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My family are folkestoners going back many generations (grand-fathers side) my question comes from my uncle he recalls a bakery on Dover road.. could have been called "miles and sons" does anyone recall this bakery? My nan was a Miles and her father originally was a bakers assistant in Canterbury (census records)( john marsh miles)at some point this side of my family moved to Folkestone. I have searched photos online and records but cannot find the bakery. Any information would be gratefully received for my family tree. Thank you

Mark Hourahane Saturday, 2 September 2017 11:40
143 was a bakery for many years... I can trace it back to the 1890s as part of the Grove End Hotel which became York Hotel. It then became 2 Grove Houses, remaining a bakery. Various bakers occupied it, including H. J Offen as Grove Bakery until 1913, E. Hopper & Sons in 1915 and H. Pope from 1916-1923, when it got numbered 143. He stayed until 1937, then Horace Hopper took over from 1938 until, it seems, 1939 or 1940.

There's a gap in information during the war, but John M. Miles occupied it with Hilda, John R. and Mary E. Miles in 1946. John M. and Mary were still there in 1947, when it was listed in Kelly's Directory. They were not in the Electoral Roll for 1948, nor were they there in 1945.

It was taken over by W. Bolton in 1949, who ran it until 1958. In 1960, it became C. A. Phillips (along with 145), a confectioner. The next directory, 1962, has Phillips in 145 only, with 143 being T. M. Saunders electrical engineer & contractor. He remained until 1973, then it became E. R. & J. Bates builders in 1974. If the numbering is the same now, it's the leftmost shop of the block with Londis.

In short, they ran it for a small time after the war.
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