Sunday 7 December 2014 (One hour)

In the salon, David and Maria work on Max, Liam and Lily's hair in preparation for the family photo. In her jittery state, Kylie drops her last wrap. Making out she's got a nail appointment elsewhere, Kylie heads out to find Callum, desperate for a fix. When David confides in Eva how worried he is about Kylie, Eva agrees to take David to Kylie's old haunt the Dog & Gun. David and Eva enter and they watch, horrified, as Kylie buys drugs from a dealer. David follows Kylie into the loos and catches her red-handed about to take some speed. Angry and disgusted, David storms out. Eva is furious with Kylie and implores her to go after David and save her family. Forced to choose between drugs and her family, Kylie is at the breaking point!
It's family day at the community centre and a photographer has been booked to take family portraits. Michael insists the photographer take a shot of him and Gavin so Gavin reluctantly agrees. Zeedan refuses to take part in the Nazir portrait, claiming he's too upset since today would have been his Mum's birthday. Kal's not happy and when Tony then forces Zeedan to work, Kal lays into Tony, furious that he's exploiting Zeedan when he should be with his family.

When Maria accidentally stabs herself in the eye with a mascara wand, Luke leaps to her rescue and takes her to A&E.

Tim worries that he's going to have to let Faye down and pull out of the school auction as his reading just isn't up to it. When Emily introduces her new vicar to Sean and Eileen, Sean is pleased that it's Billy, the guy he met in the bar. When Gary arranges to accompany Izzy and Jake on a trip into town, Katy confides in Alya that she reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together. Alya's gutted. Owen unwittingly lets slip to Diane that Kevin gave her sofa to Sally. Diane insists she and Kevin pay Sally a visit after their lunch date.

Wednesday 10 December 2014
Eva beseeches Kylie to tell David the full extent of her past drug addiction so he can help her, threatening that if Kylie doesn't come clean to David, she'll tell him everything. At the breaking point, Kylie admits to David she tried all sorts of drugs before she met him but now she's turned her life around and hates herself for what she's done. Horrified, how will David react to her confession?

Zeedan berates Kal for threatening Tony, pointing out he could have lost him his job. Kal assures Zeedan he was only looking out for him. He remindsd Zeedan that he hasn't forgot his mum, and will always love Jamila. Meanwhile, when Alya confides in Leanne that Katy reckons Gary and Izzy are getting back together, Leanne suggests it's just wishful thinking from Katy and it's time Alya and Gary came clean about their relationship. Gary assures Alya he has no intention of getting back with Izzy.

Maria feels guilty realising Luke missed out on the flat he was after because he had to take her to A&E. When Audrey advises Maria not to let Luke slip through her fingers because he's a lovely boy, Maria apologises to Luke and suggests they go on a date.

Sally surveys the deck chairs that are now in place of her sofa and blames Tim for the fact she's not only lost her lovely sofa but her new friend Diane, too. Sean is nervous when he and Billy have their first date at the bistro.

Friday 12 December 2014
Gary and Izzy chat about Jake and it's clear they're getting on well. Izzy secretly hopes it could be the start of a reconciliation. But Gary's only got eyes for Alya and, revealing he's still got the keys to No.6, Gary suggests they meet there for a secret tryst. An excited Alya and Gary sneak into No.6 and share a candlelit supper. But just as things get steamy, Yasmeen and Kal suddenly appear. Alya's horrified.

Despite the fact she's struggling without her drugs, Kylie does her best to make amends and goes all out to be a good mother and wife. David remains sceptical and when Kylie's phone buzzes with a text, David picks it up. Kylie tells David how sorry she is for hurting him. Can their marriage survive?

Maria admits to Audrey that much as she likes Luke, she's worried about the age difference. Audrey tells her grab a slice of happiness while she can and stop overthinking it.

Beth discusses her wedding dress design with Sinead, while Kirk asks a delighted Chesney to be his Best Man. In the salon, Julie pampers herself in readiness for her date with Dev, clearly smitten.

Friday 12 December 2014
  Kal and Yasmeen stare incredulously as Alya confesses that she and Gary have been seeing each other. Unable to contain his fury, Kal lashes out and punches Gary, dragging him out onto the street. Izzy is devastated to realise what has been going on. Leanne does her best to calm Kal down but he's furious to realise Leanne already knew about Alya's relationship with Gary. Leanne tries to make Kal see that Alya and Gary's situation isn't any different to their own, but Kal refuses to listen and insists that Gary isn't good enough for his daughter. Alya is gutted as Kal lays the law down, banning her from seeing Gary.

David demands to know who Kylie's dealer is. Kylie lies to him telling him it's Macca. But Callum texts Kylie demanding to see her, and her lie may be exposed. Kylie is terrified about what Callum might do next. When Max tells David and Kylie that he'd like David to become his real Dad, her fears are exacerbated.

Maria and Luke enjoy their first date at the bistro and when Luke realises he's lost his keys to No.9, Maria's only to happy to suggest a nightcap at hers. However will their plans be scuppered by a 'helpful' Steph?

Over dinner at the bistro, Julie's swept away by Dev's chivalrous manner. When he invites her back for a nightcap, will she accept?


The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street
Corrie sexpot Georgia May Foote is to leave Weatherfield for the bright lights of Hollywood, reports the Sunday People.

The 23-year-old actress, who plays man-eater Katy Armstrong, will fly to the US to make pilot TV shows ­after a blockbusting exit from the Street.

Her management team believe gorgeous Georgia’s smouldering looks will be a hit with executives in Los Angeles.

She is unknown across the Atlantic but ­reckons that could work to her advantage – just like it did for another sultry English brunette 20 years ago: Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Darling Buds of May star Catherine, 44, quit Britain in the 90s and landed a part in the US series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, which was her springboard to Hollywood stardom.

Last night a source said: “Georgia has got the English good looks that American producers love and the fact that she is young and ­unknown is an advantage.

“She will probably be offered roles in one or two pilots and then the game is to try and pick the one that will be a winner and made into a series.

