will call in police when he discovers Maria Connor is his mystery stalker.

The Weatherfield mechanic is left scared stiff when he starts getting sinister text messages from his violent ex partner Kirsty Soames.

But what Tyrone (Alan Halsall, 31) doesn’t know is that it’s really his friend Maria who is sending the texts.

The troubled hairdresser starts bombarding him with messages after he knocks her back when she makes a move on him.

It’s part of a lengthy storyline for Maria that will see her have a breakdown as she struggles to cope after finding her boyfriend, midwife Marcus Dent, with another man.

Tyrone and his girlfriend Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine, 30) will discover the truth when he rings the number of his stalker and realises the messages have been sent from Maria’s new phone.

Determined to get his own back, he will then call the police.

He storms at Maria: “All this time it’s been you!

"What have I ever done to you?

"You’re twisted.”

Later her brother, Kirk Sutherland, (Andrew Whyment, 33) admits she is in trouble with the police.

He explains: “I’ve tried to get Tyrone to drop the charges but he won’t listen.

“Maria’s not answering the door or her phone, I’m worried about her.”

Samia Ghadie, 31, who plays Maria, says the texts were just a “twisted” way of Maria getting some love and attention.

She said: “More than anything, I think Maria wants to be loved.

“She sees Tyrone and Fiz together and it’s just a reminder of what she doesn’t have, what she’s lost.

“Maria wants him to need her and because Tyrone doesn’t think he can lean on Fiz he turns to Maria for support.

"Maria feels wanted by Tyrone and because of that she finds it difficult to stop pretending to be Kirsty.”

Source:  Daily Star
Suspect Tracy will have to confess to handling knocked off TVs or think of something else

Coronation Street is set to be very complicated after the murder of Tina McIntyre and those without an alibi are to become prime suspects.

In new pictures released ahead of a future episode, Tracy Barlow, played by Kate Ford, goes to the depths of acquiring a van load of knocked off TVs to help with her pawn shop.

After getting the van load of TVs she meets up with Tony Stewart, played by Terence Maynard, at a railway arch to move them to his van to take back to the shop.

While moving the TVs Tracy breaks a heel on her bright red stiletto shoes.
The only problem with her late night deal is that when she needs an alibi she won’t be able to tell people what she was doing at the time of Tina McIntyre’s murder.

This increases the doubt over her innocence.

It has been reported that Tracy will be the main suspect in Tina’s murder. Other suspects include on-off lover and alcoholic Peter, his wife Carla and her brother Rob.

According to reports, Michelle will film FOUR exit scenes in a bid to keep the killer's identity secret.

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street’s Steve McDonald, played by Simon Gregson, and Michelle Connor, are set to have a massive quarrel on the ITV soap.

In pictures released ahead of a future episode Michelle, played by Kym Marsh, and Steve can be seen embroiled in an intense debate.

Filmed in the Coronation Street car park and just 20 yards outside their studios this scene airs after the two have another heated chat in Steve’s taxi.

Ending up by the side of the canal, Michelle quizzes Steve on how much he knew about Peter Barlow and Tina McIntyre’s affair, before the barmaid was killed.

Source:  Mirror
MURDERED Tina McIntyre’s mum will show up on Weatherfield’s cobbled streets determined to find out who killed her daughter.

The Rovers barmaid, played by Michelle Keegan, 26, will be brutally bumped off next month.

Fans will see exactly who ends her life and watch as they desperately try to cover their tracks and escape justice.

But Tina’s mum Anna comes looking for answers.

Tina’s close friend, Rita Tanner, takes a devastated Anna (Lorraine Hodgson, 34) under her wing as she tries to come to terms with her loss.

Anna played by Lorraine Hodgson, says:   “You expect it to be different with girls.  A son’s a son until he takes a wife, a daughter’s a daughter all of her life.  I was in labour for 22 hours with her.

I held her in my arms and promised I would always look out for her.”

Rita (Barbara Knox, 80) tells her: “Tina was well looked after round here, she was cared for."

Source:  Daily Star
Jimmi Harkishin, who has played Coronation Street shopkeeper Dev Alahan for 16 years, has announced he needs a break.

The actor is understood to be exhausted from the relentless filming schedule, and plans to go travelling with his daughter before she goes off to university.

It will be the first time he has been absent from screens for a prolonged period since a drug scandal in 2004, after taking on the role of shopkeeper and local businessman Dev in 1999.

Show officials confirmed the actor was planning to take the time off after making a formal request with producers, but insisted he would definitely return after the break.

Although some insiders hinted it could indicate he could be ready to look for new career challenges.

Co-stars Michael Le Vell and William Roache had lengthy absences from Corrie while they faced sex allegations before they were cleared of the accusations.

Paris-born Jimmi, 55, has been a major part of the soap and was recently involved in several key storylines, including a failed romantic approach on barmaid Stella Price, played by Michelle Collins.

