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Wednesday, 28 June 2017 05:52 Write a comment

I do feel the town has been badly let down by the destruction of the Rotunda and the failure to use that space. Here in Southend our old Kursaal was demolished and became housing, Never Never Land closed, the pier burned down, and Peter Pan's playground languished. Things looked bad.
We now have Adventure Island, a thoroughly modern, well run popular "fun fair" and if only the same could be done at Folkestone it would revitalise your tourist industry. That is a huge waste of a site. As a little kid I loved visiting the Rotunda

Christine - Site owner Monday, 10 July 2017 00:51
A lot of work is going on currently on the site of the Rotunda, and it will run from the harbour right round to what is now the Lower Leas Coastal Park, formerly the Lower Sandgate Road. However, there is no funfair in the plans, it will mostly be accommodation, shops and restaurants. I think we all loved the Rotunda, and miss it, but with no ferries, and people finding cheap holidays abroad where the weather is more guaranteed, they have had to accept the tourist industry will never be what it was, and will now be aiming for a different market, e.g. people living in Folkestone and commuting each day to London on the fast train for work.
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