“If she gets it right she could be on the road to international fame and fortune.

“If she gets it wrong, well, there is always panto!”

Georgia, from Bury, Lancs, will be written out of the Street at the end of the year with the promise of a dramatic exit.

But producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed she WON’T be killed off, leaving the door open for a return.

Georgia, who joined the show four years ago, plays single teen mum Katy.

Fans have seen her cheat on long-term fella Chesney Brown (Sam Aston, 21) with Ryan Connor (Sol Heras, 27).

Corrie boss Blackburn said: “Katy will not be killed off. We wish Georgia every success with her future career. ”

Her agent Dawn Green said: “She is an aspiring actress. Like all actresses they want to go to Hollywood.

"But realistically she can’t until she is available and that will be January or February.

“It’s all very exciting. The world is her oyster.”

Source:  Daily Mirror

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed that there will be a teenage pregnancy storyline.

Faye Windass (Ellie Leach), who is 12-years-old, will fall pregnant later this year.

Blackburn said: “It's going to be horrible for all of her family.

“The first response for parents in a situation like that would naturally be, 'Where have we gone wrong?', so that'll be the case for Anna, Owen and Tim.

“They'll wonder how to deal with it and how to support a young girl who's in that position.

“Anna and Owen will be  close again by this stage, but it doesn't necessarily mean that they'll have the right answers.”

Faye will be the youngest Corrie character to have a baby.

Previously Sarah-Louise Platt (Tina O’Brien) gave birth at the age of 13.

Stuart told Digital Spy: “Teen pregnancies don't result in long-term welfare checks and a really easy life - it's a nightmare at that age so it's going to affect her physically and emotionally. It'll also affect her education.

“Faye is already a character who always worries that she's different, so this will only add to her fears of feeling like an outsider.

"It's a biggie and it's one of those stories where we've got a massive responsibility to get it right. Things are better than they were 20 years ago, but it's still a reality for tens of thousands of people out there."

Source:  STV

Coronation Street spoilers: Emmerdale star Claire King set to cross soap divide for Nick Tilsley fling

'A stint in Corrie is one of those ticks on most actor's bucket list of jobs you dream of doing,' she said

Claire King, one of Emmerdale’s most recognisable stars, is set to cross the soap divide and appear on Corrie’s cobbles this Christmas.

The Kim Tate actress arrives in Weatherfield when her barmaid character Erika flies in from Spain to catch up with mate Liz McDonald – but it isn’t long before she sets her sights on toyboy Nick Tilsley.

Claire, 51, who has also appeared in Bad Girls and was forced to leave the most recent series of Celebrity Big Brother due to illness, admitted appearing in Corrie was a dream job – even though ‘superbitch’ Kim terrorised the Yorkshire Dales soap for ten years.

"A stint in Corrie is one of those ticks on most actor's bucket list of jobs you dream of doing, so I can’t wait to start filming in a few weeks time,” she said.

Producer Stuart Blackburn added: “Erika is a woman who lives life to the full, Nick doesn’t stand a chance once she has set her sights on him, but he’s not complaining!

“We are delighted to have Claire on board to play Erika, she is a fabulous actress who will be a great addition to the cast.”

Claire is due to appear in Corrie for a few weeks in December before Erika jets back off to Spain at the end of the year.

Source:  Daily Mirror

Anne Kirkbride has requested a three month break from the show.

Anne, known to millions as Deirdre Barlow, met bosses of the TV soap over her future. After more than four decades on the cobbles, the 60-year-old confessed she needed an extended break to sort out personal issues.

A Corrie spokeswoman confirmed last night: “Anne Kirkbride requested a slightly extended period of leave from the show, a request the company was happy to grant.”

“Anne will return to work in the new year”

ITV chiefs confirmed they gave her their blessing. She will return to work in the new year.

They are keeping the circumstances of Anne’s exit a secret.

Source:  The Daily Star

Whatever the reason for this, being health or otherwise, the Coronation St Fun Pages wish Anne the very best, and a speedy return.

Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn has confirmed that Jenny Bradley will be returning to the show.

Actress Sally Ann Matthews is reprising her role after more than two decades away from the soap, and will return to screens this winter.

It was recently reported that Matthews was in talks to return, but Blackburn confirmed the news at a Coronation Street press event recently.

Matthews appeared in the soap as Jenny from 1986 until 1991, and made a brief appearance again in 1993.

Jenny's stand-out storylines from her time in Weatherfield include being fostered by Rita Tanner and blaming her for her father Alan's death.

Source:  Digital Spy

A new illicit affair is on the horizon between Tony (Terence Maynard) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford), who turns to the builder in her darkest hour – But if you think that makes Tracy vulnerable, think again, as Blackburn warned:

“Tony is going to get himself into a host of trouble. He is arrogant enough to think that he can take on Tracy Barlow – how wrong can he be?”

Source:  Unreality TV
Coronation Street favourite Tina O'Brien returning to the cobbles as Sarah-Louise Platt

The 31-year-old actress is 'delighted' to reprise her role as Gail McIntyre's daughter in the spring of 2015

Tina O’Brien has revealed she is returning to Coronation Street - eight years after quitting the ITV soap.

The actress, who plays Sarah-Louise Platt, will start filming in the New Year along with her screen daughter Bethany, who is now 13 – the same age as Sarah-Lou was when she fell pregnant.

Tina - now 31 and a mum-of-two after giving birth just two weeks ago - joined the show as a teenager and the gymslip mum storyline sparked huge headlines in 2000.

The last time viewers saw Sarah-Lou was in 2007, when she left for Milan with Bethany after scuppering her brother David’s chance of landing a job by planting drugs on him.

Her return plot is being kept under wraps but insiders revealed Bethany was now every bit as much of a handful as Sarah Lou was at her age.

While mum Gail McIntyre, played by Helen Worth, will be thrilled to have her daughter and granddaughter back in the fold, Sarah-Lou is likely to clash with David’s girlfriend Kylie, who is currently trying to keep her genuine drug habit under wraps.