His character was left red-faced after lunging in for kiss with Stella - unaware that many of the street’s residents were listening in as they waited to reveal a surprise birthday party for him.

A year earlier he saw his on-screen wife Sunita Alahan, played by Shobna Gulati, murdered in an arson attack on the Rovers Return pub - leaving him a single parent.

But off screen he has encountered some controversy, and took a break from the soap in 2004 after being photographed taking what appeared to be cocaine.

The star agreed to seek help in overcoming his “issues”, with a spokesperson saying at the time: “Both Granada and Jimmi recognise he has some problems that he needs to sort out.

Last month filming on the soap was interrupted when the actor failed to return from a holiday abroad when expected.

The star was due back on set after travelling to India with his brother - but stayed abroad after his sibling became ill.

It is understood that doctors said his brother was too sick to travel and at risk of spreading the condition to other passengers.

Jimmi did contact Corrie bosses to let them know he would be remaining with his brother to look after him.

Confirming the break A Corrie spokesperson said this week: “It was agreed way in advance, and other actors who have been on the show a long time have done the same thing from time to time and taken a sabbatical.”

Source:  Daily Mirror
Coronation Street is set to welcome back bad boy Jim McDonald for a short run later this year.

Jim, played by Charlie Lawson, the ex-husband of Liz McDonald, is currently in prison for an armed robbery on a building society which he carried out in 2011, in hopes of stealing enough money to let his former wife buy the Rovers Return.

But viewers of the ITV soap haven't seen the last of Jim despite his seven-year stretch as he will be back on screens for three months from July.

The new storyline is being kept tightly under wraps, but is said to involve more tension between Jim and Liz, who is now back behind the bar of the Rovers Return with son Steve.
However, Jim's appearances could see him behind bars of a different kind as he will still be in prison when he crops up again on the programme.

Jim was a cobbles regular for 11 years from 1989 to 2000 and has made various guest appearances since then.

Source:  Yahoo TV
Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has tipped newcomer Amy Kelly for a long-term future with the soap.

Kelly joined the ITV show at the end of last year, landing the role of Sophie Webster's troublemaking girlfriend Maddie Heath.

Speaking to The Sun's TV Magazine about the actress's future, Blackburn explained: "Amy Kelly as Maddie Heath is a keeper. But it's important our writers don't confuse her with Katherine Kelly's Becky McDonald. The instinct with a character like Becky is: 'Where are we going to find the next her?' But you'd end up doing shadows of former characters.

"The joy with Amy is that she has no idea how good she is. Short of [a] writer bringing in another story that I haven't expected, or Amy wanting to go, the character of Maddie will be here as long as I'm here."

Blackburn also promised a continued focus on Roy Cropper following the death of his wife Hayley.

"We are now building a new friendship for Roy, but as long as I'm producer, he will not have a romance with anyone," he said. "If that's the only story we can give Roy, we're a bit crap at our job."

Offering other teasers for the future, Blackburn added: "Gary hits the lowest place possible, Roy is pushed into actions he never imagined, and in the wake of Tina's death, Ken returns."

Source:  Digital Spy
Bosses at Coronation Street have revealed that, in the aftermath of Tina McIntyre’s death, a new actress has been cast to play her absent mother Anna!

Fans of the hit ITV soap will know how Tina (Michelle Keegan) is set to meet her maker in an upcoming storyline due to play out on our screens in the next few weeks, when one Weatherfield resident kills her in cold blood.

The murder is set to have the entire community guessing who the killer is, whilst fans have been told that they will learn the identity of the murderer as the crime plays out.

In the aftermath of the murder, in which 4 main people so far are being labelled a suspect for, fans will see a flurry of familiar faces returning to Coronation Street.

As we have previously reported Bill Roache, who was cleared of all counts of historical rape earlier this year, will return to his role as Ken Barlow following the murder. Roache had been promised a juicy storyline to return to by producers who wrote him out whilst his trial took place, if the jury found him not guilty.

And as far as storylines go this one couldn’t be juicier f it tried, with BOTH of Barlow’s children in the Street, Peter Barlow (Chris Gascoyne) who was having an affair with Tina and Tracey Barlow (Kate Forde) who has had a grudge with her for years, both top of the murder enquiry list.

Also making a return to the street is Charlie Lawson, who plays Jim McDonald, who may find himself in the thick of the drama too as pictures emerging following the murder have shown Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) who goes out with Jim’s son Steve (Simon Gregson), outside the police station, implicating her as well (albeit only loosely).

And now the powers that be have revealed that they have cast a new actress to play Tina’s mum, Anna!

Originally played by Susan Mitchell for a brief appearance in 2008 when Tina first moved in with David Platt sparking a row between the two teenager’s mothers, Anna will now be played by Lorraine Hodgson.

