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Folkestone Memories
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I used to go to the Skating Rink on Saturday mornings.

I was at Brockhill from 1955-56 till 1959 Anybody remember me?

My grandparents ran the Hythe Reporter.

We lived in Palmarsh Crescent next to Godards Dairy.

We had a flat in London

My first job was at the Eclipse Laundry in Hythe,
I remember one boy there had the same Birthday as me, David Blackman I think was his name. He lived at the fishmongers in Hythe.

I remember the Rock Pool Down the Marina in Folkestone. I used to go with Mr Bond my first and best teacher at Brockhill. I also remember Mr Dolton and Mr Setterfield.

All my holidays were spent in Palmash with my gran.
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