But announcing her comeback today, ITV said Bethany was now something of a “wild child” while Sarah-Louise would “cause more problems” for her long-suffering mother.

It will also bring strife for the Grimshaws because of her history with both Jason and Todd.

The decision to bring back the character has come from producer Stuart Blackburn, who last week said the soap was “on fire” thanks to the ongoing plot over who killed Tina McIntyre.

But O’Brien’s return might mean some awkward moments for her ex-partner Ryan Thomas, who plays her on-screen ex-husband Jason Grimshaw. In real life the couple had a daughter, Scarlett, in 2008 but split the following year after six years together.

Tina – a regular in FHM’s most sexy lists - gave birth to a son earlier this month, her first child with partner Adam Crofts, a fitness trainer.

When she quit the cobbles in 2007, Tina said “the time has come to see what else is out there for me as an actress”.

Her next role was in Waterloo Road as Bex Fisher, she later had parts in The Accused and Doctors before appearing in the 2010 series of Strictly Come Dancing – lasting until week five.

In 2011 she insisted that leaving Corrie had been the right decision, but earlier this year she admitted she would “jump at the chance” to reprise the role.

Today Tina said: “I am delighted to be returning. Sarah has a lot of history and unfinished business on the street and I’m looking forward to finding out what she’s been up to and why she’s returned home.”

A Corrie source said that in the storyline she would be forced to return to Weatherfield in order to escape from a problem in Milan.

Source:  Mirror
Kylie Platt has been pressing the self-destruct button on Coronation Street for a while now, spiraling further into an addiction to speed.

And a dangerous connection with her drug dealer ex is pulling the mum-of-two further away from husband David and home.

At a recent press day, Coronation Street producer Stuart Blackburn described Kylie as 'battered' and called her storyline 'incredibly moving, powerful stuff'.

Teasing autumn/winter plots, Stuart said: "There is loads of stuff for the Platts coming up.

"Kylie is battered. She is so scared of failing as a mother – this is what drives her sometimes to do stupid things.

"In a way, her going back to her past in a stupid, naive way is ‘I’ll just have a little bit, if I can just get through today’ because she was struggling with Max’s ADHD and she just wanted a little help."

But help is the last thing that ex Callum is going to do. David will wind-up Callum, Max's father and he'll do anything he can to get payback from David.

Stuart said: "But Kylie’s now, of course, back in with her ex who is a violent drug dealer - who has never stopped loving her - which is a dangerous place to be.

"This is going to come to a head on Christmas Day I’m afraid."

We know that Kylie will have to leave the show for a while due to actress Paula Lane's pregnancy - will it be a festive exit?

Either way, it really isn't looking like a happy Christmas period for the Platts...

Stay tuned to Coronation Street on STV every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 7.30pm to see what happens to Kylie.

For all the autumn/winter storylines from Stuart, watch the full video in the player above.

Source:  STV
Coronation Street will be rocked by a minibus crash causing injury to more than a dozen characters.

The show is currently planning a massive storyline which will spell disaster for Weatherfield early in the New Year.

A show insider said the crash “leaves some of the Street’s favourite residents fighting for their lives” - and it could all be Steve McDonald's fault.

Steve, played by Simon Gregson, is behind the wheel driving staff from Corrie's knicker factory on a day's outing.

A source on the set told the Mirror: “Planning has already started on the dramatic stunt which will be filmed before Christmas and screened in the New Year.

“The staff of Underworld will be caught up in the horrific crash as they head off on a works’ outing in a Street Cars minibus driven by Steve McDonald.

“Bosses are trying to keep all the details secret until filming begins in about three weeks but more than one character will be hospitalised as a result of the crash and one of Underworld's girls will see their life on the line.

“They might have a happy Christmas on screen but most of the families will be rocked by this disaster early in 2015.”

Locations for the crash are currently being explored to find a suitably dramatic setting for what promises to be a high octane start to the new year for Corrie fans.

The crash will follow on from other high profile accidents in Corrie.

In the 50th anniversary year in 2010 a tram came off the tracks and in 1989 another character, Alan Bradley, was killed when hit by a tram in Blackpool.

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street bad boy Callum Logan will grow closer to his son Max as he spends time with him in an upcoming storyline.

Sean Ward, who plays Callum, was spotted filming on location with youngster Harry McDermott, who plays Max, earlier this week.

Callum meets his son Max in the park and begins to make up for lost time

During the filming in Manchester, it appears that Callum meets Max in the park and begins to make up for lost time as he bonds with his son.

While full details of the storyline are currently unclear, this latest turn of events won't be good news for the Platt family given Callum's drug-dealing and violent nature.

Although Kylie (Paula Lane) has already warned Callum to stay away from her son, the show's executive producer Stuart Blackburn recently hinted that Callum could have rights as Max's biological father.

Speaking at a Coronation Street press event last month, Blackburn said: "There is some incredibly moving, powerful stuff. I think all of you know that there will come a point where, for obvious reasons, Kylie vanishes.

"The story doesn't end there because, by then, David will have wound up Callum, who is not only Kylie's violent ex but is also the father of Max.

"He will do anything he can to get payback from David. We might also find that he has a few legal rights over Max as well given that he is his natural father."

Source:  Digital Spy

Former Hollyoaks star James Redmond looks like he is trying to challenge Nick Grimshaw’s record of soap bombing as he has just been cast in yet another soap, this time landing a guest role in Coronation Street.

Redmond, who played Rory ‘Finn’ Finnigan in Hollyoaks from 1997 to 2002 – he returned to reprise his role for the 2013 spin-off, Hollyoaks Later – has, while making a name for himself in the world of modelling, also played the role of Abs Denham in Casualty…

After his guest appearance in Hollyoaks Later, the door of which was left open for him again to return in the future – as many fans hope he will – Redmond then joined the cast of Emmerdale to take on the guest role of Ruby’s ex, Seb, and now, as mentioned above, he’s moving over to Coronation Street, so Digital Spy reports.