Hodgson, whose previous acting credits include EastEnders, The Bill and Holby City, announced her casting earlier this week via social networking site, Twitter, where she told followers the news by tweeting a link to an article about it.

In the article, published by The Daily Star newspaper, it is reported that when Anna turns up in Weatherfield following her daughter’s death, she is on a mission to find answer, and is soon taken under the wing of Tina’s surrogate mother on the street, Rita Sullivan (Barbara Knox).

Michelle Keegan has finished filming her final scenes for Corrie now, and has plans to move to London to be nearer her presenter fiancé, Mark Wright.

She had played the role of Tina since 2008.

Source:  Unreality TV
Former Coronation Street star Sue Johnston has revealed that she wouldn't rule out a future return to the show.

The actress played Gloria Price on the ITV soap from September 2012 to February this year, when her outspoken character left the cobbles to go traveling.

While Gloria's daughter Stella has also since left Weatherfield, her granddaughters Eva and Leanne both remain on the street - providing her with a possible reason to come back in the future.

Speaking on ITV's Lorraine this morning (April 30), Johnston admitted that she misses working on the show.

She explained: "I miss particularly the people - the crew and the cast. I had so much fun and met so many lovely people. It's a lovely, lovely job."

Asked whether Gloria could return, Johnston replied: "Yes. She flits. My grandchildren are still there. She flits around and she's not stable!"

The 70-year-old said that she enjoyed portraying Gloria as "people who are tricky are always much more interesting to play".

On the recognition she got for the part, Johnston commented: "I was quite recognized when I go out before I went into Coronation Street, but the power of the Street is unbelievable and it took me aback that the recognition stakes went higher as people love to see you.

"People love Coronation Street and therefore if you're in it, you become part of them."

Johnston also confirmed that she has a new project on the way but has been sworn to secrecy over the details.

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street star Georgia May Foote is to exit the ITV soap.

The actress - who has appeared as Katy Armstrong since 2010 - will leave Weatherfield at the end of the year.

Producer Stuart Blackburn confirmed that the character will not be killed off, suggesting that Foote could return to the soap in the future.

He said: "Georgia is a talented actress who has been a great asset to the show. The decision to write out the character of Katy Armstrong is based on storyline discussions and will be one of the consequences of the current drama involving the Windass/Armstrong clan.

"Katy will not be killed off and the door will be left open for a possible return. We wish Georgia every success with her future career."

Foote added: "I have had an amazing four years on Coronation Street. I have had some fantastic storylines and worked with some wonderful actors."

Looking to the future, the 23-year-old said that she is looking forward to filming her exit scenes and is keen to try out new roles.

She said: "I am very excited about what the future holds. Whilst I will be sorry to say goodbye to Weatherfield, I am looking forward to the challenge of new roles.

"Having worked on other dramas such as Grange Hill and This Is England before I joined the cast, I always knew that I would want to try other roles again in the future.

"I am hugely grateful for the opportunities Coronation Street has given me and I am very excited about my exit storyline."

Last month, Foote said that she would stay on the long-running soap "for as long as they will have [her]" and seemed optimistic about her future on Coronation Street.

She said: "I saw our boss Stuart Blackburn the other day, and we've been talking about storylines that are going on after my contract expires. So it looks like I'll be around for a bit longer."

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street bosses have launched a nationwide search to find a disabled actor to take on a new starring role.

Casting directors are to hold auditions in London, Glasgow and Manchester to find the right man to play new character Howie, who is described as a ‘cheeky chappy’.

They are looking to audition actors with any form of “visible disability” for the role, aged in his 40s.

A Corrie spokeswoman said: “Howie is a new disabled character that is being written into storylines starting on screen in the Autumn.

“He will be connected to a current cast member, although that’s all we can say at this stage.”

The new character is believed to have been written in to storylines to increase diversity on the cobbles of Weatherfield, and to give opportunities to actors with disabilities.

The soap currently features storylines involving wheelchair-bound Izzy Armstrong, played by actress Cherylee Houston, who has rare tissue disorder Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. When she joined in 2010 she made history as the show’s first disabled actress.

Source:   Manchester Evening News
The Coronation Street cast looked far from sombre as they filmed Tina McIntyre's funeral on Tuesday.
However the scene was a different one the following day as tempers appeared frayed when a seemingly drunk Peter Barlow turned up to pay his respects.
Clutching a bottle in one hand, the character - who was having an affair with Tina before she was murdered - appeared to get into a scuffle with Steve McDonald who tries to calm him down.

Peter, played by actor Chris Gascoyne, tries to move his friend out of the way in attempt to get closer to the graveside where her family and friends are stood.

Eva Price, Gail Platt and her son David are amongst the mourners who were seen flashing forlorn looks to each other and wiping away their tears.

Source:  Daily Mail