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Folkestone Memories
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hoddesdon, herts
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Friday, 1 August 2014 13:46 Write a comment

Hi there. Way back in 1952 I joined the "Maid of Orleans" at Dover and then spent rest of the season sailing between Folkestone and Boulogne as an assistant steward. Hard work, but lots of fun and I shall long remember it. Silver service then, cars winched on board,carrying baggage on a shoulder strap down the gangway to the Paris train. All those wonderful tips (kitchews"), running across the harbour late at night with contraband ciggies and booze! I am in my eighties now hoping for reincarnation and a chance to sail on the "Maid" again backwards and forwards forever!! Au revoir.

Hills Tuesday, 12 August 2014 15:23
Hi did you by any chance know any of the Whitingstall bros who used to work in the engine room?
I never worked on her but had many trips back and forwards on her happy day's.
I too am in my eighties.

mick marsh Saturday, 20 September 2014 13:21
hi i wonder if you remember my dad ableseaman bert marsh,and his mate was a bloke called jocker hudson they was on the maid of orleans,i was born in folk 1958 and still here today but the town has changed so much :)
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