Bosses at the hit ITV soap have confirmed that Redmond will be taking on the guest role of a new character called Hamish, who is set to tempt Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) away from her current partner, Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson).

Corrie fans will already know that Steve is suffering from severe depression, but as of yet, he’s refused to tell his friends and family what’s wrong, which is set to take his relationship with Michelle into very difficult times, evidence of which can already be seen in the progressing storyline.

It is during this dark time in her love life that Michelle meets Hamish whilst organising an event for him, and an instant chemistry is ignited between them.

Meanwhile, back at home, Steve continues to push his partner further away which leads her to the uncharacteristic decision to start “seeing” the newcomer, which is set to contribute to the big dramatic Christmas climax to the story, significantly.

Source:  Unreality TV

It was 80s fever outside Salford Civic Centre as Coronation Street rolled up to film scenes of an upcoming wedding - with Madonna appearing to marry Adam Ant.

Cast members dressed in flamboyant 80s-style outfits for what is set to be the soap's most outrageous wedding yet between Beth Tinker and Kirk Sutherland.

Beth, played by Lisa George, was dressed in white corset, lace fingerless gloves and netted skirt reminiscent of Madonna's Like a Virgin phase, while her hubby to be, played by Andrew Whyment, was a convincing Adam Ant - complete with leather trousers, white ruffled shirt and even face paint to embody the dandy highwayman.

The cast were causing quite the stir as they transformed Salford's main council offices in Swinton into "Weatherfield Civic Centre" for the registry office wedding, set to be screened on the ITV soap over Christmas.

And the 80s theme continued for Beth's bridesmaids with Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) Maria Connor (Samia Ghadie) and Sinead Tinker (Katie McGlynn) all donning retro white dungarees, spots and striped tops and matching lace gloves, hair bows and funky creepers.

Cast were spotted getting out of a green Volkswagen camper van draped in rainbow-coloured ribbons.

Meanwhile other guests at the garish fancy dress wedding included Julie Carp (Katy Cavanagh) who was dressed in an all-pink ensemble that seemed more 1960s than 80s in style, while Kirk's friend Chesney was also spotted on set.

Groomsmen, Beth's son Craig Tinker (Colston Smith) and Chesney Brown (Sam Astin) looked cool as the Blues Brothers.

Signage outside the Civic Centre had also been altered to reflect the fictional 'Ridgeway Road' register office and a black cab was also decked out in colourful ribbons.

This Morning presenter Sharon Marshall was seen filming for the ITV show and blended right in with her red and black Madonna outfit.

The scenes shot on Tuesday will become Coronation Street's latest dramatic wedding - hot on the heels of the failed nuptials of Tracy Barlow to Rob Donovan.

In that wedding, shot at Cheshire's Capesthorne Hall, the wedding failed to go ahead after Rob was unmasked as the real murderer of Tina McIntyre, and was forced to go on the run as police arrived at the venue.

A distraught Tracy ended up in a scrap with Rob's sister Carla (Alison King) after spending months planning her perfect day in a Bridezilla plotline.

At least Tracy appears to enjoy another big day here - as one of Beth's 80s bridesmaids.

Source:  Manchester Evening News

Coronation Street café owner Roy Cropper has had a serious case of annus horriblis this year, as not only did he lose his beloved Hayley to cancer, he’s also found himself the target of a gang of young thugs who seem intent on victimising him.

Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen the gang throwing eggs at Roy’s windows and taunting him at every opportunity they get. And Roy is convinced that they were behind the break-in at the café that occurred recently too.

So it’s not surprising that Roy (David Neilson) has become increasingly nervous about what the thugs may do next. But it seems that things are set to take a dramatic turn when a terrified Roy attacks someone during another break-in…

According to the Daily Star, the plot twist kicks off when Roy is sure he’s heard someone breaking into the café, and so, armed with a baseball bat, he goes downstairs to investigate. And sure enough, when he spots someone in the darkened café, he lashes out, causing the person terrible injuries.

However, it soon transpires that the intruder is in fact Gary Windass (Mikey North) and not the thugs who’ve been terrorising Roy, but nonetheless, Gary did break in and he did try to steal cash from the café’s till.

Viewers will learn that a desperate Gary broke into the café in a bid to get enough cash to buy Christmas presents for his young son Jake, but he’ll spend the festive holiday in hospital recovering from the attack.

Roy – who’s devastated when he finds out how seriously injured Gary is – will subsequently be arrested and charged with assault. However, when he’s given only community service, he will implore the judge to jail him!

gary windass coronation street

In court, Roy says, “I’ve committed a violent crime. I deserve to be in prison.”

However, Roy’s neighbours will rally round him and insist that what Roy did was excusable in the circumstances, and some will even say that Gary deserved the beating.

Chesney (Sam Aston) is among those who believe that it was Gary’s own fault he ended up in hospital, and Norris Cole (Malcolm Hebden) will agree, saying of the former soldier, “That lad has been nothing but trouble.”

Source:  Unreality TV

Coronation Street newcomer Sean Ward is to become a permanent fixture on the cobbles after landing a one-year contract, Digital Spy can exclusively reveal.

The actor has impressed show bosses with his portrayal of bad boy Callum Logan, who has been appearing on screen since early October.

Callum was originally only brought into the show to facilitate the temporary departure of his old flame Kylie Platt, but Corrie's team have now decided to make him a regular character.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn revealed the news to Digital Spy at the RTS North West Awards on Saturday evening (November 15).

Blackburn explained: "On Sean's first day of shooting, I got texts about him from five of the actors and four of the crew, which has never happened before. They were saying, 'This kid is brilliant'. He's going to be staying for a lot longer."

Discussing his new one-year deal, Ward added: "I'm very excited. I only found out myself a week ago. There's a lot that we can do with Callum, so I was praying that the writers could see that!"

Paula Lane, who plays Kylie, has now gone on maternity leave as she is expecting her first child. She will remain on screen until Christmas, when Kylie's recent mistakes are expected to catch up with her in dramatic fashion.

Source:  Digital Spy

Digital Spy can confirm that Philip Martin Brown will appear in a handful of Corrie episodes next year as part of Steve McDonald's ongoing depression storyline.

When Steve (Simon Gregson) finally starts to seek help for his problems, Brown will feature as a therapist who treats him.

Viewers have already seen Steve speak to a GP about his troubles, but he has since gone into denial by refusing to acknowledge the possibility of depression.

Over the coming weeks, Steve will start to push his loved ones away by refusing to confide in them about how he is feeling - jeopardising the future of his relationship with Michelle Connor in the process.

A turning point in Steve's story is expected to arrive in January when a Streetcars mini-bus carrying a number of the local residents crashes while he is driving. The incident will finally make Steve realize that he needs some help, paving the way for Brown's on-screen arrival.

Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn recently said: "This is a story about Steve battling his secret, hidden depression. He is a man in chaos, scared and confused, and stuff like this doesn't happen to people like him. He is absolutely terrified of admitting it.

"This will come to a head in January where a tragedy will strike that will force him to face up to those demons."

Brown played Grantly on Waterloo Road between 2006 and 2013. He has a large number of stage, TV and film credits to his name and previously appeared on Coronation Street in a small role as a police detective in 2005

Source:  Digital Spy

Kym Marsh says Michelle Connor will be "heavily involved" in the upcoming bus crash in Coronation Street.

The 38-year-old actress admits details of the shocking storyline are still being kept under wraps but she is delighted her soap character will be in the thick of the action.

She said: "You have probably read about the huge Corrie storyline that will be broadcast in the New Year.

"There's a minibus crash and I can exclusively reveal that my character Michelle Connor is heavily involved in the storyline."

The storyline will see staff of the Underworld underwear factory caught up in a crash as  they embark on a work outing in a Street Cars minibus driven by Michelle's boyfriend Steve McDonald (played by Simon Gregson).

It is believed that at least one of the soap's character will be left with their life on the line.

And Kym has promised fans are in for a  treat with the spectacular stunt.

She added in her column for OK! magazine: "It's so exciting being involved in such a dramatic storyline and having seen the scripts I can guarantee you'll be glued to your screens. I'd love to tell you more but I can't."

The dramatic stunt is to be filmed before Christmas and suitable locations are currently being explored to ensure the scenes - which are set to air in the New Year - are as spectacular as possible.

The crash will follow on from other high profile accidents in Corrie.

In the 50th anniversary year in 2010 a tram came off the tracks and in 1989 another character, Alan Bradley, was killed when hit by a tram in Blackpool.

Source:  Mirror
X Factor judge Mel B is set to walk the famous Corrie cobbles after signing up for a guest appearance.

The Spice Girl will follow in the footsteps of her fellow talent show judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini by appearing in this year's Text Santa charity special.

A Text Santa spokesperson confirmed the news to Mirror TV saying: "It's great that Mel B will be a guest star in the special Coronation Street sketch for Text Santa."

Mel, 39, is expected to film her cameo this week and it will be shown on ITV during the Text Santa fundraiser on December 19.

The appearance marks a return to the cobbles for Mel who previously played checkout assistant Amy Nelson in 1993, a year before she found fame with the Spice Girls.

Last year's Text Santa special starred Cheryl as herself alongside Michelle Keegan's murdered barmaid Tina McIntyre.

On Wednesday ITV confirmed plans for a live episode of Corrie to mark the soap's 60th anniversary next year.

The episode will air in September just months after EastEnders' live 30th anniversary episode.

Executive producer Stuart Blackburn said: “It’s an honour to be at the helm as Coronation Street goes live once more.

“We’ve a reputation to uphold after the success of the tram crash and I’m going to enjoy working with the storyliners and writers as we plot stories for our live episode in 2015. We’ll be doing all we can to eclipse what’s gone before.

Source: Mirror

Note:  Mel B only played Amy Nelson in her final episode.  She had originally been played by Louise Duprey, and the intention was to have her marry Andy McDonald, giving the Street its first inter-racial marriage.  But Louise had a hard time dealing with the publicity, and had a nervous breakdown in 1993.  They therefore had to write her out, and Mel B played her exit scene.  Louise Duprey sadly died of a drugs overdose seven years later.
Coronation Street star Simon Gregson has hinted that there are more challenges ahead for his character Steve McDonald at Christmas.

Steve is secretly suffering from depression in his current storyline, but the show's festive episodes will see him attempt to bounce back for the sake of his young daughter Amy.

The Rovers boss is determined to make it a Christmas to remember for the schoolgirl, but his private struggles are not yet over.

Gregson commented: "Christmas Day is good, but the rest of it is not too clever. He drags himself up for Amy but goes a bit overboard.

"He invites everybody - the world and his dog - and tries to make it the best Christmas ever, but in true Steve style it doesn't go quite to plan."

With Steve and his partner Michelle Connor soon due to split up, they won't have resolved their differences in time for the festive season.

Michelle ends her relationship with Steve after his unusual behavior pushes her to breaking point, failing to realize why he isn't himself.

Kym Marsh, who plays Michelle, explained: "I think Christmas will be bittersweet. She does get to spend it with Steve, but I don't think it's the Christmas reunion she will be hoping for."

On her hopes for Michelle in the New Year, the actress added: "I'd like things to sort themselves out for her and Steve. I'd love them to get back together and resolve their issues and get Steve back to being himself."

Steve is expected to fully face up to his demons in January following his involvement in the show's upcoming mini-bus crash stunt.

Source:  Digital Spy

Coronation Street's new recruit Claire King has spoken about her romance storyline for the first time, backing her character Erika as a good match for Nick Tilsley.

The former Emmerdale and Bad Girls actress will make her first appearance on the cobbles in the run-up to Christmas, when Erika arrives in Weatherfield to catch up with her old friend Liz McDonald.

As Erika settles into Weatherfield, she soon takes a fancy to Nick and they end up enjoying a fling together.

Praising the pairing, King revealed that Erika and Nick work well together as neither of them wants anything more serious.

"Erika wants it to be a fling and I think he wants the same, but she's worried because it's New Year's Eve and she has to tell him that, not knowing how he really feels," King explained.

"Luckily he's thinking the same so it's quite a good little catch."

She continued: "Perhaps because she's more mature and not a kid, she can handle just being friends with benefits. I think he's quite capable of doing that and enjoys having her around - she brings him out of his shell as well as his suits.

"It has been really good for both of them, so they possibly could just go on and there wouldn't be any jealousy and negative things you can get with someone that is a bit younger. They are both mature enough to handle it and to enjoy themselves sexually too."

King finished filming her short guest stint earlier this month, but Coronation Street's producer Stuart Blackburn has since revealed plans to bring her back for more episodes.

Source:  Digital Spy
Coronation Street's cast and crew filmed out on location last night (November 19) as work continued on the show's mini-bus crash episodes.

The soap's team are in the early stages of filming on the storyline, which will center around a disastrous evening for the Underworld factory workers.

A number of the program's stars worked late last night for the early scenes, which see Carla Connor (Alison King) and her employees set off in a Streetcars mini-bus driven by Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) for a work outing.

The pictures confirm the involvement of various characters, including Sally Webster, Kirk Sutherland, Sean Tully, Julie Carp, Sinead Tinker, Maddie Heath and Alya Nazir.

Michelle Connor and Tracy Barlow also come along for the night out, blissfully unaware of the horror that will soon follow as the bus will crash.

Filming will continue over the next few nights for more scenes from the episodes, including the stunt itself.

Coronation Street will air the crash storyline in January and the plot will tie in with Steve's ongoing depression storyline.

A show statement recently teased: "Exact details are being kept under wraps, but more than one character will be hospitalized as a result of the crash and one Underworld knicker stitcher's life will be on the line."

Source:  Digital Spy

Former ‘EastEnders’ actress Jacqueline Leonard is doing a soap switch-a-roo, and will arrive on ‘Coronation Street’ in February.

Jacqueline’s arrival in the ITV series looks set to cause serious trouble for the Armstrong-Windass family (because, y’know, they haven’t even had enough drama lately), as she’ll be playing Katy and Izzy Armstrong’s estranged mum, Linda.

Katy and Izzy haven’t seen their mum in years after she left them when they were kids - or so they’ve been led to believe.

In fact, Linda's arrival on the cobbles will throw up some questions for her daughters, and it turns out their dad, Owen, may have been a bit economical with the truth, when he told them what happened to their mother.

‘Corrie’ producer Stuart Blackburn says: “Linda's arrival will have a devastating affect on how Owen's family see him and he'll have the fight of his life to hold on to everyone and everything he holds dear.

"The sins of the father really will visit Owen's children."

The actress has also said: “I love the Northern wit and humour along with the drama and tension that the wonderful scripts of ‘Coronation Street’ encapsulate. So excited to start!”

It was recently announced that Ian Puleston-Davies, who plays temperamental builder Owen Armstrong, would be leaving the soap next year, though viewers were assured there'd be plenty of drama before his departure.

Before taking on the role of Linda, Jacqueline was known for playing Lorraine Wicks in ‘EastEnders’ in the 1990s.

Source:  Huffington Post

Bosses confirm hot headed builder Owen Armstrong is next to leave the show, but how will he go?

It has been confirmed by the Coronation Street bosses that builder Owen Armstrong played by Ian Pulston- Davies will be leaving the show earlier next year after appearing in the show for nearly five dramatic years.

Corrie boss Stuart Blackburn has guaranteed that there is plenty of drama in the works before Owen’s departure but the question is how will he leave the cobbles of Coronation Street.

Will it be in the back of a cab like may others or is there a bloody end in store for the hot headed builder?

We have come up with our list of how Owen life on the street could come to an end.

Anna Slutty Windass
Could it happen again?
Was Sally Webster right when she said ‘Anna Slutty Windass’? Could those one on one evening reading lessons with Tim turn into something more?
Poor Owen forgave Anna once already but could maybe this possible second affair could be the straw that broke the camels back causing Owen to leave Coronation Street.

But if it isn’t his cheating wife that causes Armstrong to leave could it be the dramatic teen pregnancy of his 12 year old daughter.

As revealed previously young Faye will find herself in a sticky situation as she falls pregnant at the very young as of 12, Owen is expected to find out and share in the dramatic story line but could that really be his ticket out of the show?

Handling with the pressure of having a very young pregnant teen Owen might find himself suggesting a one way ticket trip into town.
But the question really is could Owen really leave his family in their hour of need?

Return of the ex

With the news that Owen’s ex will be making a come back, played by actress Jacqueline Leonard, this could be his fresh start with the mother of daughters Izzy and Katy.

As the Windass household try and deal with the young Faye’s pregnacy bombshell Owen may see a way out, starting new life with his old flame leaving Anna to possible fall back in the arms of hers.

You’ve been framed

Corrie loves nothing more then to set up a character to a crime they didn’t commit as we recently saw with poor Peter Barlow but could Owen get caught up in the same mess?

Currently working a few odd jobs to help the family stay a float Owen could find himself in a bit of hot water when it comes to crafty Tony.

Covering up dodgy jobs in the past Tony has no problem bending the rules in his favour if it earns him a quick bit of cash but could it be Owen that gets left cleaning up the mess? even possibly finding himself sharing a cell with good old Jim McDonald.


Could enjoying a typical builders breakfast in Roy's cause this character to make a quick exit?
If there wasn’t enough stress in his life with the financial struggles the family are going through not to mention the teen pregnancy Owen's heart just cant take much more.

Could the dramatic ending be a sudden heart attack as the family continue to deal with the the nightmare they are going through.

All we know is that all of these story lines have previously happened to our loved character before they leave the cobble streets behind we suspect that what ever happens the street will be left shocked and heartbroken as another character says their farewell to Coronation street.

Source:  Evoke i.e.
Corrie's Ken Barlow 'to be haunted Blanche's ghost' in weird new plot

Coronation Street is set to be haunted by the ghost of Deirdre Barlow’s late mother Blanche Hunt.
Someone clearly forgot to tell Corrie bosses that Halloween was last month.

A bizarre Coronation Street storyline will reportedly see Ken Barlow, played by Bill Roache, become convinced that he is being haunted by the ghost of his cantankerous mother-in-law.

The Daily Star say that the plot kicks off when Norris Cole finds a picture of the street on Google Earth and spots what he believes to be a ghost outside Ken’s home.

Norris and Ken are spooked when they discover that the picture was taken on the day Blanche died, and decide that the mysterious apparition is Blanche’s spirit lingering on the cobbles.

Ken will believe that the appearance of ‘white smoke’ outside his home is Blanche’s ghost (Picture: ITV)
Blanche died off screen in 2010 after actress Maggie Jones, who played her, died in 2009.

This might not be the only weird upcoming storyline to take place in Weatherfield in future, after reports that the residents are set to be plagued by spiders.

Source:  Metro
Kylie Platt leaves husband David after his drugs ultimatum

It’ll be lonely this Christmas for Coronation Street’s David Platt after he gives wife Kylie a festive ultimatum: her family or drugs.

Kylie has become hooked after meeting up with ex Callum Logan – and her miserable husband lashes out as he drowns his sorrows in the Rovers Return after she fails to pick him.

He fumes to landlord Steve McDonald: "Everyone's got problems? Well try this: my wife, the mother of my kid, is a lying, cheating junkie who is shacked up right now with her drug dealer ex-boyfriend."

An emotional Kylie tells son Max as she leaves: "My friend's poorly and she needs looking after.  David will be here, he'll always be here because he's your dad and he loves you.  I don't know when I'll be back, it depends, it's complicated."

She adds: "I do love you and Lily more than anything, and I'll love you for ever."

Actress Paula Lane, 28, said: "There'll be sparks flying.  Kylie's had one bad Christmas after another so I think she should resign herself to the fact that she's not destined to have a happy time during the festive season."

Source:  Mirror
Coronation Street: Sean Tully to be left “unconscious” after minibus crash

Coronation Street’s residents are to be struck by another horrific accident, as an Underworld staff outing will lead to a shocking minibus crash.

“The scenes are very dramatic. There’s people hanging upside down, there’s people crawling across the roof. Someone’s got blood dripping out of his head. The bus is on its side…” Antony Cotton tells of the upcoming scenes.

It doesn’t sound too good for Cotton’s character Sean Tully either, with the actor revealing, “Sean’s unconscious.”

Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) is in the accident as he’s driving the minibus, with Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) and Tracy Barlow (Kate Ford) also caught up in danger after joining the night out.
“It sounds like it’s going to be very dramatic so, from that point of view, it’s going to be very exciting to watch,” Cotton explains. “I think it will be great.”

Although Cotton does note the lengthy filming time of the shoot. "It will be cold and late and dark and far away from home," he says of the stunt sequence, some of which will be filmed inside a mocked-up studio. Luckily the cast will head straight into the Christmas break after completing the scenes.

Source:  Radio Times
Gail McIntyre to marry for a SIXTH time in 2015

Gail is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to a newspaper report

Coronation Street’s Gail McIntyre is set to get married for a SIXTH time next year.

Unlucky-in-love Gail, played by 63-year-old Helen Worth, is set to get hitched to Michael Rodwell after a whirlwind romance, according to the Daily Star.

Gail says yes to Michael - played by Les Dennis, 61 - after he pops the question, but the couple are left pondering whether they can make the marriage work.

Weatherfield’s Gail first met former burglar Michael in March this year when she caught him in her living room after he had broken in.

The soap character has previously been married to mechanic Brian Tilsley (twice), Martin Platt (who cheated on her), murderer Richard Hillman (who tried to kill her and her kids by driving into a river) and Joe McIntyre (who took his own life).

Source:  Mirror
SPOILER ALERT: Kym Marsh and Simon Gregson shoot therapy scenes as their Coronation Street characters try to rebuild their lives after bus crash horror

It's set to be one of the biggest soap stunts of the year.
And the consequences look certain to change the lives of several Coronation Street's residents forever.
The cast has been shooting an action-packed pre-Christmas storyline over the last few weeks, which will see Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson) crash a mini bus filled with Underworld lingerie factory's staff.

It is not yet known which characters will be injured in the accident, (well, we know now that Sean ends up unconscious) but what is clear is that Steve and his on-screen girlfriend Michelle Connor (Kym Marsh) manage to escape with just cuts and bruises.
But the lasting issues caused by the crash obviously run much deeper, as the pair were spotted shooting therapy scenes in the aftermath of the terrible incident.

Viewers will see the pair head to a shrink following the crash to try and deal with Steve's guilt, as well as his ongoing depression, which has rocked their relationship.
They will be helped through the therapy by a marriage guidance counsellor, played by actor Philip Martin Brown, best known for his role in Waterloo road.

The stars were seen acting animatedly as they worked through their latest plotline.
Although still dramatic, the scenes will bound to be a welcome break for the pair, who were left filming harrowing sequences in the crash in the Derbyshire countryside last week.
The incident occurs when Steve is recruited as driver for the staff of local factory Underworld on their Christmas night out.
But revelry soon leads to conflict after a sports car cuts them off on the motorway, resulting in an enraged Steve giving chase – with disastrous consequences.

The forthcoming episode, which airs in December, was filmed in chilly conditions on location.
Those on set included Antony Cotton, who plays Sean Tully, and Sally Dynevour – who was spotted filming a scene as Sally Webster on the back of their white Streetcars minibus with Andy Whyment, who plays Kirk Sutherland, and comparative newcomer Sair Khan, who plays Alya Nazir.

Trouble brewing: Show producer Stuart Blackburn admits the imminent crash will have dramatic consequences for some of the cast-members when it airs over Christmas

Actress Alison King – better known to viewers as Carla Connor on the popular show – was later seen smoking a cigarette while idling between takes.
Elsewhere Kym Marsh sported a glittering evening gown and cropped faux-fur jacket as she checked messages on her phone.
As cameras rolled the minibus drove alongside the offending sports car, which appeared to be occupied by two young men – one of whom gesticulated wildly at the people carrier.

Referring to the imminent crash, show producer Stuart Blackburn admitted it will have dire consequences.
‘The crash is going to have proper implications. It's not going to be one of those storylines where everyone is up and walking again the day after like nothing has happened,’ he told Digital Spy.
‘I always like stories to bring consequence and change, so there will be consequences from the crash - some not so good, but some will actually be really positive. It'll be a biggie!’ 

Speaking to the Daily Star, Simon Gregson admitted that Steve and Michelle will eventually resolve the differences that have previously disrupted their relationship.
'Obviously, this story has to go through a journey. When we get back together we don't know as yet, but we know we do.
'There has to be a journey to take with it.

Source:  Daily Mail
Coronation Street star on Tony's affair: 'Tracy comes on strong'

Coronation Street launches Tracy Barlow's new affair storyline later this month as she sleeps with Tony Stewart.

Tracy (Kate Ford) turns to Tony for comfort after she learns that her ex-fiancé Rob Donovan has been sentenced to 25 years in jail for Tina McIntyre's murder.

Tony is the first man in Tracy's sights as he has been spending a great deal of time with her, wanting to take over her business.

Although securing Barlow's Buys is his main motive, Tony is unable to resist when Tracy wants to take things further - despite his seemingly-stable relationship with Liz McDonald (Beverley Callard)

Terence Maynard, who plays Tony, explained: "Tracy is at her lowest ebb. She's broken and she needs validating in some way by a man. She's realized she's all alone and she's not going to have a relationship with Rob as he's locked up for life. When he gets out, she thinks she'll be older and past it and that nobody will be interested in her.

"Tony tells Tracy what she wants to hear, because he does feel for her. He tells her that she looks good, that there are loads of men that would want her. That's when Tracy turns to him and asks him if he'd go there with her. Tony refuses to answer and tells her he's with Liz and that he can't answer that question. Tony makes a point of telling Tracy he's happy with Liz and he puts his cards on the table.

"But Tracy still comes on strong because she needs this - this is something she needs to stabilise her. If she had a good friend that she could cry to and could go to, this might not be happening - but she needs a sexual validation, so it becomes about power."

Will Tony be able to resist Tracy's advances?

Asked whether Tony pulls back when Tracy first tries to kiss him, Maynard replied: "He tries to. When she starts kissing him, he is completely disengaged and tries to turn away from her. But there's no doubt about it that there's an attraction to Tracy and he can't deny it. With her coming on so strong, he can't help himself. I think he likes how much of a challenge she's becoming too.

"He feels lousy afterwards. I think he has concern for what will happen now and for what will happen with Liz. He hopes that's the end of it and that it won't spill out into the public domain. He genuinely loves Liz and he hasn't felt like this about a woman for a very long time so he doesn't want to lose it.

"He wants to just forget it and move on but it's evident that Tracy isn't going to let it go. From Tony's point of view it's about managing her and playing the game - he wants the business and that's still all he wants."

Corrie bosses have already confirmed that the pair's romantic spark won't just be a one-off, so it's possible that Tony's attraction to Tracy could grow as time goes on.

Maynard added: "He's not in love with her and they're not the same sort of feelings that he has for Liz, but I think he considers Tracy to be a friend of his and I think the feelings he does have for her could well grow."

Source:  Digital Spy

Grieving Roy Cropper scatters his beloved Hayley's ashes

The widower, played by David Neilson, previously attempted to say goodbye in Blackpool but couldn't go through with it

Roy Cropper is to once again attempt to scatter his wife Hayley's ashes.

Coronation Street viewers have watched as the cafe owner tries to come to terms with his wife's passing from cancer in January.

However Roy is still left to say one to say one final goodbye to the love of his life.

These pictures show the widower, played by David Neilson, filming the emotional scenes on location in Manchester.

He is joined by Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) and Chesney Brown (Sam Aston) as he pays his respects to his Hayley.

Earlier this year, Roy attempted to scatter the ashes in Blackpool but was ultimately unable to do so.

He made it out deep into the sea before changing his mind and returning to land.

However as the pictures show, on this occasion he is successful, demonstrating signs that he is beginning to heal from his loss.

Source:  Mirror

Cougar Erica to leave Gail fuming over fling with Nick

“Erica doesn’t care what she says to Gail,” reveals actress Claire King, who is set to make her Corrie debut in the coming weeks

When actress Claire King arrives on Coronation Street later this month, her character Erica Hulroyd is going to find herself on the wrong side of Gail (Helen Worth) after embarking on a festive fling with her son Nick (Ben Price).

“You can just imagine Gail's reaction, can’t you? She's not impressed” King jokes to “Gail thinks Erica's brash, very flamboyant and a bit of an old soak!”

King stresses that Erica - an old friend of Liz McDonald's - isn't really "a cougar", but if the shoe fits...And it doesn't really help matters that Erica and Nick are quite liberated when it comes to their romance.

"They do it everywhere! At the Rovers, at his, wherever else they can, really. Roy’s Rolls, you name it. Erica doesn’t care what she says to Gail, either,” King continues. "On one occasion, Erica tells Gail, 'oh yeah, I gave Nick his Christmas present last night'. It's the kind of comment that doesn't go down well!"

But, rather surprisingly, there’s no showdown on the cards with Nick’s ex-wife Leanne (Jane Danson).

“I was kind of expecting that there would be, what with Leanne being the ex-missus,” says King. “But actually, they get on quite well. Leanne and Nick are quite at ease with themselves as ex-husband and wife. They realise it didn’t work. I think Leanne’s quite pleased to see him stop being so mopey. She’s grateful to have someone take Nick off her hands.”

In fact, Erica instigates Leanne’s move back in the Bistro to start working for Nick again. “Erica sort of helps them thaw even more.” Perhaps Gail will have warmed up by New Year. Although, somehow we doubt it...

Source:  Radio Times